Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ze Lold,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=mVzGaUrq,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-09-18T09:44:41.515+0000) > > I already recieved my icon tho, it's just the mystery gift I havn't seen around yet. > > A few of my friends recieved Riot Kayle without getting a notification about it, so I'm kind of worried I'll recieve a random skin and not know about it. (Not that I need skins anyway ;-; rip my wallet) Please check out the [FAQ](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/GYljUrE4-ongoing-10-year-anniversary-gifts-are-still-being-given-out) here - tl;dr is that Riot Kayle will not notify, but others will :-) )
Alright :D Thanks for the help, really nice to see some rioters here on the boards.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ze Lold,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=mVzGaUrq,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-09-18T09:41:23.426+0000) > > So people who are going to recieve mystery gifts won't recieve them before next week? (This could explain why I can't find my new skin xd) They are ongoing - you could receive them right now, or next Friday. There's quite a few players globally to get through, so it'll take the rest of the week to finish them up!
I already recieved my icon tho, it's just the mystery gift I havn't seen around yet. A few of my friends recieved Riot Kayle without getting a notification about it, so I'm kind of worried I'll recieve a random skin and not know about it. (Not that I need skins anyway ;-; rip my wallet)
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi n0oOb, You've received the 10 year anniversary icon, but not the gift yet :-) These will continue to be given out over the next week!
So people who are going to recieve mystery gifts won't recieve them before next week? (This could explain why I can't find my new skin xd)
poiu857 (EUW)
: Re-released Championship Riven is it in a bundle ??
Single most likely (cost on PBE is 975 rp) We'll probably have abundle too tho.
ZaLeonix (EUNE)
: Names for an Udyr main !
: Introducing Chun, The Runechild
"E: Shrouded Rune (medium Mana) (Medium-High Cooldown) Ally or self-cast - grants stealth for 1.5 seconds." *Invisible Veigar just strolling up behind ur team to 1-shot everyone* (I know you said this wasn't balanced, but that would be op af.)
Le Termi (EUW)
: What was your first champion you played?
Heimerdinger. because I was raising my donger ;)
: Adorable Riven and I are getting married soon
I would congratulate you guys.... BUT IM EVIL. {{champion:45}}
Pentium2 (EUNE)
: Draven Draven is pretty cool, btw you can get it for 500 RP on the Draven day. But as draven skin's are I would rather take the gladiator, primetime or the soul "raper" one, because they have unique particle arts and voiceovers, while Draven Draven is just a funny big head.
Draven Draven skin actual cost is 5000 RP, but Draven gave us all a nice discount so it was only 500 rp. I myself have both Prime Time and Draven Draven and I can only say: You're right, Prime Time is much nicer and ofc its a legendary. BUT DRAVEN DRAVEN MASTER RACE! NOT DRAVEN... DRAAAAAVEN DRAAAAVEN
: Firefighter Tristana best skin? HAHHAHAAHAH Oh you're serious. Let me laugh even harder! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAH Dragon Trainer Tristana best Tristana skin, no comparation!
Draven Draven is best skin. Being the most expensive skin in the game and having its own tier.
Sakuczya (EUW)
: {{champion:22}} because i am a dreamer too^^ {{champion:55}} violence solves everything :D {{champion:16}} also like to make others happy and care for my family {{champion:222}} sometimes....^^' {{champion:107}} because i love kitties and i would like to be a kitten...getting pat everyday....do not have to work....wait in the bush for my prey...
You do realise this is not how a "Rengar" works, riiiigggghhhhttttt?
LovroLox (EUNE)
: What champion do you relate yourself with?
I relate myself to {{champion:45}} BECAUSE IM EVIL! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! also is that amumu icon a short joke >:C
: SUGGESTION: New "Skins" section in player profile
This sounds like a great idea, I have a lot of skins and I also hate finding out which skins I have o.e Wishlist and gift option sounds pretty good too.
100Foxes (EUNE)
: Please have them D: {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}}
Ima just have a few... or a basket. {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}}
: My best so far
Rioter Comments
Cenke (EUNE)
: Still waiting for the day Zed will actually get nerfed.
He was just nerfed in 6.7... Not a lot, but some.
: Why not? We're supposed to have fun :-)
: It's an unstoppable force {{champion:54}}
: Wich one are you? With so much stupidity and instead of giving a plain idea or opinion, that's all you have to say. That shows who is the plain stupid and troll here. Justify your actions in the future by asking people: oh are you troll or stupid? That will take you far away in life, just saying ;)
I guess I'll go with the second catagory for you. (You're one weird guy and I'm not happy to be here with you.)
