Wohn Jick (EUW)
: Custom bot games still exist
Really, where? Because making a custom game doesn't let you add bots to it, unless they add bots when you start a custom without anyone joining??
Raiyou (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Master Zar,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=uHQx1Rfo,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2016-11-16T09:45:24.943+0000) > > How is one supposed to create item sets now? I can't find it anywhere You're not, they removed that feature since nobody used it.
Nobody? Well obviously people used it, otherwise people wouldn't be asking about it. Guess they just assumed nobody used it, like you assumed :/
: Is there a way to get to my item sets? I can't seem to find them in the new client
Nope :/ , they still exist in game, but you can't get them up to add new or edit them :( . Please add item set's back Riot! :S Only thing I can suggest is revert back to the older client to sort them out them go back to the new one, if possible?
Muttsmutt (EUW)
: pls add button to hide friends list
i second this motion!
: Custom bot games are totally deleted from the new client, or are you guys going to add it too. I miss those practice games.
:O I didn't even notice this when I was looking at everything in the client! (But I was invited to games instead of making them). I hope they put it back in :/ , I too like to practice, or make a custom while I wait for people to finish their game.
: Client Update Open Beta Now Live
Did they disable the summoner name change button?
Cypherous (EUW)
: Sure but if it were coded properly, and this is riot code, it would just complete the recall at the current level before replacing the skill
Yeah, but would you rather have your normal recall carry on when you've just got baron buff or have your recall stop so you can go back quicker? (I think either way you'd still get back the same time >.< ).
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: I've experimented with just getting a trinket but I still end up going for a {{item:2049}} , sometimes even {{item:2045}}. And I swap my trinket for something more useful, either {{item:3341}} or, in special cases {{item:3362}}. When I feel like I don't have enough stealth wards, I have no problem with using {{item:2045}} and a {{item:3361}} both.
Well if you support, a sightstone is pretty much a must, because of the extra ward charges it gives :D , the supports that don't really bother getting one, are the supports who probable hardly ever ward, because really they want to go full ap/ad items...
Hoodwink (EUW)
: When I play support I put down all of my team's wards. When I play any other role I put down 98% of my team's wards.
Same, and because I main support, I get kinda irritated when I play any other role and see that no one in the team is putting down wards, and if they do it's very minimal, even with the support! -_- Maybe I'm too used to me throwing down 20+ wards through out each game, as a sup, that it just bugs me when no one else will do the same, whether it be when I'm the sup or not... It really isn't hard to use that FREE trinket, (even if you DO spend some gold on upgrading it), remember, a sup can only put down THREE wards {{item:2044}} {{item:2044}} {{item:2044}} , (and a pink... {{item:2043}} ). Having a sight stone {{item:2045}} does not increase the amount of wards you can PLACE on the map... So tired of people still telling supports to put MORE wards out...
Cypherous (EUW)
: Its probably something to do with it replacing your current TP with the improved TP
I was thinking the same thing, I'm guessing if you're recalling before you just get the baron buff, (don't think many people recall when that's happening), instead of it just changing straight to the faster recall, it will stop it so you can do the fast recall instead. I guess it's like using a skill, that you place on the ground, then lvling it after, (E.G Ziggs' Hexplosive minefield and Satchel charge), if you've already placed it on the map then lvl the skill afterwards, the ones already on the map won't lvl with it, because they were placed as a lower lvl. Anyway! don't think it would be right for it to just go straight into the fast recall if you were already halfway through the recall before hand ;P {{summoner:12}}
Orika (EUW)
: [BUG] DJ Sona skin's hotkeys don't work since the new HUD update.
It's still not working, the hotkeys still won't change her form. Is this just me or is it REALLY a bug/fault? In the mean time, I'll still keep checking to see if it will work, but I'm going back to using one of her other skins, because to me, DJ sona has just become just a regular skin with a one tune add-on :/ (which is kinda bugging me now... I miss the mellow tune...) There's no point turning the music off though, because it doesn't fix the problem. {{summoner:3}}
Galadriel (EUW)
: Unusable Items - New Hud
But you would see the colours when the times comes for using them :) {{item:2003}} {{item:2004}}
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