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: No need for that kind of bad guy. Zoe alone is more than enough to be the main vilain. Like star wars, there are sith and jedi, and sith are basically evil jedi. Conquer the universe ? There is actually no point when you are a being with cosmic power. Destroy the universe ? why? because after working so hard to make it a better place, there is no point, it is just hopeless. Nothing like Zoe, she likes the universe. It is her playground and she doesn't need to control it to have fun. If she were to control everything, it would be pretty boring for her, That's why she doesn't share Aurelion sol perspective. Actually, i would say that those bad guys you describe are Zoe minions that she send using their hatred or their desire to see how the star guardians would handle them.
**Yeah that would be cool!** almost like a troublesome Palpatine. But I still want them to add more villains this year or more gritty or edgy ones like Morde and Kindred into the mix even if they are being manipulated.
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