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: How can i join clash?
Clash is like every half a year, so you have to wait until the cycle of clash Comes to your Region again, until than you cannot join nor Play clash
: Looking for a Lulu main gold 1+ (EUW)
I'm plat 4 and have 69k on lulu i was OTP'ing her with a twitch main before Season end, so if you wanna duo we can
: chroma neeko
it's from the Partner programme
: There is a typo at the worlds mission
''GAME END 8 enemy wards in a single game'' riot wants to be demonitized{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Bojkataa (EUW)
: Rank up
you already did them once aka is this your second time redoing them, if so I think you won't get the free win. I dunno never lost a promo twice and I hope you get that s2 ;3
: 97 LP plat 1 and I got bugsplat
Y I K E S, honestly in my opinion if you get bugsplat you shouldn't loose LP aka can get the LP back with evidence. but sry for you my plat 1 80lp friend, truly Yikes
Hasylab (EUW)
: What is this mmr system
You got a fairly good WR tbh and op,gg isn't Always accurate aka Need some time to update sometime
: 0/3 LB CAN'T os ur 20/0 adc only with dfg , you can outplay her , But fed late game LB can't do anything in teamfights like supports can't destroy its entire Burst with one Button
I agree with the last Thing but trust me I got one shotted so many times cause an Akali, LB or kata got their Ludens or gunblade just cause. And yes I am a salty Adc main :C
: AP Yi and trist were so squishy and tank fizz and ekko were so risquy like if you loose lane you are useless
ye NOW but before they were nerfed into the Ground not and Yi still is Kind of squishy but he's meta AS shit, just his LS gives him tankiness and the fact he can dodge almost everything. and may I Quote Hashinshin on this: EVERYTHING IS A GODDAMN TANK IN THIS GAME. :3
: Permabanned for true thinks
Small tip: you can climb with EVERYTHING to gold and plat if you just have a bit of Consistency in ranked or Play. :P it doesn't matter what you Play. trust me I know guys that are ap trynd mains in high Diamond. i mean i'm trash but still am high gold in soloq and got solo queing p3 in flex, you can say i'm still trash I wouldn't disagree but trust me anyone can Play Annie or lulu or something it doesn't matter how shit you are or what you Play you can still go for gold or low plat
: So fed {{champion:7}} should not be allowed to os a 2k health champ Ok{{champion:33}}
Why bring back Adc in General if you buff assasins and bring back Sword and DFG. Why Play squishies if you get one shotted by EVERYTHING right?? ouh nice a 0/3 LB just one shot my 20/0 adc and lost the game fun haha very fun game he had fun while Looking at a Grey screen
: How to make league more fun(a message to riot)
T-ekko was broken and meta defining and Ap yi was just ouh another pentakill wow nice -.-.You can still Play ap Shaco and carry ask Pink Ward, Ap Rengar? are you a NB3 fanboy? he was just good cause he shit on people who don't understand the game. Tank fizz was broken in the way that fizz had high base stats and Ap trist was sometimes just auto win. I dissagree with every Point especially with the DFG and Sword of the Occult Thing don't bring that shit back it was more broken than Leviathan.
: Shit game shit client
why isn't there a no option?
Saibbo (EUW)
: They still don't get that ADC stand for Attack Damage CARRY smh {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
it's like everyone's complaining about adc. but I swear to god it's the support,one zed ult from a fed or normal fed zed and you would be dead, but nah man there is a polymorph a knockback stun etc. plus ye it's CARRY not attack damage player
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Not enough though, ADC will still be the most powerful role in the game and other lanes still won't matter. Riot have deliberately been making ADC the most important role in the game since Season 6. An ADC nerf would reduce the priority on botlane and help out junglers. Better Turrets would also provide more safety in lanes, giving farming junglers more of a chance too.
what do people not get smh. It's not adc it's support without a janna that would knockback heal shield for 700 and give 50 ad mininum for free it would be so much easier to kill an adc just nerf support. smh{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: This ain't my only acc
: If Lethality is not that strong , why would I even build Lethality over Armor Pen ?
There's only percentage armor pen u know, because it's easier to balance in that way( i think).
