blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
Yea but unlucky...flame is caused by someone being bad.. =)
: This community isn't getting any better
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GLurch (EUW)
: People that are bad at a game aren't banned from the game, because honestly... were you as good as a challenger when you just got to lvl. 30? Also, you seriously can't blame EVERYTHING on new players "ruining" your ranked games. You might get 1 of them in 10 of your games. Means there are 9 other games, that you can win. If you keep losing, the problem is most likely to be you, since you are the only factor that always takes part in your games. And improving yourself is the best option to win more games.
dude u dont understand maybe, u see the screenshot? he ruined other 9 people the game and he is still playing. And btw the game is full of monsters with no brain is not just the new player and BTW when i was 30 i didn't start ranking like this retard, i played normal until i got my dimension
: "League is no fun anymore"
League is a fun game, but people with no hands and brain ruin all the fun you could get playing
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Game balance isnt a simple issue to deal with. also i havent seen enough of this ekko to make a judgement (actually so far i don't think i've seen anyone doing it yet, or was so underwhelming that i didnt notice it) And as far as i know the core items of that build is only Triforce without the frozen mallet.
dude triforce ekko, triforce-frozen mallet ekko, is just unbalanced, so much fkin dmg and he should be an ASSASSIN AP..riot games, marcus miller "tryndamere" is doing so bad, this game will fall if he does not leave his role
: Learn to deal with it instead.
learn to type some usefull stuff
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