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: What are some champions that you think are "unfair"?
{{champion:114}} Is my most hated toplane Champion, very badly Designed and Riot keeps overbuffing her 1v1 because that‘s the only thing the Champion has going for herself. And I really don‘t like that, y‘know how every Champion has their own unique shtick, but when that shtick is literally: Autowin the laningphase because her 1v1 is so incredible overstat, that‘s just bad design imo. Her kit is also incredible overtuned, with some of the most unhealthiest and unfun mechanics combined, such as: RNG: Should never exist in a game like LoL % Health true dmg: This mechanic has no counterplay. No counterplay = unhealthy invulnerability spell in a game with high latency lag compensation: This spell is broken in that sence that it literally doesn‘t work, it can and will parry stuns, dmg etc. after the spell is already over. There are so much unfun to play against mechanics in her kit, but I will spare myself some sanity thinking about them.
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