Klumpa (EUNE)
: Riot what is this?
Wtf is going on? Is Riot become racists? I tried to answer this buddy/girl in our native language, but i couldn't. It is not my fault that not everyone understands my language. Why should i always had to answer in English? So nvm, All what i tried to tell him was, Just quit this game. Not worth to play.
Klumpa (EUNE)
: Riot what is this?
Pyrosen (EUW)
: What do you mean it was impossible?
there is no section to chose region you wanna play, there is only '' download the game''. I can click on that thousand times, but nothing will happen. Last time when i downloaded game there wasn't any problem, but it was 2 years ago, tho
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: i quit lol
Did the same last month:){{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: > Riot made system who ban people if they ''flame'' And that means if you keep telling your team to stop feed constantly it means you flame, You say this, yet when somebody posts their chatlogs and says "omg i wasn't even flaming i was just telling them to stop feeding", you check the chatlogs and clearly see that the person has been cursing and harrassing their teammates. You don't really get banned if you just say "stop feeding" the entire game.
Man, I already told, not in all cases. I could tell you some blind point, but i can't teel that because then everybody starts to use that :D Maybe someday when i leave league i will tell all bugs i found usable{{sticker:poppy-wink}}
Evyi (EUW)
: ...
Depends on how long are you playing this. If you got there from 0-74 in few moths then yes if u were already 30 when the upgrade come then no.
: League changed my gaming life
First of all. Sorry about my english. Truthfully, I don't even care about ''Honor'' level in this game, there is no honor to be tiltproof in game where 90% are trolls, feeders and flamers. This chat option is a Bs. How come i am pro in CS:GO and never been banned? Because there is no time to flame, game takes Your focus away from chating and all you do is either blame yourself for dying in stupid way or laugh at new ones who doesn't understand the strategy. All this league gaming made me as a bad salty person. Once i done with playing this game i become good once again. As before... Just if you have issues with attitude it is not recommended to play this game. Riot made system who ban people if they ''flame'' And that means if you keep telling your team to stop feed constantly it means you flame, not just tell them '' BE SAFER''. Eventually you will get banned for truth. But that's not in all cases. But mostly i know many of players who became perma banned because of that. Then you start new acc and you get even more saltyer.....?Infinite loop. What I want to tell is, it's strongly recomended not to play if You get angry very fast. You are just wasting your time and money. I'm getting angry very easily and i am done with this game. Not the game, those kids who are playing nowadays. Whining all the time and never learn nothing about theyr mistakes. I love the game, love makers and theyr idea, but i can't let others to ruin my day, even if there is the honor system for being tiltproof. Price is too small to compare them with my nerves. I don't care. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Templaris (EUW)
: hey guy thats rude toxic
healthy criticism {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
ArcherX (EUW)
: Either matchmaking is yolo or s8 will be full of these games ?
: my age is not relevant to the topic at hand
Your attitude makes no sense, You laugh about him getting banned and act like a kid, but wait. {{champion:43}} is a b:)
: unlike you i can still play it {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: I like your answer to my question about who the hell you are. You're definitely not relevant. It's funny how you keep calling me sad and insist that calling people names is what people do when they have nothing intelligent to say. So you can call me sad but I can't call you a hypocrite and a dumbass? That's the definition of hypocrisy little teenager.
He's just tilting you even more and you let him to do that by replaying on his annoying replays.
: How can i download .css files of "League Displays" ?
why would you want to mess with their project files if you can see thousands of coding templates (also you can use them) in internet? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
DravenIsOut (EUNE)
: I do own her. just edited the post.
maybe you already got an S- or higher rank with her and already aquired chest before. You can get only one chest per champion in one season, i guess.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Ignore option (probably ?)
Are you shure you didn't block that player earlyer?{{sticker:fiora-cool}}
: Why is it so hard to get S
It isn't{{sticker:fiora-cool}}
DylxnBK (EUW)
: dont even know what ur on about
Hahahaha, yeah, shure, after yesterdays video it's pretty shure that is he's idea of this.{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
DylxnBK (EUW)
: Could you make a gamemode where you bring al the old items back?
So now you wanna steal the idea from Kiandymundi? {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
elin990 (EUW)
: I look for a Bronze/Low Silver Rakan that wants to play with me(Xayah)
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: You have so little farm your champion is starving to death. That's the logic of it.
Bs. Game was 29 min long, my farm was good enough, but look. I want to know the difference between grades. Both game was equaly long and even farm was bigger than others, but i got A instead of A+ like before. Sry for my english.
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