Stell (EUNE)
: Some thieves get caught faster than others. If they keep doing it, they will get caught eventually. Just because one got caught and the other did not, that does not make the other's action any more legal.
Yeah your right he only had 9k upvotes on reddit and did it publicly wow much ban long very
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Rather poor advice as there is a separate system that handles trolling and intentionally feeding. Advising OP to start intentionally throwing his games is only going to make him get more permabans, which is quite the opposite of what he's looking for.
lol there are so many accounts whit obvious feeding etc. that did not ever get baned even challenger player did this all year long and did not get baned there are players who did or recorded this on stream and them or others were not banned (still got those acc linked on my op gg quick list and year and now two after it NOTHING ) and dont tell me a 'rare mistake' as Froggen him self said you can feed all you want just dont flame Riot will ban for it.
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Jhyntu (EUW)
: Good bye! Plus why would you buy an Ebay for gold elo xDD Dont say ebay to people when u havent left low elo and respect bad games was in diamond promos and am pretty sure it's e bay if you say pls just cs and he says what is cs on acc that has 1k games
Hansiman (EUNE)
: There's no need to be insulting here. Respect the Universal Rules.
Not insulting being realistic we all know you did that anyway your the one down voting and trying to talk down ?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Don't try to justify your own behaviour with the behaviour of others.
Said ex wrenchy who verbally abused players on old forums (all who posted against dou q in ranked including my self)
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: Riven Tiamat Bug
yeah tiamat wont go off mid combo and many abilities wont cancel properly or like before also if minion blocks you there is a chance you jump backwards like whit walls before adding to that is pre pressed Q that has started animation forward wont get caried by flash sometimes or all the time don't try it to much cause of wasting flash you just jump backwards from flashed position.
Light Show (EUNE)
: So regarding this years rewards for good behaviour.
I dont even know about free champion where did you get that info ?
: What champs do you love the most?
i wrote like full page on this but ctrl+A > delete it.... i guess league is not fun anymore for me to have fav champion
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Jubran (EUW)
: Do you want the rift to snow?
I hate fcking snow it's reason i started gaming i dont want to see snow i surrender games in Fifa when i see it fck snow !
Xvn (EUW)
: I do however think that if Riot had a team of players/employees working on finding bugs throughout all of the champions in the game, it would be a lot more bug free.
they are call game testers maybe and probably they do have but you need to know the code behind the game to find bugs properly i dont know how Riot built their code but it seams it's far from stable and that changing something causes changes that should not happen... anyways they could never test game properly as you need to play every champ vs every champ in every possible scenario adding variable of skin/runes/masteries maybe even ( acc Xp Lv IP RP) so impossible
: Not sure about the Illaoi matchup, but even if she beats him he shouldnt be able to do so much dmg and cc while remaining unkillable through use of spell vamp and ridiculous tankiness (RoA and Frozen Heart)
He can be balanced in two ways if they want to keep his burst they should up his mana costs like double so till he gets roa etc. he cant use 15 spell rotations or by removing spell vamp and free CDR
: Can somebody explain how Ryze is balanced in his current state?
he well he you see ... hmm what i wanted to say is that Ry.... Ryz... Ry. . . Ryze omfg RUN RUN SAVE YOUR SELFS WHILE YOU CAN ! ,.,.,kpdokaspd,apsod,m...malsdkaapshelpmeemeeppplox no for real every old champion is utterly broken while yasou can fck you up he has no crit early and is squshy (yes fcking op atm) but things like kassading ryze malzahar annie jax irelia nasus etc. are simply broken no skill only point and click op sh.t so they are either weak or broken ! and i laugh when someone says they are weak early or sh.t when they pull out rzye kassadin etc. to carry early game and be safe late game pick whit insane dmg late in pro play all the time better nerf kata what is kata ? oh yes yes no wait what so op faker played it in finals solo carry i swear you just had fake stream of worlds !
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SwitHart (EUNE)
: What item?
any ? you know click recall hover over shop and try to purchase . . .
