CV Crow (EUW)
: Hi! If you're looking for people to play with I highly recommend the Chaos Vanguard. Essentially the Chaos Vanguard (CV) is a multi-gaming community for Europe and NA that aims to provide a fun and safe environment for players. We have a large website and teamspeak, and we try to host daily events for you to be able to play with people such as aram inhouses, hide and seek, defend soraka bot etc. We've also got tournaments with giveaways as well as organized ranked teams. If you ever get bored of league you could just jump down to one of our different sections for games such as counter strike, heroes of the storm, warframe and smite. Competitive teams also get their own channels on our teamspeak. Lemme know what you think :D You can find us at: Website: TeamSpeak:
limak089 (EUW)
: i have no one to play with but i dont have team speak , we can play for the ip if u want
Thank you for the availability my friend, but the point is to make the play a more fun interaction, hence i request a comunication tool. Otherwise there is no point to go duo. It's the same thing as going soloQ :(
sNeAK 9 (EUW)
: ***
If you have curse voice or a teamspeaker to suggest, i wouldn't mind if you where plastic million ^_^
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iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: How do you report a scripter?
Video recording and highlights of the points where you can see unnatural behavior. Important: Post it on youtube first and then send to support. Also post on Reddit. Forget everything else. 9x reports will do nothing. Trust me. I know. I had it. I was checking him for 1 year. RitA did nothing Even if all 9 players during the game where screaming to him how obvious it was that he was scripting.
12a12b12d (EUNE)
: What is the " ToU " ?
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Lunaphonix (EUNE)
: Playing League for fun
Of course you had to be in eune :(
: some questions about Gnar
Is he worth the ip to buy? yes. Is he worth the time to master? no. what tips would you give someone trying to master him? Custom game. Check the damage you do with Q / AA & proc of %hp. Get used to it. Also calculate the returning range of Q in miniform when you miss to recover it. Also get used to the time that you remain in mega form. Adapt to the needs to turn in mega form. Build tank. You are NO adc. DON'T GO FOR TRINITY FORCE. Do go for BotRK if you want and feel like you want it though. Black Cleaver is fine as well. As offensive items don't go for anything else. FFS DON'T USE YOUR JUMP FOR THE ATTACK SPEED BONUS. Never do that. I see a bunch of people make this mistake. Don't do it. If ganged don't panic. Double jump is OP. Don't just jump. Jump on something to get the double jump, even if that is the enemy jungler. how would one counter him when fighting him in lane? Irelia.
: Voice chat (watch this video , dont be lazy)
I don't like the siv adverticement you are doing here, but for once i agree on the matter he is talking about.
gaby1best (EUNE)
: Well, back in my lvl 20 days a friend actually convinced me Kennen's a girl and Teemo's a yordle.
Kennen was also considered to be a girl for good reasons. So your friend is right on both.
Pháté (EUW)
: Don't be Amumu, be more Braum!
Well probably cause one ( {{champion:32}} ) would want friends. Not like someone ( {{champion:201}} ) who's ok with people with whom you are eating and drinking together one day and then the other day they backstab you like nothing.
: Hi OmegaCrime, I would want to play with you, but I need to know what your name is on CurseVoice.
I have send you an invitation
Chunckes (EUW)
: i will be waiting !
If your curse voice name is the same as here, i have send you an invitation.
Bubi a Cica (EUNE)
: Thornmail upgrade suggestion
Make this test: Custom game with a friend. Build for yourself a) Build ninja Ts / Thornsmail / sunfire (1000 + 2100 + 2600 -> 5700g) b) Randuin's O. / Frozen Heart / sunfire (2850 + 2450 + 2600 -> 7900g) Have your friend AA you to death. Compare the ressults.
Depict (EUW)
: Some things just dont exists.
If they don't exist we just make them, no? ^_^
Chunckes (EUW)
: i have CurseVoice and iam ready !
Exelent. Will call you this evening then so we can arange things ^_^
: Hi OmegaCrime, I would want to play with you, but I need to know what your name is on CurseVoice.
Prob the same as here. I'll check it out tonight when i go home and let you know asap. Thanks
Chiotare (EUNE)
: Nah... I can adapt to different ADC playstyles that's why I'm asking for recommendations here :v
Most Vayne players found themselves to be very compatible with Kalista. Draven is a champion that gives you high rewards when he gets the lead, but a duo lane always has the problem of compatibility and Draven is not the most compatible ADC with any support other than Thresh really. In my opinion you should not main Draven, since the damage output puts him in a different level compared to the other ADCs. A rotation for ADCs is better, so the likes of a Vayne / Kalista / Lucian / Sivir / Jinx / Ashe rotation would be best. After all ADCs are about your CSing, positioning and damage dealt. Slowly adjusting at the range, burst and mobility of multiple ADCs is something that will allow your skills to get better so that you don’t have to worry about “maining”
Chiotare (EUNE)
: Best ADC right now?
