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Zyzyx (EUW)
: 1+2+3 is basically what Riot already does. Riot Supporters feed the Feederbuster with manually judged cases to allow it to learn. 4 is easier said than done. What do you think Riots Player Behavior team is doing all day? They are already trying to improve the system every day. 5: Not sure what you mean.
The problem isn't int feeders. They are rare at best. The problem is people like the Warwick jungle main I mentioned, who has 600 games of him deliberately losing games and trying to make the team argue while admitting to it several times.
: ''Diamond ELO BTW HaHAA'' Get your pretentious head out of your ass lol
Yes because that's the point? The point was more to emphasise that because of the ELO, these people are known well by everyone. It's not like trolling in Silver, where you never see the same troll again. It's a case of, if you queue up at the same time as these guys queue up, you are pretty likely to get them in your team. It's realy frustrating. Not just that, but when half of the people around that ELO know who they are, it makes you question why they aren't banned yet even more.
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: Wtb thresh mechanics (so young asuna montage)
Why do all weebs have such shit taste in music?
: and why are you defending the Diamond and plat players that play normals and are humiliating and making fun of others exactly??? If you are High Elo you can do whatever you want??? I don't think so... and yes.. these High Elo elitists in normals are the absolute worst kind of players... they play normals ONLY to make fun of others and take out their sadistic bullying mentality on the ones they know they can beat easily... because I got this trash talking in a NORMAL game... not in ranked... anyway, your whole point was more to be critical of what I said than anything else... and instead of people saying "mute all" people should start trying to make this freakin community more bearable... because having your family cursed and having people wishing you and your loved ones to die from cancer is not bearable... it's disgusting... and a mute button doesn't make it ok... So, you could answer in a nice way, but you decided to do that in a critical and aggressive way... gj for your friendly behavior...
I'm not defending flamers at all, try reading what I say without blind hatred. There are VERY little flamers in high elo compared to bronze-silver, so I think saying " all the flamers are high elo" is a load of shit. Most people in high elo understand flaming accomplishes very little, so they just don't flame. And no, nobody should 'try to make the community more bearable' - that doesn't work and will never work for a game as frustrating as this. League, simply put, is a toxic-enducing game that brings out the worst in people, and it'l stay that way. Flamers are going to stay, there will always be flamers, so get used to /mute all instead of trying to combat them. And yes, I did answer in an agressive way, because your pure irrational stupid statement "all the diamond players flame" is a load of shit and not true at all. Let me ask you again *what experiance do you have with high elo? * None. You have seen high plat / low dia players in NORMAL GAMES, you have no idea what diamond elo is like, so don't try to judge people in it.
Biuvoc (EUW)
: {{champion:40}} useless solo q no matter what ppl say.{{champion:37}} maybe ok and {{champion:16}} is op.At least in low elo.Support is the hardest role to carry..But if youre a good support then ye youre still gonna climb.Evry role is good to carry but better champs for solo que are {{champion:63}} just because dmg..{{champion:143}} the same you cant rely mutch on your team or just {{champion:12}} cuz is nice tank and great cc.
I find support easier to carry on then top and ADC, and i've mained adc for 4 years. When you play ADC, in alot of situations a trash support means you die for nothing, ie if there's 2 fed assassins jumping on you and your support doesn't help, no matter how well you kite you'l likely die. On the flipside, as a support you can keep your entire team alive using dumbass items like Redemption. You don't have to CS or get that much XP, so you can spend tons of time warding enemy jungle and stopping ganks, as well as roaming mid and ganking for your mid. Support has as nearly much map pressure as a jungler.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Can I climb the ladder as a support main?
Sorry, but stupid question. Ofcourse it's possible. Do you think Mithy, Madlife, Yellowstar and Kasing would be stuck in silver 3 playing Soraka/Sona/Janna ? Yes, it's possible. That said, it's far, far easier to do playing CC tanks like Braum , Nautilus, Shen and Alistar, or playmaking supports like Thresh and Blitz.
: I got my first ever chat restriction today... been playing since season 3... ty RIOT!!!
> [{quoted}](name=I will obliviate,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Y5KwhZhh,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-09T07:37:48.803+0000) > > So, in over 4 years I had never had a single penalty for anything... and today I got my first... why? because some guys made my life miserable and then ALL reported me > No, you got punished for flaming. Wether anyone reports you or not is pretty irrelevant - the system picks up flaming regardless of if you have 0 reports or 9. > ME of course... why? because I'm not a saint to keep being called trash and be happy about it... You don't have to be a saint to do that. Most people don't. >and in my experience the higher ELO players are the worst ones... they are toxic 24/7.... No, you don't have any experience. What "High elo players" have you been playing with? Your silver V. These "High elo players" you refer to are probs plat-dia players who are playing a normal. In my experiance peaking at d4, Diamond is the least toxic elo I have ever been in, followed by highplat, then gold. In my ACTUAL experience, low silver and bronze are by far the most toxic elos. > Also, when someone uses the word trash 300 times in the same game it should be reportable... trash may not be a cursing word... but if you use it 300 times, the ONLY reason would be to FLAME!!! Yes, I will say it, if you get *so* triggered at people calling you trash, /mute all at the start of the game.
