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: It's pretty funny, that you seem to have a problem with these 2 matchups, since basically both require the same strat to win trades, which is not midnlessly jumping in and spamming your abilities. Both have a skills, that will make you lose the trade, if you don't shield them - no matter what. Garen's Q and Irelia's E. You can't just combo into them and expect to win trades with these 2 showstopper skills. For Garen you should try to bait the Q out or at least try to shield it. If he uses his Q or E in front of you, go for a trade immediately. A lot of Garens just use their stuff in front of you and that needs to be punished. Start with something that can keep up with Garens itemization path. He will go tanky, so if you still want to go damage and be somewhat okay, get phage and proceed to go for Black Cleaver. The movement speed and heal is really good. Same stuff with irelia, it's absolutely mandantory to shield her stun. So if you go in for a trade, Q -> auto -> W -> E out. This will proc Thunderlords wihile you E out, shield the damage and get some distance. You not only win the trade, but you also make her lose a lot of mana in the best case scenario, which gives you windows to trade. Having mana is a big weakness she has vs. Riven. Go for Phage again in this case, Ghost Blade first only against really squishy champions. Both champions have build paths, that make them tanky and still deal reliable damage. So in a lot of cases it makes sense to just try to survive, since Riven's early game is not as dominant as it used to be. Sterak's Gage is really good against these % health damage or true damage champions, so don't hesitate to get it as your 3 item, if you're having troubles surviving. You will still burst squishies with only 2 damage items. In general, work on your itemization. Don't overcap on CDR, don't buy Triforce on her and rather decide between Black Cleaver and Ghost Blade, most of the times you'd rather get a Hydra second, since it gives you more burst and room for another animation cancel.
totally agree with what is said here, just want to add that i find my self doing better against irelia when i wait for her to come on me then i counter. like he said bait her combo into your shield then punish her, since she will have nothing left. one more thing practice landing an AA between Q it does wonders to her dps. another to keep in mind, is that she is mana hungry at start, try to punish that. garen and any other fat tank in other hands is a wait and bait, when ever he uses his abilities, go in short trade go out don't be greedy, if he comes at you don't trade, garen's AA are zero dmg early. late game tank garen wount be your problem, let ADC kite him, you just go kill someone else.
: Remake
the game will kick a player for being inactive.
: there is one simple trick go to option hotkeys and set it to space
it doesn't work for semi locked camera.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Channeling abilities have really clear counterplay, the enemy can see them and react. The best on it is that this counterplay doesn't have any limitations. (you don't need a dash, resistances, HP or a pink, you just need to look at your screen) Therefore they are quite fun to play against and if done well fun to use too. E.g.: Lux. Her Ult just feels like the channel has to be there, it feels like a part of it and not like it would work against you. On the other hand, her old E (before the QoL Change) needed some time after arriving before you could detonate it, (it's not really a channel but similar), and it just felt so wrong to have there, it felt like a punishment, rather than a part of the skill. (you would get used to it with time ofc) ----------- As for 3 hit abilities... They are pretty clear. 3 hits, more damage. For the one using it it feels really rewarding if they manage to, but it doesn't feel for the other like they are completely helpless. They can see it after all, they can react on it in whatever way their Champion allows. And ofc, if some part of design works well, seems quite Logical to reuse it, doesn't it?
i agree with your points, but what i want is for them to slow down a bit in repetition and introduce some other less used mechanics or abilities. for example, i would like to see more special items, like victors staff or rengar's medallion. also have more choices in them, like different staffs maybe or in rengars case, imagine if you have a choice of choosing a Medallion that swaps the heal from his (w) to a burst of movement speed. that would give you more choices that help you adjust to the game.
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: I need an advice.
zed is very fun, but hard both in mechanics and decision making. jhin is fun at start but gets boring very fast.
: > [{quoted}](name=FurorDivinus27,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=Tizydmpj,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-07-25T12:25:00.874+0000) > > Or a three hit passive like Ekko and Gnar.
> [{quoted}](name=Jesperr101,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=Tizydmpj,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-25T12:29:48.340+0000) > > Jax, xin, Vi, diana, velkoz(kinda), vayne, kindred.
: channeling abilities (is it the trend or something?)
> [{quoted}](name=FurorDivinus27,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=Tizydmpj,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-07-25T12:25:00.874+0000) > > Or a three hit passive like Ekko and Gnar.
