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: ###First of all keep in mind that League isn't the easiest game around. So don't bash yourself for not learning too fast. Things you should focus on: Objectives win games. yup that's pretty much it. Sure, getting overfed and stomping the enemy team can also win games but that doesn't happen normally (and that's good). I spent like over an hour on this so I hope it helps! So, objectives include but aren't limited to: -Farm: it's basically gold=items and xp=stats+higher lvl abilities. And with pretty much no risk involved. -Denying farm: you obviously don't want your opponents to have the bonuses mentioned above, right? Denying can be one of the most complex things in league. Whenever the enemy goes in for a last hit, deal some dmg to them, eventually they'll be low enough to not be able to farm and they'll have to go b. Be careful though since if you stay in there for more than one hit or so, you will take minion dmg and the poke will be ineffective. -Freezing: Stop the advance of your minions towards the enemy's side. Literally last hitting (hitting while the minion auto that would have killed a minion is mid-flight) is basically what freezing means. It basically means that you control where the lane (the line that divides your minions and the enemy's) will be, and that can mean a lot when it comes to side ganks, rear ganks, safe/non-safe farming, xp gains, and travel distance (which is the distance someone has to travel to reach safety in case something goes wrong - usually aka the turret). -Knowing where the enemy jungler is: this will make it easier for you to know when to do what. Sometimes, you may even want to stop farming cause it may mean that they enemy will kill you because of their jungler. So it's better to lose 5 creeps than die. -Warding (properly): this means the exact center of tribush, the exact corner of most bushes to get maximum vision out of them (or around corners). It can make a huge difference. -Drake (especially early on): Yes, even drakes that give you regen are important. Not only infernal is as many think. If you can outsustain a team on a siege with lots of poke you have possibly won the fight. -Turrets (first turret especially): they give you map control. You will be able to setup more kills for your team as the enemies won't have the safety of their turret. you also get global gold for your team and some advantages that have to do with minion wave control. -Getting rift herald and using it to get a turret: not much to explain here, rift herald can be really useful when it comes to taking a lone turret fast. -INHIBITORS: they force the enemy team to keep defense on their focus. That means you can deny them jungle camps, you can freeze minion waves even more effectively, you can take drakes, baron, create ganks when people try to ward their own jungle and loads more. -Buff jungle camps: they give you bonuses that can make you much more effective. Red buff is so strong on adc since it gives you better chasing and kiting potential (you can look those up with a quick search if you don't know what they mean). At the same time blue buff means you can stay in lane for much longer as a mage (or generally most mid-laners). Naturally the usage of these buffs isn't limited to these examples. ### As an ADC (I'm going to get into quite a lot of detail so bear with me): -Learn to cancel the attack animation: This is probably important on every single champion in this game in any role you play but in adc it's even more important. #Cancelling the attack animation means the following: Attacks include these keypoints in time (at least this is how I sense them): -Attack animation start, -attack starts happening, - (if ranged) attack is thrown, -(if ranged) attack is flying, - animation ends, -attack lands. The last two don't happen in this order necessarily. Starting the animation doesn't mean you will attack. You can move and nothing will happen. You'll just move. Starting the attack doesn't mean you have actually attacked. I have seen auto attacks flying but when I move they get cancelled. I think this happens only in a few ranged champions but that's what I've seen. This is usually around at the half-time of the attack animation. attack being thrown means it will surely land on the enemy. Even if you're melee and he's flashed away 1/10 of a second too late. attack is flying means you can see it travel. after the attack has happened, before it's even thrown, you can move your champion and since the attack has already happened, the animation stops and you just move. This means that you don't need to wait for an animation to end, you can use this time to move more effectively. This means, don't just right click an enemy and let your champion automatically follow him because that means the enemy has gone out of range and you have lost time that you could've been attacking in moving. So the correct way to dps in team fights is move right after you start each attack to a spot that will be more beneficial to you on your next attack than standing still (there are cases where standing still can be best - and it can sometimes mean more dps if you