: Best midlaners to counter assassins?
The biggest middlefinger for assassins has in my eyes always been {{champion:127}} . Tons of CC, a Zhonyas/Ekko Ultimate and a decent enough laning phase to not only survive, but also being able to be a lane bully. Lategame you transform into a Oneshot-combo mage with peel potential and strong waveclear. Two Builds: Blow-up Mage {{item:3165}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} Annoying Peel-Machine {{item:3027}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{champion:10}} also is a pretty solid choice, her early game is meh, and as long as you know when to put your R on your MVP, you pretty much have done your job. She also is pretty flexible buildwise, with nashors tooth being the only item you really "need" My standard build for her: {{item:3115}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3158}} /{{item:3006}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}}
Hipercsiga (EUNE)
: Terrain removal, Tracking......ADVENTURE!
The personality sounds a lot like how Reno Jackson from hearthstone is portrayed: https://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/hearthstone.gamepedia.com/thumb/c/c5/Reno_Jackson_full.jpg/350px-Reno_Jackson_full.jpg?version=d55ab7b130a3043bea8c99dfc109ee49 He is an archeologist who seems to be more interested in the material value than historical one (Heck, his quote when you play him is "We're gonna be rich!"), but is kept in check by his friends.
: Game Breaking Bug - Jayce's R
> Our FPS drops harder than we dropped our phones. http://www.wzonline.de/uploads/pics/nokia.jpg ...God help us all.
: AP marksman champion concept
An AP marksman sounds like a new concept, but i see some flaws in your stuff. I'll go over that shortly. One of the first thoughts that rushed through my mind at an "electricity marksman" was Zero Suit Samus from her appearance in the Smash bros. Series. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ymP7ai2dVHo/VblW-ndGb1I/AAAAAAAAAw8/WbJWUMe2oOM/s1600/ZEROSUIT2.jpg Sooo the flaws I saw in her concept: * If we really talk about an AP marksman right now, I see being {{item:3115}} a core item, if not the item you want to rush with her which is compared to most other marksman a "meh" buy at best. If she isn't supposed to be a hyper-lategame carry like vayne this could make her pretty weak compared to the other ADCs. * I realize you want to give her something unique on the passive (which would probably fit her theme), but a crit statikk shiv on her passive seems "too good". What keeps people from just stacking AD/crit items mixed with a {{item:3146}} and using her kit (E dash, W Stun/slow, R stats upgrade) just for the utility and stats they provide? * Can her W be activated or is it an uncontrolled passive a la Kled W? If it is the first, it should really have an at least mediocre cooldown (10-12 seconds without CDR at best imo) * Her R seems rather meh compared to let's say Twitch or Vayne. Both gain an near extreme buff on certain stats. Twitch is able to outrange turrets and gains piercing bolts together with Bonus AD, Vayne gains Bonus AD, short invisibility during one of her low-cooldown basic abilities and extreme Movespeed if running towards champions. Here are some suggestions (Note: I will refer to your crit mechanic on her passive as "shiv mechanic"): * Maybe make her convert AD into crit similar how Jhin converts crit/Attackspeed into AD. * If you really want to keep the shiv mechanic, move it to the third shot of her W and make it guaranteed. Remove the stun from it for it and maybe weaken the slow, if it needs one at all. * Idea for the Q: A shortly charged up skillshot with two hitboxes, center and border. Center stuns for 0,4 secs and deals magic damage scaling with AP. Border hits slow lightly instead of stun and the attack deals reduced damage to them. If she manages to land an auto-attack on targets hit by center, she proccs the shiv mechanic. * Bonus on the E: If she attacks targets that stand in her E field, she proccs the shiv mechanic with an internal 2-3 second cooldown. * Remove the bonus crit from her ult, give her the Bonus movespeed, which should be around 90, on when she uses E during it and make her Q only consist of center damage/effects. Also, either give her a percentage or flat amount of bonus AD during the time. * Idea for R Name: Maximum Performance
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: What triggers you?
* Lee sin, Riven, Yasuo, the list goes on "mains" that play only THAT champion in ONE lane and doesn't give a damn about team comp, positioning and peeling. Also when they behave like everyone is their servant and you should be honored with their presence. This especially triggers me because i personally know a {{champion:64}} main that never plays him elsewhere than jungle and if he gets another lane, begs/demands jungle. If he doesn't get it, he claims all game how much better of a jungler he would've been instead of focusing on the bloody game. * https://i.ytimg.com/vi/foO9n0-F0Lo/hqdefault.jpg ...nothing against the "fanart" though. * ADCs/Support that i have no synergy with cuz they can't understand that sometimes playing safe is better than running in like an {{champion:12}} that drank an energy drink mixed with his morning coffee. * ADCs that think I'm their personal babysitter as a support. I'm not supporting you, I'm supporting the whole goddamn team you wassok. * People claiming off-meta picks are reportable. I got reported in a game where i played Lucian mid (decently), about a week later it got played in pro play and people started trying it out more often. * Third wave feminists
: Is it a bad thing if I wish the worst that can happen irl to the guy who designed Rengar?
