: Haven’t you seen any lores? Lissandra is the most powerful in the freijlord ask anyone.
i have seen enough to know that shes not only terrible in the lore but also in the game it self but hey maybe im blind like her (:
: Lissandra is centuries old, Her magic and power is more then all the tribes put together. Trundle cant Kill Lissandra, He's a little troll, Whilst shes the Ice Witch
Luckily we dont have to agree its pretty obv that shes going to fail in mayor battles whit any faction but hey im pretty sure her magic will come in handy ;D
: It’s not really an alliance, Trundle needs Lissandra to survive without her he’d easily be dead, His army is her army, and he serves Lissandra.
he does not they made a deal which results in a alliance trundle serves no one he will jump her the first chance he get.
: Well he _is_ getting a skin, and Riot only bother putting that kind of effort into a champion that'll be played and therefore sell skins. So seems he's decent enough! :)
hope it comes whit a buff or peopel wont buy it for 1350 RP still a good start
: That’s actually quite funny how that didn’t happen, Lissandra can easily kill anybody in the Freijlord, and Trundle sided with Lissandra because she was going to kill him.
trundle doesnt side whit anybody he might be in a aliance whit her but as soon as shes of no help to him hes going to turn on her if shes so strong why would she even bother having a aliance at all ?
IAmBoshy (EUW)
: Actually Trundle is still funny and pretty much playable but yeah... Little buff to E won't make him broken AF
6th lowest play rate in the entire game i guess he isnt that much fun after all and the passiv is outdated as hell check garens passiv ^^
: Trundle is freelo when you need to counter immobile picks.
try running at a feed kog maw (:
: Trundle doesn’t exist because Lissandra buried him with the Watchers...
its acutally quite funny that a witch got outsmarted by a troll XD {{champion:48}}
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