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Onímusha (EUW)
: Possible solution to get rid of trolls, afkers, feeders and toxic players
I hope you do realize this is not a final solution. This thing has to be work on. No matter what game you play you can find way to abuse the system. That is why we have tests. The way i am feeling is that basically you would rather have NO solution, than any solution to sit and think it through. Beside League of Legends i play a CS GO a lot. In competitive games or casual games i have never seen, but once, that the vote kick system was abused. Because if you are abusing vote kick system you are going to have bad time. I got Competitive cooldown because i participated in too many vote kicks of afkers and trolls. So they want to be precautious about abusing the system. Also what i find interesting is you just wrote about vote kick. There are more options i proposed. That if you don`t think vote kick can work, there is new queue model and new mute option. Don`t get me wrong but i can bet my life on it, more than half didn`t even read the post.
LZ Flame (EUW)
: there is no abuse to this System no no no,when i have a bad game i wont get kiked because my teamates are all so friendly,omg picked my lane haha now you get kiked.=vote kik failed haha i will kik you now. to be honest i dont like to fear being kiked if i perform in a game worse as usuall.
Everyone has a bad game, and those things happen. But usually these toxic players are SOLO queued. I rarely meet duo queue with 1 of them being toxic. If i happen to duo queue with a toxic player that will intentionally lose my game, i would think twice before i queue again with him. Its not like you need 2 players to kick you. Almost entire team needs to be unanimous to kick someone. This can be solution for system abuse. If you kick too many players in small amount of time, then you will be issues with a Match Making cooldown. So you can go ahead and gamble to go kicking spree and then to wait a week before MatchMaking again. All kicks should be followed with a KICK reason. Kicked players would also go to a review from RIOT, like they do now with reported players. If there are no reasons to be kicked then some compensation could be issued.
Luis Sc (EUW)
: I don't play for too long so don't know how valuable is my opinion-- Don't want to comment on the necessity of such a system but it seems that the process of getting a replacement ( plus loading times ) will require a bit more haste -- but if it be more a solution than creating a problem, I guess it could be reciewed The mute vote could be changed into a hidden automatic chat log review, which is something that I believe is already in place through reports, along with the "mute" button to silence the players I just think there are millions of players -- and, sometimes we don't get along with our closest mates, let alone a stranger across thousands of miles with a completely different life experience and education
I personally believe that having option to avoid 4 vs 5 is much better than actually playing 4 vs 5. Disabling players chat options (especially when he goes arguing with the enemies) will help that player to more focus on the game than to focus on what to type. :D
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