: Ranked MMR should influence normal MMR as well
No, it shouldn't. Nobody above mid plat wastes their time with normals. How on earth do you ever expect anyone dia + to find a normal if they can only be matched with other dias/plats? Deal with it. Don't like it, play ranked.
aluucard (EUNE)
: Now , sunfire is useless
Your crying because you can't abuse sunfire? You want sunfire to be a relativity non-expensive item that when you buy it you can 1v1 anyone in the game? Sunfire was one of the reasons disgusting shit like tank fizz exists, where you walk around 1shotting squishies, 1v1ing other tanks all while having a million heathl. Sunfire is in a good place, it's good for pushing and it doesn't offer that much dps to champions. Stop crying because now you can't mindlessly buy a sunfire as nautilus top, walk up to the enemy skilled toplaner like Riven or Fiora, AFK next to them and kill them.
: >you don't act like this in ranked why would you do it in Aram. because it's aram
Eambo (EUW)
: (Re)Introducing - The Volunteers!
Torpedosheep? Shiwah? Armakar here (i hope you remember me) update me on the new emmisaries so I can tag them in my new toxic posts please.
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: Can't wait for the 10 ban system...
Can't wait either. Bye yasuo, never going to see that champ again :D
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Q Ren (EUW)
: There aren't really "opinions' about game balancing and you know it but u're just too ignorant to accept it. Talking about my rank when you are unranked on some random smurf is actually sad. The fact that I realize that lucian is just overpowered compared to the other adcs and can melt everyone with botrk (yes my friend there aren't only adcs suffering from him and not only his laning phase is %%%%%%ed) doesn't say anything about my elo but you not doing it does say something about you.
Oh, Yes, I will talk about your rank, because i'm more then 2 divisions higher then you. And yup, I am on a smurf! You know, funny enough, last time I was in your rank playing solo, I had an 85% winrate. Yup, lucian is overpowered.. COMPARED TO OTHER ADCS... You just agreed with my point. Other ADCS are garbage. Lucian is just fine. Thanks for agreeing!
: Riot simply overbuffed him my releasing {{item:3153}} buffs, {{summoner:3}} nerfs, support damage nerfs and Lucian buffs arround the same time. What did you expect what would happen.
What are you talking about? Support damage nerfs? Supports damage is MORE then enough... Have you even seen the current state of Malz, Zyra and Lulu? Support is fine. As is exhaust.
: He is the only playable ADC at the moment, playing others is just asking to lose. So no lucian should not be nerfed the others need to be buffed in order to see play.
Agree. Nobody understands - Lucian is popular because he's easy and can actually have an impact. It's been quite a while since ADC was a relevant role so I guess people are just used to seeing ADCs doing nothing and cry when an ADC like Lucian can actually carry a game. Did people forget it's called AD CARRY ? Oh, wait, Riot changed it. Nvm, nerf lucian, %%%% botlaners being able to carry.
Q Ren (EUW)
: "if everyone was like Lucian he wouldn't be the king" Well i'm done talking with u, ur arguments are worse than a monkey's. That adc simply isn't healthy and I'm not the only one thinking that as you can see yourself. What you say is that every adc should be reworked to be a lane bully and still be good in late which is dumb
You can sit here insulting my opinions but that doesn't make them wrong. At the end of the day, you STILl don't understand. Lane bullies are bullies because they can trade with you and you can't trade back. If you put 2 lane bullies together, neither is a lane bully, because they can trade evenly. Put Draven vs Lucian. Lucian can't dash into draven 24/7, because draven can trade back. Does he shit all over draven? No. Does he bully draven? No. Does draven auto-lose the game? Absolutely not. Put lucian vs Jinx, and it's a different matter. Jinx WILL get stomped and will lose her lane. Is that because lucian is broken? Nope, it's because that's how a lane bully should be. Lucian punishes these ADC players who pick Jinx and Kogmaw and try to stand in their lane farming for 9 years. If you'd rather sit there farming and never fighting, never trying to make plays like Jinx and Kogmaw do, maybe that explains your rank.
