: PLease riot put your shitt together and fixe game, Its getting insane how careless u become
The creation of event passes,prestige skins little legend loot boxes and rip off eternals should show that Riot is trying to push the last bits of money out of its players wallets and doesn't really care about anything else at this point.
: If it's "stupid crap" then why the hell do u care what it costs? And no, u didn't buy the game. You can use all gameplay aspects without paying a dime. You still earn BE at a comparable if not faster rate as you did with the IP system, and are actually signficantly better off if u factor in the fact that you can buy champs at a discounted rate with the shards. If you pay for cosmetics and extras, then that is a contribution u made willingly and blaming it on riot is nothing short of delusional.
maybe he cares about the cost because riot is showing corporate greed on an EA level and wants the company to notice that we are not walking wallets and they fcked up big time.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >Eternals are the biggest rip off in gaming history since lootboxes lmao. 850 rp per champion for a achievement system games normaly come with when you buy the game. when you **BUY** (keyword is BUY) the game, lol is free and this is nothing but a cosmetic feature that does nothing... if you dont like it or you think it does NOT worth the money then DONT buy it, its that simple...
I played enough f2p games on steam that all got achievement systems.
: Don't buy it if you don't like it.
Ofcourse thats an option but it still doesn't justify this move that just shows what greedy moneyhungry guys riot games are.
: Cull (The 450g "starter" with a quest) could be a rune instead
ye put it so that we can take this klepto and magical footwear to not get a 2000 gold lead min 10 anymore but to get a 5000 gold lead for doing absolutly nothing.
Rioter Comments
: Garen is getting tons of balance fixes and bug fixes now.
Nah its because garen went botlane and you cant dare let an adc play against anything else than an adc.
: well i would like be 0/5 with irelia, and be so cancer for the whole game, as garen do sadly or happyli, irelia is not that kind of champ,and ask you to play very good early to be strong mid late game
Not like Irelias pure existence is cancer
: Zombie slayer pantheon is garbage
I think you get the skin wrong. It maybe doesn't suit the current style of pantheon but it definitly feels like a man who just wants to slay some zombies. It doesn't need super flashy animations to be cool.
Kravixman (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PaG VentusKing,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2WBQhblX,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-14T12:50:37.358+0000) > > On PBE Garens E now scales with attack speed and does onhit dmg. I don't know what you guys think but Wits end garen or even atack speed onhit garen will be lit af can't wait to play that sh't No we only need to remove attack speed cap. and see how Garen can drill to Australian servers :D
Lethal tempo. Proc with Q into spin to win
Rioter Comments
: Genius Lethal Tempo Buff
They allready tried that with press the atack when the new rune system came on the PBE. It would give infinitly scaling ad for basic atacking or using abilities procing onhit effects. There is 1 champion why this rune would never come out ever atleast in an infinite scaling state. And the mans called urgot. Imagine gaining 15 stacks of this by pressing W inlane after using E. Balanced.
: blablabla you know that if irelia is behind she hardly back in the game which is not the case of riven, irelia is countered by many champ so dont say it is broken thx,
Irelias whole design is completly broken and as long as she has such a overloaded kit she stays broken.
Rena (EUW)
: From all of your comments under this post, I can see that you are hating this champion and that your opinion isn't really neutral. I try to list facts here so yes i would appricate if people would respond with facts too instead of blind hate. Riven and Katarina are the **2 only champion who build deathdance as a core item** and not as a situational item. (maybe illaoi) Those 2 champions are S+ right now and both need a nerf, that's why i suggested this change. I think people forget that Riven before this season was not really a hot topic since years. Like for 3 seasons noone called her op or broken because she wasn't. Yes she will probably always be hates like yasuo. But it's not like the champion is permanentely broken like some people say. She is broken since this season. Also No higher Riven player buys shojin as a care item. It's rather situational since it's a downgrade of Cleaver for her.