I love playing against rengar you know. It's so fun to look at a Gray screen sometimes. Jokes aside, The assassin rework is practically around the corner (1, maybe 2 months?) and it was already stated that Rengar will be part of it. Just hope for the best and what they will do to him will give him some decent counterplay.
: there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for flaming my friend, it doesnt work that way, you cant justify your behaviour and speach with any reasonable basis, regardless of what others ay or do. Accept it, ignore it, and move on! Welcome to real life, welcome to 21st century internet social life gg wp
Besides that, there also exists a Mute button in the Scoreboard (/mute works too). Most of the ingame information can already be sent by pings alone, especially since the update that allows pinging Health/Mana, Timers and so much other things. Now @ OP: It is okay that you "play for the win", but here's a tip: Don't play another ranked if you got already heated up by your last one. If you felt trolled and had to let off some steam after the Illaoi game, make a break, even if it's only 10-15 minutes, and get your head out of that one game. Maybe eat a little snack, read the newspaper, whatever, but do yourself the favor and don't go into another game straight away. Negativity is like a magnet, you will spend more time arguing than focusing and concentrating on winning your game. As a sidenote: I recommend you writing more "positive". As an example, your Vel'koz game: My guess is you wrote the guy something along the lines "Noob buy sightstone, need vision you tard". "Vel, can you buy sightstone pls? We'd need more vision control" would've been the way I'd wrote it. I leave it up to you to believe this, but a little kindness can go a long way in this game.
: Kha vs Rengo?
The battle itself is balanced imo due to the simple factor it's not a 1vs1, it's a 5vs5. Most khas and rengars begin to cuddle with teammates as soon as the quest pops up (So that the enemy team can't catch one out and get a free reward) and (should) play careful. You also forget Kha'zix potential of getting the reward. A lategame Kha can easily take rengar out with 1-2 Isolated Qs, passive autos and W and easily get into range for it with his empowered E. So overall, the event itself is pretty balanced imo except for one thing: The rewards. Kha'zix' reward for winning the hunt is stupidly good (4th evolution) while Rengar barely even feels it (More vision range while in brush). While Kha gets a major increase in damage/utility, rengar gets a barely feelable and weak vision enhancement with a strong limitation. They should really do something about that.
crowney (EUW)
: Also while playing: do i have to exploit my enemy's mistakes and tilt them as often as i can (gank one lane twice in a row) to win the game?
There are a few ways to tilt an enemy. If they tilt, they make more mistakes and sometimes begin to flame/get flamed at, and might even ragequit (seriously, that happens enough that i mention it). Successfull camping is the easiest way to tilt someone, especially if they are on a loosing streak (which you can look up in the loading screen if you got the time/interest) and most of the times the people that tilt the easiest are those that play "Muh Mechanics" Champs (think of Yasuo, Riven or Vayne). You can also try keeping track of the enemy jungler by mirroring his clear and keeping his raptor camp/buffs warded and being available for counterganks.
crowney (EUW)
: I just really really want to say thank you to you since you put i guess more effort in answering these questions than me writing these questions and those answers surely brought me a mile a head. I'll guess I'd try to search for other champs that are fun to play because as you said {{champion:67}} {{champion:64}} are a little bit too hard to play and I want to finally main some champs. I'm thinking of buying following champs: {{champion:51}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:29}} and maybe play more often this guy {{champion:110}} since I have the dark star skin for him (duh). btw are the champs above some champs with a lower-needed skill?
Cheap champions that can carry in silver imo are {{champion:32}} , {{champion:5}} and {{champion:54}} . If price is no concern {{champion:245}} , {{champion:254}} and {{champion:80}} are very good and easy to mediocre to learn champions which have two things i value greatly in silver jungle: flexible building paths and very high early (Levels 1-6 or as soon as they get ultimate) pressure. For the ADC role in silver, you mainly want to look for safety, simply because peel and protecting the ADC is too seldom to play immobile ADCs reliable. I highly recommend these three ADCs, all have their own strength: {{champion:81}} Very good midgame and very safe, even if you end up being behind in lane you can safely farm cause of Q {{champion:51}} Early game bully with above average safety and great lategame, although you are only meh in midgame unless you're fed. {{champion:18}} Surprisingly underplayed and underrated. She has one of the best lategames in the game, takes towers extremely fast and has two spells (one with reset mechanic) that allow for a lot of selfpeel.