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: Talon Talk
Talon is going to receive a rework. I hope they change his passive and make him relevant when playing from behind (since he is a 'snow ball or lose' type of champ). same goes for most assassins.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Compared to what other supports? Yes, Thresh is more difficult, admittedly (which is why I don't play him, some people just need the simpler champions) but that's about it. I honestly can't think of a support that is hard to pull off well besides Thresh and maybe the new Taric but he is more of an issue of communication than the champion himself being hard.
the best way to improve your thresh is by knowing where to position as him. some times your the engager, while other times you just peel or position for lanterns. there is much more to thresh than his hook. one more thing, you don't have to go on every hook. best of luck and enjoy him he is great.
: But they do eclipse the others. Thresh is an excellent support, I agree. However, have you played as a Thresh against those three supports? He struggles a great deal (I have even asked Thresh mains how they feel against supports like Soraka) and this meta has moved away from the aggressive supports. If you can't peel/sustain well enough your ADC will die. What will a Thresh do against an enemy Zed on his ADC, sure he has the potential to stop him but it isn't as easy as just heal heal heal, shield, peel etc. I have seen so many Thresh's struggle and it reflects his 46% winrate. Even on tier lists he isn't high (http://www.nerfplz.com/2016/07/2016-best-champions-tier-list-ranked.html). You may or may not agree with these statements but Thresh is eclipsed by the other 3. Braum is strong yes but the three I have mentioned are known counters to him. If he is against any of them they can hold him off really well. Tahm is actually in a really bad spot at 45% win rate and he is quite far down on the tier list. If I am Soraka against Tahm it is a free lane for me and I am not being cocky, he cannot deal with her. Her e ruins any chances of his W. He cannot engage on her, Janna is similar. Haven't played Sona vs Tahm but I do think she will also beat him as she is kinda op atm. Leona is strog too, but I don't really find her difficult to deal with as one of the sustain supports. I added an edit as I forgot to write it, but maybe allow only supports to buy these items (need to have gold item + sightstone for example). You might not find supporting boring but others do, which reflects the long queue times, so I'm just thinking of ways to make it more appealing.
i believe that braum is a good support, but not for every draft. i mean in team fights vs casters he is great, but in lane there are better. same goes for many other supports. each one is great if put in an appropriate draft. finally, the changes to grievous wounds have hurt soraka (correct me if i am wrong, since i believe that since patch 6.9 it reduces all types of healing not only self healing). So, she falls of late game.
: * Thresh * Tahm * Lulu * Bard * Morgana (Laugh all you like but the meta has shifted soo far away from her xD how many Morgana supports do you see?) * Annie (Same for what I said about Morg)
true their not played a lot any more, but for an adc they are scary as hell.
Artesin1 (EUW)
: Can riven get some sort of QoL change?
riven is a snow ball champ, great for playing from ahead but not as useful from behind (like many other champs). the fact that riven is always focused is because she is a monster as is. i fear any buff will make her over the top. not saying that no one cane deal with her, but in the right hands, its very hard.
TTekkers (EUW)
: I'd say no. {{item:1038}} -> {{item:3085}} ->{{item:3031}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3153}} BF + Runaan's is insane waveclear - you should try that build just to go and find a giant minion wave.
this is a good build here
Maher4530 (EUW)
: Will this work on Tristana?
i see a lot of people over focusing on atk speed. dont forget that you will be atk moving most of the time so the excess atk speed is not benefiting you alot. there is a sweet spot for every champ. trist needs only one atk speed item + boots to be good unless super late game. so here is my usual build. {{item:1038}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3035}} last item situational. eather BT, ER, PD or GA.
Maher4530 (EUW)
: Will this work on Tristana?
the build path is slow. ADC need crit, dmg, crt dmg, atk speed, armor pen and life steel. starting rage blade will end up hurting early to mid game. I would rather start BF sword then any crit atk speed item then IE after that you can go for more crit, Life steel or armor pen, up to you. This is my opinion.
: what to do with my IP
will wait and see. Hope it does happen.
: Ruby Sightstone & Support Gameplay Idea
I main support so i get what both of you are saying. i wanted to add that in most cases, i tend to go to other AP items due to the lack of good support items. especially on (morg, lulu, nami and sona). another thing is, when your ADC is bad the team ends up mostly with to useless players (since you as a support peal mostly for your ADC). there is always the choice of cutting your losses and grouping with the team, but in lanning phase, its not always helpful.
: what to do with my IP
i have more that 1000000 IP, :D more than enough for runes and new champs.
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