Careful (EUW)
: Ya aren't even high lvl yourself o.o.. YOu're lvl 21 c: ! Maybe we could do some games on my smurf eh?
I'm a smurf and sure why not but the reason why i wanted to play with "normal players" (aka ranked players) is just to play real league of legends not some imitation that it's below lvl 30 :p i mean it's cool to be fed asf and go 40/0 in every game, but at some point you get bored so y :p
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tortsY (EUNE)
: Are u sure u accept plats/diamonds? maybe u should just accepts masters and challengers... cause i don't think that anyone who isn't master/ challenger is good enough to play with u :) cause rly there is a big difference between ANY lvl 30 player and player who is lvl 17... even if that lvl 30 player is bronze or silver
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