crowney (EUW)
: How do I get better at beeing a carry or jungler? (and some questions) Elo: Silver 3
Hey, Plat 3 guy here with mediocre to high experience in jungle and mediocre experience as ADC (mostly queuing Top primary and jungle secondary, used to main jungle up 'til around Gold 1/Plat 5). Prepare for a wall of text. > 1. How should I react or what should I do when people insult me? That depends on what kind of person you are, really. For some simply muting them works, for others (including myself) I either agree if i really missplayed something (which makes them shut up most of the time), or, if they keep digging, I often ask of them the favor of shutting up. Works most of the time. If the person still keeps on, mute them, there's no point in reasoning. > What should I do better/else as a jgl? Maybe overthink your champion pool a bit. The best champions for jungling in lower elo (Bronze, Silver, Low-Mid Gold) are in my eyes bruisers with hard CC and possible oneshot-potential (Think of {{champion:107}} , {{champion:245}} , {{champion:254}} ). Build offensive items, and if stuff starts looking bad, go for defensive items instead. Do yourself a favor and completely forget about Lee sin. Don't be too shy and pick sometimes a tank aswell, as some of them have ridicolous early-game damage and/or decent scaling and teamfighting ({{champion:14}} , {{champion:113}} ,{{champion:54}} , {{champion:32}} ) > When should I gank? If your champions has a high-impact-ultimate (Examples: {{champion:254}} , {{champion:79}} , {{champion:113}} ), you can gank pretty much everytime the enemy is not under their tower. Also, if you managed to waste a flash from an enemy, try it again after 1-2 camps if they don't hug their turret. A very easy way to tilt some people is by killing them with a gank, let them get back into lane, and gank/kill them again immediatly. > What should I do to not get focused so hard (or end up beein ulted by everyone)? Well, in most cases the initiator of a teamfight gets focused first by the enemy team. You do not want to jump in first as a squishy assassin, you want to be the follow-up to your frontliner. If you want to play something that can initiate pretty well, read the list of tanks I wrote below the second point, they all have some tool to start a teamfight. > What should I do when my CS is getting denied hard? You're kinda vague with that. If you mean after feeding the enemy botlane, the best you can do is grab as much CS as you can with the least amount of damage taken. A healthpot costs 50g (= 3 normal minions or 1 cannon minion) and restores 150 health. This is a pretty decent measurement on how risky you can play in a lost lane. Also, ward every corner of the botlane that you can afford keeping lit, which should be at least your own tribush at most times (Tip: Pinkwards can be bought by ADCs aswell). > How do I take over control in my lane? Depending on your choice of adc, you want to do different things here. Since you pointed out Vayne, Ashe and Sivir, I'll cover them. {{champion:67}} {{champion:22}} Grab every CS you can get. If you can damage the enemy lane in the meantime, do it, but always keep CSing as your priority. Vayne and Ashe do not care about dominating the laning phase, you want all the gold you can get for that juicy mid/lategame scaling. {{champion:15}} Sivir can bully hard. If you are winning lane, got a support with high killing-potential ({{champion:53}} , {{champion:89}} ) and maybe an item-advantage, you can stay in front of the minions and keep a threat of going ham on them. If windows for trades/kills open, use them. Sidenote: I recommend you forget about Vayne aswell as Lee sin. In silver elo laning phase and the midgame are the most important and deciding parts of the game. Beside the fact that vayne has a very weak laning phase and nearly no synergy with Kill-supports, she needs way too long to ramp up. The game can be over before you even got your chance to shine. > How to deny the enemy to gank me in bot? {{item:3340}} {{item:2043}} {{item:3363}} > How do I become the hypercarry in the games? Get the minions, get the kills, get the gold, get the items, attack the stuff that wants to kill you, then clean up the rest. > When should I roam as the ADC? If you manage to take the enemy turret before they take yours, push out the lane, roam mid and try to grab the mid turret aswell. Keep pressure on the objectives and be ready when your jungler attempts to take dragons/baron. Don't run around alone lategame, especially not if the area you attempt to go is completely unwarded. > Who should i attack as an ADC in bot lane? (Support or ADC) In the ideal case, the enemy ADC unless the enemy botlane has a {{champion:16}} . Soraka is able to heal up her ADC for mediocre to minimal cost while being a squishy backliner herself. Try to deny her health regen in lane by dodging her Qs effectively. Early boots help a lot. In Teamfights, you mainly wants to focus first what jumps into your face while keeping a distance to them (duh) and then focus whatever is the closest and clean-up the fight. As i see it, you tend to play mechanically difficult champions. The thing is with them: You have to watch your own play way too much as that you can focus completely on the game itself. What i mean by this is that by playing these champions, you keep track of your abilities and farming more than you do about objectives, decision making and watching the map/ward coverage. I spent about 20 minutes typing this stuff, hope i can help you out with it. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Eveninn (EUW)
: What are your favourite quotes of your Top 3 champions?
{{champion:41}} - "Crying won't do any good" ....He's kinda right -""You will never have a grave, Graves... see, it's 'cause your name, it's... your name is like a grave, it's - I - never mind." {{champion:245}} -"Never had luck. Never needed it." -"I had a crush - until you started talking to the gun." He wanted to stick his dick in crazy. Never do that. {{champion:14}} -"I! Am! War!" -"The din of the dying!"
: Ekko Builds
I toyed around with ekko a lot since his release, here are some builds that are working good from my experience: Trinity Tank Ekko {{item:3078}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3111}} Rush the Trinity, then pretty muh adapt on the enemy teamcomp and who is fed/strong. Jungle Bruiser Ekko {{item:1402}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3152}} You want to be as annoying as possible with this build. The runic echoes/Protobelt also gives you surprising burst. AP Bruiser Ekko {{item:3027}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3111}} RoA should be your very first item, then depending on your matchup go either tanky, or build more damage. Protobelt against assassins/squishy bruisers, Wits end against tanks.
