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: It really isn't though.
Of all the competitive online games I've played, LoL has been the worst. By far. And I have played online games since 2001. Whats worse is that Riot seem to be focused on solving toxicity with a shotgun rather than banning the people who instigate toxicity and harass other people, which seems to be the policy in many other online games.
: Is it bannable to say things like "stop whining" to a flamer?
Most likely, yes. It is. I got a 5 game chat-mute due to having called a Jungler Warwick "insane" after he kept spam pinging me the rest of the game (I did not know you could mute pings at the time. Game was hectic and his trolling and pinging was really distracting), after I decided to Zilean ult our ADC instead of him in a teamfight. My team agreed he exaggerated greatly and I muted him after he wrote entirely in caps lock afterwards. A rather friendly Riot employee told me, that the "proper" reaction is to mute them entirely and not talk back. So basicly you are not allowed to talk back, argue or defend yourself against bullying or thrash talk. Thats what the mute button is for. That seems to be their policy. I would personally argue, that there should be some sort of redeeming circumstances if the logs show that you did not start the conflict, but I guess what Riots means about having a "competitive spirit" is that you can talk shit to people who perform bad, and then ban the poor sods, when they try to defend themselves. #Logic
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: Lee and Rengar Banned every game
Because Rengar and Lee Sin completely devestates the other team in solo queue low-elo if the player playing them is highly skilled or a smurf. I ban Lee Sin every game I can because he just gets fed on greedy and unskilled players. I recently reached level 30 and got into ranked. Its going horrible because my team always gets rekted by the high skill high reward champions. I hate Lee Sin with a passion.


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