: I'll start a new top-level response: If you're encountering this issue (Critical Error when attempting to load up a game), please submit a ticket to [player support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) with as much detail as you can about your computer. This will help us collate and identify where the issue is! Sorry for the inconvenience :(
the only common thing between all the people who get this error is all of us try to play this shitty game where we cant even que up for ranked except "tft" ranked lol
: Critical Error
Riot dosent deserve any fking help to troubleshoot their buggy game they should have know this would be like this when they put so many changes in 1 patch now riot want 10000 of people to submit their pc specs to them in a chat so they can help them for what? they arent even gonna recompensate for this shit
kjono1 (EUW)
: There should be absolutely zero excuse for verbal abuse at all in the game. Being toxic towards teammates is a form of verbal abuse and those punishments and bans were deserved. The ability to stop yourself from chatting isn't going to stop those who wish to flame, they will still do it regardless, allowing them there accounts back would be illogical and would only ruin the experience for those who play the game while following the rules.
if someone harras you on facebook or over sms calling you for a dipshit idiot moron etc because you acted like one you block them right? because if they are right about what they say about you it makes you look bad and we cant have that? either way there is an option to entirely remove chat now so now there will be a huge amount of toxicity in the shape of hard trolling inting etc just wait and see
: So youre saying riot should just let all the toxic ppl back to playing lol to make it die and then move on to make their money with tft?
better be toxic and good than polite and int every game
: there game isnt dying, there are just not much new Players. However nobody wants toxic People and they are banned for a reason. Learn to behave properly if u want to Play a game, u can not go into the real life either with being a completely asshole (atleast not visably an asshole).
are you assuming im banned ? Lol you could also argue all the people who dont like when people are tired of bad players or trolls shit could just disable the chat completly like they can now? or you know mute them which they have been able to at all times
: maybe because ranked is disabled
nop been 40-50k viewers on twitch whole day ;) ranked havent been disabled whole day
: Why would they?
at this point they have no excuse not to their game is dying anyway 47k viewers on twitch at his moment and 338k in TFT
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Conσr (EUW)
: I have a past account that is permanently banned, at the time i was going through a bad stage in my life, i relied on games to help me cope with depression/anxiety. At the time i was trying to play league for fun, i thought league was a game that was made for fun, however i was wrong, its a game that is made to be competitive, if you lose there are in-game consequences, and if you win there are in-game rewards. So, i would come home stressed, play my game to relieve my stress, and i would just end up even more stressed! So i would end up expressing my emotion in game and ruining the match for my team. Fortunately I am no longer like that, and i have found a way to improve my life and remove the stress from it, i also no longer take matches as seriously as i once did, and im actually winning alot more now! So to answer your question, people expect this game to improve their mood, when really it does the complete opposite, and unfortunately some people do not yet know how to control their emotions, however there will come a point in life where they will learn. I truly believe second chances are real, and im a first hand experience of that
using irl issues as an excuse to behave like a twat is just wrong you did it because you are a shitty person with a shitty personality i dont care if i get down voted but when you go into a game and expect 4 other players to care how you feel irl and then take it into consideration you deserve to be stressed
: A message to Riot.
it take so long for riot to fix shit because its a chinese company they dont work you whip them twice a day and then a extra time during the break


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