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: You like to play with janna? if ye i added you.
im playing all roles expect adc. Tired of playing solo and searching a good adc duo i guess
: Gold 1 AD - LF Duo's
You like to play with janna? if ye i added you.
: Searching a consitent DuoQ Partner
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PfkMAteJa (EUNE)
: Rework that League really needs (If we don't include next 13 Ryze rework)
Just one question. How should his ultimate skin look like then? How would people get rewarded for have bought a skin like this when anyone gets him for free ?
: so 40 Hextec box's and not one vayne shard?
dude . that skin is worthy 500 bucks. As like you get just a shard with some luck
10962670 (EUW)
: You think Riot care for those that bought their skin codes for hundreds of dollars? no. The codes weren't intended to be sold off. Also, when CS Riven was released the player base was nowhere near as high as it is now. Finally, Riot is a business...I'm pretty sure there is a petition somewhere with 12000+ signatures for CS riven to be re-released and that's not including the thousands that haven't signed the petiotion including me. Riot will probably sell CS riven again during play offs worlds 2016 in a CS SKIN bundle as they said Limited skins generally reappear every 4 years and that will probably cost over 3000rp easy. Imagine how much money they could make off it.
Dude i reported that website and they told me that this petition was a scampage but aight. Go on with this one
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: Why wouldn't he be able to build tri force... it's still by far the best item on him even without crit so you should still.rush it and corki is a caster so if anything you should be avoiding crit builds.
What kind of items do you build then on him? He falls off even more when he cant hit tanks because of no crit in his build.
: Hence why he has more buffs on the pbe... the buff this patch was just a band aid to soften the blow that he was about to take, riot had already said that further buffs would be inevitably needed and that buffing him became a priority for next patch.
those buffs wont make him more playable. He lacks dmg and increasing his e base dmg by like 10 wont make him feel any kind of better in lane. He gets crushed by anyone and will still be crushed after next patch. Those buffs are just a joke. Maybe it will feel better to have less Cd on your escape but without beeing able to build triforce his powerspikes in the early game- midgame are non existing because he has to go the standart crit build.
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