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: How did you get out of bronze?
I think it just takes practice - focus on maximum a hand full of champs. I made it out of bronze only by playing heimerdinger, chogath and ww last season. I just liked their concept/style/lore and got to play the champs and their respective role better and better. They don't have the most mechanically advanced kit and are therefore easier to learn than maybe kalista or zed. That makes it easier to focus on other things and I still profit from lessons these three taught me: Heimerdinger taught me how to position myself - how to stay safe while applying constant pressure to your lane, forcing your opponent to take free harass ( autoattack, retreat from minion aggro, repeat) or lose cs either to his minions or the tower. I also learned that vision is power, how many ganks did I turn in double kills with our revered inventor.... Chogath taught me how to cs properly (much easier than other champs with his E toggled on), how to freeze your lane (turning the spikes off if you want your opponent to being forced to overextend if you wanna set up a gank). Hitting delayed skillshots is another lesson you can learn from that huge void monster! Warwick told me how to jungle, which routes to take, how to keep track of the enemies' jungler and how to utilize vision on drake and Nash and last but not least how to force objectives instead of greeding for kills... But these are just examples, I think you can have similar experiences with varus, sion and braum. I disagree with anyone saying you shouldn't play varus - bronze is not high Elo where meta really matters. If you play varus on a silver/gold level, you will climb. 100%
diotsolakou (EUNE)
: ***
"gold 3 vayne" stuck in silver... {{summoner:6}}
: Thresh should NEVER build Relic Shield. Coin is SO much better on him, IMO.
That's why supporters in Lcs always pick coin on thresh -kappa-
Aes Sidhe (EUW)
: Why do I choke so bad in my promo?
I think you pointed it out yourself - bronze mentality. Not meant as an offense but your mental state is the biggest factor. If you reached gold without problems on your smurf the problem is not your skills but rather your mindset. I struggled myself for the whole season, mainly due to the fact that I tried to force things no matter how I felt/if I was clearly tilting over days or whatever. At one point I dropped from gold 3 to silver 4 in less than a week... Things were not going well in real life as well so it all piled up and made me feel really miserable. I stopped playing at all for about a month and tried to take better care of me (doing sports, meeting friends, putting effort in something besides gaining Elo) and now I try only to play ranked when I feel good and am confident in my ability to win or even carry games by myself, no matter how my team does. Always try to stay positive, play at your best and don't jump on the flaming/blaming/tilting-train. I was chat restricted twice this season already and I didn't even realize why (i am not worse than the others, am I?). Of course you won't win every game, you will still lose promos, but try to focus on keeping your head up high. Analyze what you did well in lost games, where you made avoidable mistakes and how to improve. I am sure you can make it {{summoner:4}}
: Why can LeBlanc have her chains on an Ekko who ults?
She is targeting you before you ult so the tether persists. Same goes for {{champion:25}} Soulshackles or {{champion:9}} drain... {{champion:60}} e in spiderform makes you untargetable as well but the only way to break tethers is to get out of range (in case of lb or more before they proc).
betsunii (EUW)
: oh man i couldn't be agree more but in my experience since kata hes no channeling time for her ulti and in fog of war u happen to miss a sec or 2, or u simply chasing their adc or N more situations that can happen; it's more probable u can't use u E fast enough or worst case not at all when kata start her ulti and guess what; by the time she start her ulti ppl either die like flies or start losing HP like flies
People dont die like flies unless she is well farmed or fed. If you deny her farm and the possibility to roam without punishment (taking tower, following and catching her in the river - set up vision early especially on the bottom side) she will not have any big items equals no damage... Any 1v1 situation shouldn't be a problem unless she outplays you completely and yes her ult deals massive damage. BUT it's a channelled dot (therefore interruptable) and not instant like yours (with two charges if utilized properly). I don't say the matchup is a walk in the park - it's not. A good kata will always be a major pain in the a s s. Goes both ways though: facing diana as kata is a challenge as well. If you hit a Q in lane post 6 it's pretty much a guaranteed kill on your side... And diana can snowball like hell too. I had two Pentas in over a year of playing ranked - guess with which champ? Right, diana. One of them an instapenta in a 1v5 under our inhib turret. Abyss, zhonyas, void, just finished deathcap - jumped in - pentakill.
betsunii (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=taylorume,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=QWL0Abjd,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-06-10T16:00:18.944+0000) > > Seriously, look at her damage, everything is low except for Ult which is so easy to block, but people don't get it. > > She becomes a nightmare in most of the games, only because ppl feed her, making her snowball so fast, to the point that she can't be stopped anymore. lol man either u never played against good kata or u just one of ppl who think there is no such thing as OP champion i am diana main and as kata main counter champ i tell u i get her shut down in lane pretty hard every game but the problem come when she hit 6 and start to roam or even when ppl have good sense of warding, in mid game ( say lvl 12) without having much item though due to lack of kill and cs she simply jump in team fight_** AND THERE U HAVE IT SHE GET A TRIPLE KILL AND NOW U SEE ALL U EFFORT TILL THAT POINT WERE IN VAIN**_ see u can go on about ppl should know how to stop her ulti but a good kata now when start her damn ulti in team fight when u can do nothing about it bcs all hard cc are on cd or it's too late bcs her ulti has no channeling time ( which i think is her biggest problem ) and before u can even react u are done for and alose if a champ can become a _**NIGHTMARE**_ ( not strong not hard to deal with but NIGHTMARE) as u say after just few kill u should understand that champion is OP
"As a Diana main" you should be aware that it's your job to shut her down, just save your E for when she starts to ult, absolutely no point in blowing it earlier...
Reckuning (EUW)
: Gold+ Ranked team in progress, searching for min. 2 other guys to join
Hey guys, Main mid/jungle - last season I mained top so would be a good role for me too. I am from Germany my English is decent though. I'm in G4 atm but aiming for plat this season. Definitely won't massage you btw {{summoner:4}}
: Was the same on my laptop. Happened to be a nasty virus though. I don't know what is your problem but...better check your pc bro D:
I think it may be an issue of my router as I experienced the problem on my old pc as well as on my {{champion:63}} new laptop :/ Thanks for your answer though!
: Gold 3 - 4 Adc and Top Main Looking For 5v5 Ranked Team - (UK) EUW
Gold 4 mid/jungler would join if needed {{summoner:6}}
Zaibuf (EUW)
: I made a ticket to Riot about this and showing proof. Now his account is banned. There is a god :) Sorry for the topic, I was just mad after losing to duo scripters.
How did you get proof for them scripting?
Riot tmx (EUW)
: Increase of drophacks - May 2015
I have issues with dcing from time to time for no reason and being unable to reconnect without restarting the client for at least half a year now, when I wrote a ticket I was told that probably my firewall was responsible which I therefore manually disabled - no improvement though {{item:3070}} I always thought it was a server problem and since it only happened maybe once a day I sadly resigned my self to the problem {{summoner:3}} Really glad you finally managed to find out what is been happening - hopefully you guys can fix this once and for all! {{summoner:4}}


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