Grammos (EUNE)
: Ban Quotes !!!!!!
{{champion:432}} *weird music noises* {{champion:420}} So much to teach.....but no one listens {{champion:201}} Aww, another time then, friend! {{champion:13}} A break, huh? Never thought I'd ever get that. {{champion:222}} This would've been boring anyways. {{champion:36}} *crying* MU-HU-HU-HUNDOO....
Big Eazy (EUW)
: searching for a person who can teach me a better way to play add (silver 3 currently)
Not really an ADC main, but I tend to be very observant of my own playstyle and that of people around me. Add me in League, and maybe i can spectate or play a few games of/with you. :) I'm currently in Plat 4, so I'm not really high-elo, but i guess i can help you nevertheless if you're interested.
NamesAMX (EUW)
: So what does ADC do exactly?
The ADC as others already stated is the "Attack Damage Carry". It's a role that focuses on on dealing high constant dps, which is mostly achieved by the ranged marksmans in League. Due to the fact that you build pretty much only damage-increasing items on them, most of them not having a lot of mobility and the fact they are in most cases very fragile you put them on a lane with a support, so that the ADC can farm safely through the early game to reach the damage peak your team wants without getting killed over and over again. Example Champions are {{champion:110}} Varus, {{champion:96}} Kog'maw or {{champion:81}} Ezreal. Due to the fact that ADCs have the highest constant dps (through their autoattacks) ADCs are mostly needed as the backline in Teamfights, dealing damage to the enemy team in safe range or are in most cases the best ones in the team to take down turrets, inhibitors and other objectives like baron/dragon.
: Summoner Name for a GP-Main?
Level 6 Arrrrrrr Fruity booty Money for the Bankplank I am salty
Eveninn (EUW)
: This (wo)man knows what's good! Tea is love, tea is live. \*hugs and gibs cookies*
I too drink tea pretty often, maybe not as often as some brits, but hey, the thought counts. No cookies for me, thanks, i prefer a Sachertorte or some other kinds of cake to it. Want some? http://images.ichkoche.at/data/image/variations/496x384/1/sachertorte-img-2269.jpg
Larry (EUNE)
: i am lurking around alot, trying to keep things spicy T_T
I keep looking around here too mate, as far as i see it: People like to complain about....everything. http://ih1.redbubble.net/image.135989628.3504/flat,800x800,070,f.jpg
Emillie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Larry,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ttxGzNgH,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2016-01-27T16:16:18.237+0000) > > allright tell me about your obsession with her. I bet you know that's not quite normal right? I was born in the woods with a tail and animal ears so I searched for a champion that was a bit like me.
How is it living with 8 Buttplugs up your ass permanently? Doesn't it hurt after some time?
: How i see...
How I see Gpet: http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_small/0/77/984696-gepeto.jpg DANCE MY FORUM PUPPETS. YOU DON'T WANT TO GET BANNED, DO YOU? >:D
: Is this really racist??
{{champion:236}} If you don't want a Black cleaver {{item:3071}} , you gonna have a black leaver >:V
: > [{quoted}](name=Ruthlesslink,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Ibmzb84A,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-22T03:02:07.152+0000) > > and you dont get that strong determination to power through it > Being placed far below your season 5 rank. It fills you with determination. (Sry xP)
Don't you mean... https://i1.sndcdn.com/artworks-000131499342-gyq9od-t500x500.jpg DETEMMIENATION?
: unfair as F***
1. There are flamers, unskilled people and retards in every division. I've seen EuW Silver - Plat and EuNe Bronze, the most toxic people I've seen were in Gold and Plat, mostly due to some kind of superiority complex (I got flamed in a Platinum ranked game for having a silver border from last season for example) 2. Placements in new seasons always have put you a few divisions below the one you reached last season. It's after the mentality "Hey, if you got there yourself last season, you will get there again in no time!" It's a good feature in my eyes, as it filters out boosted and bought accounts and makes you work for your desired rank again. Even though you seem like a person I wouldn't share a game with voluntary (You seem to be the "flamey" kind of guy. Sorry if I'm wrong.), i wish you best of luck reclaiming your old rank and maybe even reach your desired rank. I always remember some quotes from Master yi when i start ranked: "Never await victory" "A true master is an eternal student" "Anger gives motivation without purpose" "Do not let your pride blind you" "Doubt is the greatest enemy" I sometimes hate Yi, but damn i love his quotes.
: WOTA? whats that again? xD As you mentioned 0/0 is most of the time better then 1/1, here are a few things where the 1/1 is better: ~you made first blood (+100 gold) ~your team recieved asissts (+150 gold) ~it was a shutdown (bonus gold for the Team, 30+ gold for everyone) ~you get an Advantage even though the enemy also recievend his 300 gold (finishing a core item while he can only buy smaller items) but these cases are rare (especially the last one)
not to forget trading kills 1vs1 with {{champion:119}} is in pretty much everytime worth it due to his passive, granting him more gold than the enemy that died to him
: Some of Illaois special quotes when she encounters Braum actually suggest some...ehrm....romantic interest.