2m exp? uhm i dunno but except this is not your only account, but on this one you only have 500k. Which is still a lot but not 2m
: My main account was banned on boards. Seems that SJW Shiwah cannot stand critism.
ah ok than sry for criticizing didn't know that and wouldn't call someone SJW if you don't know them aka don't know if He/she banned your account( if you know this sentence is useless) anway if you think the matchmaking is unbalanced than ye had the same Thing many times but just let it be it gets better trust me :3
LawV (EUW)
: Nope, I'm honor three with no previous bans or anything
ADC Yuumi (EUW)
: Lily, The Hope of Piltover ( Urgot + LeBlanc + Mercy Burst Mage / Support )
: Tl:dr OP is buthurt about losing lp and mmr because something that can be abusable isnt implemented
True realise that if the game is unwinable one guy can just simply run it down if you are duo who's 0lp and you won't loose any
LawV (EUW)
: No Chest after getting S-
If you are honor lvl 1 or so you're not eligible for rewards. Were you toxic before?
: I didnt know that. Thank you
siltn (EUNE)
: negtice timer
you're download is sooo fast it bends time itself, that's why or just bugged. Choose one{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: > So how about an electric yordle {{champion:85}} Hi.
who the heck is kennenxd
: Why i didnt get S-
If you wanted a token for her, just a fun fact you just get Tokens on SR not on TT or ARAM
Oakhill (EUNE)
: Master Yi
uhm I don't know but master yi's actually friking terrible CC is his big mistake he doesn't have ANY and he only has a slow resistance unlike Olaf who is unstopabble, just CC that guy, kata or any other assasin got the same Problem plus you can easily Counter jungle him early trust me his not strong if he's 3 lvl's behind and the worst Thing about him is if you don't push he is one of the worst if not the worst champion to gank with. 0 cc and no other Thing he can gank just his speed and q...
: This game fcking tilts me
uhm how is it that you're lvl 11 and upset about something. I dunno maybe a mistake and just a smurf of yours you're logged in, but how can you Play since 2 Seasons and still be lvl 11 and secondly you are lvl 11 so you probably don't know that much about the game and you're just upset about Things you don't understand. If this is a mistake and you're actually lvl 30+ than I don't know, it's weird that everyone is complaining about how they can't climb and someone's always feeding meanwhile someone like Blade is rocking 90% winrates on his unranked to challenger accounts even in Challenger {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Champion pool too big to climb properly.
You're champion pool is WAYYYYYYYYYYYY to big. Sry to say it but the best way is to climb with 2-4 champions, you just waste your time learning many champions and won't be good enough to climb on your mains if you do so.
: u need to chill guys you can't speak spanish so zip your mouth buddy
ye kinda awful of me to talk about his grammar
Alex6998 (EUW)
: Is old eevelin come back to us. Im soo happy
Uhm first from where did you get that information from, second what's that grammar and last how would it make sense lore and gameplay wise that there would 2 versions of a champion ingame lore and gameplay wise(mostly lore).
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Solash (EUW)
: Why it's a terrible idea to take a tank top
Quality meme{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
BooJays (EUW)
: Warwick Bug. r -> q
Sry for the dumb question but you pressed the ww q through, like hold it down, but I know what your saying ww q is bugged sometimes
: Sry if I offended any1 with this post, you rightfully downvoted me. I'll try to improve in the future to please everyone in order to avoid future down-votes. Back to the topic, I recently fell in love with the boards, and browsing it for hours while in transit or having a break...would be epic to have an app, even integrate it into tap-talk or something.
tap-talk would be a great Thing thx for the extra Ideas{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Up you go
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: how is that a bug? sion is immune to stuns but he still gets hooked
well i mean it shouldn't be and in the end thresh just teleports in front of sion that's what I mean
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Unsiqhted (EUW)
: Thresh Airlines
xd nice bugs rito
: Beta clash
we had beta clash in December or November so we might have to wait some time
Solahri (EUW)
: HEY im building a flex club for platin+ Players ( in flex) who want to play TRYHARD
i'm g2 82 with free win in promo can I still Play with you guys?{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Bobb3rt (EUW)
: Supp main lf flex team or adc i was gold V i just got placed in silver V this week lol
well I can't find you on euw m8 got a Name change or something?
OBS Okami (EUNE)
: Icon for sets of skins
would be a cool idea, for rewarding Players that LOVE one set of skins I like it {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: you're completely right. i just checked my previous games where i also use minion dematerializers and i have the exact same amount of true damage in all of those matches
how the heck did you get so much Magic damage in that one lux game 33 min and 130k MD like the heck xd{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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