: Next year... the poll was for a guarenteed rework in 2020, so he won’t be out this year neither will voli.
Yeah, i got the year wrong, couldn't remember if it was this year or next year that they said on the poll
: rework or tweak fiddlesticks
He's getting reworked with volibear this year...they announced it a couple months back
Lari (EUNE)
: Why is feeding acceptable for you policy?
You could screenshot the 2 matches you had with him and make a ticket with support and report him that way. It takes longer but is more effective i n my opinion as the report system doesn't work
: Well if they haven't changed their mind riot is buffing Demons. If they were strong I would actually see them in games but trough out my games I have maybe seen one build that used Demons. Currently to get Demon build costs a lot unlike something like Noble that can be activated easily early. If you thought getting common unit to lvl3 was hard then you will not see often rare lvl3 units which Demons are mostly made off.
I don't think it's hard getting them to lvl 3, it's just the RNG of the refresh sucks, much like the item RNG, I can have games where I would refresh until I'm down to my last 2 gold looking for the last champ to get a tier 3. Take my last game for instance, I have a T2 Garen on the board, a T2 Garen on the bench and 2 T1's, looking for that last one to make the T3, but it just would not give me it, gave me plenty of Darius's, but the RNG for this game is absolutely awful. Most of the time, if I build demons, I can get them to T3 if I save my gold, but I don't often use gold management otherwise I would have nothing on the board. It's nice that they're buffing demons though, I do think they need it tbh
: People don't say much there because if you lose it's your fault mostly. There is no one to blame except you. Still the game mode is clearly not balanced. It's really hard to win when you get 2 items that don't match well and some player already has 2 good items combined from first few rounds... It's pretty often scenario where I have one unit left to get lvl3 but sit with it for 10 rounds or more. It's new and fun but for now it still needs to bake in the oven. Some faction units clearly are weak like Demons or Pirates. Of course there are improvements coming like Twisted Fate for Pirate faction which should help them a bit but still a lot of things to work on.
No, I think the item rng is EXTREMELY unbalanced, but hopefully with 9.14, that should fix it to a degree. Lately the only reason I have been losing is because the game will not give me the champs I need to make the 3 stars in the mid-late and I end up with 6 2 stars and then about 4 pairs on the bench that I can't do anything with, which is ridiculous. I wouldn't say Demons are weak, depending on which ones you build AND if you can get them tier 3, I had my first win with full demon build, never attempted pirates as I really don't like GP in TFT. I do agree with you though, there are a lot of things they need to work on, but hopefully they will actually do it with this and not ruin it like they have SR
Infernape (EUW)
: OP said her tentacles. When Morde ults Illaoi, her tentacles do not follow her into the Death Realm.
Yeah, I think I had a bit of a brain spazz moment when I read the original comment lol just reread it now and realise the error of my reply xD
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: i played a game where 3 people could immune/cleanse my ult i actually got 3 ults the entire game off xD feels bad man
I played against Ryze the other day...I ulted him...and he ulted out of the death realm lol...I was like wtaf lol
: I don't know how you lost to Morde with Darius because Darius literally counters Morde pretty hard.
I think I just had one of those games where I was just playing like shit unfortunately, even though I know he counters him, I just literally couldn't do shit against him
: tft is unbalanced mode its not fun
It's not unbalanced to a degree, you just have to learn what to build against peoples comps. As the opponents get less you start looking at the possibility of changing your comp to beat theirs. As for toxicity, I go to TFT to get away from the toxicity of the rift, but so far I've never seen any in any of my games.
: Arcade missions are not appearing
The missions are supposed to turn up today at some point, whenever Rito feel like they want to release them I guess. I thought it was a bug at first and made a post last week about it, but no, they have put set dates on the missions this time
: Mordekaiser R Akali interaction.
Morde R doesn't stop Illaoi ult as she's unstoppable as she's casting it, so if anything her ult stops his. Unsure on Akali shroud thing though, I don't play her, I think they ruined her with the rework, and she has become Akali in a wheelchar to me now.
: You really can not affort to spare 1300g on toplane. I see you are adc main, so you can't understand, because there is always a second person trying to help you. But buying QSS on toplane will just push you even further behind, you'll just dig your own grave.