: I am sorry but clearly there is something really wrong! That is what they are doing to all female champions. Now women can't have a sexy body? They changed her body in the splash art so much why? Why are they doing this to all splash arts? Are we getting back to the times where women needs to wear a burka? Please....
Either ur a troll af, or you're just plain stupid. (Not to be offensive really, but it's the truth if thats the case.)
: Good job, Riot.
I agree on this 100%. They literally made a great and fun game mode and then they disable it because people "can't have fun" with it. How can you not have fun?! YOU LITERALLY HAD GIANT BALLOON HEADS! (And you could always just go play Draft normal/ranked.)
: New Champion concept?
Allosen (EUW)
: Random People send Spam- /Phishing-Links in Pre-Game Lobby
: ^ true dat
I rerolled Assassin Yi, Frostbutt irelia and Gentleman Cho'gath... (Already had 2 of them)) I GOT UNMASKED KAYLE! BEST DAY EVER.
Kollery (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=LightTrack,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iHoB6Gct,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-01T20:27:45.718+0000) > > 3 minutes max. > > "too long" lol. what fucking universe you live in?
It takes me 2-3 minutes to find a match if I queue as mid/top. (Only 30 seconds if I queue as support, but still.)
: Omg nice A teemo i like teemo yea {{champion:17}}
Ya me to fam, even bought skins to make him better. skins = skill = win = more laughter = more ded enemies = challengjoru
GawnMower (EUW)
: Take you main and give him a buff....
{{champion:31}} Only one thing to be done... R: Stacks give 500 hp and he gains 2 stacks per minion kill and cooldown is refunded. He can also stack up to 12 times instead of 6.
cacarott (EUW)
: I have no clue what to buff on {{champion:266}} Buffing him may kinda break the game due to sustain being a really oppressive mechanic. I just played against a Fiora who first blodded me and I was still able to 1v1 her when I had just a rageblade, while she used everything on me.
Passive: Heals him for 100% of his HP and gives him 50% bonus ad and ap for 5 minutes. W: Every second hit trigger it. R: Aatrox gain 50 bonus movement speed and 50% bonus ap
: {{champion:203}} Their ultimate only heals ally champions :D
I'm dying a bit on the inside everytime somebody calls Kindred "Him" or "her"
GawnMower (EUW)
: Take you main and give him a buff....
{{champion:45}} Passive: Mana regen is increased 100% per 0.5% missing mana, and when Veigar is below 99% hp he is healed for 20 hp per second. Q: Passive stack up 1 AP per 2 seconds. (Up to a maximum of 10,000) W: Fires instantly (instead of firing 1.25 sec after casted) E: Also stuns everybody inside of it, and damags everybody for 1% of their maximum hp R: Unlimited cast range (oh ur on mid? lemme just oneshot u from bot)
Warderino (EUW)
: I'll go with mine ^^ Last year I was playing {{champion:412}} adc with some friends, while escaping from a fed {{champion:107}} I hooked the baron, trying to get some space between him and me (my teammates were about to kill it). As I say in Skype "I have to go, my planet needs me" and I press q again to bring myself to the baron, I get knocked up and by some weird bug I flew so high I couldn't even see myself anymore... My teammates die, {{champion:107}} is about to finish the baron but I hit it with an auto attack from space and get it, also I flash away from danger and then {{champion:412}} lands safely while backing :3
: happened today - I saw 2 leblanc, one was defo clone. so my glorious mind thought for some reason that the one of them would defo be real, I w as wukong, flash as soon as W duration is over, E, Q and ignite, and of course I dont hesitate to ult for overkill... guess what? It was a clone.. my friend was laughting in the ts and I could decide to be happy and laugh or cry my ass off
D1nzu (EUW)
: no. It was pure troll.
Don't tell me it was ranked too... That's just too mean.
D1nzu (EUW)
: It was a platinum game........................................................................
D1nzu (EUW)
: The enemy had ONLY the Nexus standing at 100 hp. All enemies were dead and timers were long. Only our Zed was alive. Suddenly he decided to recall back to base, saying we cant win. We lost ...........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
oh god too much bronze here. (and I know bronze since I'm bronze :C)
: Well, have a good handful of stories. I'll let you pick one of these 3 themes and I'll tell you how it went: -Honor. -Friends amongst foes. -Yordle at heart. Basicaly don't want to be an ass and write 3 stories of my best moments in League, so to make it easy for me, you pick a theme and i'll tell the story according to the theme you picked. ^^;
Uhh... I don't really know what to pick, but Friends amongst foes sounds quite funny so we'll go with that And it doesn't matter if you post more than one, if they're all bad then you wouldn't win anyway C:
Sefi (EUNE)
: Kay, my story happened on EUW so i guess it qualifies. In my very first ever pvp game, i was playing Lux support, and 4 of my teammates didn't connect. Fun times.
