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So Mr. emissary, do you understand my perspective? :)
: >I'm half Chinese and my surname basically has c hing in it, and I'll still say Chin g chon g when someone is typing Chinese.
> [{quoted}](name=The Cream Reaper,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ruNVitA2,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-03-21T12:40:57.537+0000) > > RACIST! RACIST! RACIST! Someone ban this person before we start showing acceptance of any more forms of xenophobic and racist imagery or expressions!!! Now wouldn't be that be a world to live in? Oh wait.
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It was at the very beginning of the game, <1:00, so I assumed it had something to do with the game. If they had said 'let's go invade' in chinese, I would've liked to have been a part of that. If it had been the end, I wouldn't care what language they were speaking. I understand the reason it's offensive now, no doubt. I'm just trying to shed light on why everyone might not be aware of it and that this ban _is_ a little harsh given different circumstances. EDIT: From what I recall from the game it was actually an invade and corki being the only other person not speaking chinese was unaware of it when we lost the trade, hence why I said 'corki you see nothing?'
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Fair enough, I stand corrected about the expression part. I'm getting mixed up because so many people in here are calling me racist. However, my argument still stands that since what I said didn't have any real meaning (although technically it had something to do with planting pumpkins), how can I be held accountable for something that I had no idea about? Do you think _everyone_ knows that simply saying ching-chong is considered a bannable offence in League of Legends that applies to an entire population? Now that I know (as I've said), I will of course not say ching-chong to anyone. The reason I said it I've explained, I've witnessed the same sort of imitations being made in other languages. That's what I'm trying to clarify here. I certainly had no idea, and I'm a well-educated person, as are many of the notable people who were mentioned in the list on Wikipedia. Ignorance is indeed an excuse when it comes to the smallest of details. What if I told you that in Iran, making a thumbs-up symbol with your fingers is considered seriously offensive whereas in Europe it's perfectly normal. If you were in Iran and you made the symbol, would you feel that it was fair to be held accountable for it. even if you made it with good intentions? There is a difference between intention and consequence, and if you base all your judgement on consequence, then you're lacking in morals. And your last point is... questionable to say the least. In team games, it's polite and even rude not to include the team into your conversation. Even riot says that.
: Right. Guess thats why they reported you. Because you told them "can only plant pumpkins". Gtfo pls.
So why shouldn't I report people when they tell me "baguette cheese omelette" in french? It clearly doesn't mean anything they're just imitating me boo hoooooo?! Grow up man, seriously.
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I hope you realize that part of being an international community is _understanding_ and being the whole of other communities. Maybe in your community calling people xenophobic, racist, and bigoted is a normal thing whereas in mine it's a serious accusation that shouldn't be made without clear evidence of a claim to some sort of superiority. There-in lie the differences already. Now maybe if you took some time to appreciate other people's perspectives rather than jumping to subjective labelling as you did in your first post (which by the way is so damn easy to do), I would be more sympathetic with your responses. But you would rather choose to call names instead of educate which is why you too are part of the problem. Try to understand that not everyone sees the little discrepancies in life, you sure don't that's for sure.
: If it was humor why did you get reported? Think before you answer that ;)
Once again Korean Fanb0y, your arguments are subpar. Not only do they not make sense but you seem to be biased, and I wonder why? Could it have something to do with your name and the topic at hand? People have been butthurt for as far as time goes, no matter what you say someone somewhere is going to find it offensive. This goes especially for humor.
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Bigotry is defined as intolerance towards other ideas?! And confusing humor with intolerance is absurd. I think you're the one who needs a dictionary check.
: >Racism is based on the pretence that one race is superior than another and how is saying 'ching-chong' an example of that whatsoever? Or simply imitating another language? because there's no other reason for engaging in this activity other than to "make fun" of said race. You were being racist and ignorance is not a valid excuse!
Really so anyone who's imitated a language is racist? Snowflakes these days.
: Deserved racist, have fun chinchonging for 14days.
How _constructive_.
