Evidence (EUNE)
: Jax is imune to auto atacks,while kayle is imune to everything,pls consider that tho.
still renders him immune against champs like trynd,yi and the other auto atackers because thats literally all they do. And he has a point it has way lower cd while kayles is an ult with 100 sec +
: I don’t think either are good or evil. They are two sides of the coin, both aspects of justice but embodying vastly different ideals, kayle being punishment and Morgana being protection (I think)... kayle wants to punish the wicked and Morgana wants to protect the innocent. They just have different views on who is innocent and who isn’t. So I don’t think this is a blatant good vs evil, there’s good and evil sides to both of them, neither one is right, but neither is wrong.
as far as i know the protector is taric. And their not directly aspects. They're parents where aspects of justice if i understood it correctly
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: After... Level... 16... A huge chunk of champions hit their power spike before she reaches level 16 and gains true damage on her autos. You haven't even seen her be played and you're already complaining about the damage. Where do you get your data from? The preview of her abilities?
idc if its after level 16 the fact is that true dmg isn't healthy for auto atacks. I've seen on Yi how much bs dmg he can deal as true dmg with his Wuju style and how much true dmg old irel did we don't need another champion with true dmg on AA's. There could've been alot of other ways to give her a 16 powerspyke by doubling the magic dmg from her E passive or somethin, givin her pen or some other things but not straight up AOE auto atack true dmg.
: Though this is only past level 16, so for the majority of the game she won’t have access to this... though she will probably be the strongest hypercarry in the game after she hits level 16 which is gonna be scary.
they couldve gone with mixed or magic dmg they didnt give irel her true dmg in her rework either. Auto atack true dmg is one of the most stupid variants of adding uncounterable dmg into the game. and it from what she gets the true dmg if it comes from her E passive where she gets bonus dmg from ad and ap than its just stupid to have scaling onhit true dmg.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Kayle & Morgana update details revealed!
yay ranged autoatack true dmg... definitly what we needed on another champ
Basstaper (EUW)
: Looks like you didn't have anyone that could deal with Nasus, tbh even before the changes, if a team couldn't deal with Nasus he could solo carry the game. That's just the type of champion he is, if you don't shut him down early he will steamroll your entire team.
You mean if you don't shut him down before 6 because his ult just allows him to free 1v1 any toplaner with that bs Q cdr and opening up 2v1s.
: For tahm, it can be extremely good to move across the map, to roam, etc. He doesn't have to use the ult the moment he steals it. Or he can roam bot, kill them, get bot tower, and them tp with the adc to get mid tower too (it's just an exemple). What I'm trying to say is that he have soo many options and doesn't always need offensive ults. For cho, yes he can, but that also means that will sacrifice early/mid game to have more hp late game, then it's a very fine tradeoff. 5 stacks will grant him 800hp at lvl 3 ultimate. Also, he puts a cooldown on the champion equal to 200% of the actual cooldown. which means that he needs to wait 160s every time before getting his ult and being near him and not having his own ult on cooldown (maybe he will need it in a fight to save his life) Also, ults aren't designed to help you 2v1. If elise and nidalee find their transforms good, they he will like them too. Don't forget that their human form and transformed form have nothing to do with each others and act like different champs
Nidalees whole cougar form revolves on her to hit something in human form first to get the mark for extra range dmg resets etc all that bonuses are gone on sylas leaving him without the things that make cougar form good. For elise form: Her kit is designed to make her spider form strong arround it (Q giving current health dmg first and execute dmg in spider form) Also he doesn't get the spiderlings which makes the W from elise way weaker on him. E can be good but not in every circumstance. He just doesn't get close to the potential with these ults that the champs where the transforms come from would have. So saying that their human and transform forms have nothing to do with eachother is just wrong because they literally revolve arround eachother. Nidalee literally needing a human hit for bonuses and elise doing the start in human finishing with the spiderform single target.