Exactly, you may as well just stand there and let them kill you if you waste the 1300 gold on QSS in top lane. It's ok in botlane if you want to spend that, because you have support to back you up and mid lane too because the jungler is always there at one point or another, but top lane is on its own. I wouldn't play GP if someone paid me to, I think he's terrible, and gets ruined by a lot of champs
Shamose (EUW)
: Just imagine you are a fashionable champion like Jinx. And you just bought this really sweet new headband. The death realm can't handle your power of fashion and will dissapear right when you put it on. Tl;dr **BUY **{{item:3140}}
Top laners can't afford to lose powerspike to Morde buying QSS, it's just not worth it, especially as people and jungler's tend to leave top lane alone and spend most of their time mid and bot
: Nerf Mordekaiser or change how his ult functions
I have to agree with you there, I play Morde top lane, but yesterday, I switched to Darius just because I fancied a change, and hell, I couldn't beat the guy at all, I never realised just how OP he is until I actually played against him, but I do have sooo much fun smushing other champs with him. It does feel like his ult does need some sort of change, because I don't think even a QSS will save you, and in toplane, you just can't afford to skip an item just to get that, otherwise you do end up behind in powerspike and may as well just sit under your turret
Ahmedzu (EUW)
: Permaban for nothing ?
Put a ticket in to support, see if they can help you
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: Anyone know this song's name
google it? If you type in song used on this month on fox...don't get it over here...it should give you the result for the song
: Same as it was written earlier, just made it less messy. **Missions:** --- **June 28 Missions: (Max 120 Tokens possible)** **► ULTRACOMBO** [Matchmade only]: _Arcade 2019 Orb and 60 Arcade 2019 Tokens_ • Destroy 60 towers as a team AND • Earn 300,000 gold **► FIGHT!** [Matchmade only]: _30 Arcade 2019 Tokens_ • Play 5 games using an Arcade or Battle Boss skin OR • Play 10 games **► Dragon Punch** [Matchmade only]: _30 Arcade 2019 Tokens_ • Help your team kill 8 dragons OR • Destroy 30 towers as a team --- **July 5 Missions: (Max 60 Tokens possible)** **► Zoning Practice** [Matchmade only]: _30 Arcade 2019 Tokens_ • Win 4 games with a vision score of at least 10 OR • Get 100 takedowns **► Good Recovery** [Matchmade only]: _30 Arcade 2019 Tokens_ • Heal 45,000 damage OR • Kill 6,000 Minions as a team --- **July 12 Missions: Max 60 Tokens possible** **► Fierce Fighter** [Matchmade only]: _30 Arcade 2019 Tokens_ • Deal 80,000 damage to champions OR • Destroy 10 inhibitors as a team **► Bread and Butter** [Matchmade only]: _30 Arcade 2019 Tokens_ • Win 3 games where you died no more than 5 times OR • Destroy 30 towers as a team --- **July 19 Missions: (Max 60 Tokens possible)** **► Perfect!** [Matchmade only]: _30 Arcade 2019 Tokens_ • Win 3 games of Summoner’s Rift in under 25 minutes OR • Kill 6,000 Minions as a team **► Rushdown** [Matchmade only]: _30 Arcade 2019 Tokens_ • Help your team kill Baron Nashor 3 times OR • Destroy 10 inhibitors as a team
Thank you for that both, I just wondered if it was stuck that's all. Least I know the next lot of missions will be out tomorrow then
Rioter Comments
: WARNING: The EUW servers will probably start failing again at 6pm BST
I'm expecting them to continue failing until they sort the problem with TFT out, because that's whats causing the bleed...too many people on and Riot not doing anything to compensate for it
: Euw sever reward
I agree there should be some kind of compensation for yesterdays server crash, it's not the first time it's happened, and you would think they would have learnt from the last time they released a new game mode, but hey...they did exactly the same thing with TFT as they did with crash...guess they were expecting different results...solution...Riot is insane
: I'm getting downvoted for agreeing with you.. lol.
Yeah, all the people that think RIOT do wonders for the gaming community probably lol
: Question
Happens to me quite frequently, and not because I leave the game early, don't really know what causes it, but I just sit and wait for everything to load up afterwards, other than skip, unless we lost, then I will skip
Yep, cause it's only NA that they give a rats arse about, we won't get no compensation for the inconvenience TFT is causing people to be able to play the actual game...Riot hates EUW
: The bigger question here is, what are their testers / QA Team doing ? I mean.. if you add something new to the client...a new game mode, obviously you should actually test it on different platforms, from 0% to 100%. Downloading the game and taking a look if it works etc. I'm a QA Engineer myself and these things should not be sent to release. If your live servers crash because of a patch its a bad job done by QA engineers and then the developers. And what they should do, is actually do a rollback to last patch not keep the patch live and fix it then.
