: My first chest.
welp there goes all your luch for the next 2 seasons xP Real talk though nice one ^^
: I think I Will ADD EZREAL+LUX IN my next EDIT ty for The idea
my pleasure, glad to see my anime knowledge becoming a source of inspiration for others xD Looking forward for the final outcome ^^
reminds me of Yuno from Mirai Nikki/ Future Diary due to her feelings towardz Ezreal combined with the deadly nature of the bloodmoon theme, love it {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Elígoss (EUW)
: testing, just ignore
: Every goddamn time
Was expecting an emote flashing joke, as a jgl main got sth way better and equally accurate. Have an upvote xD
Mak3M3Happy (EUNE)
: Btw several years ago there was a bug in rp purchase on Russian server if u buy RP u get ur money back around in 2 weeks and the bug was there for around 4 months. Even when rito noticed the problem they left all the skins for players
that is a way more complicated situation that has to do with bank transactions and credit card payments, it's comparable to the situation at hand where riot is in full control of every aspect.
FleaLess (EUNE)
: you know what would show them they did a bad? if everyone who writes topics about this stuff would just stop playing
Rioter Comments
Nxether (EUW)
: Why do we got korean Evelynn's splash art in year summary menu?
cause they probably didn't bother making a speperate site for the korean server and went with one international site.
: The Moment You Loved LoL
My friends introduced league to me on lissindra's releace and the visuals of her login screen hooked me. Later on Sp4zie introduced me to Vel'Koz and loved the idea of calculated skilled play, downloaded the game and the rest is history.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > I'm sure there are players who actually want to play him because they're good with him, but don't even get the chance to as he is deemed too oppressive. But if you update his kit, then you're kinda reworking the champion. That means that the people that don't get to play him now won't in the future either, since he's a different champion. They won't necessarily be good with him then.
Don't you think such a change is necessary than having him get banned so frecuently and consistently? I still ban nothing but yasuo and preffere to deal with anything else but his kit which imo is too overloaded to enjoy playing against whatsoever. Heck even if i successfully stomp the enemy yasuo in lane i don't feel accoplished but exhausted (not fo mention that it would all be for nothing most of the time due to how he scales but that's beside the point). I used to be pro Yasuo, thinking banning him was dumb and told people in the boards to learn to play against him like i did but as time went on i realised what people meant when they say yas isn't fait or fun to play with or against. Edit: just to give an idea on wyhy that is: A bad yas that catried late game feels like cheating wether he's with or against you. It isn't fair to deal with him.
KonQuerGate (EUNE)
: Neeko is still incredibly broken
> Ok, we can all agree on the idea that Neeko is overpowered no
Nonstopre (EUW)
: Poppy can fly?
TRUE knockup by you know who xP
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why isn't Nami's R called "TsuNami?"
Because back in the day Rito didn't make a joke out of everything (unlike the state of the game rn but i digress). xP
TheHammy (EUNE)
: ***
Riot please do sth, I can't stand for this violation against our beloved champs! 1st Cass then Wukong and we find out he's been abusing Rengar all along!!!!
Ma3iX (EUNE)
: If Cassiopea can't wear shoes, why Nami can?
: *(Questions):* Left-Over BlitzTokens, Golden chroma icons and...
> - why don't we get our ult Cooldowns reset in the arena event in nexus blitz? According to Riot his is intentional. It forces thinking ahead and rewards those who save it for the event.
Coxis (EUW)
: [Volu] Header Contest Winner announcement - finally here! :D
: Dude she KILLED him. Look on the right.. Neeko kills karthus, she won.
it's the same for Sion. Untill his passive died it doesn't count.(i assume the same goes for kog'maw but I'm not sure)
: [Volu] Christmas Header Winners!
24011967 (EUW)
: So, i've made it from Iron 4 to Silver 4
> but when i started my placement games What placement games? i Played a ranked 2 days ago and only gained lp like normal.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ozzie Storm,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=XA21zXUW,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-23T19:59:55.134+0000) > > Here's the kicker, all the examples i mentioned are already fan made made concepts. Google'em and you'll get a clear idea. > I beg to differ regarding the Hextech one. Battlecast is all cogs and gears with a lot of smoke an red fiiery lazers. Hextech is fuchuristic tech fused with magic. also totally different color schemes. > Btw the fan made Kraken skin looks nothing like the classic skin and is one i wish would be made. I'm going to level with you, but those look pretty awful. I mean, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, but they either look visually cluttered (Final Boss, SG, Hextech) or just look plain vile (Kraken). Either way, my opinion notwithstanding, you just have to ask yourself "would these ideas pass Riot's vetting process?"
Not all for sure (SG Vel'Koz is definitely a joke concept) but i find the Hextech and Kraken to be the most believable concepts out of the ones suggested. As you said taste is objective but i would be hyped for those two.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ozzie Storm,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=XA21zXUW,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-12-23T19:26:45.207+0000) > > Where did you get that conclusion from. I would buy excuses like "not popular enough thus doesn't bring much revenue" but difficulty? Really? > > Kraken, Final Boss, Star Guardian, Hextech...etc and the list goes on Hextech would fulfil a similar area as Battlecast. Kraken wouldn't really be much different from classic. As for the others, I'll bite. What would his abilities look like? What would he look like? Because these skins would have to differentiate themselves from the other he currently has in pretty much all ways.
