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: why is it that hard to get : the FIRST TEAM TO ENGAGE GROUPED ALLWAYS WINS !!!!
Well i thank you all for these answers. I listen to this " split push is the way to get out of silver" thing and i want to believe in it .. but in all the games i play, the wining team is NOT the one that split push. Ofc it can happen, but when it works it rely on a team that know how to disengage/distract as 4v5, and that is rare.. Most time, beside the personnal skill and the vision of each player, the fact that make win or lose can be mainly related to the time each team fighted when overnumbering the other.. i mean for exemple : when u are fighting as 2v2 , the first mate that will come to make a 3v2 will win the fight.. or when u are 1v1 , the first gank that will result in a 2v1 will win the fight.. or the first team that will be as a 5 men roaming gank that will engage as 5v3 will win the fight .. etc etc ...
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