: If the UK Referendum votes to LEAVE Europe, will the UK get its own server?
It would be nice but unfortunately no. I'm so happy we left, proud of this country. Time to break out the Union Jack Fiddlesticks skin! {{champion:9}}
Northface (EUW)
: What did i get Permanently Banned for?
Free speech doesn't exist in league, but people will constantly int feed, steal buffs, or be rude and passive aggressive, troll, go afk, or ruin the game, and all to try and bait people into getting angry or say some negative words. Do they get in trouble? Hell no. Does the poor guy who snapped (maybe was having a bad day) and said some things in chat get in trouble? Yeah he loses his account. Maybe he spent years and money on that account, and he loses it all because he got baited by a troll. My only advice is not to talk about it on these forums. There a few helpful people, but unfortunately the majority of posters here seem to be snarky, pretentious, pedantic, and hover on some sort of high pedestal where they think they're entitled to be judge, jury, and executioner of anybody who posts about their gameplay experience or account punishments from Riot. If Riot was a professional company they would treat customers (us, the players) better. Instead you'll probably get a copy pasted response telling you they don't reverse permabans, and be on your merry way. I'll say it again. Freedom of speech is dead in this game, but, much worse, being passive aggressive, sarcastic, rude, and griefing peoples games, all allowed. As long as you don't say a trigger swear word that flags toxicity by the system. And many people abuse it, and ruin others' games. Madness. Downvote me all you want, you silly fools. But you know I'm right. For what it's worth mate, I don't think you deserve a permanent suspension. I think Riot should just chat restrict more often. I played since 2010 and the game is MORE TOXIC in 2016, AFTER a few years of Riot's tribunal/ bans shenanigans. It clearly isn't effective, I don't know why they haven't considered a change of strategy.
derpystin (EUW)
: i would like a refund on dark star thresh
Ah the LoL forum experience. You just asked a question about a refund for an expensive game skin, and got a bunch of people being passive aggressive as hell, asking what age you are, and otherwise being snarky. They forget a human being just like them is simply communicating, I wonder if they would be so rude and hostile to someone in real life? The same community that is quick to judge and rant against player toxicity has copious amounts of passive aggressiveness, rudeness, and hostility. Good luck mate anyway, and don't listen to the people who post on this forum, they're probably the most negative & pedantic people I've come across in over a decade of being involved in online games and internet communities. For what it's worth, I think it'd be the professional thing to do, for Riot to offer an extra refund token for Dark Star Thresh owners. I don't own the skin myself but I can understand the frustration of spending nearly 2k RP and it being disabled after a short time frame. Would do no harm to offer refunds in this situation.
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: Litte update: I just got confirmation that your case got forwarded. Not sure if it will result in a board post or if they will just have a look at your ticket, but it's escalated.
Hey man, thanks for all the help. I got a response 5 minutes ago via e-mail: > Hey Pántheon, >Your account has been permanently banned after being escalated through multiple levels of punishment by our disciplinary audits. >To see the most recent games which led to this action, please log in to the client to view your reform card. While we do our best at Riot Games to encourage reform, we permanently remove players who continue to create negative experiences from our game. >This action is only taken after repeat punishments and we will not lift the suspension under any circumstance. >Although this marks the end of the line, we’re confident that with some reflection you will be able to avoid this kind of situation with whatever new games you decide to play. >Best of luck in your future endeavors. >Blackfly >Player Support Specialist >Riot Games Oh well. It was nice talking with you guys anyway. I guess I'll have to find another game. Good luck everyone. {{champion:105}}
: I contacted the PB expert and I'm waiting for a response. In the meantime i got some less detailed information about your status. Apparantly your toxicity just piled up in a lot of games and the little passive aggressive behavior in those chatlogs ("gtfo", "quit whining") was just the last straw to break the camels back. So you actually got banned for those chats....and your chat in many games before. Your previous behavior included abusive comments about french players, which, according to your own words, is extremely toxic behavior. > I'd like to add that they were saying "this idiot feeder kog I bet he is French". I consider that extreme toxicity. Currently that's all info I can give you. I recommend contacting the support. This is an edge case and (imo) it's not entirely impossible that your punishment gets lifted (no promises, it's still unlikely). This strongly depends on your behavior in the games that are not included in those chatlogs. Sadly I currently have no info about these games except the fact that they exist and contributed to your punishment.
Ah - thanks so much for getting back to me. Yes I have been an idiot in the past month or so, there were a lot of things going on in my life which I won't get into, and I just got over frustrated and acted like a fool. I know it's no excuse. I have tried to improve myself as time passed and I was slightly shocked at the permanent suspension when I've been trying so hard to be nice recently and avoid being negative - which is why I made the thread. :\ I submitted a ticket earlier when I made the thread so I'm just waiting and keeping my fingers crossed. Cheers again for the response and for your time. {{item:2052}}
: Hi Pántheon. I am part of Riots Volunteer Program and I have the option to escalate cases like this one to a Player Behavior Expert at Riot. By doing this I will learn more about why you got banned and whether or not you deserved this ban. If you turn out to be innocent, it might speed up the process of you getting unbanned. If you turn out to be guilty, you will at least know WHY you got banned. Either way you profit. Would you be ok with me doing that and revealing whatever I learn here?
Sure I want to fast track this process. I was expecting Riot to reject my support ticket and tell me they don't reverse permanent bans, so I have nothing to lose at this point. Thanks for the response. :-)
Pántheon (EUW)
: Permanently suspended - would like to appeal
Come on Riot. I genuinely just had bad games. I'm tired and frustrated now, and I won't make any more posts. But I feel this is extremely unfair. I haven't been abusive, flamed, or trolled. Been accused of trolling but I was just a bit tilted in a couple of games.
Pántheon (EUW)
: Permanently suspended - would like to appeal
I'd like to add that they were saying "this idiot feeder kog I bet he is French". I consider that extreme toxicity. They spent the entire match verbally abusing me and insulting me and I only played my best. I really got a permaban just because they ganged up and reported me? :\ Come on Riot, I love this game, but something seems wrong about this ban. I try to keep a positive attitude, I don't flame, I don't go afk intentionally (only for connection issues in past) and I have a permanent ban? Please someone tell me there has been a mistake.
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