Rstonius (EUW)
: I have some tips for those who want to climb.
Don't know why you're being downvoted. Thanks, this is good advice. My advice is to MOSTLY ignore the forum community. They are (mostly - not all, I wouldn't want to generalise) passive aggressive - beyond any possibility of help or recovery. Case in point in this very reply thread - your post was nice and you came up with some good points, yet people are dragging up your posts from the past and downvoting your current post based on that. It's not very nice to see. That's not nice behaviour. Hope people who act like this on forums have a good long look at themselves in the mirror and think about why they're being so judgemental and pedantic on an internet forum. Is something missing from their life that they have to make people feel down on the internet? Some sort of insecurity? That's what often goes through my head when I see uncalled for animosity on internet discussion mediums. Good luck with your climb too and thanks again. :-) P.S. Riot, please remove the post voting system, or at least rework it e.g. limiting how often somebody can vote in 24h to a small number so they only upvote and downvote the very best/ worst posts respectively, or add some sort of system where the vote is public and a reason is attached. It's far too witchhuntesque and shallow in its current state. You must see that.
Mabons (EUW)
: The tower hit irelia 3 times, on the 4th hit was Warwick, and it's damage ramps up over time so yes, he would take that much damage.
Oh I see. I hadn't taken that into account. Still it seemed so crazy. I wasn't entirely sure it was a bug but me and the Warwick were completely surprised at the sudden dmg he took. Thanks.
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GLurch (EUW)
: I don't know what the law says in your country, but in some countries you could even go to the police if someone DDoSed you. You might want to look it up. You can contact the Riot Support here: Although the issue is probably not related to League of Legends, because he can't DDoS you over League of Legends. He probably found your IP over Twitch if you streamed there.
> He probably found your IP over Twitch Not at all, and any streamers who say they've been DDOS'ed as a result of Twitch are probably mistaken. Maybe their IP address was gained from something like Skype or some other leak. Twitch keeps all of that information completely server side, and encrypted.: Twitch streamer --> internet connection --> Twitch servers Twitch servers --> Viewers There's no way viewers on Twitch see your IP address. Unless they literally hacked into Twitch's servers to see your IP address (Even then it's a long shot, I imagine all that information would be encrypted). This would probably get detected by Twitch's staff/ firewalls, be investigated, and get them a fine or jail because that stuff's taken pretty seriously especially if the attack is on a large company like Twitch. Would be a lot of effort and risk just to win a bronze 2 league of legends game....
LeDron (EUNE)
: Client frozen ( old client )
This has happened to me several times over the last few weeks while in ranked solo queue champion select, including 5 minutes ago. 2 of the times I had already locked my champion in so I just waited and logged back in to the game, but it's annoying to get a dodge through no fault of my own or my computer. I also replaced Windows 10 a week ago with windows 7 which i'm currently using and the problem is still happening, and I've seen a lot of people complain about it. Started happening in February I think. Played the game for 7 years and never had this issue until now.
: A lot of Dutch League of Legends players are toxic.
I'm from the UK. Never been to the Netherlands but I have played games with Dutch people quite a lot. In my experience they usually have a good sense of humour and are friendly. As such I respectfully disagree with your post, maybe you just had bad luck? On the other hand, unfortunately, I've had a lot of unpleasant and pretty toxic experiences with French players. I'm not judging, but that's just my experience with them.
Ozzrel (EUW)
: What would stop people from doing that every game without actually swapping roles, just to avoid autofill?
Well the player they send the role swap request to has to agree to the role swap. I guess this could possibly be acknowledged with a button after both players have locked their champion, to avoid deceipt? It's just an idea it'd be down to Riot to work out the kinks, but I definitely think something should be in place to give credit to players who swap with an autofilled person.