"Finally, a man that won't break"....Seems like Braum is going to have a wild night {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: favorite off-meta builds
{{champion:245}} The "I'll slap you back to base"-build: {{item:3932}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3111}} {{champion:432}} I dueled a Mf, Viktor and Rengar with this build....I don't know how i won all of 'em. 95 Chimes Op?: {{item:3092}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3190}} {{item:1306}}
Shi Houwang (EUNE)
: Deathfire or Thunderlords on AP ?
If your champion has a combo-mechanic and is bursty (Zed, Talon, Rengar, Vel'koz), pick Thunderlords If you are able to constantly apply damage in whatever way (Brand passive, Malz E, Swain E/Q, Singed Q, Karthus in general) Deathfire touch is the better choice
Shloonz (EUW)
: Prepare for troll picks because someone was typing your lane faster. GG Riot i love your foresight
You do realize you have to fill in two roles you want to take in the team (Top, Jungle, Mid, Adc, Support, Fill), then pick a champion you would favor to pick in that role. In theory it pretty much nullifies the "calling lanes" process, since you got in a team where you get one of the roles you voted for.
: Your Season 6 Goals?!
Last season I finished the season on Silver 1 and played myself in Preseason 5 to Gold 4. After the ranked reset i was placed in Silver 4. I knew from Season 4 on I could reach Plat easily, but i never really played a lot of ranked, so i ended in Silver 1, two days after Ranked-stop of Season 4 i reached Gold (Morgana pls...). This season i used more time on ranked and managed to get to Plat in less than 100 games. I'm Plat 5 right now with a 62 % winrate in ranked, so I'm still climbing if i want. I set myself Diamond as a target for Season 6, hope i find the time for it :P My biggest problem with ranked is my ranked anxiety. I suffer from a case of depression in real life, and i sometimes fell guilty if my team in ranked fails/begins to flame or other negative stuff, leaving me with a bitter taste for ranked sometimes. I also have slight problems with some adcs like Jinx or Kalista, which i want to eliminate with some practice. I wish you best of luck with your goal. A few tips from League champions: Stay positive, A true master is an eternal student, Crying won't do any good. Can you find them all out? ;) Also, the most educational video I have ever seen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HY430v1jVB8
: I'm seeing alot of hating on Jhin...
I'm probably gonna instabuy him because i like his entire kit (guarenteed crit, guess who gon get harassed; Q seems interesting to me; I like the mark and trap concept and goddamn I love his ult). Also, i love his Release skin, High noon Jhin. I'm kind of a sucker for those western skins (Got High noon Yasuo cuz fuck PROJECT, High noon TF cause i love that coat). Probably gonna try the first few days some builds out. The only thing that is a bummer for me is that his attackspeed scaling is non-existent.
candoodle (EUW)
: When you're 5% hp dodging snowballs like the matrix in ARAM...
Can you hear it. The lustful whispering in your ear. _D'macia_
Eveninn (EUW)
: I thought I edited it so it was in brackets... my bad. ^^' Let's say... it *can*, not it always does. ;)
Just because i want to get this out: I managed to outduel a Full build {{champion:21}} , {{champion:112}} and even slapped a {{champion:107}} to death with this build. I had around 80 chimes in the game. {{item:3092}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3009}} My adc cried in a corner and laughed his ass off at the same time 9/11/32, more participation and less deaths than our toplaner Don't ask how
: why cant i decide which lane to main??
Rather than focusing on a lane, focus on what champion you want to play/main. Think about which champion, without thinking about stats, meta-viability and carry-potential, makes you the most fun. Play him/her a few games in a row, and see if your fun stays constant or if it diminishes. See if you can flex-pick him (I main {{champion:41}} since his rework, but i also like {{champion:245}} very much, who works mid (assassin), jungle and top (Bruiser or tank)) and how useful you can be for your team.
: Hey ^_^ (looking for friends)
If you have nothing against playing with level 30 people, I'll gladly add you :) And no worries about being a newbie, everybody started somewhere.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Re-use of old champion Mechanics?
> Bard Ult > **positively** affect teammates. My friend, I see you have never played with a Bard noob, Free week player and/or troll :V I'm Mastery 5 with Bard because I'm a great support with him and....because of reasons. https://youtu.be/SBWffFWRPYA?t=14s
Rioter Comments
: Regar bans..