ADCs are all about your playstyle. Test them all and decide. If others have to tell you what to play, then play Taric. Over and out.
Kelvoner (EUW)
: [Suggestion] Mute players ping
It would be great if they FINALLY decided to do it.
: Need a friendly team.
One last thing. I only speak English and Italian A little Greek and German but not that great at those 2.
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Melonizer (EUW)
: That's what happens when you move/flash right before the animation is done lol
Actually skined Luxes R animation is bugged.
: Intentional feeding detecting system when?
You can't make an auto intentional feeder detecting system. I'm having an aram game and the guy playing nunu in my team is an intentional feeder. What he does is: AFK, then when the team is in a bad spot (dead or too low) he comes in lane, stands still in front of the enemies and waits to get killed. Then again afk, and when he wants he goes in lane to suicide (literally standing still in front of the enemies to be killed). His end game score though is 1/7/8. He got an accidental kill (enemy used mark and hit him when he was coming in lane and surprise towerdived him, but then died to the tower) and some random assists for no reason (blood boil cast on himself also affects a closeby ally). Regardless… Is this the score of an intentional feeder? 1/7/8? Hell no. but he is one. Now… different game. We have an udyr in a pre-mark ARAM. Our team comp is horrible, while the enemy team comp is divine for aram. He is building tank and doing the best he can. Ingame, you can see it’s the case. I would even go as far as to say that if we didn’t lose within 6 min it was thanks to him. Regardless. his end game score was something like 0/25-0/30. He is not the best player in the world, but he didn’t troll or anything. Just a bad score. K/D/A should never be a reference for anything. It’s already sad that it decides your matchmaking.
: Do tell.
: No, not for no reason. I am waiting for my Pizza to be done ^^
: Shut up , it's entierly the bad of your jungler if you get ganked . *Sarcasm on*
{{champion:17}} jungler? Agreed.
Cosantoir (EUW)
: If he was ranged... yea I would deffo try him ADC. I'd be all like TAKE THAT KALLISTA.
{{champion:429}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:33}} Ok
: He is ALIVE! {{summoner:31}}
I understand the problem dear client. I'm sure that we can fix it, with proper payment.
: -5 ms lol
Are you still not tired with this joke?
MetaTrace (EUW)
: Cases like this are rare, everything we do is liable for review and change based on what is best for players and viable for us logistically. So I cannot promise any changes to policy, but I will discuss it for sure with my colleagues to see if this needs to be changed.
MetaTrace (EUW)
: I have placed your friends account on EUW, everything Eambo has said is true, however judgement calls can be made when the situation warrants it.
Glad this case was solved, but… this case aside, this reply means that: "The policy will not change or be reviewed, but judgment calls can still be made". Is that correct?
PepijndM (EUW)
: tl;iasadkhtr? Too long; I a.. s.. a.. don't know how to read?
you are VERY VERY VERY close ^_^ ("i am stupid and don't know how to read", since seriously... coming in a forum and saying post too long so i didn't read it... yeah... not nice.)
Eveninn (EUW)
: Ekko! HYPE! A champ I see pontetial to get into my main list. Was there anything else?... Karma Looks interesting, maybe give it a try. Graggy, Rek'sai nerfes, me like, easier laning for me early on :3 (but I don't think it was really needed, will grant some more diversity tho, I hope) Cass, Jinx and Coin: Me like :D Don't really care about the other stuff, maybe Ryze, but need to see how strong he actually gets now first.
: patch 5.10 i'm rly just interested in Ekko, been playing him on the PBE, gonna be realy strong on release
We all are i think, but since he is not released yet, i didn't include him.
: About the Taric only buff. Rework incoming so is like "Ain't even gonna bother that much"
How long is it now that it's comming? ^_^
: What was your worst/"ragest" moment ever ?
Had an enjoyable game once. It bugsplatted...
Rioter Comments
: Five more pool party skin!!!
: "riven op nerf" post!!!!!!!!
{{champion:82}} Hue hue hue hue hue. ^_^
: How too nerf gragas without compleetly destroying him
It's not about how things are. It's about what people believe. Anyway, no need to make a fuss over it. Even if i explained it, once again it wouldn't change anything anyway... That's why we make "windows" after all.
: false advertisements are crimes by law
Remember the: "you have no power here". And no, it's not a crime by law... it's... society. It's not like i can't explain, more like i don't want to.
: meh, she doesn't need a neft IMO, rather see Cait and Fortune buffed instead
Cait i would not agree, but MF i agree.
Eambo (EUW)
: Patch 5.10 hits tomorrow morning...
: I'm going to make a promise. The SECOND a new skin gets released, the literal SECOND, it will be the top seller. Pay attention.
If you can find the second that a new skin is uploaded something nice is going to happen for you. Edit: If it happens, don't go around telling people about it. either way the skins are uploaded before their release so it's very rare to find that moment.
: What's up with ''top sellers'' anyway?
It's adverticement. It works, so true or not, it matters not.
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