SwitHart (EUNE)
: [GAMEPLAY] Baron recall and Tahm Kench Devour
ahahahah this could be so heavily abused on Hecarim .... here i come full speed from recalling tham kench bam penta kill did you try to purchase item ? as tham or mumu
Xvn (EUW)
: Hey! Thanks for the great reply, however I do disagree with your "1" point, the reason why is because people will mostly look at the skins and be like "huh, thats cool" and thats it. I doubt that will make people want to look for more bugs.
well it's actually there is greater chance to see bug on twitch stream than most people do by playing some of streamers stream cause they are high elo etc. and they know what is bug and not just 'intended interaction' etc. also different skins have different bugs some times ... my biggest problem whit PBE is that it gives unfair advantage in every elo
: same in lol just go lcs -> worlds
not even close you can earn money even if your bronze or just playing for fun
Xvn (EUW)
: [SUGGESTIONS] Things that need to be improved.
1. If they pick up champ and skin especially on Twitch or Youtube there are more eyes looking for bugs - yes i think PBE is awful and mostly used for hype BS 2. new minions can go 'around' teemo shrooms - it's as bad as crit or gunso jax 3. ok. I suggested word filer and tribunal would be used to ban those who make workarounds and to vote suggestions for baning new 'words' basically your full sentence get replaced by 'I will not be toxic again' if you use what is considered as toxic word (we all say something we did not want to this way it would be prevented to spread toxicity) 4. If they did that PBE would be unfair as not everyone is in PBE and Tribunal would be abused 5. Most champions have their direct counter in lane or should malzahar doesnt and so doesnt annie etc. some are overloaded and slight item change can make them toxic/OP yasou, jax, nasus, irelia, poppy, shaco, annie etc. etc. sometimes Riot (read all the time) when they rework they fckup HARD and make them overloaded game went from strong vs outplay to outplay vs nothing (strong being annie flash tibers and outplay lee sin Q kick/flash Q) but that bring us to changes i want Season 2/3 back i think game was degraded every season after in 9/10 cases so yeah General you need to know a lot about game to be able to impact it whit nerfs/bufs there are different views for what is OP in every elo and region game can be balanced but Riot doesn't want that balance doesn't sell (look at Fallout 4 it's basically CoD for anyone who played real RPG or even worse hardcore RPG darksouls is not even hard let alone hardcore btw) oh yeah side thing in season 5 you could win whit everything game was rly close to balance but it was achieved by nerfs so Riot is usually buffing or over buffing trying to make game fun they wont make it any good anytime soon maybe S 7/8 but then we will have 200 champions and that will be sh.t
: You posted them here, so we surely can see them :p But yes, I can confirm that they arrived succesfully in our inbox ;) Thanks for your entry!
hahah oh well cool but post said it had to be in email anyway as you can see them down there i will post my concepts etc. as i think i failed hard :c
SoulBawz (EUW)
: ? im not really talking about cs go here and i dont play it either so i have no idea what you are talking about...
oh well you should start you can earn money by being good
: Quick is what we stand for ;p Thanks for your entry!
Can you confirm mine :O
SoulBawz (EUW)
: nah nah nah talking about this > Yasou/Jax/Minions/Crit/Adcs OP atm Rito pls nerf xD you are actulaly calling almost everything that shines this patch OP...
Well yeah almost every pro said that this season was closest to balance (asdie from things that went under radar like poppy taric basically outdated champions ) and that only thing that needed any buffs were assassins. I disliked S5 a lot thou it was to slow but this meta is just steroids no actual game depth even thou it's easy to carry it's unfun am still a fan of S2/S3 period this season (pre6) is like CS GO economy just that you cant do sh,it whit Gun vs AK47 and you cant fail whit AK47
SoulBawz (EUW)
: this. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
hahahh no for real i made big bounce about 4 waves and i needed to freez to keep the zone i was far ahead but 1v2 and 20 minions attacking you while you cant move is op xD
: Riot pls fix the annoying Minion block / pathing bug
When i used TP i was stuck in minions for 10 sec had to flash out . . . Yasou/Jax/Minions/Crit/Adcs OP atm Rito pls nerf xD
: Leona Fanart
Cool very nice gj
xCillion (EUW)
: The Volunteer Icon Contest!
