: Does it need to be this complicated??? I mean its a nice idea but that's an essay worth of changes for something that has always been extremely simple... imagine being a new player and having to learn all of that on top of the usual moba learning curve. So I feel like a lot of this could be (or rather needs to be) streamlined...
İts hard to tell this kinda changes. actually game is about collecting everyting, i just added collect everything but give them to the people who needs it. For example blue and red buff both for carries. Now we have 5 dragon buff suits well with 5 different roles. Other changes are natural behavior of dragons. Experienced players will track dragons spawn and react when they see their dragon, new players will go randomly to dragon pit and they will get what they find.
Darkfoton (EUW)
: Nice ideas. I only think that the Smite on Ally System isn't that great because jungelers can't use smite in the jungle anymore becaus they have to keep it for the teamfights. And I have also a question: How long did you work on this idea?
The idead behind smiting ally related with smiting enemy, if you are playing champion team oriented you can use it on your allies, if you are fighter use it on enemy, if you dont have smite its not gonna be end of the world. I believe it took 1 week idead to end article with illustrations but i probably worked on this maximum 24hours.
: Ok I think I understand most of it now and holy sh*t this is more complex than the Invoker. I kind of like it but it is way too complex for League of Legends.
Pushing the limits, i believe riot will find something usefull in it.
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: Yeah support is unpopular, but not because you are supporting an adc but because people don't get to have that late game fantasy of blowing people up. But these are issues which can be solved without compromising what makes supports a support. Simply increasing gold generation from support items or support geared masteries will allow supports to have better itemization. Or giving more fan fair to supporty things like saving people (they are starting to do this... a lot of the support items are having a score of how well you use them added recently so that's a step in the right direction). So drastic changes aren't needed or outright won't work, the meta developed this way for a particular reason without any input from riot... if it has stayed constant all this time then the support role should be supported by both us and riot... all that we need to do is get rid of a lot of the misconceptions which surround the role and make it more enticing to players who are used to being noticed. It's quite simple really, just needs to experimentation to ensure anything which happens to supports doesn't affect other roles (big issue with giving supports stuff, the other roles start to abuse them for free gold and utility when they become stat efficient... but once you work out that kinkle the support role can be in a good spot... it's in one of the best spots it's been in thanks to the itemization support they have recently been getting).
I dont think that meta changed this way, i started playing lol as support - like 5 years - its still same. Whats adc's job at early game, laning phase, farm to get items. If he/she can have items with some cs lose(because lack of support), they dont need Supports untill team fights. I believe its time to change meta.
Mimr (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Oxydo Archangel,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5ly9BhIG,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-11-28T20:04:45.505+0000) > > Topic isnt about how support role is great and unique or bad and useless. Most of the players dont like to prepare stage and this is why riot is going to do something about it to draw some attention on role . So i wanted to look at the subject from different perspective. Your suggestions don't change anything about the core problem with support: supports sacrifice personal power for the good of their team. Most people don't like to do this, especially not for strangers like in solo or flex queue. In other words, the concept of a supportive role in a game like this is simply fundamentally flawed and the problem will only be truly solved if Riot makes the income of all 5 positions equal and redesigns every support champion and champions excessively reliant on supports (like Kog) from scratch so the can adapt to a world where everyone makes the same amount of money and babysitters don't exist.
My suggestion has a potential to change early game flames between adc and support. Other roles interracts each other only 2 3 times in laning phase, but adc and support observes every moves of each other all game long, what does this means, you missed a skill shot, boom, u missed a couple of cs, boom, u misclicked a spell, boom, u couldnt react on time etc. While i was typing this comment, even i started to think about "Why the fuck im playing support". So this is the reason why people dont like bot lane, and income doesnt change anything expect the champions played bot lane as a support.
: I play support every 2-3 games and is not hard for many reasons : 1) You don't have to farm 2) You only have to watch and protect your adc early game 3) Helping your adc get kills shouldn't be hard,specially when he is skilled 3) you have to provide vision to your lane so you won't get ganked easily. and more. You can always play unique champions,make some awesome plays to prove to everyone that supports DO CONTRIBUTE more than anyone else.Supports prepare the right stage so the rest of your team can dance on it. That is the one of the most beautiful image of this game.For me the problem is not about supporting,but about supporting the right way.
Topic isnt about how support role is great and unique or bad and useless. Most of the players dont like to prepare stage and this is why riot is going to do something about it to draw some attention on role . So i wanted to look at the subject from different perspective.
: Yeah, and the ideas are great! But i don't think it will really work out, without changeing the game too much. (If you are on the boards for some time you will realise: So many players hate change... Even when it's good for the game.)
I know but i cant stop, im working on "end of mastery rewards" right now, doesnt matter people like it or not just having fun :)
: Wow, so much effort in this post. (didn't read everything) If Riot would implement something like this, it will be a big change (for example season 8). But most likely they will not implement this just for people who don't like support. The meta works too good for such risky changes that need so much work, testing and balancing.