Exactly my point...the testers and QA team seem to be doing jack shit, surely, it would be their first option to disable a mode if it's crashing the servers, until they can work out a fix for it, instead of having to disable everything else, Practice Tool and only being able to 5v5 custom games, and now Ranked, just because of TFT and how much it's bleeding the server
: The ones that don't let anybody voice their frustrations with the numerous bugs, client issues, server issues, etc. The ones that think Riot can do no wrong. EDIT: Why am I getting downvoted? Me and Pandora have practically the same opinion..
Riot do wrong every time they release something new...it's happened with Crash....and now TFT...you would think if they disabled TFT while they fixed the problem, instead of letting people suffer with the 65hr queue to just get past the launcher, it just makes sense. As with every event they release, there's always an issue somewhere with those. The watch and earn quests have stopped working for me too...again...gave up with them last time
Your title says it all really xD{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Just disable TFT
You would think they would have figured this bit out by now, right?? Because that's what's causing the issue...Guaranteed as soon as they disable TFT all issues get fixed instantaneously...but hey...they get money from TFT ffrom people buying the sprties and stuff lol never mind server issues, just give them more money lol
Just Ange (EUW)
: We're aware of a problem causing players to get stuck in a login queue, everything else is FINE!!!
With a 32hr queue time just to get into the game yeah lol I think I will go play Dragon Age for a while, who needs to play this anyway lol
: I just enjoy watching the people on the forums who refuse to have a differing opinion to Riot and let any frustrated player know they are wrong, look out for those, they're the only thing keeping me going.
You mean the ones that don't suck up to RIOT and think they are god's gift to gaming companies??
: But when servers are down, then cant even buy those skins. Jokes on you riot. Also, im afraid to buys skins, maybe the server makes some mistakes again, and I lose my money. Too risky
Usually though, if there is a mistake and you contact support, for whatever reason, they do look into it, can't say how soon, and eventually, you do get the RP back that you were supposed to get in the first place
: But when servers are down, then cant even buy those skins. Jokes on you riot
I used to give RIot my money, but I stopped a while back when all these 'bugs' kept coming in and even now, they can't fix the server properly, and as far as I know, it's only EUW that has this problem because they can put money into NA and the rest of it, and just leave EUW to rot, which is basically what they might as well do.
Omaeka (EUW)
: The real question...
Because RIot are too tight to actually pay for the stand alone client, that's why...They need all this money people are giving them for all these fantastic skins they keep pumping out
: On behalf of EUW Players
Rioters don't care about EUW...that's what I've come to figure out, every other server gets loads of attention but yet, they can't be bothered to fix half the issues with EUW. The money seems to go to NA or into the ridiculous skins they release every event because why not, it's what people want instead of actually fixing the game >.>
: Practice tool and custom games not working properly
I must have missed that in the patch notes, I only read the buffs and debuffs bit. You would think they would figure something out with the servers by now, the game's been running for, what, 9 years (?) now, and they still can't increase server size to handle the bleed evey time they release something new
Rioter Comments
: tft is just an rng shitshow
It's not a bad gamemode, the RNG sucks immensely, I gotta say, haven't won a game since it started, closest I came was second, but it started to get boring because you don't get anything for it, no xp or nothing, just feels like a waste of 40minutes at the minute
: Straight up ignore krugs camp til you go b at least once, or have smite ready
I've discovered this myself actually, I have to ignore Krugs and instead go Red>Wolves>etc then b and then down to krugs and on to gank botlane, only just recently picked up jungle and I'm playing {{champion:19}} which actually seems to be quite fun...until I went 2/15 against Rengar...not entirely my fault...had an arse of a Yas that stole the majority of my farm and put me so far behind I may as well have just afked
Blakex13x (EUW)
: another tft post
Because they don't care about the 'game for the community' all the Rioters care about is the money they get from people that spend it on skins etc...so that they can pile more crap into the game that people don't want instead of actually fixing everything that's wrong with the game
Rioter Comments
: they wouldn't permaban you for not playing for a while. post a pic of the ban screen ;)
I agree, I think a screenshot is required, so that at least we can see what the issue is. If it is a perma ban, then continually bug support until they remove it
Mangusti (EUNE)
: I guess you didnt even read the topic i created , i never was speaking about dodging on bans/picks , i was speaking about trolls/%%%%%%s. also dodging is part of the game so penalty for dodging is stupid as i stated below^
I did actually, but you saying that dodge timers should be given every 2 dodges, just isn't going to happen, it's a 5 minute timer, you can do something else while you wait, it's what I do...Penalty for dodging is deserved because you've just wasted 9 other peoples time by dodging the champ select...especially if you're the very last one to pick...which works out to about 15 minutes of their time...just for them to have to queue again and start all over again with the possibility of yet another dodger in one of the teams
Simbàa (EUW)
: [9.13] state of server and tft mode for the server's players complaining
No, they should know by now...especially after Crash...that people are going to overload the servers because they want to play the new mode, therefore they should take precautions to avoid shit like this happening but yet, everything they release goes down the pan because they don't compensate for anything. You're condoning their lack of intelligence to prevent this in the first place. If stuff like this didn't happen every time they release events, game modes and patches, people wouldn't be complaining, but it does.
