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Silent Note (EUNE)
: How accurate is it? Here plat is 89.7, diamond is 95.2, and mine is 94.5. So I'm basically doing as well with vision as an average Diamond player even though I'm gold?
Vision is properly one of the easiest to improve on. So yeah, but that dosen't mean you will be a diamond player because you match there vision :)
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Is 60 vision score at 30 minutes good for a support?
I'm a support main, and i looked my stats up; My vision score per hour is around 80-90ish. If you go to your profile and stats, then you can see your vision score the champions you have played in ranged, and compare with other elos. I play alot of Pyke, so if you look at pyke support hes vision score is like this for each elo: Iron: 39,5 Bronze: 50,3 Silver: 65,7 Gold: 80,0 Plat: 89,2 Diamond: 97,7 Master: 105,7 Grandmaster: 104,1 Challenger: 106,6


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