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Fully made up to mock an entire nationality yet people still use it unknowingly: "NBA star Shaquille O'Neal received media flak for saying "Tell [NBA center] Yao Ming, '%%%%%%%%%%% yang, wah, ah soh'" during an interview on Fox Sports Net.[5] O'Neal later said it was locker-room humor and he meant no offense. Yao believed that O'Neal was joking, but he said a lot of Asians would not see the humor." I think what matters here is my intention. Maybe if you read my posts you would see that where I'm from imitating languages is acceptable and that I had no intention of being racist. Yet you all accuse me of it nonetheless for saying something that is in it's meaning is completely harmless despite the interpretation of the words. Now that I know it's such a big deal to Chinese people, I'll of course refrain from saying anything like that again. Nevertheless, since I had no prior knowledge of it, which is what I'm trying to explain, I think it's unfair and prejudiced of you to conclude that I'm being bigoted and xenophobic etc. Really guys, try to understand where I'm coming from instead of immediately jumping to conclusions.
: If i have something to say to my teammates ill use english, if im communicating with my premade in a different language it means you dont need to know what im saying.
Yeah and what I was saying meant something in chinese too, if pronounced. What I said is NOWHERE NEAR calling negros bonobos. That's just an absurd comparison.
: To be fair, i kind of sympathize a little bit with that guy. It's pretty rude to exclude other present people from conversations by just speaking other languages. You can do that on TS3/Discord or by whispering. Doing so in Teamchat is RUDE - especially on a server that probably uses english as an unofficial main language (because everybody should understand that at least a little bit when playing onlinegames imo). So I get the frustration/annoyance he might have felt and wouldnt say it was intentional racism. Yes, it still is racism at the end of the day, but nowhere near is it justifyed to be a perma-ban.
Thank you! I've had times where I've been speaking in French on this (yes, you're right, 100% English speaking server), where non-french speaking team mates have said 'baguette omelette fromage' as a reminder to speak English and I have never taken any offence to it. I have also seen the same with other languages. Imitating a language has often times been a reminder that not everyone speaks it. I do it with my Finnish friends all the time in reality, as do they with me. And as for racism, I can see now after reading the article that it may be considered racist, but that was not my **INTENTION** whatsoever!~
: >Like people can joke about russians by saying 'cyka blyat' and french by saying 'baguette fromage omelette', all you're doing is imitating sounds I had no idea this was an actual thing. racist jokes are still racism
Racism is based on the pretence that one race is superior than another and how is saying 'ching-chong' an example of that whatsoever? Or simply imitating another language? I'd be more careful about throwing the word 'racist' around, it's a serious accusation.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Pølsefest,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ruNVitA2,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-03-20T10:00:05.140+0000) > > Wow didn&#x27;t even know it was that derogatory. Like people can joke about russians by saying &#x27;cyka blyat&#x27; and french by saying &#x27;baguette fromage omelette&#x27;, all you&#x27;re doing is imitating sounds I had no idea this was an actual thing. Ching-chong isnt real chinesse word. Its sole purpose is to mock them. Chinese people dont use that word. Cyka blyat is very commonly used by Russians. Its actual russian insult.
I was told by a chinese friend that saying ching-chong in a certain way actually had a meaning. In my country (denmark), since it's an incredibly ugly language it's common for people to make sounds with the 'å' and 'ø' jokingly, and no one would ever take offense to it. I don't think most people would realize that simply saying ching-chong would be inherently racist. It's a very obscure subject, since I can see in that article many people have accidentally used it without realising it was racist. Maybe there's a line to draw here.
: >Pølsefest: %%%%%%%%%%% ching %%%%%%%%%%% >not meant as a racial slur but more an indication that maybe not everyone spoke that language. you may have noticed that it's censored and here is why *ching ch ong and ching chang chong are pejorative terms sometimes employed by speakers of English to mock or play on the Chinese language, people of Chinese ancestry, or other East Asians perceived to be Chinese. Several public commentators have characterized the term as derogatory, noting that assaults or physical intimidation of East Asians are often accompanied by racial slurs or imitation Chinese*
Wow didn't even know it was that derogatory. Like people can joke about russians by saying 'cyka blyat' and french by saying 'baguette fromage omelette', all you're doing is imitating sounds I had no idea this was an actual thing.
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