Marissa (EUW)
: [volu] Definitely not a haiku
**I made mine a rhyme,** **so it took me quite some time.** **But it's turned out fine** I am a big duck But my wings for gaming suck So in Gold I'm stuck
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
One Quacky Boi (EUW) Edit: this was a fun quiz, thanks for making it!
: ??? thonk
He added me telling me he'd "kill me black mother :)" and to say goodbye to my mom bcause she'd be dead soon. Deleted me straight after so I couldn't screenshot it. Honestly it was hilarious how much he flamed me (Lee Sin) though. Made the game a lot more fun.
yanou (EUW)
: Turret plating will soon fall......
pretty sure there's also a "turret plating will fall soon" line, and it just uses one or the other
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Yes URF is better than ARURF by 10x times but you cant say URF is the best gamemode ever and ARURF is the worst gamemode ever! That just means u dont know what you like, essentially these 2 gamemodes are the same, just you cant choose your champion in ARURF I honestly like ARURF more than Nexus Blitz
I can see why you'd like ARURF more than NB, I feel like my champion pool is pretty restricted in NB compared to ARURF.
Koalog (EUW)
: P5 +G5 Autofill looking 4 clash team ( we dont mind rank)
My team still needs a top lane and an adc. Wanna join?
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Salt Zero,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=aArhk719,comment-id=001a,timestamp=2018-11-01T19:12:33.166+0000) > > We have a training session for our team once a week. Just when we wanted to start playing we get problems with the client. Thanks you Riot. I understand problems can happen. But when the service is unusable, why do you not just restart all the servers so people do not experience an hour of waiting just to finally give up. > Investigation is fine, but when you have a severe plattform stability issue, you usually pull the plug, take the systems oflfine and do disaster recovery. To bring the service back up should be the upmost priority. It is interesting that you let people connect, start games and then beeing stuck in champion select rather than just taking the plattform offline. It is not even marked as non-functional in the status page. > > And that people connect it to Clash is just because of two reasons: > > 1) The last clash event had a similar impact to the plattform > 2) when you enable something and problems start to occur people will make the correlation Platform restart takes a considerable amount of time, and additionally will result in any queued information being lost (recent match history, LP/MMR changes, XP potentially). We consider it a last resort due to these combinations of things - if it was a quick restart without impact it would be much higher on the list, but due to how the systems all work together, it's a considerable amount of additional pain with platform being restarted that we don't want to push unless we absolutely have to. We understand the correlation in Clash and the sentiment around it, which is why I'm trying to keep in touch with you guys on what we're seeing at the moment and whether Clash is related or not. Hopefully that makes sense!
Despite what a lot of people here are saying, I'm looking forward to clash. I played in the first beta test on EUW and it was a lotta fun. So thank you Eambo for trying to make it work.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Grapha8 (EUNE)
: Convert Orange Essence to Blue Essence!
That would be like straight up buying BE, and as far as I know that's never gonna be a thing in league.
Poramies (EUW)
: I doubt there are enough crazy collectors like you for them to see this as a problem worth fixing. :P I have really many skins as well and rarely get skin shards worth crafting so sitting on a huge pile of orange dust as well. There might come another use for them in the future, who knows! What do you need blue essence for anyway? Bought URFWick and some gemstones when the Emporium was open and still got 200k + like 20 unopened level reward capsules as it's too much work clicking disenchant 50 times. Seeing you are almost level 200 I doubt you have it rough with blue either. ;) {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
It's not a problem in the first place. People aren't supposed to be able to buy BE.
Ryzzlas (EUW)
: That's when no teamfights are happenning. Yesterday my 140fps dropped to below 40fps in a teamfight which really should not happen with a GTX 1080.
Fair enough, that kind of fps drop can %%%% up a fight for sure.
entriX (EUW)
: So basicly you want to say system is working correctly and that's me succeeding in 0.0000(0)1 chance of this happening? I am just a bit biased about that since league client is basicly very-very bad and Riot games doing same mistakes before (Your Shop, Darius orb for 500 RP instead of 5000).
The Darius orbs for 500 rp tho. good stuff.
: ~230 fps drops to 120 once game starts.
Oh no, how will you be able to play with a measly 120 fps? For real though, as long as you just cap your fps to 120 it shouldn't be a problem, right?
: Except you could just go almost any other rune and be more effective. He has high damage but this would add nothing to it... it’d barely be noticeable. Your better off going for any other choice you’d prob get more damage out of that.
If it replaces Bone Plating as shown in the picture, then it'll be a good option for his secondary tree.
