: Executioners calling being 800g is actually a feature, not a bug: Because it's so cheap, it takes up an item slot with very few offensive stats. This means that you either have a choice of sitting on that 800g for a while, consuming an item slot that could otherwise be filled with a BF sword/more powerful offensive item, or upgrade it to Mortal Reminder, which itself is not very powerful unless vs tanks. Morello, on the other hand, is pretty stat efficient on its own. Sure, it's usually better to not upgrade Oblivion Orb unless you need the anti-heal, but it feels much worse for an AD champion to buy Executioners calling than it does an AP champion to build Morellos. Making Morellos cheaper would almost certainly mean it is never bought except by supports (and even then there would be few supports that would build it), because you would be using an item slot for an item that doesn't grant many stats. This is the same reason why you don't often see Twin Shadows built outside of Glacial Augment builds on mid laners, even if the CDR, AP and MS are all very powerful for the cost of the item, it's too cheap in the late game for a carry to hold.
OR you can make AP low tier item have worse grievous wounds effect like apply it only for 1 second, or apply it only on targets below 40% hp so it won't be pretty powerful on its own while still giving reasonable options to fight back champions with insane heals.
bPyWythe (EUW)
: "there is no elo hell" or is it?
There are small elo hells located a bit below every 4th division (e.g. gold IV, plat IV, diamond iV) as a result of flawed division system and people having aforementioned ranks just don't really care about playing the game as they know that it's highly unlikely they will drop to lower league. This results in coinflip games where playing a little better than average will still yield you a 50% winrate which justly makes people rage at amount of idiots polluting average soloQ. What riot should do to battle that is just to show people their real MMR and make them understand that losing 0 lp per game still lowers their MMR.
Liege (EUW)
: Ranked LP rounding
LPs mean nothing. Everything is measured and matched in mmr.
Ulriah (EUW)
: That's just redundant. The chances of playing against smurfs is the same as playing with smurfs in your team, regardless how many games you have the time to play in a day. If you really are that unlucky only to get matched against smurfs (which is impossible to believe), then you're just unlucky, and there's nothing Riot could ever do about that. Not to mention, it's not that easy to detect a smurf, and there's no point in wasting time on that either.
Just have to add that matching WITH a smurf has 11% lower chance than AGAINST a smurf (4/9 and 5/9)
: Smurfing on ranked should be bannable
Crying on boards should be bannable Before you jump on me with the "but it's unfair" slogans you love so much, try understanding my points. 1. Not all people are doing their absolute best when playing league, so auto-losing because somebody does 100% of what he can when someone in other team does only 40% efficiently trashing the game though everybody has equal skill is inevitable. 2. I don't see the point of this behavior. If you have time to scribble long posts on boards, try spending time undestanding what keeps you in silver for so long. Wasting 20-50 minutes brainlessly clicking on the map expecting this game will somehow be different from any other is quite stoopid if you never assess your action or look for a chance to improve. 3. It really ruins any chance of getting laid. If someone cries on the streets about how life is unfair (which by the way is an unplesant view), he looks pathetic in the eyes of other people. Well, luckily it is the case for crying here on boards. 4. If you try to defend crybabies by telling me to look from the other point of view, I understand your position, but that implies that you are open to discussion as much as any other reasonable human, which trust me, is not the case. 5. If you are a whiner and you are reading these, I urge you to stop trying to bring everybody else down to your standards :D
: > Isnt Morello or Raba better as third item ? Morello is not a good third item on *any* mage. Oblivion Orb is very strong as a second item on most mages, but not Ryze (because it competes with either RoA or Archangel). Morello itself doesn't bring much to the table unless you really need the anti-healing component. Rabadons is actually an okay third item, but Ryze doesn't really suffer from a lack of damage so much as a lack of mobility. Righteous Glory (Spellbinder as an honourable mention) give Ryze all the things he needs: 1. Mobility (To catch people with an EW) 2. CDR 3. A small amount of tank and mana Not to mention RG is quite a bit cheaper than Rabadons and is a lot easier to build.
This is a joke. Server is crumbling to dust past 2 days, riots don't say anything, even on server status page. But here we are, Rioter discussing itembuilds for Ryze!
: Diana - Ardent
It's a missed bugged interaction that get fixed in patch 10.1 at 8th of Jan.