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Homophobia isn't ok with me at all, I was a bit surprised at that question until I read other replies in the thread and got the context of you asking me it... Well as for the F word, I don't think it was homophobic in the context he used it, it has become a generic insult over the years, just like the C*** word used to be used (rudely) to describe a female's private parts but now everyone just uses it to describe anyone they don't like - I'm not for example gonna accuse someone of being misogynistic if they use that particular word to describe me! Don't take my words the wrong way, though - I'm not saying it's acceptable to use the word, but I'm just not sure if it warrants a permaban unless the context is actually hate speech, and not just an angry guy typing random insults. Anyway I think Riot should just be a bit more innovative in their punishment systems than 'bans'. You have no idea how sad and miserable people get when they lose an account they've poured thousands of hours of their life into. A lot more sad than someone who saw some rude messages in a chat that they had the option to mute. They were going down a good path with rewards (honor system) & increasing chat restrictions, but they just stopped the ball there and never expanded on those things, which is a shame because rewarding good behaviour & simply disabling chat for flamers are two highly effective approaches to toxicity in my opinion. Yes people have had 'toxicity' permabans overturned in the past but they're a very small minority and the circumstances were completely different from OP's. Sadly I don't think he has much of a chance but I hope he can control his emotions better if he makes another account, because I don't take any pleasure from seeing people lose stuff they're spent a lot of time on, plus he's another Pantheon main and us Pantheon mains have to look out for each other. {{champion:80}}
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Yeah I felt a bit silly typing that message, but I just hate sarcasm. :P
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
He's wrong but why reply with sarcasm? If we want others to be positive we need to hold ourselves to that standard too.
: CD on pings
Agree. An optional mute, though, being able to mute chosen individual players pings just like we can do with chat messages, would be ideal in my opinion. Or even a 'soft mute' that only shows the ping itself & no text, or even graphic sliders to change the colour & size of pings on our screen. Many, many people have requested the ability to be able to mute pings. I don't see how it could have anything other than a positive impact on game experience, in these times where every game or every 2nd game seems to have a ping abuser on my team being passive aggressive or spammy with their pings. Riot, please, let us customize pings.
pantheonx (EUW)
: EXTREMELY unfair perma ban
You should've just kept playing Pantheon, honestly he's busted in this lethality meta. My advice for you is to never come to the forums about restrictions or bans. The majority of people will just downvote your post and tell you that you deserve the ban. Try to control your temper if you make another account, I learned this the hard way too. A lot of people who play LoL want to bait you into getting angry in the chat so they can report you, it's pretty common behaviour for people to be very passive aggressive in rude in the chat just to get an angry reaction from a team mate, and it has become more common than ever in 2017. The best thing you can do is rise above them, see yourself as mentally functioning higher than them, and just don't take the bait. Say things in chat like "Oh, Sorry. :D" and "Oh ok. MB. :D" and they will get more annoyed than ever that you're being nice to them. For what it's worth, I voted 'Unfair' because the content of that chat log is not worth a permanent ban in my opinion, especially if you're telling the truth about it being your first ban. Honestly though writing on the forum about it and even sending Riot Support tickets is useless, because they never reverse 'toxicity' permabans, ever. Except maybe for high profile streamers or pro players. The only circunmstances where us plebs could get a permaban overturned would be if it was for an RP payment chargeback or for example something like the erroneous scripting/ 3rd party program bans in the recent ban wave. Good luck if you decide to make a new account and remember no amount of flaming is worth losing all the time/ effort/ possibly money you put into an account, so always keep that in mind when using chat.
Wadud92 (EUW)
: It is really anooying. The worst cases for me are pushing a wave after a successful gank as jungler. I am denying your lane opponent farm and saving your tp, its 2017 why is this still so hard to comprehend? Being flamed for clearing a big minion wave as you said is also annoying as %%%%. A decent sized wave will take a tower if left un attended, if enemy has TP more than that. Multiple towers, free drakes, baron. That is a lot of gold there as well. Why people insist on standing around doing nothing then engage when you go to deal with a wave is enfuriating. Last but certainly not least that %%%%ing dumbass support who always %%%%s up my freeze. We had a bad time in lane, you know this, you were there. Let me safely freeze and farm at teir 2 and stop pushing it. I'll make 200g then the support will push it out and now I'm standing around doing nothing because it is unsafe for me to over extend
> [{quoted}](name=Wadud92,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=LKNsm4hs,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2017-02-19T16:52:18.262+0000) > > Why people insist on standing around doing nothing then engage when you go to deal with a wave is enfuriating. > THIS SO MUCH THIS. People hesitate and refuse to engage when we're all standing mid, then the second I'll roam or leave to depush a lane, they'll jump into or get caught in 4v5 (or even 4v4 sometimes an enemy isn't there) and suddenly they're all wishing me c*ncer in the chat and raging and spamming pings. I don't even know how to react, I've just come to the conclusion that they can't be reasoned with... Anything you type in response to their ping spams & flaming, even if you are being completely polite, communicative, and just trying to deflate the situation and untilt them... It just seems to make them even angrier, they see you in the wrong no matter how hard you're trying to win the game... Honestly trying to reason with angry league players is like trying to reason with my cousin who has schizophrenia, except he is more reasonable, and responsive to polite communication & logic.
