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: I'm S2-100LP Support main, LF competent/experienced ADC Main/other role player to climb with
I can also join a 5vs5 ranked team, that is silver/gold or higher and not total noobs. I'd be support, or my 2nd role is ADC/TOP.
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: "You're the only random dude here"
I know, sometimes there are those annoying crazy toxic 4-man premades... OMG. Annoying toxic crazy guys who just want to bully you =/... But to me it rarely happens. maybe im so friendly and good guy and decent player. especially in ranked it doesnt happen
mucr0 (EUNE)
: Support moments - The good, the bad, and the ugly
I KNOW THAT FEEL. It's SO GOOD when everything just clicks and adc/marksman is good... Team is pretty good. Easy to win. but sometimes adc start blaming you when you trying to be nice and play your best... Lol. I'm support main
: Unknown Error
Yeah servers acting up!!! Damn! riot serrvers what are you doing?
PPR Indi (EUW)
: EUW Toaster
Yeah... Doesn't work again. EUW Servers. WTF.. O_O WHYYYY WHAAATTTTTTT
klarmino (EUW)
: Chat is not working!
Sucks.... god damn EUW!! fix it riot please.. Chat disconnected, whyyyyy
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NichtHurz (EUW)
: [BUG] Random disconnects with stable internet connection
SAME PROBLEM HERE! Please help!! fix this!!! Recently, 2015's ending and start of 2016. EUW. Game says attempting to reconnect ALL OF A SUDDEN! Then it doesnt reconnect. then i quit game and reconnect but it wont reconnect, cant even log in. internet works totally!!!!! Browsing internet at the same time, but LoL WONT connect!!
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xMidnight (EUW)
: Gold player LF Duoq
I added you if you wanna play sometimes. I'm Silver 2(39LP and once had 80LP).
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: Level 30 , EUW player looking for a casual clan that can help me and have fun
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Hrki (EUNE)
: Isn't Vladimir kinda bit over the top?
Lol yeah its true he pretty much has no cost,. well but IT DOES COST.... Late game its nothing it doesnt do much the costs. Vlad is NOT OP at all... nothing crazy. yes he is annoying
nawras77 (EUNE)
: This should be punishable (premades mass report)
Yeah its nasty stuff. vicious premade Kiddos
: Getting singled out for flaming
Well yeah I can kinda get what you mean. But really one thing that I hate, is this... I mean.... Some people just have NO RESPECT AT ALL! !NO RESPECT! !NO MANNERS! BAD MANNERED! So much toxic caps lock flame and intentional flaming when I havent done anything bad to them and I am not playing bad. It's absolutely ridiculous. Also often a few players TEAM UP. Often it's me and one other player having a fight with 2 other team members and our last team member just is like totally quiet and nothing, just says he can carry or something when he is not doing awesome. LOL
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: Lookin for a good duo partner silver+
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Nativé (EUW)
: Gold 5 LF DuoQ to rank up. UK
Can you DuoQ with SilverS? I am High SIlver. Silver 2, 20LP. Want to at least try normal game or so? I will add you if I remember (going game now)
Tiny Bolt (EUW)
: Looking for duo partner who mains supp and plays all other positions well just in case
Good plan!! I'll add you. also you kinda just described me. I like to play all roles pretty much, most roles. but I mained support in the past usually. I hope you aren't a Player that surrenders very easily and loses hope insta. And you try your best, and dont be toxic towards your team much
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: Silver 2 + Experienced Player looking for duo queue soulmates and a 5vs5 team
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skenzz (EUW)
: Searching DuoQ Patner EUW silver/gold...
Add me to friends if you want to play maybe duo queue? I have much experience. Silver IV, in PROMOTIONS to silver III now! =) Main support but play any role
guttamax (EUW)
: I need a silver please!!!!!
Aww so cute picture =D! =) hahahah. I know the bronze struggle because I have been bronze for SEASON 2, SEASON 3, and SEASON 4!!! The struggle is real. I am old school good/pro player but was hard to climb elo at the time of 2013-2014 early. But I came back to LoL in 2014 August after a small break and now I've been able to climb elo nicely!! Silver 4 currently!! and in promotions to Silver 3. You can add me to friends but I can't promise I will duo.

Oops I rekt you

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