Urgot also builds Deaths dance pretty reliantly. Aatrox also is building Deaths Dance as a core item. Katarina doesn't even build deaths dance she builds gunblade
: Mundo is very high in line for a full VGU, so he will likely get a new passive
It will take a while before Mundo gets a VGU he was under the 4 champs where the players decided who needed one together with Voli,Fiddle and Nocturne and Voli and Fiddle won so he probably won't be in line before these 2 finish.
: i hate riven ,but i like fight her, it is like a challenge for irelia, else if i lose early onetime against her, game is done for me else i dont find her overpowered, just ppl dont know how to deal with
Broken champ fights Broken champ. Maybe you don't find her overpowered because your playing one of the most overpowered non counterplay champs in the game.
: champions phase...
Vayne is good in Late trash in early. Draven is a early game hypercarry that only is good when gaining a lead. But still viable in mid/late but not as good as example vayne. Zed is good early/mid and gets more trash the longer the gaem lasts. If you want more examples i can give them to you.
: riot games
If you would nerf adcs they just would cry on Reddit again because how dare adc not be the strongest role in the game and riot would make them even more broken the next patch. That's why everything else needs to be op too.
pikalov3r (EUW)
: can people please let junglers gank
how about changing the jungle so junglers dont have to permanently gank taking all selfskill from winning a lane by making it the jungler who ganks more wins the lane. How about we reduce jungle exp gold and camp spawn timers so junglers actually have to decide between farming and ganking again.
Thilmer (EUW)
: Can we adress toplane balance already?
But if we balance toplane adcs while whine again about their lane not being the only lane that can impact and win a game and we can't make the small Children cry on Reddit all day xd
: Not true, if you win the lane you can roam and impact other lanes, Top is not just about pushing top and winning, you have options like roaming or have priority in lane so your jungle can invade, these are good outcomes and win matches. Think how often a pro team relies on top to get the winning lane, hell any winning lane is good including top. Use that to win the game.
Better take my 70 seconds to walk botlane while the enemy just takes my turret.
Rena (EUW)
: Why Riven is in a "toxic" state right now
Yeah nerf a Item just because Riven is good with it. Better not nerf the busted op champion instead. Better punish every single user of deaths dance because Riven is too good with it.
Chaeor (EUW)
: reasons why i think shes busted hardcore 1. super consistent damage output on such a long chain that it makes it seem like she has no cooldowns (QautoQautoQauto into stun auto into ult auto into dash auto into again Q auto X3 into excute) 2. the only brusier in the game with more than 1 cc and its triggering nockup AND stun along 3 dashes 3. ultimate that feels even more unfair you click R ( +80 AD more range on ALL but summonerspells/active items AND an excute ult with base dmg of %%%%ing 600 SCALING with AD) 4. deaths dance +e shield = fulll on damage nullification and reduction as if im playing vs a mord now but mainly its the fact she has 2 cc effects is what pisses me off cause no other brusier has that
You forgot spear of shojin allowing her to have literally no cooldowns on everything.
Shamose (EUW)
: Sylas, Mordekaise, Rumble, Ekko, Diana, Akali. To name a few. If those champs got the items they need Riot can maybe balance them normally instead of having to overtune them to be relevant.
Mordekaiser and Rumble can buy Rylais, Lyandris as their ''ap bruiser items'' and work good. Sylas rushes protobelt which is kinda a ap bruiser item. Diana Akali and Ekko are AP Assassins and AP Bruiser item would make them flat out more broken.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Balanced AP bruisers need them. That's why champions like Akali, Diana, Ekko, Sylas or even Ryze are in the state they are. They are always either overtuned or way too weak because they were supposed to be AP based fighters, but they have no items for this job.
Akali Ekko and Diana all are ap assassins.