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: My boyfriend never sticks up for me
The most annoying reaction for a flamer is no reaction at all. When they don't get any reply it annoys the hell out of them. Copy your boyfriend's approach and just don't give the flamers any acknowledgement or energy.
lettivete (EUW)
: Quinn really needs to be dealt with.
{{champion:80}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:14}}
: I go for a noble-b*tching kind of way For example: HE : LOL you play like bronze 5 first time idiot? ME: I'm afraid but I am not playing this game for the first time and I have to agree that right now I play rather bad for the division I am in, though you should think about the fact that you are in this match aswell
> [{quoted}](name=FeuerfalkeFX,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=IutHn1TI,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-02-15T15:37:45.468+0000) > > I go for a noble-b*tching kind of way > > For example: > HE : LOL you play like bronze 5 first time idiot? > ME: I'm afraid but I am not playing this game for the first time and I have to agree that right now I play rather bad for the division I am in, though you should think about the fact that you are in this match aswell *Riot chat restricts you because Toxicbot™ 2.0 detected the word 'bad' in your sentence and a report was made* Have a nice day on the rift summoner!
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Panth (EUW)
: Is the 8 gold from tribute on the enemy tower really worth the chance that the midlaner could get there just as fast as you, and, possibly, kill you for firstblood? Especially if they got gap closers/ flash/ ignite. 8 gold seems so inconsequential, I'd just not bother with that for the psychological aspect of team mates getting tilted by it alone, even if there isn't a risk. This behaviour exists at all MMR's. I imagine even some people in diamond games would ping spam and act tilted in the chat if you ran at a tower 1 minute into the game.
And most of your points are correct but this stuff happens from bronze all the way to plat. It just depends on the personalities or moods of the people playing. Although I'm silver (highest I got was G2 in season 5) I've seen trolls on plenty of streams from plat+ so the behaviour doesn't only exist in bronze. As for blaming junglers for not helping, ever heard of Hashinshin? :D
pieps (EUW)
: A Diamond support player's thoughts on Bronze mentality / 10 things I noticed playing in Bronze
Is the 8 gold from tribute on the enemy tower really worth the chance that the midlaner could get there just as fast as you, and, possibly, kill you for firstblood? Especially if they got gap closers/ flash/ ignite. 8 gold seems so inconsequential, I'd just not bother with that for the psychological aspect of team mates getting tilted by it alone, even if there isn't a risk. This behaviour exists at all MMR's. I imagine even some people in diamond games would ping spam and act tilted in the chat if you ran at a tower 1 minute into the game.
Outstrike01 (EUNE)
: Ban for Afk and flame plz.
If you really want to share an image your best bet is uploading it to an image sharing site such as 'Imgur' and linking it. Though if you do so make sure to obscure player names as naming and shaming isn't allowed - ideally you should take the matter to Riot support as well as always reporting people who act like that at the end of your games. I've just read through the other replies here and some of them were unconstructively rude to the point of insulting you for your post, as well as your post already being at -6 points despite just asking for help with the toxic players you encountered. Sorry people like this exist, just ignore their negativity - they're probably the same bunch that act passive aggressive & toxic in their games.
Nicodiver (EUNE)
: Rant about the community
Same here. I've concluded the only thing to do is /mute all and focus on the game every game. Which I also don't have the willpower to do plus I get bored when i can't interact or see interactions. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Rìpze (EUW)
: What Gaming Gear Do Pro Gamers Use?