Here's the kicker, all the examples i mentioned are already fan made made concepts. Google'em and you'll get a clear idea. I beg to differ regarding the Hextech one. Battlecast is all cogs and gears with a lot of smoke an red fiiery lazers. Hextech is fuchuristic tech fused with magic. also totally different color schemes. Btw the fan made Kraken skin looks nothing like the classic skin and is one i wish would be made.
: Because, shockingly, he's not the easiest champion to create a skin for.
Where did you get that conclusion from. I would buy excuses like "not popular enough thus doesn't bring much revenue" but difficulty? Really? Kraken, Final Boss, Star Guardian, Hextech...etc and the list goes on
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I sometimes feel bad when I kill an enemy player multiple times :(
same, when i one sgot a farming adc as a fed talon i feel disgusted.
MrGerund (EUW)
: there are 1 millino different types of moveable objects which carry things ok, don't expose my incompetance like that fam
the trick is to _act_ like you know them all. Dont worry i won't tell {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
MrGerund (EUW)
: a sleigh aint no cart fam if you want to prove me wrong: pls dont i have no counterarguments
you ride a sleigh but pull a cart BOOM counterargument and no, whatever you're thinking of is a wagon not a sleigh ;P
Hansiman (EUW)
: ONLY ONE THING https://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/emoticons/v1/1575977/2.0 (also, happy birthday)
thank you {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Hansiman (EUW)
: [Volunteer Christmas] Community Stream!
> which can only mean one thing. Snowdown is here. Excuse you. I look froward to my birthday, which is today, as well as Snowdown in December ;P
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Happy Birthday Ozzie :D
Kurotsu (EUW)
: It's my birthday today
Man one day of off my b-day {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Happy birthday to both of us {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Cheini (EUNE)
: i was enjoying eating popcorn from the safety of our server.. now im envyyyy xd anyway g :p
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} WHO'S ~~LAUGHING ~~EATING POPCORN NOW XP
: [EUW] Compensation Mission Live in Client!
this misson + a few more and i got myself Arcade Hecarim, Thnx Riot ^^
Coxis (EUW)
: [Volu] Christmas Header Contest
~~I present to you my 2nd "entry" (unless told otherwise by a moderator due to legalities but as of the time posting this it is still an entry)~~ Due to legalities and for drawing inspiration too similar to NIntendo characterd this isn't an entry, still proud of the result though {{sticker:sg-kiko}} (Kled is my fave of the bunch ^^) **Neeko, not the hero we expected but the hero we needed ** --------- Edit: For some reason the link is broken and isn't working as intended. To overcome this i'm providing 2 links. The 1st is a direct link to the image via Gyazo, the 2nd in to my Imgur profile where you can find the image as proof of ownership and for the image in exact correct dimensions. 1. Direct link: ( https://i.gyazo.com/cfb0802b39b01d97c74279268d80fa44.jpg ) 2. Imgur profile: ( https://ozziestorm.imgur.com/all/ ) -------------- All made in paint and paint 3D using a mouse (cramps for days xD) A few eastereggs and refrences here and there. Some pretty obvious while other much hidden, try finding them all {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Credit: turrent by ninjacharliet https://sketchfab.com/models/1e16a18063a94785b5e5480c0ad06c8d Background:By Vincent Guth @vingtcent https://unsplash.com/photos/62V7ntlKgL8 Rest of the 3d models from microsoft 3d paint All 2d art handdrawn in paint & paint 3D from Microsoft Refrences/ inspration: Riot Games and Nintendo
Marissa (EUW)
: I fear it's best to answer "it's better if you don't". I know we've given some lenience in what is and what isn't allowed, but derivative work work from different games and/or companies is a line we prefer not to cross. Now I don't know how far along you are and although it can't be an entry - you can still show it to us! Just make it very clear in the comment that you **don't** want it to count as an entry to the contest :).
If i want to go into technicalities the pic is refrencing a "genre", but the meme / joke I'm playing around is connected to a certain game. Again, nothing is taken as is and everything is made by me when it comes to the characters which is where the inspiration lies (+ i suck at making art so nothing even close to HD work). I won't specify but I'll leave it up to you to see if my work is too risky to count as an entry. If it is i'll just edit my post and specify. P. S: The only reason I'm not mentioning the game/ joke is to not ruin it, bare with me ^^
Godalor (EUW)
: I really don't understand how nexus blitz can be fun, but I want to have fun, help
Imo the ONLY way to have fun with league period is to not take it seriously what so ever. Laugh at the misshaps, don't care about feeders or afkers, enjoy the moment, go ham for that one kill even if it means towerdiving 1v5 only for you to get but that kill was worth it and laugh. Play what you enjoy and give 0 fks about meta and builds, do basically whatever. Try having a good time in chat as well. Enemymade an amazing play? compliment them and laugh or respect. Sth goofy happened? Laugh at it. Try even joking with the enemy yes you'll get teh occasional "fk off and shut up" from both teammates and enemy but you will happen upon likeminded people who came to came fun. Also regarding Nexux blitz events spawn places/ circle cave ins is determined by gold lead (eg, the circle closing in on team x with the lower gold lead, in 2v2/1 brawls it's determined by individual goald lead) which is sth i picked up from one of the Allstar streams. I had no idea before but once i knew it made sence imo.
