: what's the point of the premade of 5 missions?
Riotdid say that onsoftheir mistakes regardibg missions dyring the star guardian event that all missions were both premadeand firced. The reason 5 premade missions now are low reward is to make them less firced. They're ment for fun while staying optional. If they were high risk high reward they'd ferl forced. If they weren't premade exclusive, imagine that one random player in te queue who wants to do the missions and gies fir tp as support.
LazySlav (EUNE)
: ... this game is slowly becoming ... league of cancer :/
"slowly becoming league of cancer" you mean it isn't already cancer? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
TTekkers (EUW)
: Yea, but all they'd have to do to fix it would be make the rewards cumulative. Honour 5 gets all the things.
Waiting for a potential official announcement ^^
TTekkers (EUW)
: It's supposed to represent your honour level, which is why you get no choice. It's similar to when diamond players moan that the plat border is nicer or whatever.
no argue there, although the case isn't the same regarding the honor ladder. When the announcement was made people at honor level 5 started questioning if they have to be dishonorable on purpose to drop levels in order to get the color they prefer, and it wouldn't affect anything since the ladder just resets when the new season hits live. Ofc this would be against everything the honor system is supposed to represent and raised some serious red flags, Riot employees saw that people were willing to be toxic on purpose in order to drop their honor level to get the color that they think is better.
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The Febos (EUW)
: The 3 Halloween skins have been announced and Ao Shin is not one of those champions: [Death Sworn Katarina](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSjZmzwrhl0) [Death Sworn Viktor](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMTt8W5wDMs) [Death Sworn Zed](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItHpkU2xZRU) It's very unlikely that they would release another skin and not announce it with those 3. Unless in you meant for the following year, in which case I think there are better skin concepts than that one: [Ao Shin Aurelion Sol](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYid4Fuv3cg) How come they didn't make a "Ao Shin" skin yet? It's the easiest cash grab ever and the concept was already there, so they are not "borrowing" it from the community.
no offence to the concept u linked but it's totally lackluster imo. Ao Shin was a wind/thunderstorm dragon, a skin by that name should at least stay true to its roots. Although an Ao Shin skin might be considered as a traditional skin to riot thus giving the concept another reason to never become a reality. Let's be real though, if riot releases a skin for Aurelion Sol i'd by it in an instant (hoping for a Chinese drake concept on the ear of the drake ^^)
: Plz RIOT give us "ALIZA: the eye of the abyss"
would totally main her, the concept is amazing
: What just find...
The real question is if it will be based on league or if it will be completely new.
: Running down mid did not get him indefinitely banned. Toxicity did. The mute button is indeed a brilliant solution. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
toxicity might be what got some of his accounts banned. the 20+ accounts banned by everything from toxicity, trolling and being a douche is what got him permabanned. edit: here's the thing, he wont get unbanned, he desered every bit of it and all your arguments are empty if you can even call them that. Shout all you want but guess what, that's the truth face it whie you get al the hate that you get {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Enjoy the thumbs down with the rest of the tyler1 supporters kay?
: are u seriously comparing theft, murder and bullying to someone calling u %%%%%%ed who can be ignored by pressing 1 button? just wow dude
ever heard of cyber bullying? also breaking the rules have no shape or form it stil is forbidden. Get off your high horse and see the truth. Although i don't know what to expect from someone supporting him who might be as ignorant and blind as tyler1 himself.
: You cant press a mute button while somebody is beating you or pointing a gun at you (i wish life was that simple). Simple as that. What kind of logics you have then ?
yeah because the mute button totally solves someone running down mid...brilliant solution you got there {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} also important to note that robbery is forbidden, violence is forbidden, as for league toxicity and ruining games for others is forbidden. Lets give some douche over 20+ chances to "redeem himself after breaking the rules so many times, Why would Riot even give him a chance after everything that he did?
: Why are you so sure? He is a most entertaining streamer out there, not to mention about his world class mechanics. If he is truly reformed, which you can check yourself, why not ? I can see logics in unbanning him. Everybody deserves a second chance. (dont start about 20 acc staff...its in the past)
> (dont start about 20 acc staff...its in the past) Do you understand what kind of logic you're suggestig? * Oh yeah he killed a few families before but don't worry about it, that's in the past. * Say what? You asking about the banks i stole? Nah man that's in the past. * Didn't really do much just used to punch my random students at school. Don't worry about it though THAT'S IN THE PAST!! Tyler1 was and still is a cyberbully, a troll, toxic and no i won't forget the 20 accounts that are the equivalent to 20 freaking warnings. He got his chance, 20+ in fact, and doesn't deserve to be unbanned.