'The equipments you need to succeed' The plural of equipment is 'equipment' by the way so you might want to fix that for professionalism :P Other than that I like the idea I've bookmarked the website and look forward to seeing what you add to it
Solash (EUW)
: "Flaming is perfectly fine and shouldn't be punishable"
I often experience games where omeone will spam pings on me for 30 minutes, act passive aggressive, intentionally not follow engages because they're trying to be annoying, come to my lane, make passive aggressive comments without crossing the flaming line which is just as annoying as flaming... Then I'm a toxic flamer if I utter a real word torwards them in retaliation, instead I'm forced to either mute and ignore them (which works except for the ping spam), or play their game and send passive aggressive messages in chat which just makes me feel uncomfortable... People in this community seem to try and bait their team mates into getting angry and it's sad. The only option left here on EUW imho is to /mute all every game. The level of passive aggressive & negative behaviour (and I don't mean flaming) is higher than I ever remember it being. People WILL spam the hell out of pings, for example, if you make one little mistake, and generally harass you for the rest of the game after you make one mistake. And you can't say a single word to defend yourself because EUW/ Riot has some weird attitude where trash talking someone who's literally trying to cyberbully you is a no-go and opens you up to their punishment system. I have no issue with this. I can just go and /mute all in all my future games. But I wish we could mute pings too. Muting can only defend you from their harassing behaviour if they're using the text chat, and they can still spam pings in your face for an entire game (which people abuse) and you have no option but to endure it, other than turning ping volume down which affects everyone's pings even a player who may have been using pings productively. I would rather someone just called me a rude name or swore at me, than, say, spammed pings on me and griefed me with their actions for 50 minutes. I can mute for the first one and continue to play my game. The second one is impossible to remove from my time & experience of the game.
: Holy f...You are writing an essay every game, good job.Maybe if you stop typing so much and start focusing in the game you won't get a ban again.
I know I'm a fast typer and they kept saying things so I was replying. It looks like an essay because it's just a bunch of text but you're forgetting those lines are spaced out over 30-40 minute games... It's just average communication for me. And unfortunately a bit negative because I was responding to negativity. So yeah I was dumb. But... a chat restrict? Come on Riot... I wasn't being toxic...
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DearPear (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=itjustbegun,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Jxya5AXZ,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2016-12-22T02:32:32.304+0000) > > People insult a teammate because he's playing in a toxic way (lately, I had tons of supports being toxic with troll picks, ks farms, no wards etc...) and they're seen as "toxic" because they raise the problem. But the real toxicity came from the way the other guy was playing. Raising a problem does not equal insulting someone. There's a clear line between saying "could you please stop taking the minions?" and "fuck off you cheesedick addicted cumslut and kys." I think you guessed which one would never get punished and which one would get punished quite fast.
What if I am a cheesedick addicted cumslut?
Kurotsu (EUW)
: A 100 people followed Singed on Twitter...
I'll open the door for you
: Well no more ranked until January again.
Just have the mentality that the enemy team's just as likely to have those kids as your team, in fact more since you already made up 20% of your team but the enemy team has 5 full slots to get filled potentially by kids. Then take advantage of it and be optimistic. No reason to get tilted when the statistics are in your favour right?
: "Hitler" is censored?
I'm against censorship personally. History happened, we need to live with it, not block it out. Some of the names on your list are just infamous because of Western propaganda, more than anything else. Gaddaffi for example brought peace and prosperity to Libya for decades, and Hideki Tojo was just a Japanese general fighting for his country. Japan was attacked plenty of times to make it fair to defend itself, but it seems history & judgement only favours the American side of every recent military conflict... Hillary was a good name to include on the other hand.