: You are actually giving false informations. It is in redmercy's video that I saw it lol... [Here is his video at the right timestamp as a proof](https://youtu.be/DLPjFLwvlqc?t=1723)
Ye i miss seen that in redmercys video my bad there. But a ult that mainly is good on vayne to kite and give her more ad then normal adcs late game wont sudenly be good on sylas because invis.
: You would want to transform for the same reason an elise or nidalee transform. Getting 3 other different spells wich means more damage. Elise also have a good gap closer/escape. He have a long cooldown before he can steal an ultimate from the same person, so he can't spam steal cho ult for exemple. He can use tahm ult to tp with an ally, why would that be useless? if it's useless on him, it's useless on tahm too... Also, he can become invisible after he use his Q if he steals vayne ult. Her ult also gives 50% cdr on q and empowers the next basic attack (which is really good with his passive)
Also i don't say tahm ult is useless. On Tahm itself the ult is pretty good for his kit allowing different roams and helping his team but in the middle of the action on botlane why would you want to have a tahm kench ult. You literally have to get in range to get that ult and i don't think sylas will go up to tahm wasting his time coming bot just to walk back mid and tahm ult toplane. And for the transforms. Ofcourse they can be good in certain scenarios but if you want to camp sylas a transform won't help him to sudenly 2v1 you (unless it's shyvana her transform can be good). And yes you can't spam steal cho ult but getting the cho ult 5 times just for minions for example gives sylas a good chunk of hp. And getting this bulky through an ult passive that he shouldn't get (just the dmg is fine) with dmg that shouldn't even allow him to get 3-4k hp from an enemy ult is just not fine on his own kit.
: It's really difficult for me to figure if his ult is okay, really good or really bad. The bad is that early he is gonna have to roam to actually keep an ult up since his 85 seconds is much shorter than most other ult (especially with the double cdr time). And again there are plenty of ults which Sylas won't make much use out of. The good side is that late with 40% CDR your ult is around 10 seconds so during long fights you can easily pop out two ults in a single fight, also the fact that some tanks can be heavily abused by Sylas stealing their ultimate (Nautilus' 450 base 80% ap point and click knock up, Malphite's 400 base 100% AP etc) His ult has it's cons, but by the time of late game the pros clearly surpass it.
idk if the idea of using 2 or even 3 ults in one fight (depending on how long it goes 3 is very unlikely) is that great tho. Imagine a scenario where you take enemy toplane trundles ult to shred the resistances he got from his own and to get bulky af also regenerating alot of hp making you easily get alot more hp of W survival now the enemy zed is late for the fight you take his deathmark and pop the enemy adc while being super bulky and the enemy tank just lost the resistances he took from your tank and pops like a cherry by your crit adc. I just don't think that his ult is too fair because some of the ults that are balanced on other champs are just way too good on him. Like trynd ult is kinda k on trynd because he needs to aa you and get in range so you can kite or group him down but imagine that 5 seconds on an AoE mage in a teamfight who just can't die while dealing massive dmg. and the 5 seconds are half his ult cd imagine him taking like an alistar ult after that the ult is ok on ali because ali literally deals no dmg and just tanks but on someone with hard dmg 70% dmg reduction or how much he has can be devastating. It's hard to balance 140 ults arround one champ which kit could be overpowered with one of them
: You would want to transform for the same reason an elise or nidalee transform. Getting 3 other different spells wich means more damage. Elise also have a good gap closer/escape. He have a long cooldown before he can steal an ultimate from the same person, so he can't spam steal cho ult for exemple. He can use tahm ult to tp with an ally, why would that be useless? if it's useless on him, it's useless on tahm too... Also, he can become invisible after he use his Q if he steals vayne ult. Her ult also gives 50% cdr on q and empowers the next basic attack (which is really good with his passive)
Redmercy had vay ne ult in his video and he never got invis by using any ability at all. It's because the ultimate clearly states using tumble gives invis and not using Q
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, This is purely a visual bug due to Division V no longer existing - on the backend you're still recorded as where you were, it's just that Division V isn't a thing any more so the client is a little confused ^_^
On my end it shows i was unranked even though i ended with plat 3.