HaizeG (EUW)
it's called random. Although many people assume random means different this statement in not true. While there's a very chance for someone to get Amumu twice in a row is still a possibility.
legoatoom (EUW)
: IGN: legoatoom <Insert Message trying to win the heart from hazza10 but most likely not meaning it>
while that's true in most cases, some people like myself actually appreciate these random kind acts and deeds. Feels bad though that real complement gets washed down by fakes ones like you mentioned.
hazza10 (EUW)
: Giveaway of Championship Ashe!
IGN: Ozzie Storm Not all heroes wear capes, gj on the good deed ^^
: I lost my honour for being toxic
Once you drop an honor level the system halts so that you're not able to gain any more honor for a while. This doesn't mean that you can't gain any more honor but it depends on that halt period which i have no idea about how long its duration is.
: Hey all, To clarify - not everyone will have got new deals. The issue was that some players received entirely incorrect deals to begin with - so we had to rerun the deals offered across all players in all regions to ensure they got the deal they should've got in the first place. If you did not get different deals, that simply means your original deals were correct - so this would not have impacted you. Some players got one new deal, some got 6 - some got 0. It depends on how incorrect it was originally. Some may have got the same deal with a different price also. Player Support are honouring the original deals for those who got different, but preferred their originals - because the issue was on us. If, however, your deals did not change or there's nothing in the original set you preferred - what you see in store right now is what you should have got in the first place :-)
Didn't think the error was affecting some and not all, i assumed it was like the previous error which is why i got confused. Thnx for the clarification Eambo :)
Shiwah (EUW)
: You are misreading what Pabro said. He said that if you wanted some skins from the old deals, you only need to write to the Support. Not everyone got their deals completely changed.
I'd understand if i got a few of the same, but all of them? Tbh i wish there was some official clarification from riot themselves instead of leaving the payers to speculate because after seeing the boards covered with posts regarding the personal shop, whether it was that they're very happy with the offers changing, angry about the new offers or their shop not even visible at all the posts had one thing in common, it looked like everyone got at least a few new offers. As i mentoned i got the exact same thing making me believe that the error just wasn't fixed for me alone. Edit: also regarding what Pabro said. Him mentioning that in order to get the old offers the player has to send a ticket to riot gave me the impression that the players will get new offers unless they ask for otherwise.
Solash (EUW)
: PSA: You can contact player support to access deals from before the 'My Shop' Reset
If i understand correctly players should get new offers unless asking for otherwise. Did riot say anything about what would happen if you purchased anything from the previous offers which would affect the new offers? For some reason i got the exact same offers as before despite me not asking for any old ones, the only thing i did was buying 1 skin from the previous offers.
Doomley (EUW)
: That option was only possible if you happened to get different deals. Everyone didn't get different ones.
That is not true, my friend got a number of new ones and some old ones, i didn't get a single new one except for a replacement in place of the one i bought which i assume was a must since the system couldn't just offer an already owned skin. Edit: he's not the only one. Check the boards on euw and na, many posts are popping up thanking Riot for the fix and new more suitable offers.
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Morderajzer (EUNE)
: Victorious skin for season 7 speculations.
seen alot of opinions about it being Twitch, not sure though
70% off arclight a few My shops back, got Deffenitely not Vel'Koz through Hextech and this time 60% off Battlecast Vel'Koz. I was like "welp i might as well", i dunno what riots deal with Velkoz is but thnx to "RNG" i now own every Vel'Koz skin xD
Urrin6 (EUW)
: LFG Invasion Onslaught
im down, although i haet got the a rank mission yet
: just got an S on Soraka
This can't be real unless it has to do with division difference. Last season when i tried to get an S- on soraka it took the life out of me, while the "no cs needed" part is partly true, i had to acchieve the immpossible in order to get it, warding whenever possible with risky deep placements every time, buying wards nonstop, destroying wards nonstop, making dangerous plays and have an absurd ammount of assists with a minimal deathcount. It was a real struggle. + had to participate in every objective taken, whether it was a tower, inhib, drake or baron i had to be part of it. Tbh you hetting S so easily makes me triggered just a bit ;P, but don't blame me for it ^^' GJ, happy for ya Edit: maybe it has to do with the system resetting between seasons thus making the qualfications different idk
: ⚠ READ THIS TEXT ⚠ 3 motivated guys looking for 2 players for future tournaments! (Swedish)
Är svensk men är icke Diamond + och har ingen tid pga Universitetsstudier, men lycka till grabbar ^^
: Just in time? And what time would that be. When exactly are the SG skins being released? Nobody knows
Rioter Comments
: So I got 3 capsules in a row..
as far as i know Capsules only drop champion shards (with Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch as a rare exception)
: if u would describe league in one word what would it be?