: Everything in this free game can be changed, so can a permanent ban But still i dont want to be unbanned cause im b2 haha and i want to lvl this acc instead cause that matchmakin is cancer FYI. Reason i had 16 deaths is when i was like 3/2/0 something i told ekko and panth what to do but they just seemed on heroin and that is all
Complaining about the matchmaking is like complaining about other human beings in the world. There's always going to be positive & negative people, the world won't change. And it's human beings playing LoL. You need to give yourself a more positive mentality and just ignore negative people. That's the only long-term solution. On Earth, our world, there will always be nice & rude people, there will always be skilled & unskilled people, and there will always be nasty bad people and good friendly people. That's nothing to do with Riot Games. As for b2 being a hard ladder position to play at, think of it this way: if your team has 4 bronzes & you, and the enemy team has 5 bronzes (yes the enemy could have smurfs or premades but so could your 4 team mates) then you're going into each game with equal fairness each time. Frustration & emotion throws games a lot more often than skill, I believe, in that MMR anyway. Your team had decent scores and I'm betting they played ok too, if you had just been patient & waited out the game, I'm sure it was possible for you to win that match. You had 16 deaths because you got angry and frustrated and decided to just stop caring about winning and go full YOLO mode. While your frustration is understandable, you need to control it better if you want to seriously rise in the ranks. Think 'What would Faker do in this situation?' - he would probably play methodically & detach emotions from the game, at least if he was smuring at our MMR anyway, because he would accept as a truth of playing in a bronze or silver game that people aren't going to be highly capable or efficient in their gameplay, and that's fine, that's not something he can change, so he would only focus on his personal game and what he can do to affect the outcome of the game. So don't get frustrated about things we can't control or you may as well get angry at the weather being cold when you're outside. You wouldn't, would you? You'd just put on a warm coat and a hat. So think of the LoL community like the weather, and just put on your 'coat and hat' when you play. {{champion:20}} As for the game being free, 'free game' is just a meme when Riot is making about $2 billion (profit, not revenue) a year mostly from players paying for access to game content. To get the entire game for free (champions, runes, rune pages) is an insanely long grind. Most of us spend a lot more on LoL over the years than we would pay one-off for a standard RRP AAA game for £40 on steam. That's nothing against Riot, companies need to make a profit. But I just wouldn't personally describe the game as free unless the gameplay content (champions etc) were all unlocked free. I could say it's free for me to travel from Scotland to China. While technically true, & possible, it would certainly be challenging and time consuming. {{champion:26}} For comparison, DOTA 2 makes Valve $240 million a year in profits, which while nowhere near Riot's $2 billion, shows that LoL would probably still be profitable if players had free access to more of the gameplay content. It would cost around $700 USD (variable in our currency) to unlock all League of Legends champions, even using sale deals, with RP. Of course we'll buy a lot with grinded IP, which is incredibly time intensive. Some players don't pay money or grind, and are stuck with a very low champion pool and limited rune pages, which is sad. Can you imagine if Bethesda made Skyrim free but you had to pay $20 or grind in-game for 48 hours time to unlock access to each small area of the map? Yes we could technically say it was free! {{champion:64}}
: What is te purpose of pemanent ban?
It's weird to say pantheon and ekko were being too aggressive when you have more deaths than their deaths combined! I'm not judging, though. Everyone has bad days and some people even have a lot of bad days. Everyone's circumstances in life are different and we're humans with feelings, I personally got bans in the past because I was taking pills - anti depressants & anti anxieties - and my dad lost a lot of his memories over the years from alzheimer's disease. I also couldn't find a job and had a load of debt. So I was taking out my anger in an online game, not intentionally, but it was just my mental state at the time. I know now that I shouldn't, it's the wrong place to put that energy / 'karma' if you believe in that. No random people in a game should have to deal with my shiat and get their game ruined because of personal problems in my life. A lot of people say bad things but it doesn't make them bad people, it's just misplaced anger, frustration, sadness. I don't think Riot has any options except to ban when someone keeps acting that way in their game, the only thing you can do in a positive direction is to change your reactions, stay calm, and relax. Buy a punching bag and hit that instead of typing on your keyboard. Honestly trying to appeal to the forums or Riot about your ban will just end in frustration and people saying negative things like you deserved it blablabla. End the cycle of negativity and start fresh with positivity, whether you choose to continue playing LoL or not. Anyway mate Riot don't undo permanent bans so if you make another account just chill out and stop getting so frustrated. I've done the same in the past so I understand... Just stop playing for a few days when you feel yourself getting really annoyed with the game. Find another hobby or game to play and take your mind off it. Ark Survival Evolved is fun at the moment but you'll have to run it on really low settings if you have an old computer like me. :D
: "Riot needs to instead work on a way to incentivize a good atmosphere and friendliness" I would say they don't need to do it instead of, but in addition to. I would also say they've been working on that for years, with decent results. It used to be much worse in my experience, and from the numbers they've written about gathered data, I consider my experiences verified. You make it seem like there's a simple solution Riot has just avoided for years for some reason, which I don't consider the case. If you have a good solution to toxicity problems, do Riot and all other popular multiplayer games a favor and share it, pretty please. A last, but lesser thing. "Prevention is better than a cure". While I get your sentiment, I would say that certainly depends on the topic and related complexities. There is no universal prevention against toxicity, nor is there a cure. There are things you can do to discourage it, which Riot has put effort into. There's also no cure, but things you can do to encourage reform of offenders, which Riot has also put effort into. It's not either/or and there is no simple solution. Online multiplayer games have been suffering from it for years, and if there really was a realistic and simple solution available, I would think it was common in games by now. Please tell me what you feel/think/believe Riot could've/should've done differently regarding toxicity.