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: Not how it works buddy. I've seen hundreds if not thousands of chat restriction cases. I do have a grasp on how the system judges toxicity. Giving constructive criticism is NEVER bannable. I'm doing it since 7 years.
Thats what riot told me. The only really offensive thing in the whole log was ''Wont talk to people laking braincells'' and i don't think that alone is enough for a restrict. They even had a text about how criticism is forbidden.
NAS candy (EUW)
: oh, okay. thanks for correcting me :D i appreciate that
dodging the que won't affect your MMR unless your challenger. Your MMR is safe below. Only in Challenger there's a Shadow MMR loss for dodging because the ques are so long.
: You can easily win a 4v5 by keeping your mental up and not tilting. Check my op.gg, yesterday I carried a 4v5 match by having 27/6 on Evelynn.
You played Evelynn and got fed. You can't say thats easy makable on every champ in the game. Take maokai top get super fed by beating your enemy and you still will lose because you absolutly deal no dmg at all and are super dependent on that autofill adc.
Yraco (EUW)
: The only thing you can really do is play your best and try not to tilt when people do badly because you can't control how anyone else does in the game.
Playing to your best won't win you the game anymore sadly. Getting fed is just raising the chance of winning but if the 4 other on your team go 0/5 you can say goodbye to your win.
: > But wait telling them to stay under turret is critique and therefor punishable because no snowflake must be hurt. Gimme a SINGLE example of someone getting banned for saying "Please stay under your tower in order to avoid further deaths vs a 15/0 Renekton", and I'm requesting account deleting for my 2200+ MMR 250skin account this instant.
I got chatrestricted once and asked the rito support why because i couldn't see toxic behaviour and they sent me parts of the logs and these where :Morg why would you go so far into the enemy lines? and Morg play safe and stay with your adc. They told me im not allowed to tell anyone how their suposed to play and that therefor im not allowed to critizize them.
: Yes. Telling a 13 year old to kill himself twenty seven times in a fifteen minute match because he "fed", indeed makes you a good player. Damn you Riot, and your foolish policies !
First off a really minor part of the league community actually is 13 years old the kids play fortnite these days league isn't getting new younger players really second you make a really unlikely scenario to happen people who write the magic 3 letters oftenly only do it once or twice per game. But you should be allowed to call someone stupid or bad af when he died to toplane renekton for the 15th time in a row because he refuses to stay under his turret and dies over and over again. But wait telling them to stay under turret is critique and therefor punishable because no snowflake must be hurt.
: Considering he did Warwick and Taric I think he has got potential... plus a lot of what he does isn’t really his fault (yasuo was litterally started cause they asked pros about what would become Braum E and one of them suggested it on a carry), plus akali needed her shroud and was getting built around it this time... yeah they have a habit of going off the rails but he’s getting given champions to rework where what people like tend to be the parts that can frustrate people
After seeing what he did with the mordekaiser rework making it either beyond broken and a free win or absolutly frustrating to play and looking into his champ design history (Yasuo,Old overpowered overloaded thresh(he still is overloaded),Old Darius with no CD on ult kills from lvl 6,Zoe...,he designed Zyra the only reason she wasnt blatantly stupid back then was because morello was on the design team holding him back then the rework came and ye... he did new Graves who's either overpowered in the jungle or sees almost no play, and ye then he did akali and thought true stealth was a nice and balanced idea to play against. Would've fired him after Zoe honestly. Warwick and Taric are his only good reworks and Taric actually has the only unfair mechanic that has a balanced wind up (5man kayle ult) and therefor can be counterplayed.
