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: 1. Yes, if there is no other source that might grant to the enemy like another opponent, a minion, a ward or whatever can grant vision. 2. Yes, you have to step into the bush to reveal what's inside or place something that grants vision, similiar to the things stated in 1. 3. No, you instantly disappear from your enemies' vision as long as there's nothing in the bush that grants them vision. Then you obviously want disappear at all. There are a lot of mechanics that do reveal you in a bush, for example like stepping on a Caitlyn trap. This is a good read if you want to know more: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Brush
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: I'll give 2 champions for each role: one if you get autofilled, and one just in general. (autofill champ -- overall recommendation) best support: {{champion:40}} -- {{champion:90}} best tank: {{champion:57}} -- {{champion:154}} best mage: {{champion:1}} -- {{champion:45}} best fighter: {{champion:107}} -- {{champion:126}} best assassin: {{champion:107}} -- {{champion:80}} best marksman: {{champion:22}} -- {{champion:21}}
thanks man your comments are always useful :)
: best support: {{champion:53}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:90}} best tank: {{champion:32}} hands down, {{champion:86}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:106}} best mage: {{champion:50}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:134}} best fighter: {{champion:5}} HANDS DOWN {{champion:11}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:64}} best assassin: {{champion:238}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:55}} best marksman: {{champion:29}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:222}}
: easy to play heroes. Support wise: {{champion:40}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:143}} Tank wise: {{champion:57}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:12}} Mage: {{champion:127}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:8}} Fighter: {{champion:254}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:23}} Assassin: {{champion:107}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:121}} ADCs: here it depends a lot {{champion:51}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:29}} Out of there, I'd suggest the most: Leona, Nautilus, Ziggs, Phanteon, Kha, Jhin + Twich. Reasons: Leona, Nauti, Ziggs, Kha and Twich have very good scaling. Phanteon has insanely strong early game and mid game, making it very easy to roam (to make your other team mates strong) and dominate your own lane Jhin has very high utility. He can start fights due to his looooooooong range ult, and his 4th shot does huge dmg. So, when you see like 5 v 5 in mid lane aram between both teams and your team is healthy and have their ults ready, you can just start a fight :D if you have question on why specific ones were picked, you can ask
wow thanks very informative!
: Top: Garen Jungle: Zac Mid: Annie Adc: Ashe, Miss Fortune Support: Fiddlesticks
thanks i love playing a lot of these
VoidMastar (EUNE)
: dont know if youre asking for champs or champ types so ill list both (since youre lvl18 ill give you some easy champs) top: tanks/bruisers (i recomend garen because he has high damage, alot of tankiness, and sustain from his passive) mid: mages/assasins (my recomendation is annie since shes borderline braindead) bot: adc and support (yes two people go bot for adc i recomend ashe and for support leona) have fun ^_^
thank you very much extremely useful :)
meroboth (EUNE)
: top: singed mid: veigar/khartus bot:vayne sup:sion jg:warwick
redesigned Warwick?
: Top: Fiora Mid: Ryze and Yasuo Bot: Draven Vayne Cait, al depends on my mood Support: Thresh
hmm interesting...
: Top: Zilean Mid: Tryndamere Bot: Thresh and Blitzcrank - with Nautilus Jungle
: top: Annie mid: Garen bot: veigar sup: veigar jg: leblanc
thanks i like those :)
RageSquid (EUW)
: My favorites would be these. Top lane: Malphite, Pantheon, Renekton Mid lane: Vel'Koz, Ziggs, Bot lane: Kalista, Leona
controversial... i like it XD
Rumkatten (EUW)
: http://champions.pickban.com/ :)
thanks cool site m8
Wen294 (EUW)
: In that case: Top: Garen Mid: Veigar Support: Leona
oh yeah love those :)
: ah yes... my good old nocturne top, tilting Rivens since season 5 *dreams away*
: Top: Kled Nocturne Singed mid: Katarina Veigar Bot adc: Jhin Bot support: whatever I think would be fun to play
thanks these seem cool :)
ThePikol (EUNE)
: You want a list who goes where?