Marissa (EUW)
: Due to concerns we feel the need to clarify. **Plagiarizing content not permitted within the context of the rules, will disqualify you**. If you use any derivative work, it is your responsibility to link valid sources. Any work that's not made by yourself or Riot Games falls under this (for example: backgrounds, stock-images etc). The hammer falls when the contest ends, so we urge everyone to list sources or retract their entry should the sources be invalid, before the end of the contest. Failure to do so will disqualify you. __________________________________ We don't want to single out users, it's not fair to them, nor will it benefit the contest, so a statement is better. This statement is also to let any of you with concerns know that we're aware. ___________________________________ If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Does inspiration of thematics or character designs from another game/ company result in a disqualification? I'm not gonna do anything without mentioning sources and referring to original creators and owners but i'm working on sth. that is heavily inspired by assets from another company and adding a league twist on it, kind of like a crossover of some sorts.
: Is this the worst MyShop case ever ??
I got project jhin and heartseeker oriana both for 70% off. Got the jhin one but i have dark star oriana so not worth. The rest is underwelming but overall not that terrible i guess.
Coxis (EUW)
: [Volu] Christmas Header Contest
I want to participate and this is my entry ^^ https://i.imgur.com/gn3IhYc.png Credit: Mistletoe ( https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/background ) by Katemangostar. All other art belongs to Riot Games I decided to put abit more energy in this one compared to my previous championship entry, hope you enjoy and gl to everyone ^^ P.S: Teemo is in there he's just in his passive ;D Edit: Replaced my entry with one that's slightly edited where i fixed some tiny issues that bugged me. Amumu's eye isn't as pointy, Tris hand isn't a hard cut diamond but an actual hand, snow isn't as blocky and smoothed out poppy's hair.
: For OLD LoL players... its so... :'(
graphics are definitely better now. Balance wise i think the occasional fed one that one shots before is better than the everyone oneshots that we have today
: ***
Oh but here's the thing, they are actually right. The preseason changes have forced this "group mid at 15 min. and take 1st tower" strategy as the best execution and "meta" way to play. On paper it's me who is the bad guy here. As i said i miss being able to do the things i want to do (farm for longe, dueling but not necessary full out 5v5...etc.) but the changes have shaped the meta in such a linear way to pay that it is the only way to play if you want the highest chance of success. And that is what i hate.
: God I started playing this game almost 7 years ago now. That's terrifying. I don't like this survey. It's making me feel old. I don't want to be an adult.
when 20-25 is the 6th choice it hits hard xD
: If your champion can quickly and effectively clear creep waves and you have mobility you can both farm and gank lanes. Quinn is an example i'm thinking off. Likewise if you're up against Malzahar, he is going to be constantly pushing you in the turret so you'll likely have to sacrifice farm to roam so yeah, it's a strategic decision
So unless i'm playing a quick champ with extreme wave clear i am not allowed to enjoy the game as i want? that's uncalled for. I never started to play leaue to scratch my battle royale death match itch off. I enjoy the dueling and smart play, is that too much to ask?
: ***
> you can still do that? yes, i can but i can't controll the flwo of the game like i used to nor the actions of others. Was playing mid and no joke at 15:30 the whole team forced itself mid just because the plates fell off. I can't tell them to leave nor can i leave hence i'm forced into unwanted teamfights rather than farming abit more, vision cintrol or anything else tbh. If i take another lane i'll be called an inter or troll because i wasn't prese nt during a teamfight. i miss propper dueling, the occasional 2v3s or doubble ganks while people waere farming befor everyone started to fight nonstop.With the turrent changes the playstyle have changed in a way that you are forced into sticking as 5 and play a 3 laned aram game the momnet it hit 15 min. and i hate that.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: what?
valentines day legacy probably
: I'm having a completely different experience. Me and my friends are having more 30-40 minute games now than before preseason. And even when I play alone, I'm experiencing longer games with more emphasis on elder dragons and barons.
please tell me your secret DX Every time the plates are gone i can't help but roll my eyes over what's to come. All the sudden we're playing aram leaving no opportunity for me to chill farm a bit more even if i wanted to.
: They be on that rap to pay the bill sht. Dont bother to understand it if you dont get it.
they be on that what to what now? Don't bother understand what exactly? How the game works? Not getting the reason behind it? I'm either too tired to understand whatever you're trying to say or you're talking straight up gibberish xD
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