The Wrenchmen concept: The Emissaries concept: The instructors concept: Concepts: Full rez ones & different versions: some random thing:
: THIS IS MADNESS. Ranked games are no longer playable on Gold division.
ahahahah this was done cause in korea gold V is like 99% boosted but yeah gold and under is trash plat is crap as well only league i've seen anyone play good is diamond+ was in promos for it till i stop caring about league / rank i think making rewards for anyone above 10 wins in ranked any elo would be better same as in hearth stone
StarMerge (EUW)
: Play with bots on your team or get punished.
True 3v3 is only bots i started lving my smurf and as you know till lv 10/20 you can play bots on 3v3 to lv up same as vs ppl but whit 100% win rate needless to say every time you pvp it's 3-5 bots every time probably even 6 when you don't get into game so 5v5 blind pick is only way to lv above 20
Eveninn (EUW)
: You'd actually really think someone jumping around like this has an a bit more energetic Dance. :s
Same goes for Dianas laugh like wut ? was that a hiccup ? while stealthy ninja zed has one of best laugh/taunts and looks like he is on speed or something especially when cancel spamin' . . .
Astrâl (EUW)
: How to report a Riot Administrator?
Problem is some of them just ignore you and post template answers to anything you asked idk if it's because they don't want to help or they are just bad employees . Some of them do good work and actually will answer to your ticket . I got to say most of them are bad and NA EUN EUW etc. respond differently to same ticket was tested. Some of them do the work of ''BOT Noob'' and some of them are helpful and or honest . And i think there should be report option for them as well. Also try not to communicate with them as it can be frustrating !
: Best sentence you ever said after a penta?
'' Wait wut it was not stolen ? o. O ''
TentacIe (EUW)
: im done with this.
It's not honorable to ask for honor just saying beside that once you are tagged as 'toxic' you'll get banned rly easy my first ban was from 4 premades in 5 games in a row reporting me and only once i sad gg easy when i was 22/3/14 ahri while they were 17/85 total since then i tagged riot ban crap invalid as it's comes they did not get banned as 4 ppl wishing you cancer death and wut not is not toxic as you reporting 4 players is BS in Riot eyes .
PRoxy oQ (EUW)
: Research thread [ [ Explain how you feel about Riot Games League of Legends ] ]
#QUESTIONS **post your questions here! use reply button so thread would be clean tnx.**
Kljestic (EUNE)
: Those words are too horrible to say. I use those words only when I am mad or forced to say them. They make a limit on my behaviour so if I ever say those words to you that means that you really done something horrible to me.
Well if you keep them in format of what i require idc what anyone says its a research thread and ALL answers saying ''good or bad'' about Riot or League are rly needed am not here to judge anyone and i would not like anyone to judge anyone on this post just to state their opinions etc. in format required.
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masakeruB (EUW)
: permanent ban
I got to say banning at all is dumb i suggested word filter based chat so when ever you say anything that is toxic it would not replace word whit ******* but kill the whole sentence and that would be rly good as people get frustrated write something and then they would maybe take it back but then full word war goes on and sh.t storm start. Instead if you replace sentence and move one none will know who you meant to flame etc. and for people working around it we should ban them and those work around could be voted by community on forums or in tribunal to be added to filter . In first there would be a bit of work to add all possible things and new ones but over time that would lover toxicity by far and then Riot could focus on real toxic thing called Trolls .
prof1cy (EUW)
: Promotion series in season 6, please remove intra Tier promotions
well 1-5 make easier climb as when your like 7LP and lose you lose 7 instead of 20 but promos are such useless thing i've beaten challenger players (at start of season) and i went only to diamond promos and diamond promos are well something else don't get me wrong i don't think diamond is that hard or that diamond is good or bad i think diamond V and gold V are worst two spots to reach have never seen so many players saying DiamondV_0LP: ''meh you wont win these promos plat trash'' ofc i just gave up on it at some point when i reached them my MMR was 2400-2600 and i was wining 25 - 35+LP per game... but drop hacks, servers issues at that time and amount of trolls made me not care about rank or league anymore. that is latest one i have had from opgg I've sent so many ideas on how to improve ranked one of them got through when i've sent about 2000 emails to supp on how people are getting boosted and ruining game . . . you know when your like gold and you get bronze V and diamond I players . . . Also if riot doesn't make real solo Q i will probably quit this game especially if that 3-4-5 players rewarding ranked system goes through .
