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vulcaum (EUW)
: "Platform is currently unavailable while we perform emergency maintenance."
woke up, ate breakfast, made coffee, watched a simpsons episode, sat on the pc saying to myself "alright man u're in a great mood, definitely d4 today" BOOM SERVER DOWN
Papafruit (EUW)
: how many times do we have to report inting scum in order to get them banned?
i got demoted the game after that with the int ( shield was still yellow, thanks riot ) and then i got a disco nunu top on my promos. good stuff, thanks riot team
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: I think im done with ranked this season
Never again i've gotten more trolled in high plat. There was negativity but this amount of toxicity and inting is so hard to play with. I'm just muting all each game and hope for the best. Honestly this started when i couldn't dodge coz of d4 promos and everytime i queued people would troll my ass, then ended up at plat 2 struggling to win even the easiest games. People are clueless, maybe it's coz of inflation
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: What are your computer specs? I've tried playing the game on both my main computer that has a crappy AMD CPU & a GTX 1050 Ti and on my tablet which is powered by a M3 7Y30 SoC (Intel HD 615 Graphics). I haven't experienced any major stutters or FPS drops in neither of those devices, especially since the latest patch, which seems to have fixed the low frame-rate issues that a lot of people had been having.
it's not my pc. it can handle league easily. at fights fps shows 120, however there's constant microstutter. my other games are more than fine
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: > [{quoted}](name=SuperSmashBro,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=G7zgfvkJ,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-05-25T13:55:27.836+0000) > > 3 sec delay is not bad. I play on 10 sec delay for 3 years (smite baron at 4k and it will be fine), just stop whining and go back on the rift guys. I would not whine if that was my fault, but it has to do with the eune server somehow, made me switch servers more than once in the past, and im now regretting transfering back.At this point we should get a free transfer or something (if im right and its server related). Edit: its also not consistent, it just spikes randomly canceling inputs or delaying them.
it's not eune only. i'm playing from greece on both euw and eune and the problem exists on both servers. rito pls IT'S FRIDAY (friday... gotta get down on friday...)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rat On Cocaine,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=kdjdZ1EE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-06-27T11:28:30.109+0000) > > anyone with a sense of humor could understand that i was joking. Either that or your "joke" was poorly-executed due to it blending in alongside the multitudes of genuine examples of obnoxious complaining that we get on this forum almost daily.
House x33 (EUW)
: So you basically blame your team for 6 loses? INTeresting.
yeah, i should be challenger by now but i have bad teammates that's why i'm stuck at bronze 4. you got it man.
: Just a tip but u should first try to get a consistent 52-53+ winrate because u are on like 8 game loss streak and dieng 8 times and even 15 times in a ranked game on ur main champ which is just not a good sign. I dont think u will move up unless you review ur games and limit ur deaths. Gl to you though.
hello friend, despite that losing streak i win most of my games, unfortunately some games are pretty hard to win, especially when people go afk-tilt and rage at each other, or get mad and burn their sums and afk farm top lane. all these occured on these games. past 7 days on my main (vlad) : 32/23 including 6 out of these 8 defeats.
: Why is leblanc considered bad?
i think she's pretty good atm. probably because of high skill cap
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ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: >I know many of you got into plat by mastering 2-3 champions without actually knowing when to fight/ how to ward and avoid ganks plays only vlad and riven at an appropriate lvl, all other champs below 50% winrate lul EDIT: how the %%%% is your highest cs/m 5.5 on RIVEN AND VLAD in those 6 games? And mostly youre below 5. Holy shit learn to farm.
there's no need to play more champs at this point, atleast for me. my post was targeted at people who master a champion without taking the time to learn about macro play. i tried to roam, i don't know i haven't analysed my games yet but there's more than kda and cs
: _Complains about ppl crying like a baby_ _Proceeds to cry like a baby, with the addition of making death threats_ Looks like a demotion well deserved.
anyone with a sense of humor could understand that i was joking. i think i defined what crying like a baby means. i can't understand why people get so aggressive.
Moody Jazz (EUNE)
: It is because the routing to Istanbul is different from the routing to Amsterdam. If the routing path to Istanbul is longer the ping will be higher as it will take more time for data to travel to there and from there. So basically the distance from you to Istanbul doesn't really matter if the routing path is longer.
so that means we got no hope, right? rip
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: No more trolling in Champ Select!
not bad though the whole "fill the queue with one person" feature will be a pain in the ass for programmers imo.
: Is it even possible to beat Panth early?
Depends on what you're playing. Do not bother trading with him until lvl 3-4. It's crucial not to give a kill early because he's going to shit on you ^_^ Personally i play mostly riven, I start doran's shield and E. Let him push the wave, farm under turret and starve him out of mana. Most pantheons go ignite anyway so 1-2 good ganks from your jungler and you should be alright. he's also very immobile so if he pushes he's a free kill most of the times, but beware because his all-in hurts especially with ignite up. Test a short trade against him and if you lose that trade play safe and wait for your daddy :) good luck!
mpky (EUNE)
: Can riot please remove winter map atlast
personally i love the theme maps. as a veteran wow player i've missed holiday events in league. I understand that some people might have some problems with the winter map being too bright, it shouldn't be hard to decrease the brightness a little bit. Imo, theme maps should be added to ranked games aswell. I mean, ok let's face it, 99% of the playerbase plays for fun (or atleast they should be) . Although the game has been more interesting in terms of gameplay, (lane matchups being more about skill and less about hard counters etc, pros contributing to amateur players overall skill with streams and guides), my opinion is that we've kinda lost the essence of fun. A game being more balanced and less buggy etc doesn't mean it's more fun. For the sake of that aspect, i think it's really important that riot keeps the theme maps ingame and possibly even tweak them for ranked play. Thumbs up rito for taking a big step into making summoners rift great again.
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