Murdarici (EUNE)
: **3d Max **by Autodesk one of the most known 3d packaging in the world EUROPE SUBSCRIPTION USA SUBSCRIPTION see how big is the difference ?! not even same amount but in EU to be in Euro and USA in $, is 1985euro/year vs 1335euro/year so buddy, Riot and League is not only one, there's difference on prices from USA to EUROPE in computer parts, other electronics, big expensive softwares, and videogames all around, even between country in europe there price difference in some games. atleast LEague is free and the RP is just for visual stuff, so maybe chill abit or go and whine to europe parliament for every price in eu that affect your day by day life not to a videogame that is free!
Still doesn't make sense why they don't have a 100 euro offer. BOiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
: What is this Riot? ....................
what makes me think, is how people downvote the Topic even tho it is a wake up call for riot games to start giving a shit about the community, and yet sad souls are here to downvote shit they do not understand, which shows the community in a nutshell, a sad bunches who don't even know their rights (as a customer), open your eyes and start doing something about the game if you give a shit. I did my part and this is my last Board Topic I will ever do, because I know Riot games gives no shit about us (the players), they only want money and not customer satisfaction / loyalty, by giving us Quantity over Quality.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: matchmaking didnt changed in years, dunno what ppl are talking about
it is not the matchmaking, this guy got it wrong, I am implying the shity way riot games communicate with their player base, it is obvious that they give no shits to the community.
jacktjong (EUW)
: 1. If you're spending 100's in one go you might wanna slow down because ur wasting your money. 2. It's not a scam. 3. I would agree matchmaking seems a bit broken but just stop crying about it and either come up with a solution or just deal. Making a proper matchmaking system that doesn't make it way too easy to climb isn't as easy as you think it is.
1. NA gets a 100 $ offer while EU doesn't get 100 euro offer?, care to explain that? and wasting my money to get better bonuses? plz make sense. 2. It is a scam, if that doesn't scream I want to suck your money idk what is, since they don't give two shits about EU players and they want us to buy the inferior offer so they make more money and give us less RP. 3. I didn't mention the matchmaking, I am implying that they as a company give no shits for their player base, as a prove no Riot employee cared to respond so far, and to prove my other point Boards and forums are a way for companies to get rid of the players suggestions to the trash can or the void of nothingness, especially by adding a voting system, so people who suck the diick of riot games downvote the topic and never get to see the light of the day. ~ but all hope is lost, since westerns are money hungry and nothing will fix that, give NA players all the care and suck the money out of the EU players, so they can make NA million times better than EU, all video games are like this, NA servers are way better than EU, test it if you don't believe me.
Smerk (EUW)
: Answer is very simple: taxes. EU prices already include them, while NA prices do not, so they actually have to pay more than 50 or 100$
Still doesn't make sense they don't have 100 euro offer.
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HoppeDK (EUNE)
: why is brand disabled?
make Ahri Doom bot plz :c {{item:3070}}{{champion:103}}
Strigina (EUNE)
: Probably won't. We have MF, Fiora and Taric this year.
the past pool party skins were always 5 skins (2 gruop of skins) why on fking earth they made 3 this year haa ? are they sucking the money out of people ??? or cause they made that shiity fking rework for that shiity fking champ Ryze !!
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Coxis (EUNE)
: I never had a problem hitting spells with Ahri in ARAM. However, on SR it sometimes happen that my skill shots pass right trough the enemy model without doing damage nor CC for Charm. It's really rare, and I can't figure out a way to reproduce it, but it happened. :)
true true {{item:3070}} {{champion:103}}
: You know how Anivia's passive changes her name to Eggnivia briefly? Squill is the same deal, but with Lulu's Polymorph. Anyone turned into a squirrel by Lulu briefly gets their champion name changed to Squill :p
first time I know that thanks man xD {{champion:103}}
Emillie (EUW)
: nice name
thank you,,,,\(^u^)/ I wish Ahri was real too T^T {{champion:103}} <3
yaZeeeD (EUW)
: Great Suggestion to Add to the GAME
make it better, by allowing the players to draw at the mini map to make strategy and planing for the game {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{champion:74}}
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