: The reason the nerfs where small was because preseason was coming, that’s gonna affect him in general and in ways that riot can’t predict (landing phase is actually his weakest stage so extending it does hurt him (at least for mid lane viktor) and a lot of the runes he used saw a lot of change) so instead of double nerfing and outright killing off viktor in general a smaller nerf to start with then reassess... More nerfs are on their way
They gave him shield bash which on viktor can make a significant change in dmg. They also buffed klepto which allready was OP on Viktor toplane. So yeah I can't see how they shouldn't have nerfed him harder because now he has the freedom to move in the deffensive tree getting 20 ap for free from the other runes and armor. All the rune changes actually came in toplane Viktors favor so ye they should've killed it to begin with.
: No need to be rude. This suggestion is nice and completely makes sense. Pyke can see when he can execute the enemies and that's qol. You should be able to count the damage so he shouldn't have that, right? Tell me... What bad do you see about this qol change for karthus? Why would you ever oppose it? It's not like it matter skill-wise at all. Like you said, it's not hard to count, so why not add it then?
Urgot has it aswell. Or if not a ult indicator when hes dead the mana bar could change to like a white bar that counts down from 7 to 0 i mean aatrox has no bar and suddenly gets one when ulting so this shouldn't be a problem to implement. Would be a fair change for both karth and the enemy because they can see how much time is left by the bar running out and he can properly time his skills.
Furnado (EUNE)
: Thanks for taking the time to go through all these points. I have some points where I disagree, some where I agree, but mostly I feel like you missed some of my points. Ezreal - the W->E will kill you. Assuming the opponent is full health before you do it (you don't have your old W for poke), using your E offensively kinda puts you in a bad spot. But my main problem with it is the fact that it gets stopped by the first champion/ turret. Makes it unreliable and overall weaker in teamfights where I would prefer a strong low cooldown AOE damage instead of a single target blockable must proc after skill. Ultimate was already very strong, the power they added to it was not what I was hoping for. I do agree that specifically his single target burst combo is stronger. Honestly I already thought it was strong enough before - you could already kill any squishy with a EWQ. I don't like that they shifted versatility into overkill. Aatrox - was working good as a burst diver - they could've just toned down the obnoxious drain tanking. new one is clunky and on stat-steroids. Irelia - I never said stun being a skillshot bothered me - I would just prefer it giving her bonus damage or attack speed instead of Q spam on the target when it hit, so that the champion would feel more in spirit with the old one - where setting up a low minion for Q reset was important. New W kinda doesn't fit with the champion as well. Also Q placing you behind your target feels more like an assassin instead of a fighter. Rammus - his damage became him hitting you instead of you hitting yourself, that's what my problem is. Takes away the identity of a hedgehog. Swain - if point and click is unfair, change it but don't make it burst instead of DoT... Ravens are nice AP Shaco - main strength was always boxes, removing his E does not make him more of a trickster, it just lets people walk away after they ran into 3 boxes cuz you have nothing to finish them off with. Only "shift" was the boxes from clone - not really great when the explosion of the clone can now almost be ignored. Urgot - theme/badassery is 1.subjective and 2.can be changed without deleting the champion. If it was so unfair then why do ranged champions exist top lane now? Shouldn't they get deleted as well by that logic? Should Viktor get deleted because he's unfun top and weak mid? Gnar? Kennen? Vladimir? I honestly feel like new Urgot is just as uninteractive to play against, yet a lot more boring to play as... Galio - sorry but here I cannot agree about the "captures his