: nj riot :D
They should extend boosts when stuff like this happens, especially as it happens with EVERYTHING they release. Clash was a dumpster fire of issues and TFT is turning out to be the same. Either extend the boosts or compensate players for it by giving them RP for another boost
: > [{quoted}](name=Rotlicht,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=T1naqnOj,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-27T16:57:07.430+0000) > > I was in 2017 with a move busy 2018 in illness and now wanted to play again. > unfortunately I had to declare that the acc is locked permanently according to the info. > > When I open the ticket number I get a blank page. > help please Permaban? nothing to do about it, create a new account and play.
Not if you've spent a crap ton of money on the account, no, make a new account and bug support to unban the account, especially if you have spent a lot of money on that account, there is no reason as to why that account should be banned, just because you took a break for a couple years, for stated reasons. Riot have no right to perma ban just because you stopped playing for a while.
: Will Riot ever be able to release something new without creating a clustertruck to everything else?
Yeah you would think they would be able to release something without it being an absolute trash pool of bugs and errors by now, considering the amount of money people spend on this game, and still, after 9 years, they can't get it right...someone needs to go back to computer school and relearn their shit i think
: Is it supposed to be like this?
Qiyana isn't released until the 28th, it tells you in the patch notes, the patch for me was 111mb took about 3minutes to download and update, but no there was not really any new things for me either. Just the general nerfs and buffs etc
rki (EUNE)
: ranked lp
I believe if you're gone for more than 2 minutes, then regardless of whether you win or lose the game, you will still lose LP, regardless of whether it was any fault of your own or not. Riot won't give it you back
DarkVanity (EUNE)
: Banning Teammates champion
It's been a huge problem forever, don't think they will fix it, I have little faith in Riot when it comes to fixing anything. People used to do it to me on old Kayle, if I picked her top, someone on my team would ban her because she was for noob players apparantly, even though I could ruin in my lane with her. I do agree though, that if you declare a champ, it should not be able to be banned by your team mates and if they don't lilke it they can dodge or suck it up
Smerk (EUW)
: Yeah, trolls do waste time. But then, can you honestly answer this one question. How often do you dodge because of actual trolls and how often just because you don't like your team and use trolling as an excuse to dodge even though nobody really is trolling? Because I can't say that I met many actual trolls.
I would rather play with a troll, with a possibility of being able to win the match than have to sit through 6+ dodges in a row because if the very last person to pick dodges a queue that means that you have wasted nearly 15minutes trying to play a game, just to have to start all over again. 3mins to queue, 30seconds to ban and lock in per person...no one wants to wait 15minutes, every time just to try and play a game.
Mangusti (EUNE)
: Tl;dr but i think i writed this topic for nothing since riot employees cant give a %%%% what their players says. maybe add new skin to solve problems :Thinking: @Riot employees@
Riot will never get rid of or change the dodge timers, because the players that keep dodging have to have some sort of a penalty for it. Just because you can't play X champ or X champ isn't banned doesn't give anyone an excuse to dodge, you have to learn to play around the bans and picks and adapt where necessary, just like everyone else does.
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