: Funny because I think that reaper soraka really doesn't fit at all with her character; she is supposed to be a healer after all. It is a cool skin though. I'm ok with being one of the only program skin fans :)
The Reaper Soraka doesn't change her voice lines or anything, so it doesn't really feel like a reaper at all. It's just a dark version of Soraka basically. Kind of like Arclight Varus is somewhat contradictory to his Darkin nature.
: Actually this rune will be useless on urgot... re,ember his W decreases the effectiveness of on hit effects, and as you need to W to get a shield your essentially never gonna have the damage be useful.
That doesn't mean it'll be useless. It means it'll be less effective. It will still be a buff to his already high damage.
rRefluxX (EUW)
: How will the new Shield Bash rune work?
Riot be like: What do you mean "nerf Urgot"?
: Program Soraka is one of my favourite skins. I get that they might not be to everyone's taste though.
I prefer Reaper Soraka. I feel like the Program theme doesn't fit Soraka well. But hey, I found someone who genuinely likes a Program skin, nice ^^
Smerk (EUW)
: Overall not a fan, but I think new Nami skin is very cool, I want to see how they changed her other spells, preview only showed her ultimate and recall Edit: okay, now that I saw all abilities, I have to say that I like this skin.
I personally didn't like the ult. And the voice effects for Program skins just aren't my cup of tea in general. Got a question, though. Would you use Program Nami over her existing skins?
: nami and lb get program skins in preseaosn they dont look that bad
They don't look _that_ bad, sure. But they are completely unfitting for the champs.
: potayto potato
there's a huge difference between Project and Program skins. Most of the Project ones are actually good.
Shamose (EUW)
: Well if they keep making them they must turn a profit. Personally no.
I feel like most of the profit from Program skins comes from mains/otps who want every skin for their champ, because honestly there is not a single Program skin that is any good. The only one that _some_ people I know like is Program Camille.
Rioter Comments
Štrle (EUNE)
: what is the reward for that mission? can i just put the vods in background and try to finish it now or did that mission expired?
you can just put on Vods and mute them. Gotta be one at a time though, as far as I know. It should be enough to let them run for 15 minutes each. The rewards are the "On Duty Icon" for the 30 games, and the "World Champion Minions Icon" for 50 games.
Štrle (EUNE)
: did all of them mate :)
There's secret missions for watching 30/50 worlds games. If you didn't do those then that's why Llama (and I) were at 29 and you weren't
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, We're aware of this issue and looking into it. Thanks for the heads up :-)
The Week 1 Missions are missing from the Completed Missions. That's why the mission lost progress for everyone.
: is the pass worth it?
I don't think it's worth to buy it for you. Considering the amount of tokens in your stash you probably don't play a lot. I'm at over 1900 tokens rn, so for me it has been worth it, but I play for multiple hours everyday.
: why am I not earning the 300 tokens for watching a game ? Do I have to watch it until the end ?
You're not gonna get 300 tokens for watching a game. There is no mission like that.
: Tristana's magic show!
So pulling Satan out of hats is the new "cool" in the magician world now, is it?
: If you have that mutch money you don't use donate it to cancer research or something
Because cancer research doesn't give me skins lolz.
: Doesn't matter how good you are
I highly doubt the "diamond level" in stats tab is an accurate depiction of average diamond stats. Also, looking at your stats tab, you are a lot worse than you're making yourself out to be. Your map control as Pantheon is basically nonexistant, and you focus heavily on gold income above all else, which makes both your map control and your combat stats fall off in general. Surprisingly, your stats in Normal (Draft) were a lot more balanced out, so maybe you should take a look at what it is that you're doing right in normals but not in ranked?
Moenky (EUW)
: Why are you guys on the Boards? :3
: Al they need to do is make a championship for 3v3 and it will be popular {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
That's not how it works. People would play one or two TT games and then remember why they never played it before and go back to SR
Soumaxer (EUNE)
: I have a question for all of you and i need a honest answer
I think people should be able to appeal a ban after some time has passed, maybe 3 or 6 months. This should only be possible once per account though. The problem is that first of all Riot doesn't want that, and also that of it were possible, Riot would need people reading those ban appeals and approving/disapproving them.
Marissa (EUW)
: I mean the orbs can have great value too! Personally I am thinking of opening up some positional ones in the hopes of something good! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
The orbs are totally overpriced though. Based on rp cost they should be 150 tokens.