Rito euw servrs plz :C And I can't tell if you're being sarcastisc or not, but I can't send you the gift on EUNE. (Pretty sure you were joking though c:)
Rioter Comments
: Heimerdonger skin idea: ASTRODINGER
: _"I AM A GOLD PLAYER , STUCK IN SILVER"_ Your MMR and your ranks are not the same. Also, match maker is based on MMR and *NOT* on ranking! So it's not that it gets better when you got Gold. It's get better when you are getting better. What will lead you to Gold. _"jungler didnt gank"_ People who use this to explain why they lose just look for an easy excuse why they suck. It's not the junglers fault if *YOU* die. It's *ALWAYS* your own fault if you die. No matter the circumstances. Because that you die (not intentionally) means that you did not react accordingly to the current situation. _"if we have open mid but the last enemy alive is bot , my team goes bot , how can i not rage ?"_ It's pretty simple: Don't rage. Just let them go if they want to. You stay mid and push down the turret. Clear out the enemy minion wave, start damaging the tower, wait for the second of your wave to follow up so the tower is busy while you still hitting it... Nothing special about it. I play jungle and mid. Dude, I'm so often *AWAY* from my teamfights. Especially when the numbers are in our favor. There is absolutetly no need for me to stay with this bubble of people not knowing how to play the map. Just let them have their stupid useless skillshots and cooldown costly team fight with nothing to gain from because noone really engages. I'll just clear the enemy minion waves or the monsters. Getting Gold and XP. And when its *really* time to move into a team fight, I'm there. _"they just overstay like they all have 10 unecessary chromozomes and die , they ace push and win."_ If the enemy gets an ace, that means that you died too. But if they overstay and you realize that, then *WHY* do stay with them? I left team fights so often already. Because i saw that this is gonna be a bloodbath. I ping "danger" then and instantly move back to base or into our jungle or a side lane. Sometimes someone follows me. And this is the point where the rest of the herd gets the message that what they do will cost them their life. And sometimes they don't follow. That's when the enemy gets four down. But not me. Because I was smart enough to get out there in time. So don't let the enemy team get the ace. If they get the ace, *YOU* did something wrong. Work on that first. _"how can i stop this ?"_ You can't. If you don't like what you see, stop playing SoloQ. Because SoloQ is exactly what you experience. And yes, everybody out there, every Challenger, went through the same shi.t. All they could work on was themselves. Your "team" is just a 30-minutes diced combo of people with nearly the same win/lose-rate as you are. So you can only make the best out of what you have. You can't improve it direclty anyway. _"cause obviously the others , think that they are better then others so wont listen"_ Exactly. So don't tell people what to do. Chances are little that they will listen at all. If you want people to follow you and do what you tell them, make a team and be it's head. Then they might follow you if you have good leadership skills. But what do you want to achive with those four randoms you just met?
"Also, match maker is based on MMR and NOT on ranking!" This explains why I have been up against 2-3 gold players (their ranks were actually gold, not just smurf or anything and I'm bronze.)
LegendxMe (EUW)
: YOU MEAN {{champion:44}} x{{item:1027}} {{item:1028}} {{item:1027}} {{item:1028}} {{item:1027}} {{item:1028}} x{{champion:81}} DONT FORGET THAT GEMS ARE TRULY TRULY OUTRAGEOUS
Oh I wouldn't dare forget the gems (hehhe, crown jewels either ;) )
Solash (EUW)
: I have a hunch....that the Taric update will be revealed tonight.
I just hope they won't ruin Armor of the Fifth Age Taric {{champion:44}} <3 <3 {{champion:81}}
Wohltat (EUW)
: [1440p] Katarina Pentakill in Promo to Diamond V - Season 6 - League of Legends
: Dominion wins reset
Dominion is being removed - you won't need the wins anymore.
: I'm not funny. {{item:3151}}
At least you tried c: {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} have some cookies :D
: Because the bola flies so fast, get it ? FAST? AHAHAHAAHAH no? :D
I don't get it :C {{item:3070}}
Greaze (EUW)
: I got a low priority que for not going AFK
Well, you did do it as it was most likely a fault on your side (even though it's euw) And since you did dc from the game then they have their rights to report you. (It's not just for going afk, it's also for leaving the game.)
: Rengar Bola Bug?
Well, it did spread fast. (hehehehe)
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