have very high attack speed). -you will want to have pretty much the most farm in your team. That's because you usually have few ways of securing kills early on but at the same time you're supposed to be able to usually deal the highest amount of stable dps in teamfights, which is the best way to make sure enemies die. Some tips on adc farm: -Watch the hp bars and the auto attacks from the caster minions on your side towards the enemy minions. Remember, caster minions deal more dmg. Also they are worth the least gold and have the least hp. All minions are in fact equally important though since they're all gold that usually doesn't require you to interact with the enemy. So make sure you get as many of those as possible. The gold may seem like not much compared to kills, but it really adds up to a lot more than kills over time. -Don't get pushed into your turret unless your support seems to know how to help you last hit. (I'll get into more detail on that later). -It's ok to use some mana to get creeps, try to set them up so you won't have to though, as mana may save your life later or make your enemy's life worse. -Don't get crit early on, it can mess up the hp bars of minions and it will make your life miserable when you start losing creeps because of unlucky crits that happen at the wrong time. Get some early AD and attack speed (preferably one of both on your first back) to get you going. -Attack speed helps in situations where you have two creeps with similar amounts of hp that seem to intend to die at pretty much the same time. -You can control the timing of minions' death to make it easier to kill them one by one by hitting one minion twice and another minion once each time the lane resets (minions going in the middle of the lane at the same time from both teams). Some tips on adc fighting: -In most scenarios, the adc's role in teamfights is to focus the highest priority enemy that can be safely damaged. That isn't the case when a zed is right on your face, you must either kill that guy or escape before you get nuked. Which leads me to: -Beware: you are squishy! You can literally die in one burst from like half the roles in the game. At least if that's what they're itemizing for. -Position: When chasing, go slightly into your opponent to give you more time to do one extra auto if you have to stop moving for whatever reason. When kiting, always make sure that the path you've chosen is actually a safe one. - Dodging abilities isn't always the best option in late game: Sometimes you can just dps people head-on. -Dodging abilities will however be extremely important. -Buy QSS, (and use it effectively by expecting enemy cc). Don't always buy it of course. but if they have a leona. Or anything of that sort. And they seem to really like you. or even if they don't like you. a well timed QSS can win a fight for sure. Practice using it with a friend before you go in-game with it otherwise you won't make much use of it fast enough. -Help your support with vision when they need it. -Go to drake calls asap, that one or two creeps in lane aren't as important as drake and going asap could mean the difference between getting drake and leaving safely or getting 3 people in your team killed. this is a REALLY IMPORTANT tip to be honest. -You will eventually need lifesteal but usually you shouldn't really stack too much of it early on cause spending gold on it will make you fall behind damage-wise. ### As a support: Rule number 1: You are not a mage, or a carry. You have other people for that. Unless if you don't have other people for that, in which case you may be up to something not so meta-like which is always fun and nice, but make sure you're doing it with a team that agrees with you on it, otherwise it will never work out. (yes I'm talking to you AP lux "supp" with mejai's 1st item) -Always protect your carries. This....... UNLESS, it means that you're just getting killed for someone who's already going to die anyway. It can be hard to know when someone has no chance of escaping but if you keep the enemies' ults and summoner spells in check as well as your own team's you should be able to make that call. Being the nice guy doesn't really help that much when you give two kills instead of one for no reason. -Ward. Before teamfights, during teamfights, after teamfights, before potential teamfights, around objectives, before going for objectives, after having taken objectives... the list goes on. Vision is probably the number one reason people get ganked. If you know where your enemy is, you can move on to making further decisions about your strategy. And by using wards effectively you're essentially helping everyone in your team even if it doesn't look like it. Ward effectively, and don't waste wards cause if you run out at the wrong moment some enemy might escape or some friend may get killed. -Help your adc last hit by setting up minions' hp. -help your adc push fast so they can go B. -Some of the stuff I said about adc stand on supp as well! -Make calls - ping. You don't farm so you see more!
great advice, thanks for taking the time to reply! appreciated :D
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