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Muuaahh (EUNE)
: From a winstreak to a game where i couldn't remake
Happened to me today also. No kills 1st bloods, the game starts and our support goes afk and we couldnt remake. He dc at the start of the game like 20 sec or smth. And he stayed afk we couldnt remake.
Gόld (EUW)
: Is ARURF Pay2Win Now ?
Dont bother posting anything that slightly doesnt favor Riot games here. You will get downvoted to oblivion by the fanboys who dont even read the context of the thread. But yeah ure right.
Singko (EUW)
: League of Legends community is full of awful.. awful people.
So you want a big international company to adopt a practice of crucifying players on their boards. Not even gonna mention its against their own rules. Im pretty sure they would destroy their public image in a matter of days and lose a lot of players. And for a game of this size it would just be corporate suicide. Not much to discuss here since this suggestion is just brainless. {{champion:86}}
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Leobola (EUW)
: Wards are too easy to kill right now
So what you want a 5man party to take down a ward? Like the Baron or something. Wards are easy to place and easy to take down. It wouldnt be fair if you should buy a pink ward and spend 75 gold just to remove a worthless free yellow ward. So you buy trinket. I dont see a problem here.
MagmaEnder (EUNE)
: About the new Popstar skins ...
Wait how exactly do you acquire popstar kaisa? I havent seen any info about the skin or the price.
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