He's in my eyes not OP, but a mess to deal with, especially late game when nobody is able to buy pink wards because no space in the inventory. His counterplay is clear: Pink wards for his stealth and grouping up, protecting the carries. If you're playing a squishy and run around solo, you know rengar is going to fuck you with his (E)bola anal beads. So far I've seen {{champion:421}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:80}} and especially {{champion:78}} work extremely good against him for multiple reasons. With the nerfs to vision and sweepers detecting stealth, a new item (possibly for supports or something with tankstats) that detects stealthed CHAMPIONS would be good. I've heard riot plans on nerfing him soon, i don't know specific stuff. Rengar always has been a mess to balance since he is so easy to get fed against uncoordinated teams (which are a lot in SoloQ). Stuff I'd change on him: **Make his Q not able to crit.** This solely makes crit rengar such a mess to deal with. Crit still would be a valuable stat on him, but less appealing overall. I know that people would then focus more on items like Bloodthirster, Deaths dance, etc, but you'd trade Pure damage for survivability. **Make his Ult CD longer, especially in Lategame** A lategame rengar with 40% CDR has his ult about every 40 seconds. This means in longer games his ult CD can be lower than the deathtimers of his victims. **Nerf his jumping range** It would make getting chased by a rengar less oppresive, especially in the jungle. Also, the reaction window during his ult would increase, since he needs to get closer while the range of the ! stays the same. **Make the indicator ! scale with his movement speed.** The reaction window against a rengar with a full stacked necklace, T2 boots and active youmuus is barely a splitsecond. The more movement-speed rengar gains/has during his ult, the bigger the range of the indicator should be. What do you think about these ideas?
Cosmick (EUW)
: I would say a mix between Steam and WoW, but given that GS now works for Riot, I'm not at all surprised with the live experimenting, where the player is the last consideration, maybe in 4-5 years he will move on and League will have lost 90% of it's players due to it. Wait wait, lets call it evolving and natural decay (LOL)
Considering this whole content has both a way of obtaining chests/keys through simple gaming and purchasing in shop (which still has a cheap price with 125 RP per chest/key) I don't see how the player is "the last consideration". You are able to get champions/skins/miscellaneous stuff entirely free and you complain about Riot not being nice/thinking about their playerbase?
Alfnett28 (EUW)
: Does it ever get better?
In my experience the pre-30 bracket is the most toxic, mainly around 10-20. In other words, it gets better, but toxicity and flaming are still there every now and then. People tend to flame because a losing lane can cost you the entire game (if not the losing lane flames the other ones for not helping). Also, some people smurf and get upset that their team doesn't have the same skillfloor as they have. If you want to avoid flaming on 30, i recommend you staying away from every divisions V (Bronze V, Silver V, Gold V, etc.). In my experience, the most toxic people are there. Reporting does work. Riot even made a pop-up message that sometimes appears if a toxic player got punished through your report. However, people tend to abuse reporting sometimes, so there's a system of "report value". Simply said, if you report falsely a lot, your report value becomes lower, making your reports less impactful. A "zero tolerance" approach would probably make the game less appealing for beginners. Also, Riot confirmed multiple times that toxic people can recover. The current sytem of Chat restriction, Ranked restriction (which sets up most flamers/ragers), timed bans and ultimately permaban works in my eyes pretty well. Leavers are punished too with up to 20 Minutes waiting time to even start their games. Muting is an option. If it works for you, good for you. I for myself am able to laugh about people that rather rage than try to fix/handle mistakes themselves. Grow a beard you whiny little twat >:V jk I recommend you looking for people/a group of people you can play with. If you have no problems with playing with level 30 people, feel free to add me :)
madza12 (EUNE)
: Why is trying out champions on ranked and instantly locking them without any experience not punished
I avoid ranked for about a week when a new champion gets released because i know he/she IS going to be a ban-or-pick. I remember doing a game the second day Bard was released. I, as adc, got flamed by him because "I'm so shit" (I was 2/3/1 in lane with more farm than the enemy adc while he was 0/6/2. He mostly died when he went collecting chimes) Your point is pretty similar to mine in that when you buy a champ you instantly want to play him. I for myself do in most cases a botgame with the champion, then about 5-15 games later i think about picking him in ranked if i think I'm good enough to not feed with him. I see your point how it ruins ranked games. 25 games for a single champion is a bit much. I mean, ideally you want at least 1 champ for every role. That means you have to play 125 games of normal games, expecting to get everytime this one champion, to even get going with ranked (without being a little twat and playing stuff like akali support...without building sightstone). If we go for a "amount of (normal) games needed to play this champ in ranked"-restriction a solid amount between 5-10 games (making it 25-50 games for 5 champions) per champ should do the trick. Or you could go for a difficulty-principle, meaning depending on how hard the champ is to play, the more games you have to play to take him into ranked (Let's say 5 games for Sona, 20 games for Azir, something like that).
: My personal favourite Yi build is {{item:1316}} {{item:3931}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3071}} At first glance may not look that strong, but you get a lot of health and enough magic resist from Wit's End, and it doesn't matter if your opponent stacks armour because you deal so much magic and true damage on top of physical damage at near max attack speed so you shred anyone in a couple of seconds. I think Merc Treads are kinda useless on him because you only get 20% tenacity now and you should either be dodging CC or timing Alpha Strike to avoid it.
I don't really see how {{item:3748}} fits into this build, since it's aoe damage scales with the health you build (and you only got {{item:3071}} which gives Health). Maybe a {{item:3074}} or {{item:3068}} fits better in it.