Shamose (EUW)
: Sylas is either OP or not. Sylas is an AP bruiser in a game without items for that class. So riot has to overtune him to be even relevant.
who needs ap bruiser items if literally every normal ap item is severly broken.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PaG VentusKing,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WlXb0JKY,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-07T22:24:36.177+0000) > > Because Kennen is so easy to trade with as a meele i think your delusional. Not like Kennen has a free af stun by pressing AA W E and can run to safety to then get atack speed buffed for no reason at all and aa you to death. So much you can do as a meele so much amazing so much wow so much counterplay. Not like Klepto Kennen shut downs a lane completly for free. Thats why competetive klepto kennen is pickban because Klepto is so troll on Kennen HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA YOU INSANE MADMAN yes it is learn to lane so you can stop %%%%%ing about kennen i looked at your game that you got smashed in lets compare you are malphite vs a kennen according to stats malphite has a 62% kill rate against kennen and 54% game win rate now after we have established that malphite both wins lane and wins game we conclude that malphite is a somewhat ok counter to kennen lets dive deeper 1st your runes you took 0 sustain into the kennen from resolve second wind makes his autos heal you i have no clue why you have precision with atk speed since the sorcery with mana and cdr or scorch is infinitely better you took atk speed and mixed resists instead of cdr and ap or double ap so we have established that you made insane mistakes before even the game started 2nd your item choices since your runes sucked ass you were forced to recall twice in 5 minutes AFTER starting corrupting pot ganked or not being forced to recall twice that early already means the player against you is infinitely BETTER as a player THAN YOU you started off with corrupting (which is fine) but then you went into really early MR into a champion that 1 started klepto ie would be dealing mainly physical damage 2 started dorans blade which even further means that he will be dealing physical damage to you this means that you should be prioritizing HEALTH and then going into TABIS (mercs effect against kennen is barely noticeable) and their whole team is filled with AD WITHOUT CC including YOU SCALING FROM ARMOR Now you did go Tabi but you should have had Tabi on that 8 min mark and not 14 min 3rd From the 2nd point you were forced to recall twice as i see the kill map you were SOLO KILLED at min 3 again starting corrupting there should be no way you die at min 3 unless you straight inted 4th minions matter a lot Malphite wins lane Due to his Q out trading heavily kennen if kennen wants to proc klepto he HAS to trade it for minion agro if he doesn't your positioning is beyond terrible This is what ive established from simply looking at your first 5 minutes who knows how many times you %%%%ed up after that if i watch your replay i could probably see a big mistake every 15 seconds since the game started learn to lane learn to play stop watching hashinshin and finally switch to jungle
malphite wins into a mage. More didnt i need to read to see your delusional and sorry that hash is right with 90% he says about toplane balance.
Rioter Comments
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PaG VentusKing,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WlXb0JKY,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-07T22:02:02.277+0000) > > Tell me where klepto has counterplay. Oh wait it doesnt it just straight up shoves a 2000 gold lead up your arse min 8 for doing absolutly nothing. 2k at min 8? did you just sit in fountain while he farmed klepto procs off of you for 8 straight minutes? did you not have the fingers to trade with him? having an offensive or defensive keystone to trade with or straight kill him not enough for you? if someone takes klepto against you and wins the lane regardless you should reconsider your main position or seek another game because league is definitely too hard for you if that happens klepto on champions that aren't gp or kayle is a sign of disrespect just like buying cull means that you think your oponent is too trash at the game to do anything about it
Because Kennen is so easy to trade with as a meele i think your delusional. Not like Kennen has a free af stun by pressing AA W E and can run to safety to then get atack speed buffed for no reason at all and aa you to death. So much you can do as a meele so much amazing so much wow so much counterplay. Not like Klepto Kennen shut downs a lane completly for free. Thats why competetive klepto kennen is pickban because Klepto is so troll on Kennen HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA YOU INSANE MADMAN
: What's the difference between losing a game by having one guy run it down in promos compared to not in promos? They both feel as bad as each other, you still lose the game. Back in season 1 and 2, it used to be an ELO system where you would see a set number and it just goes up and down based on wins or losses. Riot got feedback from that system, people found it boring, so they evolved it into the current system which people prefer. Taking away the promos makes it more or less the same as the ELO system, just with smaller numbers
Ask overwatch players if they would prefer to play 10 promo games before advancing into the next elo. I don't think anyone of them would say YEAH BOI GIVE US THE HARD WAY! also I can't believe that anyone said ''Yo Riot give us 2 games to advance so people can troll and stop us from advancing!''