Wen294 (EUW)
: Top lane: Urgot Mid lane: Urgot Bot lane: Urgot
: For me: Top: Mordekaiser Mid: Kassadin or Cassiopeia Bot (Supp): Zilean, sometimes Morgana
hmm thanks mate they seem quite difficult for me tho XD
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: Honestly, I would pick a role/champion based on personality. I for example like to be helpful outside in real life. And in a certain way, that same attitude translated into video games. In Halo, I used to be the guy driving the roadhog and having a buddy/friend in the machine gun behind me. In Killzone I would be the medic/turret guy. In League of Legends im the support dude. I started with Soraka, then, after Riot killed her, I moved to Janna and now Im with Bard. Thing is, just like my real self, I like to be supportive, no matter if its a game or not. ___ You can also main a role or champion based on references. My best friend LOVES the video game series BIOSHOCK, so, as you can imagine he LOVES to play Nautilus, no matter the lane he is in (could be top, jungle or support). ___ You can also main things because you want to be your fantasy self (as in, your alternate dream/fantasy personality). "I always wanted to be a motherfcking bad@ss" and because of that, you play champions like Draven, Darius, Lucian, Vayne, and action filled roles. ___ You can also main a champion because said champion relates closely to your personal traits which creates a "special" bond. ____________________ ____________________ Foxdrop is on the right track, dont get me wrong, HOWEVER there are a millions reasons why people have mained or could main a champion/role.
Perilum (EUW)
: After the Poppy Rework I could solo Baron with Poppy with the right drakes. It really depends on champs and setup. Aatrox can solo Drake with level 1 or Baron. He doesn't care. If he is a good champ is another question. You should at least come with 1 tank and two damage dealers to take down Baron in a solid time.
: Ziggs passive enhances his next basic attack to deal bonus magic dmage (doubled against turrets). This passive has a 12 seconds cooldown. For every ability he casts the remaining cooldown gets reduced by 4 seconds. This is most likely why he dealt so much damage. (He may also bought {{item:3100}} )
thank you very useful :)
: He has his passive and it makes his basic attacks do more damage. No his abilities är not over poverd because He has some weaknesses. He has very high damage But he hi pretty easy to kill.
: thanks mate really useful :)
: 1. He doesn't have ANY good keystone mastery (only viable ones are Grasp of the Undying and Bond of Stone) 2. He's pretty difficult to play, as he's a support jungler (you can build AP against low elo people, but it's really hard to pull off against decent players) 3. Meta junglers are easier to play and can easily do more than Nunu It looks like you're level 18 (according to Boards), so I believe you'd have a great time with AP midlane Nunu: spam Q and E --> win lane.
thanks mate really useful :)
: I mean,,,,he´s not wrong, playing the things you like is correct. As long as the champion you pick fits the role then all you need is skill to make it work. You´ll probably beat most people if you´ve played it enough. However this kinda logic is exactly what the entire Support Singed debate went in circles about. People use this actually correct logic to justify trolling and whatnot just because they think it's fun even if it means shooting one's own team in the leg. That kinda thing is not cool to do. So pick the champions you like but do play them in a way that works without messing with your team. Then everyone will be happy except those few meta slaves that flame anything and anyone that does something that isn't "strong" at the moment. And they can usually be ignored without issue^^ Go have fun.
: at the moment
oh right thanks but why is he bad? i was quite impressed
: No, why? It's pretty predictable if a random bush slows you and enemyteam has a nunu
but if you don't have Flash or it's on cool down, you're still screwed
: No, Nunu is really bad atm.
C9 Top Die (EUNE)
: If an enemy team has a Nunu and you do not have vision him, expect him to be waiting for you in a bush.
OK then thanks I'll keep that in mind from now on XD
: Depends at what stage in the game. But the best option is to usually 3 man it with top/jungle/adc and let the support and mid laner zone the enemies or push a lane.
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