: I Got Diagnosed With Depression AMA
I had some major depressions in my life and I'm also only 19 years old mate. I was bullied in school by my classmates and even by a teacher of mine for the entire time I visited it. It even went as far as having multiple suicide thoughts, and I even came up with one or two plans of doing it, but eventually I always chickened out somehow. I did my mandatory 4 years there and left the school then for a more job-oriented one. In that entire time i don't remember a single day that i consider a "happy" one, not even christmas or my birthday. I got diagnosed with depression and a heavy case of social anxiety three years ago. I have some "sad" days, where I sleep a lot more, move barely and have an empty feel in my body. My anxiety doesn't even allow me to hold eye contact in a conversation sometimes, let alone being in bigger crowds of people for a longer time (some schooldays can be hell). I started therapy soon after, but because my mom didn't want to "pay 70€ every 2 weeks for a sissy who can't face how reality works" i dropped out a month or so after starting it. My grades got worse and i even had to repeat a year in school because my grades were that bad. When the new year didn't start that good too, a teacher who was really close with me asked what was wrong. Told him a summary of my last few years, that I have depression and no therapy nor medication for it. He contacted our principal and helped me settle a few things (one of these was the arrangement of paying proper treatment or medication) with my parents. I have more freedom and less communication now with them at home, but hey, at least I finally got some help against my problem. Taking meds for it since about last year, but they only help a bit. Exams are starting here in about 3 months and I still have to live through multiple issues with my family (My mother yelled at my dad why he drove me to school yesterday. She hasn't been nice to me for about 2-3 years. Dad pressures me with school hard, dropping often the line "If you don't get through the exams, you will have to argue with refugees about minimum wage jobs". And I wrote that line the nice way). I can't remember the last time I didn't have that strange pressure-feeling in the back of my head, worrying about my future, and I also sleep a lot (which i always did, but more than usual for me). I also have to deal with the constant nagging of my parents on my internet consume and lack of bigger social interactions. The important thing for me was to keep something only for me that can make me somehow happy, bring my thoughts away from my everday life. It ended up being music and videogames, mostly League of Legends, Portal (both games) and recently the game Undertale (This game is a gem). The irony somehow is for me that I'm a very positive player most of time, going as far as helping toxic players who willingly want to change their behaviour. I'm part of a non-riot mentor program. And you can see me on these boards regularly writing a wall of text (like this one :P). Having contact with people online or through tools like Teamspeak is way easier and comfortable for me than having direct contact. It kinda saddens me that my parents kind of want me to drop one of the few things that make me happy right now. Anyways, i wish you my best regards and hope you get proper treatment. You're not alone with this condition. When I'm feeling down i sometimes remember what Braum says: "Sometimes icy heart just needs warm smile" http://2static4.fjcdn.com/comments/Well+since+my+dad+both+of+them+actually+_51c4fadb352f9aa5f58ede5664b80fb2.png
: Dear Jungler: If you die on a lvl 3 dive against an ignite top, and then blame your toplaner...
Had a game yesterday where i played Riven mid vs an Azir....I suck with Riven, but wanted to git gud with her more, so whadyaknow. My Lee sin pinged me at Level 5 to go in on him and making him retreat a tad bit so he can Q him. I went in, Azir W-E'd and then hit me with his Q and and auto and ignites me, proccing his Thunderlords and making me die. Lee sin watched this whole scene from the brush. About 6 seconds later he goes in, grabs the kill and does exactly enough last hits so my wave is pushed just close to his tower. It was at that moment that i leaned back and let out a long sigh. I think i heard a sound in the distance. It was Xypherous....and he laughs.
: Help on how to carry low elo please
I carried myself from Gold 3 to Gold 1 mostly through playing Support and sometimes other lanes. I also play a lot of Shaco and Lee sin on my EuNe account with which i main jungle. Here are a few tips that worked for me: **Ignore the Mid clusterfuck and Splitpush** Tell your team to back off and not to engage unless they have a clear advantage (be it gold/itemwise or simply by team composition) while you take a sidelane turret or two. Keep an eye on how many stay in mid and if you see 2+ coming for you, back off and tell your team to engage. You can jump in later in the fight and clean up then. {{champion:121}} is great at cleaning up and catching off guard. A general rule of thumb for me was in gold: "If you don't know what to do else, Splitpush" {{champion:27}} was my main some time ago and I'm still very good with him. The pressure and presence you generate are stupiditly big and the enemy team has to decide: Stop you splitting or giving up objectives to the rest of your team. {{champion:23}} can work like that too. ** Play extremely oppresive in the early game and transition it into midgame** You said you went mid, helping zed grabbing some kills on yasuo. If i know he's gonna need some time to come back into lane, i will push the turret and land some hits on it. If the first turret is gone, you gain more control of their jungle and Zed can roam more too. Also, make the enemy jungler life hell. Steal his camps, invade-smite his red, analyze your route and think the "mirror-principle": If he's doing the same first clear as you, where will he be? Don't leave him any breathing room, counterjungle and countergank a lot. This demotivates him increasingly and makes him tilt....being beneficial for you. I remember playing {{champion:35}} against a {{champion:23}} once. By the time he hit level 3, i was level 8, had warrior and ganked 3+ times while stealing both his buffs and wolves. He was active the whole game, he was at no times AFK. **Apply Pressure to EVERY lane and do the warding job if the laners are too dumb for it** What i mean by that is showing yourself on each lane at least once every few minutes. Make sure you don't show a "favor" for a specific lane (maybe cause he/she wins, maybe because you're premade with someone, who knows), it doesn't have to be a gank, maybe clearing a ward or the "oops i "accidently" walked out of the bush for a second, now enemy laner knows I'm in that bush" trick are enough. Also, getting drake very early in SoloQ brings you A LOT of benefits, ranging from the bush to possible dragon control through the entire game (Cause who properly prepares for Drake/Baron respawns in gold and lower anyways). Pressure is a big thing in SoloQ, it makes the enemy paranoid and can make them feel unsafe in unwarded territory, making it easier for you to predict them.
