Ketiman (EUW)
: Master 5s/soloq Support LFT
Hello friend. My name is Jason, I am interested in building a master/challenger team from scratch, if this interested you let me know and we'll talk.
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: I watch a lot of games, I have decent knowledge of all league champs and techniques in all lanes. I've been traveling for nearly two years now so im only in gold on EUW. I wont be back in europe for another monh at least, but if you need someone ti analyse your games and give feedback, I'd be more than happy to, send us a link from recorded games or give me a heads up when your streaming
: Hey, I have a team, were all Silver ranked, we're currently on the look out for some scrim partners whilst we choose our toplaner, I've added you in game, we can talk more there if you're interested! :)
Hey buddy I'm in college right now, as soon as I get back I'll add you and we'll arrange something.
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: Hello JaonTyler. Me and my friend (Raw Jam) are interested in to join your team as everyday players - support(me) and toplaner(RJ). However, before I will say something about us, let me show you some of our expectations: - We are both from Poland, so english isnt our national language. But! We dont have problems to talk with someone from abroad. Maybe not fluently, but still in understandable way. We just need to fell we know rest of the team and then - every part of our shyness will disapear. So I hope that you would be forgiving at the beggining. - We are looking for team, which really wants to improve and get to the highest division. I know it would be a long trip, but me and my friend are just too exhousted of soloq/duoq/normals/. Playing for practise e.g. synergy? No problem, I would even say - with pleasure, but atm we are not enjoyed enough to play a lot of games because of looking for something more. I think these 2 expectations are the most important for us, so I believe its not a problem to fulfill it. ____ So! Lets answer on your requirements: - I am 20 years old, Raw jam is 1 year younger. Whats more I am sure we are mature, but we are also counting on some fun. :) - We love improving ourselves. We were even watching our replays because we wanted to find mistakes and repair our playstyle. We are also open for criticism, if person, who will criticize us wouldnt be unpleasent. - We have a lot of time, so its not a problem to practise a few days in week, especially for Raw Jam. - Voice communicators - I am sure its not a problem. We can download cursevoice if we would be invited to team. - Toxic behaviour. Oh, hehe ;) I am a bit salty (sometimes) on soloq because of ppl in my team, especially adcs. But I think I am chilled most of the time, so dont worry. - As I said earlier, english isnt our national language. However our skill in this language is enough to play with players from abroad. We would be just not much talkative at the beggining. - If we would want to say something to you guys - we will just say it. We are more confident together, so its not a problem to share some ideas or problems with others. ___ - CHAMPION POOL. **Raw Jam:** {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:8}} **Wind of Justice** {{champion:12}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:26}} WARNING! We are really open for new picks, so its not a problem to master some champs if needed. Anyway I want to add that Raw jam hates Riven, so it would be a problem for him to play this champ. :) WARNING2! We are not a shootcallers. :< ____ Last thing: Short note about us. We are friends since 2007, we've played a lot of games together, so our synergy is very good. Whats more we are still improving, watching LCS,MSI, LCK(sometimes), so you can be sure we will take a game seariuosly. We were also trying to create our own team and join to created teams, but, unfortunately, I am a bad captain and almost all ppl were not skilled enough. That woudlnt be a big problem, because we could practise some things, but they didnt have enough time and at last they were mad, no one knows why. Ok, its a bit boring. We are **d4 and d5** atm, but still climbing. :) If you have any questions, just add me ingame: Wind of Justice or just write here. P.S. Sorry for post's length, but we would be really happy to be a part of good team, so its important for us. Grettings, Wind of Justice and Raw Jam.
Alright buddy, could you and your friend please add me on League- JaonTyler I think we should talk about getting you onto our team.
Tweetee (EUW)
: I'm a support main, but atm im bouncing between plat 2 and plat 1. Is this a problem?
Add me on League and we'll talk- JaonTyler
PTG Pure (EUW)
: Looking for 8 players plat 1 or above to join a team.
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MaserMynd (EUW)
: in case we get some plat + players in: IGN: MaserMynd Role: ADC Champs: Lucian, Sivir, Graves (along with good base knowledge about every champ in this class) Ranking: Plat IV Other: Would also apply for a position as an objective shoutcaller, NOT coordinating the TF though! In case this is of any matter: played dia 2 last season, before a 1 year quit (shouldn't matter though since i don't play like this anymore)
Added in game, add my skype; noahisik and we'll talk about giving you a tryout.
: Greetings! My name is Milos, and I'd like to apply for the midlane. I'm 16 years old, willing to play this game in the more fun way - with a team. I got a good team ranked experience, competing on tournaments, playing aganiast challanger players (and eventually killing those 1v1 :p). I'm fine with any kind of critique, and am willing to improve, help others improving and have a great time in a team that takes this game serious and still enjoys playing it. I can play alot, since my foot is broken I'm rarely outside. My english is fluent, and my elo at the moment is Gold 2 (80 points). If we talk about my champion pool, I can play alot of things. I'm really powerful on assassins such as Zed, Fizz, Yasuo, LeBlanc, Ahri, achieving a high winrate on those and having great success. After all those, I play a great Twisted Fate and the most of the other mages. I am willing to learn and improve on more champions and willing to pick what the team needs. There are alot of other things to say about all this, but I will stop here. Cheers, Mercy!
Added in game, add me on skype; noahisik and we'll talk more about trying you out.
: Hello! I'm 14 and a half years old, but I figured I'd give this a shot even if I'm not quite 15 years old yet. I hope you can tolerate this :) So, I'd like to apply for both jungle and ADC. My preferred champions are (in their respective roles): Vi, Jarvan IV, Nunu, Sejuani (one of my weaker champs though, looking to improve), Vayne, Graves, Corki, Lucian, Urgot. I do my best to take critiscism well as long as it is constructive and I always look to improve. I can practice anywhere between 2 and 4 hours a day on week days, between 16:00 UTC +2 and 18:00-20:00 UTC+2. On weekends/days off I can play pretty much the entire day (nolyf) I have both TS3 and Skype, so comms will not be an issue. My rank is S5, but I don't have a lot of ranked under my belt because I've just not been motivated to play on my own in SoloQ. I'm rarely toxic in SoloQ (or so I think at least :S) and I can only imagine being less toxic in a 5v5 environment. I'm very outroverted when it comes to playing with people online, and I always do my best to try and help everyone around me improve. I speak very fluent English, and despite being Swedish and having lived in Sweden all my life I consider myself to be better at English than Swedish. Don't ask how it happened, because I don't know either O.o So, about myself: As I said, I'm 14 and a half years old. I go to a small school in southern Sweden (Skåne, to those of you who want to know). I got into League of Legends around February last year IIRC. My strong sides of jungle is my ganks and my shotcalling while my map awareness is slightly lacking and my pathing is not the best thing ever. On ADC I'm good at kiting and staying safe in teamfights while my laning and CSing could probably be improved. I like to make map rotations to take early towers and dragons. In hope of future cooperation Z3us Ch4llenger
I've added you in game, and my skype is; noahisik Add me, as soon as you can.
QneL (EUW)
: hey :) any contact details and what for you want to make team?
LA Clone (EUW)
: i would but i only play one champ {{champion:62}}
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