theme" part. It's like Diablo Immortal's "true Diablo experience (but on mobile)". Taric - I agree new Taric is game changing and viable. I also agree old Taric was linear. But playing a linear champion in a non-linear game seems more fun to me than an artificially viable champion in a linear meta. Nunu - it's a new champion. what defined old Nunu for me was his E. Now for me he's somehow more annoying to play against yet not as fun to play. Sejuani - doing two little slaps of physical damage does not seem as impactful to me. Also her previous ultimate felt better. AP Maokai - umm new E is the one scaling with % hp of the target... Flat damage was old Maokai, and his E used to hit on landing as well. Evelynn - I have to agree here. This is not her first rework as well. But they could still try to keep at least some of her versatility. Nidalee - 3/4 is a bit too much if she's not 10 kills ahead of you. Rather even with 10 kills ahead she will still need to jump on you with cat after the spear in order to actually kill you. Making her "more options" only 1 option - go into cat and run at the enemy... Graves - his basic attacks do feel more like a shotgun now yes. His Q feels less like a shotgun to me though AP Tristana - yes theoretically she can still work if you manage to somehow get enough items. By that point teamfights happen and if you jump in to kill a squishy you die or get cc'ed before you can jump out. Quinn - any info on when that rework will be coming? Backdooring - I mean if your nexus is open then Kassadin can do the same thing now as well? Poke comps - Yep. Baron - would prefer to have more than 1 objective with that power then. And Elder Dragon is not as powerful as Baron currently. Lane swaps - umm I do know stuff can work bottom. Problem is it is gonna be bottom because of the difference in tower strength early. It would be refreshing to have a 2v2 top or 2 2v1s, especially since Rift Herald is a thing and can spice up objective trades. Right now everyone is mostly doing a party on bottom and then going for dragon when they have priority. It feels forced to me because the outer turrets should be the same for every lane. Junglers - I did not say junglers were weak now did I? I said: long respawn timers take away the player decision whether they want to farm or gank. Now you are always doing both. You could lower rewards of camps and make their respawn timers shorter, they don't have to give the same rewards as they do now...
The problem with old ezreal W was that it was the most useless ability ever when going ad and pros and adc mains cried out loud for it to change so i think they just wanted to find a balanced decission to make it good for both ad and ap ez and its the same problem with two shiv on shaco ad shaco mains cried because ap was so strong it even got jungle play and therfor they took strength of ap and put it to ad by making it ad so it scales with lethality and with mao sry i meant his root W not his E ^^. With Galio we have split opinions tho i think the new one fits the whole gargoyle and protector theme galio had way more than the old one. In gameplay new galio actually protects with W and R and the old one literally had a shield that would heal himself when cast on an ally which seemed pretty egoistic for a protector.
Breakhz (EUNE)
: Have you ever played zed mid????No you didnt.
i did. Have you ever hovered your mouse over the armor stat and see that it reduces % physical dmg? 5 armor wont suddenly cut 20% of the dmg theres no mathematical way that would ever work.
: I wasn't disagreeing with you mate. Lately Riot has been having some questionable decisions regarding the pricing of their borders and icons when attached to bundles.
They had so much costs on e sports they didn't even sent the casters to korea. Guess they are losing out on the standard money they make and therfor overprice such things to get the costs back in.
perkzzluka (EUNE)
: Urf
theres a urf death match in nexus blitz now. So probably not.
Shamose (EUW)
: > lood Lord Vladimir is one of the worst, if not THE worst (without even counting the model). Magnificent tf and red baron corki are far worse.
Count gentleman cho in. literally base model with a tophat and dialogue.
