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: they do, but it depends on your elo. longest ques are at a very high as they wait for other smurfs/very high normal elo players to play in normals
So I'm basically punished for winning games? And I check every game - Over 80% players I get matched with are level 5 to 29.
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: Pro tip. Dont use words you dont know the meaning of.
This tip im certainly gonna use.
: Clearly you knew the word related to that, and what it meant, as you used it in a response - it's also commonly known as a slur. If you don't know the meaning of a word, why are you using it? Ignorance isn't a valid excuse to break the rules. If you feel you were unfairly banned you can submit a ticket to support. But I'll save you the time by mentioning that they won't lift it.
Is it a common thing that saying 1 inappropriate word in 1 game lead straight to 14-day ban?
Èclair (EUNE)
: "Gay" has entirely different connotation than "%%%got" even though both can be used in derogatory fashion, the latter is used exclusively as pejorative term and thus isn't accepted within League's community.
Well my point here is that I didn't know the 2 words had different background as I learned English from school and we didn't study slurs or swearing words there. I had no intention of disparaging anybody or any term. The severity of the punishment for this is way too excessive.
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