> I would say they don't need to do it instead of, but in addition to. Yes that's what I meant. I used the wrong wording. I think they're right to ban people who are that toxic, but in addition yes they could come up with other solutions. > You make it seem like there's a simple solution Riot has just avoided for years for some reason I think they could have done more than they have in that direction. The honor system was a good idea for example, althought ultimately ended up not being used so much. Still, they could have made more features such as that and made it more significant. I don't think Riot is doing a terrible job... Things like permabanning the douches, tribunal, honor system... These are all steps in the right direction. I just think they could come up with some other system to encourage friendliness. Think of the League community like a classroom filled with 5 year old school children, and Riot is the teacher. This is just a silly metaphor, but yes in that situation the teacher would need to encourage the kids to be nice to each other and get them to become friends. That's just an area I think Riot could work on some more.
: Rito tribunal peoples. Do me a favor and have a chat with this young man. Convince him to reform.
Players like this always get permanently suspended. We keep seeing them because they make or buy new accounts and do it again. Blizzard charges £40 for a level 100 character boost that would normally take a good bit of time even if you were grinding intensively. In comparison, websites sell level 30 League accounts for $5 or $10. That is nothing for these guys. Banning isn't making them go away when they can just buy another account. They deserve the ban, yes, but other solutions need to come from Riot... Riot needs to instead work on a way to incentivize a good atmosphere and friendliness, instead of just continuing to try to deal with an increasingly toxic community by throwing endless banhammers. Do these people deserve a ban? Yes, no question. But you need to come up with other more innovative ways to deal with the issue. Think of the League of Legends community like a human body. We eat our porridge oats, vegetables, and some fruit, we don't smoke, we don't do drugs, and we stay healthy and don't get illnesses. League metaphorically is like a human body that has just been left to rot, then the doctor (Riot) is attempting to cure it by throwing endless pills (bans) at the diseases (toxic people like that guy in OP's post). Yes it will deal with the problem temporarily, but it's not optimal. **Prevention is better than a cure.** It's incomprehensible why Riot after 6 or so years of running the game hasn't gotten a great deal more involved in setting a positive and friendly atmosphere in their game, than they currently are & have been. You can only blame the player base and the community for so long. Yes toxicity is a problem. Yes anyone who acts so negative deserves a ban, I don't question that. But foresight and prevention could stop at least some of that happening. Negative people will always exist in the world, they have their origins and lives they're human beings maybe they have problems in the world or maybe the game made them negative - banning them over and over and over isn't going to make them go away. They SHOULD be banned. But ANOTHER solution needs to be put into practice too. ^Find a way to make the community relaxed & friendly, & less of the [40% toxic 40% passive aggressive & only maybe 20% genuinely friendly] headache it has turned into.
LOA Sevaa (EUW)
: Regarding a toxic player
Unfortunately the reaction on the forums to a post naming a player breaking the rules usually seems to be a negative one - [mentioning players' names in context of negative behaviour complaints isn't allowed by Riot's forum rules. ]( Personally I don't agree with this rule, and it's my opinion that we should be allowed to name players who negatively impacted our games. But the rules aren't mine to make, that's up to Riot. {{champion:32}} For what it's worth I understand your frustration with that player, having been through the same experience myself many times, and I agree with you that they probably deserve a ban if they were acting so negatively. I just figured I'd let you know what to expect from posting their name with a friendly post, before the forum regulars come and yell at you/ downvote you for breaking their precious rules, and a forum moderator eventually edits the post to remove the name. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} Anyway, if another player is acting like that, (you probably already did this) make sure to submit the relevant reports in the post-game screen, and then [you can also submit a support ticket to Riot]( about them. I believe the optimal support-ticket category to use in this situation is 'technical - other'. _For some reason Riot hasn't given us the option of a player behaviour ticket category, which is surprising given that [they advise submitting a support ticket for player behaviour in their own forum rules.](
TeeTohr (EUW)
: Problems about your post : 100% of he time isn't one game. Problems with you in game : You probably played really bad, that's a fact, a jax can win vs teemo and btw jax isn't that good vs cho. You also died to a teemo without ennemy gank. Howevere no one should expect from you to be smart enough to win this lane cause not everyone can. Problem is, your team mates are stupid and instead of ignoring them (or mute idc) you came here displaying weaknesses of yourself. Hopefully this will wake you up a bit. Flamers would not exist if everyone ignored them.
