: You either abide by the rules they set, or you dont get to play. Your opinion whether it is stupid or not matters not in the slightest. Compare the game to a house. You are welcome to join the party, but once you start pissing on the couch, people are going to throw you out.
In the business I know of, clients are served with courtesy, not pissed on, cause yeah, I did invest a few $ in this game, my last for sure. Getting booted out cause I get "mad" of playing half my games with the type of people I listed above should be understandable or a least taken into account, which is simply not.
: You have the right to say what you want. Riot has the right to kick you out of their game if they dont like what you are saying. Welcome to life.
yes they have the right to be stupid.
ForDemGainz (EUNE)
: i see nothing toxic in there, just daily chat from cs go
that's it man, too many years in pro league, converting to this is a culture shock!
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