: I think im gona switch to minecraft after this shutdown Euw server
AR4R15 (EUW)
: Bot programs in co-op vs ai
Everybody playing co-op vs AI seen this, and it won't gonna change because Bot accounts inflate playerbase and make league more attractive for sponsors.
Ashton (EUW)
: Riot games aka dogs
Starting making clash in 2016, still can't fix anything 3 years later. Maybe they just should return back the team rankeds?
Bæka (EUW)
: About Aphelios' Release
I have a better idea. How about you disable aphelios for yourself for a few weeks and let people have fun with champions they bought?
: riot fix this
: The current new champ at least has heal only 1/5 of the time, cc only 1/5 of the time, no movement abilities, no invisibility, no untargetability, no unstoppable, no invulnerable, no global. In the end he is an immobile ADC like Jhin, MF, Ashe. Yeah he might be strong but nothing a Rengar couldn't solve.
The problem is that it will take a lot of time to learn what the hell does he do and how to play around it for his opponents. Like against jinx you - try to jump on top of her, dodge her W, and don't use dashes over E. Against aphelios you will be like {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} for the longest time.
Morrhen (EUW)
: How to ALWAYS get unbanned
Well not really. It took dem slowаss ritos 2 months to unban my account.
Goki Doki (EUNE)
: A Global Overview Of The "Masked" Massive Support Role Massacre (Nerf)
You're hella smart fella i say. Riots just finished what they tried to implement in season 3. Viable support role with good income and providing vision for the team. Supports were never supposed to be the strongest role for the first 10 minutes of the game, they were meant to... well, support! Prior to season 10 changes ad carries could only rely on getting good support otherwise line was completely lost, now botlane is a lane for 2 people. If you want to do most damage in the team, why not just play midlane? Good support still makes a huge difference against a mediocre one, all you need to do is shift your expectations from getting more gold and damage in team to helping your team get more gold and do more damage. And now about your screenshots. You don't account for the facts of getting tower plates, huge shutdowns or killing enemies worth only 100 gold. Also in the second game your opponents don't even have a support. So much for a master tier. P.S. while jungle changes are healthy for the game they make literally half of the junglers outclassed by those who have good clear.
Rioter Comments
: I NEED HELP! [Please read till the end]
You need help with locating the Print screen button on your keyboard.
: Wait the system is different on RU ?
It's the same but you get extra bonuses like essesnses, boosts, chests+key occasionally from simply playing there.
Siénna (EUNE)
: Forgive System
What's even the point of having punishment for winning? Just ditch it altogether like it was prior to 2015, it's not like this system does anything to prevent leaving.
: What is Elo Trading?
It's a meme :^)
: Do you know how to maths ? You got 70% of the champions in a single year, it took me 5-6 years to get them before the BE system was added, that's 20% of the champions / year You're getting champions more than 3 times as fast as I did before the BE system was added
This is not about math, it's about how inflated the hextech system is on RU server. You can get over 100 extra chests+keys + other free stuff like boosts and essences in a year.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: It's proven over and over and over how the new BE system is faster than the old IP system. Also, new players now can get expensive champions for free if they choose wisely. I certainly wouldn't be able to grind some 50.000 BE in under 6 months under the old IP system. But then I am one of those who wants to cut down on the BE income too, by removing the chance of getting champion shards in free chests too, at least for those already owning every champion.
It's about 5-10% faster than IP system if you get lucky with shards and unlock all champions from shards. But if you just go for whichever champion you want to buy next it's up to 15% slower.
Rakuraidesu (EUNE)
: An issue regarding smurfing
OH MY GOD! Somebody has 10 more wins than loses! This certainly deserves a permaban. Speaking on topic, you much more often see casual players getting randomly fed and solocarrying single games. It sounds like you just want all games to be non-stop deathmatch where nobody gets on top. Maybe league is not your game?
: Queues and autofill
Currently the least populated role is Toplane. Why don't I see junglers cry about worthless toplaners who don't ward their jungle and lose 1v1 trades?
Evieex (EUW)
: Ardent Censer solo proc
Actually did it with Galio. Ritos done goofed again https://i.imgur.com/7c47rzE.png
Wen294 (EUW)
: It's less efficient cost-wise, it's more efficient time-wise and effort-wise. For those that don't care too much for BE it's the faster way of getting rid of your tokens, at minimal clicks.