: But clone only makes damage when he is destroyed {{item:3070}}
The clone deals 75% damage of your damage, it's just that he only is able to autoattack (He also applies Hydra and such btw) while being up. So it can be a pretty good boost to your damage in a duel.
CyLucky (EUW)
: you have been disconnected please check your internet
I have that on pretty much a regular basis. So far the best/easiest solution for me on this was restarting the client. If it happens ingame (You get kicked out of the game, You want to reconnect, and the pop-up appears) you have to close the Client, reopen it and log back in, then reconnect. Hope i could help with that {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: What you think about new masteries? (Thunderlords Decree)
The keystone masteries themselfes have some neat mechanics in them that are more or less pretty flexible to tweak. The current problem right now is that some masteries like release Warlords Bloodlust on yasuo or right now Thunderlords decree are simply too strong to ignore. I also have no idea why riot nerfed Fervor of Battle into oblivion for no apparent reason. Right now Riot has to do these things with the masteries right now: 1. Tweaking or Nerfing Thunderlords 2. Buffing Fervor of Battle and Stormraider Surge (which they already do on PBE, yay), maybe giving Strenght of the ages more appeal for laners. 3. Tweak Deathfire touch to make it appealing for more Mages and AD casters. Right now the only ones i see making good use of it are Brand, Malzahar, Karthus and Singed. 4. Maybe move Assassin into the Ferocity tree and replace it's place in the cunning tree through another mastery 5. Maybe buff Veteran Scars a bit. On nearly every champion Veteran scars is inferior to Runic armor
: Old Nidalee Discussion
The problem with old nidalee was that all she really needed as damage was her Q spear...which dealt ridicolous damage even mid-range. I have nothing against poke based champions, but i remember oneshotting a full-life zed with hexdrinker with a max range spear. Together with her mobility in cat form (which was kinda useless besides the W hop) and her Traps giving vision she was a Low risk, high reward champion (kinda like Blitzcrank, but at least he pays for failing his grabs with his extremely high manacosts early game and the risk of dying if he pulls something like amumu/kennen into his team or if he's alone without help). Nidalee wasn't known for her "Assassination on distance", she was known for being THE Siege breaking poke mage. Which she still maintains, just not as oppresive as she used to. If someone owns this title, it probably is Leblanc. But that is my personal opinion. I honestly say that i liked the Nidalee rework, even though it was stupiditly OP on release. It took away power from her spears (which still chunk for a good amount) and added it way more balanced into her whole identity. Cougar form actually began being essential in her whole kit, and giving her a good identity as Poke-and-Siege Mage/Combo Assassin hybrid. She still works midlane quite decently, it's just that you have to play her like an assassin now (which means she has to consider the risk of dying if she all ins), not like the Blitzcrank-esque style she had. People just started taking her into the jungle after the introduction of runeglaive and her jungle-viability buffs. If i want to play someone who throws spears and chunks with 'em, I can also play kalista (who also has to work for it). I don't see how you consider Nidalees rework to a combo-assassin something "bad". It added much needed depth into her kit and weakened the "lucky hit 1-hit-KO" playstyle she had before. She just appeared more often recently as jungler simply because of how the early runeglaive and the meta favored her. Shortly after the rework came out, she was mostly played AD toplane bruiser....which was due to her catforms damage (if you got a mark) being very strong. I tried her on multiple AP builds after the rework and I have a friend of mine (who is Plat 4 for reference) who kinda mains nidalee and we both agree that she is still a viable Midlaner, the problem is that people always remember her as the "One-hit-spear"-champion, instead of playing her like a Zed or Yasuo. If you got bad results playing her like the old nidalee, i really recommend you trying her again with a different mindset.
hucyber (EUW)
: Lee Sin or Vi or Elise
Don't pick Lee sin if you are just casually playing jungle. Lee sin is imo one of the most skill-based champions in the entire game and is mechanically very challenging. Also, he is very early aggresive, which you don't really seem to be with your champion picks (Master yi, Amumu and Warwick are very lategame focused and farm heavily, which you DO NOT aim for as lee sin. Lee sin is all about early pressure and getting your lanes rolling). I recommend you Vi, since she is very versatile in build paths (she can build devourer, Warrior or cinderhulk for example) and you get a grasp of her way earlier than lee or elise. She has a meh-good early game with a pretty good lategame scaling with a broad range of item paths. Your ult is pretty much a Fuck-you-button and you can start ganking as soon as you get a point in your Q.
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