> 100% of the time isn't one game Ok maybe 100% was a little exaggeration. But admit it, most times you lose a lane, there's always one person who starts acting negatively because you lost your lane. Even if it's just passive aggressive messages. > You probably played really bad Yep. I played safe though. Farmed in exp range or under turret and avoided many further deaths. Consider this: If everyone played perfectly, 100% of the time, we would all be challenger. > you came here displaying weaknesses of yourself I came to express my frustration with this issue in general. People lose lanes. LCS players lose lanes. Worlds players lose lanes. Challenger players in every region lose lanes to their opponents. Every day. Without someone on one team losing their lane, nobody would ever win. It's not acceptable to become passive aggressive, negative, or rude to somebody just because they aren't winning their lane. > Hopefully this will wake you up a bit. Flamers would not exist if everyone ignored them. I generally do, I didn't respond to the flamer in any significant way, merely continued to politely convey gameplay communication. I've posted about this on the forums, because like I said above, I think it's an issue that Riot could do more to deal with. People instantly acting rude and passive aggressive (or flaming) someone because they lost a lane. I'm not a snowflake or anything like that, I can handle someone flaming me. But it's incredibly inefficient waste of energy. If some guy on your team lost their lane, you need to look at ways you can win the game, not stand and type at them.
duckarp (EUNE)
: Just hit that mute button next time, don't let some random anonymous pricks get to you. The most important is to do your best, which you did. People will always try to find "the reason" and the easiest solution is to put the blame on someone else.
Thanks for the response mate. I didn't let the harassing person get to me, and I just replied to them politely, without being sarcastic or passive aggressive. But I still feel the need to vent my frustrations a little so a forum post seemed like a good idea because I don't even have friends who play this game any more. {{champion:32}}
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EPZOkEZU,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-11-21T05:46:09.883+0000) > > Based on this logic, intentional feeding shouldn't be banned. It's a gameplay choice, after all. I didn't mean it like that, cmon... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} For what it's worth, though I shouldn't have to state this is my opinion, I definitely believe people who intentionally feed or grief in any other way should get banned. However I do not believe that was the case in this situation. Even if negativity was a side effect in some of his games. So what? Side effects of our gameplay always affect our team mates either negatively or positively, whether intentional or not. For example if I take Ashe ADC and adc isn't my main role (say for example I got autofill) then I try my best but I still get roflstomped and enemy adc gets fed because they're a lot more skilled than me, is that by your logic reportable and bannable, because it gave my team mates a negative experience? If everyone had perfect games where they never fed and made all the right gameplay decisions 100% of the time, everybody would be Faker. We're not all Faker. And that guy is a Gold 5 Singed. Anyway, here is the reply from Riot Support to the banned Singed player: > I highly not recommend doing it anymore except with a group of friends who don’t mind that you’re playing Singed support to go counter jungle, not build Sightstone, and roam. >I understand you want to play Singed Support, however, your teammates do not want you to play Singed Support. This wasn't about intentional feeding or intentionally throwing games, or trolling. The guy was just trying something whacky, something off-meta. For that, it's my opinion he didn't deserve a ban, and I think Riot's justification and excuses are shameful. This person had 2493 Singed games in season 6, with a 53% winrate, and 3 million mastery points on the champion. I don't care what anyone says, that's impressive! I think it's pretty clear this person isn't a griefer so I don't see why a ban can be justified morally. Yes it's Riot's right to do whatever they want because they own everyone's accounts, but they should only do it where it is warranted or they cross an ugly line. High toxicity, racism, harassment, verbal abuse, xenophobia, intentional feeding, afking, leaving, and a bunch of other negative behaviour... Yes - BAN! Singed support? No. Riot. No. Don't ban for that. Come on.
IseeNothing (EUNE)
: Riot explain YOUR behavior!
All I can say is that I agree. People shouldn't be banned for gameplay choices. Shame on Riot.
Boo0o (EUNE)
: WTF???
Intentionally losing a game and admitting to it... I hope Riot looks into this.