Before they made some big changes the role, i just wanted to give some ideas to them.
: I think this is an interesting idea, but it's too complicated. This game is already very complicated and to add a crafting system, which feels like a separate kind of game, wouldn't help this. The reason why the support role exists is to protect their carry, especially during the early game when carries are more vulnerable. If I understand correctly, your idea of 'supports' would be to have them forage for materials and craft in the jungle. This would leave ADCs very vulnerable to ganks, and I would question whether a solo ADC bottom lane would even be viable - perhaps it would open up a new kind of bot lane meta, similar to top? I think I understand your basic idea, but I don't understand some of your more detailed points.
> which feels like a separate kind of game This reminds me how some people react when i post elemental dragon changes before riot add them to game :)
: Some of the ideas have potentional as objectives but I'm not sure i like the idea of removing the support position in duo lanes entirely. I like the idea however to create shortcuts in the jungle so you are not only helping your adc out and allowing to create vision zones can be intressting. Still I'm not sure that I like the craft entirely if it becomes a must have on your team. Something as hugh like this can give problems when not fully utilized.
Actually i suppose to add a role as alternate support. You can play support or craft.
: Thing is... people go support like it is because it's the most effective. Adcs are the most vulnerable player when they are farming and need farm and kills so they need with limited innate tools to do so so they need help. That's why the meta evolved to be like it now and not having the adc in a solo lane, having a support carry the adc is by far the best option... that was something the community decided not riot. So it's a nice idea but wouldn't catch on, the tactical advantages of having your adc have a personal guardian greatly outweighs any of the negatives and support kits are designed to accommodate this (not many items needed to do their jobs so they can focus on feeding their adc). So nice idea but redundant... the only reason the support role was created is the very thing your planning to remove.
I just dont like to see " Hey we probably forced you to play "Support" role, because of this shitty experience you are granted chance of playing better roles" . Dont get me wrong, im main support and im emmotionally attached this role already. But every time you que, there is a icon reminds you, Fill or Support, its kinda emberessing.
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Eambo (EUW)
: Flex Queue Fix and (Re)Placements Information
Fuck you im done with league Climbed in 2 days to plat, now im silver.
Tarolock (EUW)
: i dont think it needs to be that fancy, but a new ping that could say warded would help a lot, because spamming the warning ping on warded bushes is not that effective
Pings can help you to comunicate but what if you forget warded or not, remember the jungle timers, this can help you to track wards lifetime. Not exact time but ward debris can help about it.
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: I definitely like the herald-baron idea, though dragons seems a bit overcomplicated.
: Awesome ideas and detail, and I would definately be down for the summoner spell changes, but I'm not sure about that dragon stuff... As androbarto said, would be cool in another map for full randomness
My only concern about dragon, ppl can group second minute for it, just wanted to share anyways, ty for your comment.
: Threse ideas are coool but... they don't fit yhe summoner's rifym.. yhey vould be part of a new map
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: Nice, now to find a way to make money out of it with rainbow names and shizzle like that
Actually im expecting to be a rioter!! C'mon its just making name, im trying to be known, try to made topics on reddit guess how many ppl read that 1 2 3 not more...
: With the exception of the loading bar (I find it more annoying, dont ask me why), I think its pretty cool
Riot can make it better loading bar, little bit glowy animations. Picture is only for better explanation of what im trying to tell.
shileka (EUW)
: those numbers do give you an idea of how long you have before the game starts, so you can get a drink
shileka (EUW)
: that would be nice, but when you're in the loading screen you can't prepare for it anymore, and it's not like you can't check it out in the 1 minute of dead time before minions spawn
Yea like i said, its not that important but still looks better than numbers counting 100
Demoyer (EUNE)
: What about the ping
U know 2 season ago, u could see every player ping on loading screen, then rito changed this, i guess its not that important anymore, cuz if u dont know your ping is high or low before loading screen, its too late already.
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: Umm i support this idea cuz its quite innovative but kinda doesnt make much sense.Idk what treshold of mastery seems to fit this gamemode but as far I concer reachng the highest level is going to be challenging and after all i cant really imagine to get good scores on chosen champ and not reaching at least platinum as account. I mean yea its a possibility that youre dumping ur mmr with champs youre not really good at but i think majority of players will reach that status getting to high enough elo where tbh mechanics level is quite similar and decisionmaking and other factors decide on further player progression. All im trying to say youre just going to get hgh elo ranked game out of that. Thats not really interesting. Other issue would be a queue timers. You cant create gamemode created for such narrow playerbase. I guess riot policy about the whole mastery thing is they dont want it to influence the game whatsoever. Making such limited mode would create playerbase who pursuit to reach that tittle and unlock that mode and I think thats not that quite healthy for the game itself. This feature suppose to be an achivement not a perk!
Maybe accepting 100 or more ranked games with a champion as "Max level Mastery" can solve the queue problem?
: I dont need the master system to pick Kata on all lanes... Dont get your point
Just think that you are playing with 4 player against 5 player all like u. Thats the point :)
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