Furnado (EUNE)
: About player choice in League of Legends
> [{quoted}](name=Furnado,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AAFBhpwI,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-29T21:54:34.360+0000) > > * Champion reworks / ability changes: > -- AP Ezreal {{champion:81}} - "We are going to keep AP Ezreal viable during his mini rework" - his main dmg source now became single target, blocked by frontline, and does not deal any damage by itself... Can go ap with no problem at all even has a better chance to burst his enemy because E will allways conect to champs hit by W. Ult now allways deals full dmg not even killing waveclear when going ap. > -- Aatrox {{champion:266}} - The old champion got completely removed. He was fun to play (AP as well before the first mini rework.). F literally has been the most obnoxious melee toplaner to play against lacking alot of counterplay because bloodprice/bloodwhatever did either way too much dmg or healed way too much health with his drain tank style. > -- Irelia {{champion:39}} - went from a fighter using basic attacks into a burst oriented skill spammer. Identity lost. She was also op before Riot just didnt really hit the balance point with the rework. Taking her point and click stun and replacing it with something uneasy to hit was a good idea tho. > -- Rammus {{champion:33}} - from killing people by their own damage (old thornmail) and his armor (old W) to being a self-slowing unfun cc bot. literally deals more dmg then old rammus could ever do with his W and needs a major rework or nerf on his tankyness. Too high dmg output. > -- Swain {{champion:50}} - from DoT to bot... Had to linear unfair drainy gameplay playing his E inlane was super unfun to play against because it was a point and click nuke bot. Captured his old ravenous theme good with the ravens and his ult. Master tactician is now more visible in his character. > -- AP Shaco {{champion:35}} - passive ruined for AP builds, Q nerfed in general, W buggy and weaker, E - "take this physical damage when the skill scales with ap", R - base ----damage nerfed to balance the AD shaco winrate (??) and ap scaling nerfed (hello?) Ap shacos strength got shifted to be more trickstery with his boxes then just oneshoting people by pressing E 3 times. > -- Urgot {{champion:6}} - goodbye E->W->Q chase/kite, hello generic "wow so viable" tank literally was the least picked champ in the game with no interesting lore and a pretty boring theme. Now is badass, needs some nerfs to be balanced. Old urgot was good early and no champ late and had way to linear gameplay that didnt fit into any lane really. Top was unfair and botlane too weak, > -- Galio {{champion:3}} - goodbye mage killer, hello generic "wow so viable" tank Still good anti mage and good when played in midlane. Old Galio had a way too good ult in solo que his new W captures the theme of his old ult and is more fair. Also has a really cool super hero theme and looks great while old galio... > -- Taric {{champion:44}} - goodbye mana build, hello generic "wow so viable" tank literally the most linear gameplay i could imagine after old warwick. Way to outdated he isnt even the normal tank he is a bulky peel support with a gamechanging ultimate while old taric was a E and R bot. > -- Nunu {{champion:20}} - goodbye snowball fadeaways, hello generic "wow so viable" tank The only thing old Nunu was good for is spamming E getting a sneaky R and pressing Q on drakes and barons. New nunu captured alot of his gameplay aspects and still is good on ap. Great rework in my eyes. > -- Sejuanni {{champion:113}} - goodbye surprisingly scary HP scaling W, hello generic "wow so viable" tank Sejuani has allways been the normal tank lol. Her W also scales hefty off hp. Don't know where the rework changed anything but a small W mechanic. > -- AP Maokai {{champion:57}} - nope. Can work with the right setup. The numbers still are pretty good. Even better against squishys because E deals flat dmg and not %tual and therefor scales more dmg with ap > -- Evelynn {{champion:28}} - could go ap,ad,hybrid, magic bruiser, physical bruiser, now it's only an ap assassin... had a old outdated kit that was hard to balance when you look back to beta state. She was either garbage or op durring the last seasons really. Dont know if the rework quite hit the balance point tho. > -- Nidalee {{champion:76}} - "Poke with spears? In today's LoL? Heh." , let's play another ap assassin Nidalee Qs still can take 3/4 of your hp bar on max distance. They just aren't as obnoxious and disgusting as they were earlier in the game. Now she actually has more options than just being a Q bot. > -- Graves {{champion:104}} - Why? Because he didnt felt like using a shotgun but more like using a assault rifle which didnt felt right. > -- AP Tristana {{champion:18}} - "you still have ap ratios don't you? xD" Can still work just no more obnoxious not counterplayable dot dmg that wasn't fun to play against. > -- Quinn & Valor {{champion:133}} - Now just Quinn... Will get a major rework in some time anyways. > ... to be continiued with your own playstyles that no longer exist > > > * General game changes (where the "let's make X more viable" began): > -- Let's kill backdooring (A TON of damage reduction when minions aren't pushed to the tower) cuz it's unfun to play against. (Even though it is extremely risky to actually go backdooring since you might be walking into enemy vision and giving them free kills, in addition to all the risks of normal splitpushing) Kassadin destroys your open nexus faster than you can write gg. > -- Let's kill poke comps cuz they are unfun to play against. (Even though hard engage counters them) They were unfun to play against. They could poke people down faster than a engage comp can ready their gapclosers back then. You can still play them if you coordinate them it's just harder to pull off. > -- Let's make Baron really strong so that pick-oritented comps can no longer pick people off since they will now be forced into a baron fight by the teamfight-oriented comps. Baron is strong so games can be closed out sooner and so you don't get that scenario where every game could take between 40-80 minutes because no one can finish against the waveclear of a fullbuild mage. > -- Let's force bottom lane to be a support marksman vs. support marksman lane. No point in sending 2 people top or mid since the towers there get an extreme boost in defenses (we didn't like lane swaps) It's not so forced really. Players decided to put the marksmen there because he can scale better. You still can pick mage bot etc if you want to but the chance of winning late is higher with a scaling basic atack carry. > -- Let's make the jungle respawn timers big enough so that people no longer have the choice of power-farming. Junglers are stronger then they ever have been before. They should literally nerf the timers more because camps grant too much exp and gold the junglers can take the same lvl 6 as the solo laners and have way too low risk to lose exp when they gank alot. > > TL;DR: A rant about the streamlining of the game by someone who sincerely wishes the game grants players freedom again. It's not that streamlined really. Ofcourse a META tactic has more chance to win the game. Thats like this in every game. But you can still play your ap galio or whatever. It's just way harder to pull off. It isn't something you can randomly pick and that's why so many people call it out for trolling when you fail on it because it takes the spot for a champ who could've done something on the team.
Breakhz (EUNE)
: From someone like zed that does no dmg early game with q??? Instead of 100 without minions youll do around 80.With minions hit...Probably 30
5 armor dont denie 20 dmg. get that out of your head. Armor is a %tual number and i can guarantee you that 5 armor dont cut dmg by 20-30%.
Breakhz (EUNE)
: what i ment is the armor...gives a bit of advantage early game. Zed early game it wasnt strong s8.Now with armor will be a bit more difficult.
How much dmg do you think do 5 armor block?
: Leona is team specific like rakan. If you engage and nobody follows its gg. Also, if you play with a defensive adc its over. The rest is poke, if the enemy pokes your adc below 50% health you cannot engage as well. However if you get the offensive adc (e.g. an aggressive jinx), you can win anything.
Dravens my favorite with leo. I mostly get ezreals tho who need to be babycamped till min 25 till they are usefull.. or grasp caitlyns... xd
: I love her. As you already mentioned, you need to play around her passive and in lane you can kill most other lanes with her, if your ADC follows you. Also you can't really compare the stun time of Leona and Brand - Leona can hit an AOE stun and her normal stun has 0 CD in LG team fights. You can stun enemies for 1.25 seconds every 4 seconds. In addition to that you also have a snare every 5 seconds for about 0.3-0.5 seconds. Brand can't do that. Either he kills someone instantly or he is in big troubles. Leona can tank through a whole fight and constantly deal CC and damage with her passive. I think that she is way more difficult to play than in earlier seasons. I play her since her release and it is way more difficult to use your passive than before - but it still deals a ton of damage for just a passive. In team fights, you can easily get at least 1-2 passives on your enemies, which means that on lvl 8 you deal 144 per second. That's actually quite a lot. (and even on a lvl 3 all in you can deal 120 magic damage just with your passive, which is a lot for a champion, who is a CC/tank champion.^^ Of course the damage goes down, as you can't stack your passive and if your adc don't know how to play with a Leona, you have big problems. If you take Leona, you have a higher risk, but also a higher reward than taking something like a Nami.
can you teach me some in leona play? I really dont know what im doing right or wrong when i play her i come from the time where leona was just like blitz etc a Skillshot hit = kill champ and playing her now feels so diffrent. I allways feel really useless when i play her because all the adcs dont even know that leona has a passive. Should i take her as a premade only pick rather than a cc pick for the team?