The word you chose would be a description of the community, not the game. Just sayin.
Rioter Comments
: But are these icons not coming at 30/9? So it's just a pic from PBE account, right? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Why not make this joke better & add screen with 5'th (new) honor level?
;P 4 real though this screenshot is taken from my regular acc. no PBE I guess they meant that they'd be completely rolled out by 30/9, ot sure tbh.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: I don't like it. This is LoL, not anime.
"I agree, LoL isn't anime" I say as i throw all SG skins and Kayn through the window xP
GPet (EUW)
: Goo morning to old and new regulars! \o
Starting my 1st day at the university today. Wish me luck {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Loonstaa (EUW)
: Yasuo gets banned every game... and I'm glad.
I ban him because i just don't want to delal with him. Strong on not his kit is just straight up annoying.
: Every skin is worthless if you dont play that champ. If you play all of them then those skins are mostly worth your money.
it's not totally true tbh. There are skins that i believed were awesome but never bought simply because i didn't play the champ. But once i got that skin in loot (Dj Sona, Final Boss Veigar, Cosmic Reaver Kassadin...etc.) I learned how to play the champ just because of the skin. Edit: now that i think about it the skins became worth once i started paying said champ. I basically contradicted myself but you get what I'm trying to say xD
: Ignore this
http://i0.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/022/940/spongebobicon.jpg iGnoRe tHiS
tiger4545 (EUNE)
: How many of you are taking Flex Queue seriously?
I do but i'm not even gonna try it in SR, not after the few games that were filled withintenrional feeders and i"unfriendly" players (that's the nicest way i could describe them) Although i still take it seriously since it's the only one available for TT Ranked and the toxicity there is far lower
TheNemki (EUNE)
: New skin for Renekton
Sounds very promising, also an aligator in a suit with glasses sounds amazing XD
Piotrzeci (EUNE)
: It's just the SR with different towers, inhibs and nexus. I wouldn't even call it a new map. Ground isn't even reskined in any way.
It's different to say the least. Previous map skins introduced new decorations and a filter to the rift. While this one doen't change the rift itself it touches on sth. that have never been changed before aka, the strutures in the rift.
: Hey Ozzie Storm, We're looking into an issue affecting match history globally at the moment :-) This isn't you specifically but will show for everyone!
Glad to hear that it isn't just me, i freaked out 4 a sec thinking that my acc might got hacked or banned or sth ^^' Again thnx for the fast reply :)
  Rioter Comments
: Please dont rework Aatrox.
I get what you're saying and you worring is natural, but tbh, after the urgot rework i feel positive about the future coming reworks from now on. Riot have done great reworks whith Urgot and Warwich for example where they keep the old vibe yet repolish their kit. Beside that Aatrox is a darkin with a very intereting lore and background in which his kit fails to reflect. I'm sure if they reowrk him his passive will stay intact and that he wll feel just as great if not better after the rework.
: > [{quoted}](name=House x33,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=uB6A0WIe,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-13T10:03:58.220+0000) > > This thread is just as stupid as his threads. Maybe not AS stupid, but pretty close.
agreed, only that i prematurely posted it b4 finishing it. Now it's perfect
House x33 (EUW)
: This thread is just as stupid as his threads.
agreed, only that i prematurely posted it b4 finishing it. Now it's perfect
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HDinis09 (EUW)
: LOL? most of the people that enjoy the champion are complaining about it. If you dont complain that is your problem. Liberty of expression, know what it is? Good.
Everyone is free to express their opinion no questions there, but the way you wrote it looks like a statement rather than an opinion. You don't enjoy it that's fine but don't assume what many people aren't. I for instance think the skin looks amazing, it gives a sharp metalic vibe, the extra animations looks sick and the theme fits alot.
HDinis09 (EUW)
: Soulhunter Kayn?
Hey man we all have our own prefrences and opinions. Just because you hate it doesn't mean everyone dislikes it. I for example preffere Classic Kled, Xerath and Aurelion Sol over any skin and that's my preference but i don't go around teling Riot that their skins are terrible just because I dislike them.
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