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Zariax (EUW)
SAME HERE... FRUSTRATED SO MUCH... whats the point of adding new skins n stuff if the actual game doesnt even function?? SO BROKEN.
: Pre game and champ select issues.. VERY WEIRD
Furthermore, I was in a party and now the voice thingy isn't there, and half the team is AFK so its not just me. WTF
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: These are the golden rules of league: 1. Don't die to jungle ganks** example: ** stay on your half of the lane until you know where their jungler is) 1. Time enemy cooldowns **example:** if your the enemy used his ability to farm or missed a skillshot on you, then go for the trade and back off unless you are a champ that likes extended fights. 1. Get to know the champ that you are playing, learn their mechanics and early game cheese, their power spike and what are they good against and their tricks and combos. 1. Focus more on objectives and getting gold, keep a good CS, kill only if you see the chance, baron and dragon are really good to focus on, if one of them is up, play around them (be near them). 1. Learn more champions so that you know their interactions versus other champions, who is stronger or weaker versus who. This is pretty much so that you have a bigger arsenal, maybe there is a champion that you might be universally good with, test out builds. If you follow these 5 things strictly you will start to wreck mostly everyone. **GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!** {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thank you, as a support I do my best to do 1-2. I do enjoy the role but its so difficult sometimes... It is kind of dependent on the adc of which I know they probably think the same of me. 3. I try to do this recently, which is why my history has so many unique champions. I could never CS.. so I chose Jungle and Support as my roles.. 4. 5. thats also why I have different champs in my history... tough game.. can be fun when Im learning. Sometimes, the losses are so overwhelming that I don't get it.. and I learn NOTHING.
: Few pointers. If you focus on learning and getting better than you should limit your champion pool, by a lot. In your last 20 games, you have played 13 unique champions which is pretty bad. It is kinda like exercising in real life, you repeat the same exercise a bit before going to the next. Play one champ for about 10-15 games then switches it over to the next. And you should only have like 3 champions that you rotate. Go through this cycle for a while before changing to new 3 champions, would recommend that you at least get 50+ games on each of the three champions before doing so. You shouldn't care about counter picks or whatever, in lower elo it doesn't matter too much and it is also good to force yourself into bad matchups. This is good for two reasons. For a start, it is much easier and faster to learn a champion this way. It also makes it easier to improve in general. Also, if you play a champion you're not good at will hinder your ability to improve at the game. You will put too much focus on your champion instead of the game itself and its fundamentals. And the second part, don't go into the game with the mindset of just getting better, sure it is better that than playing for winning, but it is too broad. You can't just expect to get generally better at the game just like that. Instead, you should focus on one fundamental at a time to improve on and just like with your champion pool, repeat and rotate. Good luck on your adventures
Thank you so much, I was in a depressed phase when I made this post. Even if the said champion has been 'Nerfed' I should continue to play it?
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Zhinzo (EUW)
: Looking for people
Add me! Im a bit new but I can work well with others =D
: can play with u if u want. but prefer play some bot matches before playing normal or draft coz u will be crushed by high level players. dont get me wrong k. atm im busy with end of season and stuff. can play with u on the preseason though. feel free to add m if u want. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Sorry for lateness! I shall add you =D Thanks & Np!
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aposer (EUNE)
: Advice for new players!
How do I find people to play with? I used to invite strangers after a good match but nowadays... no one responds. It is quite lonely to play like this.
Mabons (EUW)
: Hey, add me if you like, played the game a long time could tell you too much about it haha. EDIT: And yes, I have no problems just playing some bot games.
Can I add you too xD
KhäZíx (EUW)
: LF Friends To Play With!
Count me in, also from England.


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