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Tsumirez (EUNE)
: Leo eclipse bundle price is a rip off.
I bought both skins seperatly for 2810 and it still costs me 1100 to get the mega bundle. Gj rito games. It costs more then before buying the skins.
Breakhz (EUNE)
: ... well i can give you tips so maybe you learn to play. Zed was trash s8 i dunno whats gonna be s9 but it doesnt look too good for him.{{item:2419}} its already too mutch.Not to talk that {{item:3157}} shut him down so easily. {{champion:107}} plz...Poor kitty lel.Not even close to be strong.Especially teamfights.This days you just simple as support get {{item:3190}} {{item:3118}} its already enough. Ad can even go for {{item:3026}} that is a really nice item now. {{champion:121}} ye is probably the only assasin ad into the game that seems to be pretty ok.Not op at all.
you wrote: now that you have armor in runes its clear that ad assassins are bad. You made it seem like that 5-10 armor you can get whipe assassins from the game like they are dealing no dmg to anyone anymore and thats why i made that sarcastic comment. The armor runes maybe affect them in the most little tiny way but dont say that this rune makes ad assassins garbage.
: A full build full ad Camille level 18 hitting an empowered Q on a level 13 Azir with one cloth armor, nothing surprises me there {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Empowered Q deals 100% true dmg even if he had more armor it wouldnt have changed a bit. Look up abilities before making assumptions that armor wouldve changed anything.
Breakhz (EUNE)
: but now you have armor..from rune.So obviously ad assasins are quite bad.
6 armor. All assasins are unviable. -10000000 dmg on each skill gamebreaking delete armor rune.
253IQ (EUW)
: I agree . LeBlanc is strong "She is an assassin who can oneshot tanks" and none complain . She got dark harvest now and she is more stronger . AD assassins "Exept Talon and Shaco" need buffs .
Kha Zix and Rengar don't need buffs. Just like Zed doesn't need a buff. Zed is reliant in doing his job at oneshotting the enemy carry and unlike every other ad assassin he has an instant blink into safety by pressing R again. Ofcourse he shouldnt deal more dmg late then early thats how assassins work because they are suposed to be WEAK TO ARMOR
Hazendado (EUW)
: Idea: remove on hit effects on q so broken trinity is not viable on her.
that would make her straight up garbage tho.
: Your forgetting annie
ye why ever a mage needs a ranged no mana last hit stun harass spell.
: > Darius is the only exeption with his W kill but that should be changed 2 Why?
Because taking cs with darius literally became the easiest thing to do and when he had a expense of atleast like 15mana or so he would maybe notice his mana decline after some time
VortexV9 (EUNE)
: They should give her refund on resets to... Her kit is all about reset that Q... But i like this idea... Champs should be punish for mistakes... {{champion:85}} Rito?
ye that are refunds but not from the whole abilty cost. The old irelia also didnt had Full mana Refund on her Execute, Gp also dont have full mana resets on his kill Q. Darius is the only exeption with his W kill but that should be changed 2
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Yraco (EUW)
: I believe the common response was "lots of players will honour an enemy that did bad or went afk" when people asked this question in other threads.
You cant honor people who went afk. That wont even work on your teammates.
: sending me a porn link
Maybe you should get punished for not being able to take a joke.
Shamose (EUW)
: > run circles in the fountain the leaverbuster aint detected sh** how can this system be tricked so easily. What did you expect to happen to her in game?
i expect the system to detect map movement and to not think someone running circles is playing.
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: thats the spirit , so the lvl 6 jungler at min 10 can gank the lvl 13, 150stacks, 8/0 tank nasus
Nah but then he actually has to decide between a farm a gank or a invade playstyle and cant go full bonkers and do everything at once while being 5 level over every other laner
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