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: Ignoring the Orb, the ward skin, the champion shard token, the key fragment, the icon and the emote - yes you're right, no use for them. > scammy shit of mystery loot You mean giving people free stuff in order to motivate them to buy more ? How is that scammy ? That's not a scam, it's marketing. And if just don't pay anything, you even make profit as a player (profit in form of skins)
To be fair, the worlds Orb costs more tokens than it has any right to. Logically it should be 150 tokens instead of 300.
Ceberuz (EUW)
: Climbing (Unless you duo and are confident you can 2v5 if the enemy team collapses on you) is 50% luck and 50% skill. Match making in this game has nothing to do with game-related statistics, which is why you more often than not, see players dying repeatedly from level 2 onwards reaching 0/5 before minute 5, and ending up having piss poor cs, and they will also end the game with worse ward count. The above isn't restricted to Bronze, Silver or low Gold, it's throughout the entire ladder until you get past Diamond 4, but still people (Mainly Riot and their few diehard supports on these boards) keep chanting there is nothing to see, and that's it's all a conspiracy since Riot gains nothing by having this crippled matching.
> [{quoted}](name=Ceberuz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZYn8Vi83,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-10-07T08:06:21.283+0000) > > Climbing (Unless you duo and are confident you can 2v5 if the enemy team collapses on you) is 50% luck and 50% skill. That's pretty accurate. And that is also why I played Zyra "support" and duoQ'd with an Illaoi main to climb. We just had to get fed and then we could pretty much teamfight on our own.
Rioter Comments
Marlifier (EUW)
: Mission problems being added to my list
The missions you have received are literally the only missions available until next week.
: I think the same, sometimes I get destroyed by a skilled player and I learn a thing or two, if that opponent don't taunt I would give him an honor and if it taunt me I'll probably pass. Sometimes I feel bad for certain opponent like for exemple a Draven flaming his Soraka support calling her "useless" and such so I would like to gave an honor that would sound like "yeah it was a tough game for you but don't be discouraged" to such a support.
I think rather than honoring people for not being toxic, I'd prefer to be able to honor people who were particularly fun to talk to in all chat for example.
: Honoring opponents.
I also want to be able to honor opponents again, but I don't think it should have any rewards. It should just be a way to show appreciation for the other player.
: Watch & Earn: Log into lolesports... "Start Earning" button not working?
It worked perfectly for me, but I set it up yesterday, so I'm not sure what exactly I did to make it work :/
: thanks for getting back to us, are riot going to be offering some form of compensation considering we have spent money on something we have not been able to use for two days? Thanks for your time
compensation for what? The worlds pass worked just fine, it's not like you were missing out on anything except for items that you can just craft later anyways.
Coxis (EUW)
: new testing test
I believe in you, you can make the next test succeed {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Mraula (EUW)
: Snow day Skin idea
The ult being a sleigh of sorts is a nice idea, but I'm not sure if his other spells really fit in with the theme
Vytautis (EUNE)
: Dear Event Team!!
Get premades then, easy as that. If you don't have any premades, then, well.. Maybe you should think about if you are the problem. Because from what I can see here your attitude isn't really the best.
: Look, Riot, in all honesty
As you can probably tell by the summoner icon I'm using, Odyssey on Onslaught is completely doable. And fun, even. I like this mode. The Augments allow for a lot of diversity in gameplay, and a lot of stuff you could never have done in any other game mode. If you build well and use the summoner spell dashes competently then health isn't a problem most of the time.
: Why only 2 tries on Odyssey?
Because otherwise it would be way too easy, that'd be no fun at all.
: i completed the 2 augment mission with 1 malp, 3 yasuos and 1 sona... but ive heard people doing it differentely... RNG also plays a part on what stuff you get on each stage.
> [{quoted}](name=Dark Kimzark,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qhH2pii0,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-09-14T23:52:16.481+0000) > > i completed the 2 augment mission with 1 malp, 3 yasuos and 1 sona... My premades and I did it the same way, actually ^^ we started out without a yasuo and then just added more until it worked lol
realKano23 (EUNE)
: how did you climb out of silver?
I spammed Zyra supp up to the first game of my promos to gold 1, playing ap supp works well because of you win in lane, you not only have a fed adc, but also a second apc. And especially with champs like Zyra and Brand that makes teamfighting a lot better.
: Typical Yasuo main I guess. You make a good point with many arguments and everyone would agree on it. And someone sais "no, you are just bad". Like if I were better Garen ult wouldn't make 2000 true damage on a low health target with villain.
Doesn't matter that it deals 2000 dmg when you're at 700 hp anyways.
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