Helester (EUW)
: Guiz Its "le competetive" game! An open question to league flamers
Problem whit league it doesn't punishes trolls it punishes people who are frustrated by trolls I remember when some challenger player got baned for flame when he go trolled by 4 premades he made a thread on reddit about it and feed every game did not let anyone win for 200+ games only reason he might have been baned if at all is cause Riot made that thread he posted so many 5%-10% win rate acc who trolled etc. and Riot did not do sh.t about it ! Even when i watched Froggen stream he had some trolls and he said : This is so fucked up i get this zilean and he runs around and feeds etc. yet i cant do anything if i report him my report value goes down and if i say anything i get banned , i cant see anything being more toxic than that !
xCillion (EUW)
: #Frequently Asked Questions >#Can I send multiple creations? No, you can only send one icon per Volunteer role and optionally one general Volunteer icon. >#I’m not good at drawing but I have an amazing idea/concept! We know that some people might have amazing ideas and concepts but aren’t that good at actually drawing them. In that case feel free to submit a little sketch, doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. >#So, we have a chance of creating the definitive icon for the Volunteers? Yes, in case someone has an amazing creation that we truly believe in, we will contact him or her to work together with us to create the new Volunteer icon. If you didn’t create all 3 of them but have shown promise in the icons you did create, we will invite you to work together with us to create the remaining ones. It is also possible that multiple people will be contacted to work together as a team in order to create the most awesome Volunteer icons ever created! >#I have another Question that is not answered here! Feel free to ask/comment below! We will regularly patrol the comments and try to answer as much questions as we can :)
I got few questions Is there any hierarchy amongst positions ? or are they all the same rank just different role ? Is fully rendered peace better than concept ? in terms if they are quality enough we wont have to re render them or your art team. Also last one is there any penalty for posting them here ?
: With that logical I can run around with a gun, shooting people in the chest and then when I get arrested I can act like "hey, thats not my problem, he could've worn a kevlar vest". The fact that there is a mute button doesnt excuse people from saying shit like this.
no ofc you can and you can say that as well but you'll get arrested same as he will get reported here. also he has freedom of speech unlike freedom to kill so he can say anything he likes. if you agree on it or not share same views etc. is completely different thing . Maybe he lives in some country where French man or soldier killed someone close to him . And on top of all there is not a single prof so peace am out
: There is no mute button in the lobby where this occurred.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: Not the point.
It kinda is he can say anything he wants Riot gave him option to completly igore it yet somehow he continue to have conversation that is pointless in given moment... Plus he gives no cluess about what hapened before for him to say this or a screenshot evidence. Anyway i was just here to say he should use mute instead exposing him self to something he finds ofensive especialy cause it's not IRL situation... And it not like he stayed silent either?
: LeBlanc's Q can be proc'd by all her spells, Akali cries in a corner
It was done as most people did not buy wards let alone pink ones... Aka making game noob friendly now they can get only pink and noobs will still fail to get it.
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: 4 Days and already new "I HOPE YOU GET EBOLA" is "I HOPE YOU GET ISIS"
THEY GAVE YOU MUTE BUTTON if it works use it? I would use it IRL if possible as well am getting bored of saying "yeah yeah w/e"
: Was old league better?
Well leauge is back on those tracks you can snowball really well atm i still prefer maybe Season 3 when all assassins were fun.. But as game gained popularity it went to noob friendly duno it's funny to me that people cant dela whit assassins i never had problems vs kata or zed etc. unless when our cc was outclased (read boosted) dunno i liked S3 the best after it game slowed down to much and now they are speeding it up but there are Mage and tank problems atm as well as dumb crit... Every fun champion was nerfed while things like ryze and juggers got steroids instead of proper rework. Still pref new season over 4 and 5
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