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Kurotsu (EUW)
: So, to gain traction on YouTube you have to post consistently, its a really long grind. Professor Akali who is at over 500k when I checked a few months ago said it took him 6 months of barely having a few thousand subscribers, and then on the 6th month of posting non-stop he skyrocketed. To post and advertise you want to do it EVERYWHERE. No excuses of boards being dead or reddit not liking it, you just want traction and views. And, if you montage your videos a little bit more then they become shorter, which will have more people click on them cause people avoid long videos. And, your video edits are great! I would loosen it up with some background music cause there's a lot of silent moments in there. The rest is all consistency of giving videos so people see you're active. Good luck!
Thanks, I'll keep the advice in mind!
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