You know what's more efficient? Just add a box where you can input exactly how much token you want to convert. But instead we get this mobile-friendly stump of a shop.
: The most TOXIC player ever
Claiming somebody is the most toxic player ever when you already have me. Hundreds people whined about me to riots, I recieved tens of thousands reports, was directly called "the most toxic person I've ever seen" 142 times. (still not banned btw) Tickets will give you standart copypaste reply of how they appreciate your vigilance but please use report system. Get used to the fact that some percentage of your games will consistently be turned into a cesspool of assholes or switch to another game. Riots had their chance to fix everything and be sure now nothing will ever get any better.
DaisyLazy (EUW)
: Rewarding Ex-Reworked Champ's players - A must read for these especially
So basically give free stuff to minorities? Do you even know what is marketing?
LuisanBro (EUW)
: Champion Collection
: I'm support main. Never got autofilled in my life.
That's cuz setting roles for SUPPORT or FILL grants you autofill protection for 3 games.
Salron88 (EUW)
: we need to slow this fast snowball meta.
And then there's people who don't like chipping 5% of tower health every minion wave for 30 minutes because they can't push anything with their 10+k gold lead at 15'. It SHOULD be hard to make a comeback, teams with leads SHOULD win over 50% matches, Summoner's Rift is not an ARAM's see-saw where people who died last get better items. Current game balance give you 14 minutes of safe farming to get your shit together and do something against the dominant team. If you fail it is only fair that stronger team gets an upper hand and ability to course their way to victory.
: Kayle is so much worse now
So how about you stop using klepto and go for some convenient damage like lethal tempo? Oh wait but you say champion should remain 100% identical to what he was before the rework. Sorry, my fault.
: What am I looking at?
but it looks way better ON MOBILE now cuz that's what the main priorities for the PC game should be. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Fyrijou (EUW)
: Veterans, in your Opinion, who (and when) was the most broken OP Champ you have ever encountered?
: Why is this an A and not S?
Less deaths, more farm.
: My Goal to join league esports
Are you super cereal though?
: why ranked tft is in above normal? ( default) ??? are you kidding me?
This is not the problem. The problem is that riots in 3 years can't make client remember your last choise so a lot of people have to click it every single time.
: TFT redemption bug
Maybe your units were under effect of grievous wounds (red buff/morello). It prevents all healing.
Krilldop (EUW)
: Events nowadays
There's TFT event! Play TFT! Buy eggs! Rejoice!
: Can i get banned for doing this?
Thank you for contacting Riot Games. We've looked into your problem and are happy to say that your account has been successfully banned. Have a nice day. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
Shamose (EUW)
: The old cursor is coming back. But'll be removed someday.
Since when did riots start to listen to people? D:
: Pantheon AP Bug.
When you click on a champion with some ability power, game remembers that number (for some reason). Then if you click on somebody with 0 AP game sends you a NULL (seriously why can't they add a single 0 there?) and since game has to show you something it takes the next closest thing from the memory. TL;DR it shows someone else's AP stat who you clicked previously.
Elle C (EUW)
It's literally 50 kbytes worth of icons. I bet they're deleting them just cuz they can't figure out how to code cursor switching properly and it causes some major bugs.
Zineus (EUNE)
: everyone DCed
Well that's what 6 hours maintenance does to servers.
Contact riot support. They often help people with super smalll amounts of ingame currencies.
: They legit disabled ranked for some time because of a TFT patch?
They've patched it 7 hours ago. It's just some random maintenance because they broke something.
: Tips to save your LP during champion select
If you read this message, DODGE THE TOPIC
Rodsquad (EUW)
: Champion Blue Essence Prices
League is a f2p game designed to suck you money. If you don't wanna stick to 15-20 champions for a long time just have your wallet open for riots.
Shamose (EUW)
: You now have much more to spend than back when IP was a thing. Ip gains were slower plus you needed to shelf out a lot for runes.
Math was done already and it turns out you get new champions from 10% slower to 5% faster than before if you play on average 6 games a day and only make champions from existing shards.
: Qiyana story makes her look even worse
No problemo, like that never happened before? They will just rewrite their lore again.
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