Viavarian (EUW)
: In reality, every game (except placement matches) has the same value. The MMR system knows no leagues and no promos, you gain or lose roughly the same amount of MMR for every game. If you lose promos 1:2, it will be the same as if you had lost one regular game and if you lose 0:2, it will be as if you had lost two regular games. Once you understand this, you can stop worrying about promos, since there is zero long term difference between losing a regular game and a promo game and you will also have no reason to be upset at things like ending up at 99 LP. But you will also realize that the league system is just a (mostly) pointless facade to a standard elo system.
There still is difference to losing a non promo ranked game to a promo ranked game when someone runs it down. The promo game is the only stupid barrier that blocks you from advancing. Like why do i have to win 5-6 games in a row to get to promos and then prove in 2-3 more unnecessary games that i can advance
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: You dont play {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:86}} ????? And show me where in chalenger are mostly adc cuz im curious too. Top useless??????You realise is bruiser meta right?????Play adc carry 4 people on your own then tell me how "op adc is" buddy. And dont talk about lcs is a very complet game.In solo que 1 game is decided in 10 mins..Lcs can go to 50 mins and you got a team to back you up. Go ask those "chalengers main adc"you said there are many...how they climbed there.I bet whatever you want they will say they played top mid jgl to climb instead of adc.Even streamers admited adc low elo is not playable.
nah i don't play Irelia because i got some dignity left in my life. And yes toplane is the most useless role. You can't do sh*t and need to coinflip on your jungler to gank you more often because junglers have way too much free time to gank right now. And your lane can be shutdown by 1 single ranged klepto bs pick making it again a coinflip on botlane and jungle. And unless you get 10 kills inlane it doesnt matter how fed you are because your irrelevant anyways.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PaG VentusKing,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WlXb0JKY,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-07T20:12:15.607+0000) > > Kennen literally is the easiest ranged toplaner to play but sure he isnt a problem in lower elos. Klepto abuse is so cheap. then play him yourself since he is so easy wow a champion has a win condition wow enemy doesn't even want to abuse the weaknesses of that win condition crying on the boards instead of improving can't wait for hashinshin to drop league so you guys actually grow an opinion
Tell me where klepto has counterplay. Oh wait it doesnt it just straight up shoves a 2000 gold lead up your arse min 8 for doing absolutly nothing.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Where you saw adc dealing with tanks early game???Im pretty sure early game adc is most then useless.I cant even believe ppl agree with you.No wonder solo que is %%%%ed up. And where the %%%% you see 1 adc melee form tank???You delusional my friend.Early game you get deleted even if you have 3 items if a tank have 1 item armor.What a surprise adc scale better then tanks..You didnt know that i guess but qq adc is op LOL. Adc is not op.Even streamers pro players and high elo players say it.But you people on forum cry about 1 role that probably you never tried it. I play bot vs tanks.{{champion:111}} {{champion:516}} just destroy adcs.They cant prove dmg early game.And thats where tanks are strong.Early game. They cant win early game bcs conqueror top.Play them support bot and voila So before you speak try to search.Adc op???Even other seasons adc was 1 shot.First is solo que no 1 gives a shit about peeling you and 2 even if you 300 0 you cant carry games alone.You still get deleted by a jax with 2 items. What a surprise...people on forum are delusional.I guess those high elo players are just bad players sayng "adc is pretty awful ".Especially low elo is unplayable. Go play adc now show me you 1 shot people and get elo.Go go go.