Q Ren (EUW)
: "hyper carries" are the definition of what an adc should really be.Draven and Lucian are just lane bullies that will just stomp you most of the time, and if they aren't monkeys will also end the game before you get to "afk farm"
So ADC should be the class that is completley useless and can literally be 1v1d by everyone else (even some supports) for 30 minutes, and then be stupidly overpowered and halfhit with an auto at 700 range? Nope , that's not what ADC should be. That's not what 99% of adc mains want it to be. You really think it's healthy to either be useless or busted? Lucian stomps in lane, my point is if every ADC was like Lucian, he wouldn't be king, he'd be average. Lucian isn't that broken - just other ADCs are garbage / hypercarries. As I said, compare Lucian to Graves jungle, and you realise he's not that overpowered at all. ADC needs to be a skill matchup, not a matchup of who's team can stall the game longer for their hypercarry.
NecoArc (EUW)
: Brag about your degree to your mom. I don't give a %%%% about someone's degree, especially when their post seems to blame users for _not understanding hardware_ and defend rito. Like every other "put any dev name here" fanboish post. Do you even allow possibility of rito's fault? You gonna explain all other performance problems ppl have around this board the same way as you did above? p.s. As for example, blizz's game HotS sometimes also have performance problems right after when a new patch hits. But after some time they just fix em. And, guess what? They are adding stuff too.
When did I directly blame the users? I implied someone maybe didn't take care of their laptop - that's not blame. Ontop of that, no, it isn't riots fault. If there was some kind of bug that made players get shitty FPS drops, it would be on reddit constantly ( which it's not), Riot would make an announcement about it (perhaps disable ranked and hotfix it) and ontop of that, I would maybe notice it. I know ALOT of people who play this game, none of which complain about lag (apart from internet lag) So no, I don't allow for the posibility of it being riots fault. And no, I can't explain performance problems, because there is a huge amount of factors that could go into someone lagging. You know what I can say? There's no FPS bug. Why am I not getting it? Why is nobody I know getting it? Why aren't more people complaining about it? I don't know how long you've played this game but people complain about " fps drops " _every single patch_ and they have done for _years_.
Q Ren (EUW)
: The problem is that you cannot farm when a lucian dashes on u presses Q and u're half hp then does it again over and over zoning you. Sure you can have a healing support with you but that doesn't always happen
You seem to have misread my post. I don't like ADCs who farm for half an hour. I'm glad Lucian is strong because it means people can't pick hypercarries. I hate hypercarries and I think they are what ruin ADC and make it very difficult to balance. For example, I lost a game with Draven because my team couldn't end and i became irrelevant. Next game, I got mad because I lost to lulu kog. Bought kog, afk farmed. Lost lane. AFK farmed more. Suddenly I did the msot damage in the game and got a quadra kill.. Did that take skill? No. Did I deserve a win? Nope, I just afk farmed and after 30 minutes did damage. Did I have a hard time doing most dmg in the game? No, I right clicked with 700 range. That's it. Hypercarries are unhealthy. We need more ADCs like Lucian who are , in many ways, balanced, and have a proper game impact without the bullshit 8000 range tristana who halfhits with an auto attack 40 minutes into the game.
Q Ren (EUW)
: Can Lucian be nerfed already?
Nah, I don't mind lucian. I'd rather lane against lucian, an aggressive short ranged ADC then some boring caitlyn soraka lane who farms for 20 minutes. ADC is a garbage role because 99% of the time people play hyper carries and afk farm. Whoever team wins laning phases wins the game (adc has virtually no impact in laning phase) and because of this I find myself being extremely useless as a carry who needs 4 items to be relevant. We need MORE ADCs like Lucian, Draven, Varus and Jhin who actually play aggressive rather then standing afk farming waiting for their team to carry. Lucian isn't broken, he's just good (for an adc) and quite easy to play. Compare lucian to current Graves, Ahri, tank shaco, Rengar, malzahar support and all of a sudden you find there's far more broken things.
MadLife (EUW)
: My brother uses exact same Mac as me and his not having issues. Same mac
Varying factors. Maybe he has taken better care of his. Maybe his has less crap on it, or some other factor impacting performance.
NecoArc (EUW)
: An idiot or just trolling? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Well, I have a distinction grade level 4 and soon a masters degree in IT, so I think i might know a _little_ bit more then you.
MadLife (EUW)
: everyone who experience FPS drops from latest patch please comment here.
You people don't understand hardware. Games starting to lag on older systems is common with updates. People have been complaining about " fps drops " since the first patch. It's normal. They are adding stuff to the game, thus adding workloads to your pc, thus making your PC struggle more to run it. if there was a legitimate problem causing FPS drops, the boards would be filled with nothing but complaints, as would reddit.
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blackborg (EUNE)
: Matchmaking health status: broken
This isn't a bug. Flex MMR is totally seperated from normal ranked MMR. In theory, it's possible for 5 bronze V players to be matched vs the top 5 challengers. Dumb, but when you consider anyone above plat 1 is top 1%, it's likely in this rank that you'll only get diamond + players in 1 in every 100 flex games (until you reach diamond in flex ofcourse)

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