: Asking about the Your Snowdown Shop, I need answer ASAP from @Riot
on pbe i got toy soldier gp in the snowdown shop while he isn'T available in the normal shop and i don't have it either, so i'd guess you can get some legacy skins (green taric was one of them too)
: Okay, See I buy RPs too whenever I do my VISA card deducts around 4 dollars from me just for using it online -.- I'm sure i'm not the only one
http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/site/2016-season-update/champion-mastery.html Close enough if you ask me
Eambo (EUW)
: I think this is gonna take some getting used to, but that's what preseason is for ^_^ There's a lot of changes (and I'm pretty sure this is only a portion of what's in store - probably the bigger portion, but putting everything from preseason probably isn't viable in one big chunk), but I think they're exciting. I'm loving the marksmen updates, and the Quality of Life updates (warding improvements and vision improvements) - while some may argue it's making the game "easier", I think it's very much just shifting your time and focus from "Damn, did I actually put that ward in the brush?" "Damn, I forgot to upgrade my trinket" to "PLAYING THE GAME MORE!". As always with preseason and updates (and I know some people may not think this is entirely true, but it is!), there's always room for balance and improvements, as well as feedback from the community. Some changes may be changed, some removed, some improved - but as a basis and without seeing all the raw numbers, I think there's an exciting preseason ahead!
with the preseason changes to marksmen will kindred be pushed in a certain direction like kalista was? like currently i see a lot of lane kindreds and this leaves the whole counter jungling hunt a little bit out of the game, while the sustain seems to be too much, at least for me. to be on topic for a moment, i'm super hyped for the kog'maw speed^^ {{champion:96}}
: How to make it to worlds/Lcs
cloud 9 for example posted a way to apply as a member of their new challenger team, clg did the same some time ago, that'S a way to get into a good team, you can also make a team yourself, the best teams get an invitation to the challenger series, but you can also get scouted by a team if your soloQ position is good (like rush number 1 korea)
: Project skins
while the project skins were released, riot stated they would take them down for a couple of days in order to make sure everyone who got them also gets the first strike bonus, which can be seen during the loading screen. you will be able to purchase them soon, within a sale
Nekoboobs (EUW)
: Sterak's Gage not adding up AD correctly?
you build this item from a long sword and a giant's belt, since sterak's gage doesn't have base ad, you went up to 28 from 10, therefor getting 18 dmg for buying it
: Why Fiora gets heal from ult when making anivia turn into egg?
one might want to check if darius gets a reset on his ult while doing the same, if not it's prob a bug, sounds strange at least for me
: Fairly punished but now stuck in purgatory
if you don't talk at all during the game, you are conseidered neutral, during a ranked ban you have to display an improvement over your negativity, pretty much means you need to talk with your team in a positive way, encouraging them and beeing overall nice, hard to do that from time to time, but you can do it, that'S at least what i read in most of the comments from similar posts
zoomfg (EUNE)
: Where is the mute button in the hew HUD?
if you hover over the champion picture in the score (tab) you should get a speaker icon, click it and the guy is muted
: Jarvan VI Bug
Had this problem a couple of days ago, made a post, got ignored, sad day for people who want to play J4 {{item:3070}}
Rioter Comments
: Add the option to hide results in esports schedule.
if you want to watch the games you should go over the VoD link, there you have an option to show all results, even before expanding the games, so if you haven't opted in for that, you won't know how the game ended while looking for the games
Kitsy (EUW)
: Braum block vs Kalista Hurricane, how many spears do he gets?
not sure about this but his ability says the projectile gets destroyed, so maybe he gets none while his shield is up, if you test it, let me know {{champion:201}}
: Why Some Champs CANT be Nerfed
love these kind of posts "rito wants only money, QQ, nerf pls" riven has 3 skins, ryze has 2 you can buy currently (legacy stuff aside). it's not all about the money {{champion:119}}
: Mordekaiser and Yasuo Bugreport.
yasuo aswell as tryndamere bought a qss, this beauty cleanses all debuffs including your ult, so since the debuff disappeared, no ghost can spawn, maybe that's the problem there
Rioter Comments
PepijndM (EUW)
: Max mana regen?
I'll just throw {{champion:45}} in here.
: LF Players for Ranked Team (Plat+ people plox)
Hello I'd like to play support, i'm currently plat 5 in soloQ and want to play some team games, improve and just have some fun. If any questions are left feel free to add me and/or play some games to see if i fit your standards of a nice person.
gamer4000 (EUW)
: Can you get LP back if you loose becourse of lags?
Nope, you either get a loss prevented or you have to be a sad person. Asked the League Support during some server problems a while ago and they told me they can't do anything for me/you/anyone after you lost them. {{champion:32}}


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