So your telling me ADC is the weakest role. Thats why toplane is completly underplayed in challenger and alot of challenger players are adcs. That's why every Jungler these days sits botlane to double kill the enemy botlane and funnel platings into the adc. That's why challenger toplaners feel so useless that even a LEC Player in an interview said that he could have ran it down this game and it wouldn't have changed abit because toplane is so useless atm. Thats why in the Nubrac interview nightblue and over challenger players stated that you support bot and sit bot on jungle because adc is the most insane dmg dealer atm. And fun fact: Armor items are overnerfed and useless with the new last whisper. In fact no armor item reaches a 100% Cost effiency but damn the meany meany tank armor items are so broken and shouldnt exist amirite
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PaG VentusKing,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WlXb0JKY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-07T18:27:45.849+0000) > > that wasnt a nerf. That was a hardbuff. Removing a totaly small amount of atack speed putting even more on his E is complete bs. AP KENNEN is the problem noch ATACK SPEED Kennen. They should just nerf his overall dmg on all of his abilities and delete klepto. kennen isn't a problem outside of pro play and masters+ this change was only put in to deal with that elo bracket the buffs he got will barely be felt by lower brackets
Kennen literally is the easiest ranged toplaner to play but sure he isnt a problem in lower elos. Klepto abuse is so cheap.
: His damage isn’t that low, you just have to actually be skilled in order to bring out the damage rather than just face rolling... managing your empowered abilities, using the right type of Q, activating abd deactivating the E at the right times so it doesn’t hurt his damage... that’s all things people gotta practice and once they get it down he does a lot more damage.. and it’s stuff a lot of the youtubers are currently terrible at, so many of them don’t ever use his W (which is objectively his best empowered ability), most charge the Q at the worst times, most don’t reactivate the E early to get back to damaging. Go watch Captainmonk’s video... he’s at least figured pantheon out enough to be dealing good damage, .
Couldnt trinity force now be an actually really good item on Panth with his empowered W and uncharged Q spam (refunds 50% of cd)
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: ***
that wasnt a nerf. That was a hardbuff. Removing a totaly small amount of atack speed putting even more on his E is complete bs. AP KENNEN is the problem noch ATACK SPEED Kennen. They should just nerf his overall dmg on all of his abilities and delete klepto.
Rioter Comments
: Riot doesn't care, they put honor system, to take your honor from real life, so if u want to be the good slave, who follow orders and be insulted and living without honor, u will have no problems in this game, but if u are the kind of guy, who protect his owner, and protect him self for his own good, and have a very good honor in real life, sry for u bro, but u will suffer a lot, as i did.
dont let riot whiteknights see this or it's getting downvoted really fast
iaapvper (EUW)
This problem will probably never be fixed unless its a graphical bug on a lux skin.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: That's quite a good summary honestly, I can totally see that happening.
plat elo also is the elo where atleast 60% of games are decided by who has more smurfs on their team because their all climbing their accounts up and plat is the point where you get easily and thats why plat is overloaded with smurfs.
Cypherous (EUW)
: So you got a 14 day ban on the 6th which the system escalated to a permaban on the 7th, the client likely can't show you the permanent ban notification because you had a pending 14 day ban notification, which is the one that is show to you when you log in, i mean i'm not seeing where they are spreading misinformation as the support rep very clearly told you that it was escalated to a permanent ban
How is a 14 day ban escalated to a permaban by not playing. That literally makes no sense. and He didn't say that he was so severe that it was escalated to a perma. He just said it was permanently banned then which literally shouldnt be happening because he wasnt even playing heck didnt even had the chance to even play till the 6th.
Rioter Comments
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Just thought I'd share my thoughts about each Elo
Platinum is not a Zoo. It's Egohell. Every plat Player plays mechanically better then faker and if they do wrong its someone elses fault. I had a midlaner blaming her whole lane loss on me for not shen ulting her.
SlothSex (EUW)
: Incompetent Riot employee spreading misinformation? Systems broken? How can we trust Riot?
If you said you would send 400€ in PayPal on RP tho his account maybe he wouldve looked into it.
Rioter Comments
State of the game: TFT still is complete utter Trash and a sad excuse from Riot to not fix the meta problems on Summoners rift.
: Make promo games where you had an afk repeatable!
They should just remove promo games entirely. Literally no other competetive game uses this bs to rankup
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