: Thanks man, I appreciate the response, I'll contact plusnet support and see what they can do
Did you have any luck? Despite all the hundreds of people complaining about packet loss they've not acknowledged it's their problem yet. A temporary fix I found was using a free VPN program called cyberghost, I get 0% packetloss and no connection drops when I use that. Not ideal solution but it will do for me until Plusnet get their **** together...
Genetacus (EUW)
: Weird Chat Restriction - 717 is blocked????
Maybe they've flagged numbers as letters in their swearing detection, and I guess 717 would count if 7 is t and 1 is i.
: Why on earth did riot think it was a good idea to buff assassin's?
Assassins* You don't need a ' in that context. Sorry it was bugging me. {{champion:106}}
BluMox (EUW)
: Riot, stop saying "soon", we want real answers
I want to know where solo queue is too, but I was a bit intimidated to ask about it on the forums because forum posters can be quite snarky and downright negative when you post questions like that - I noticed someone already replied to you like that. It seems on the forum that people just react this way to anything that could be conceived as negativity torwards Riot, even when it's constructive criticism. The forums have become quite an unfortunate environment - Reddit tier circlejerk/ witchhunt behaviour seems to have become normal here at this point, with the same people always posting trying their best to worship Riot Games and react negatively to anybody who criticises the game even when it's constructive. Anyway, I noticed you said it's a free game but to be honest most of us spend a lot more on League Of Legends than we would've paid for most games. For example a big AAA game release may have $50 RRP. And that's it, unless the company releases DLC or so... And this may not go for everyone, but I know it'll go for a very significant chunk of the LoL playerbase - most of us have or will spend more than $50, and some orders of magnitude more than that. According to data from 2015, League of Legends had already made Riot Games $1 billion+ in microtransactions alone and the company had made $600 million+ that year in revenue. [Source]( It's safe to say that number has probably increased in 2016, as it did every previous year. I believe that criticism should always be allowed, and should be be even if the game is free; if anything, criticism should be encouraged by a company in order to perfect it's product. 'The customer is always right' business model seems to have disappeared with the wind at some point in the last decade, yet should really be followed by any business or company providing a service or game to human beings who spend their time and/or money, in order to have great customer service and it always makes good business sense to be very in touch with your customers or users which would among other benefits ensure any problems are dealt with in a fast and efficient manner. I'd like to mention that I feel a lot of sympathy for players from regions that lost draft normal queue - IMHO role selection was a great positive step for this game, and removing that option for people who preferred playing normals is like a step backwards. Back to the point... Riot, where is solo queue?!? Everyone is waiting. I don't see why it would take so much time to implement something which already existed. I haven't played a single game of 'flex queue' and I don't plan to.
PointDreck (EUNE)
: I have nowhere to practice
I absolutely don't understand why they removed draft pick instead of blind pick in those regions. I feel sorry for you. Big mistake by Riot. Hope you get draft pick back.
: Take into account you dont get the amount you pay for. For example although 10mb is what you need paying for a 10mb service will net you 1-2 mb most of the time so you will need to go for a better package to ensure all round performance.
Usually you just get the lowest speed of these two things: What your line can support technically, and what package you are paying for. If for example you were paying for 10mb but only receiving 2mb, then paying for a service faster than 10mb wouldn't give you an increase over 2mb. The only exeption would be if you changed the physical line service (e.g. from copper line/ ADSL to fibre cable), thus changing the maximum bandwidth capacity of the line.
: My game is de-syncing sooo much
It seems to be an ongoing issue with Plusnet. I'm with them too, and here's my story of the last week or so... Initially I submitted a support ticket to Riot because I thought that it could be a problem with the game. Before I even contacted Riot, I had already tested all my equipment to eliminate the possibility of something faulty like a network card, cable, etc. After trying out the game on multiple computers, using different ethernet cables, and even having the Plusnet support staff run line tests, there was no problem at all with my phone line or any networking equipment in my house - Plusnet even sent me out a new router that arrived the next day on November 11th, because we assumed it could be an issue with the router, but lo and behold the problem continued to happen, and it has no matter what I changed or what equipment I used. When Riot got back to me they told me that the conclusion from my network tests was that the problem was packet loss from my ISP and that I should contact them about it. I'm currently waiting to hear back from Plusnet support, again. I just hope they sort this problem out or I'll really think about changing ISP.
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