An Icehole (EUNE)
: From what i learned while playing againts Vlad's is that they just can't farm under tower, he has long cd on his skills early and his basic dmg is just awful, so it's quite easy to deny his farm, and even if you get ganked early 1-5 lvl, vlad can't do much except throw his Q-E maybe W and rely on his jungler to do rest of the dmg, and if you find yourself 2v2 top you're guaranteed to win, unless he has some insane jungler, and he has so many insane counters on top it's risky to even play him without feeding, Riven, Xin, Irelia, Darius, Rene Etc, and even that item HexDrinker it's like it was made to counter Vlad, and those champs that i listed there for counters, with all of them is best to simply freeze the lane near you tower, whenever he tries to farm just go all in make him waste W, back off, and if he tries again to farm he will either burn flash or you get a kill.
I honestly never had any problems against vlad ''counters''. If you pull the wave at level 1 you can easily set the wave to slow push towards you. Since they'll want to push you can just freeze your lane easily near your tower. You can just tank a few minions and since you're usually starting with cloth and 5 pots+sustain from q you can afford that. If they want to push to the tower they'll just take a lot of free damage from me. The only time I'm having problems is against riven. Against other mention I can just go for rylais after my wota+zhonya and kite them forever. Before that I can just play the sustain game which I always win. Honestly I still have no idea on how to counter vlad (since I don't play riven).
ZartarUK (EUW)
: just go a poke champion against him
Why would I do that? He can sustain my damage and with poke champion basically you make your lane farm lane. Which is bad since I doubt there's a poke mage that scales better into late game then vlad. Not to mention poke champ in top lane is just bad...
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