Omi Khan (EUW)
: i m not gay
yeah i know its sound stupid because you guys use word gay for person who love men. but in my area we use this word for people who cant do any thing in any situation. even you %%%% their family in front of them they just watch . like some stupid lol players who run from team fight. but its okay maybe you guys can ignore people who curse your family. maybe lack of respect for family or maybe like all those stories where father run away after mom get pregnant and eventually she end up doing porn or being prostitute. so you guys can ignore or just mute people. but some love their family. they live for their family. but how could you know that in society. its my bad totally my bad
Beatriceh (EUW)
: ***
> hahahahahahahah
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Omi Khan (EUW)
: give some info on launcher
ok i got what u said but atlast it has to show me that some new update is coming or applied so i need to upgrade my driver too. some big online name never do this. only riot dose it thats why i m asking for it. or let us go in with our old driver that we use.
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Omi Khan (EUW)
: what is this
i hope ur team mates end it or dc'ed too other wise they gonna report you for dc enjoy ban hahahahahah
Omi Khan (EUW)
: what is this
yeah yeah was checking that its my internet or %%%ing rito
: Maintenace in My Ranked
they dont care about people who play free games
: People dont care
brother its a free game for children so when people above 20 age play this game they feel these types of problems there is no solution for this. even u get reported if u didnt die with your team :D riot never check any report . there are plenty of no life people who use that tribunal system and they just punish people without reading the chat and see stuff whats actually happens in game
tajsam (EUW)
: Dc related whit server problem
they dont care at all. bcoz its a free game. try to play games like world of warcraft and they treat u like a boss
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