i ended gold 4 after my placements im still gold 4 what did i do wrong?
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 29
i like to play {{champion:267}} as i play primarily botlane ( support(mostly) as well as adc) i play my poke supports like nami and sona with mana regen runes so i can spam my spells a little and heal my adc more because i like the playstyle.i like the utility nami gives and i love her e ability on so many adc's {{champion:202}} i like jhin because i have always liked the long range champions and i think jhin is still usefull when under fed because his long range abilities give the team a lot of utility. i love to flash auto with his last shot for the bonus damage! and i just love his how his ult gives you this badass feeling {{champion:37}} as i mentioned i main support and play sona a lot because she feels so good to play with i build tank sona sometimes which is fun to do because you still do quite some damage and are kinda tanky. but i love the way she plays and the fact that she is actually a little hard to play.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Good ... yawn ... Morning!
still looking for work (not as hard as i want to ) i don't know in what area even though i finished my study which i didnt like. :P Open to try something new i went to a few job websites hoping that might give me some inspiration! cant wait to play random urf as i like all the annoying and funny,weird gamemodes. still gold 4 trying to get motivation to play more league and climb the ladders to platinum.(in the meantime aram!!!) trying to improve on my favorite champions like varus and thresh. As for you: try streaming i would like to watch when i have the opportunity!~ i know i am not a great player and always seek to improve sometimes i watch pro players stream but some of them arent fun to watch. The only one stopping you is yourself! {{champion:36}} gimme them cookies!!!!!
Smerk (EUW)
: Personally I recommend skipping original series, FMA:Brotherhood is 100 times better
YEEEES i forgot to mention that but brotherhood is the best
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Give me a good anime ;-;
full metal alchemist
Minstrel (EUNE)
: I don't think you read the post, he isn't talking about the outline. He's talking about the tail glitching out a bit.
i must have looked over it i see :P my bad
Dolowin (EUW)
: Aurelion Sol bug report
that's supposed to be that way because his tail isnt part of his hitbox
: How its suppost to stop flame?
i honestly dont get how people can really rage at a game, i think it must have to do with how the person is. its a freaking game have fun enjoy you happen to have some bad players in your team sometimes. sometimes you win sometimes you lose, i see a lot of people who expect to have like 90% winrate on their game because they WANT to win. you cant win every game use a loss as a learning opportunity and think about what you or your team did wrong dont yell at them show them their flaws in a way that makes them think yea i can change that and improve!
: 4800Champion!
also while not having a cost of 4800, jhin is very useful even when being behind (also not a jungler or top so completely not part of the thread :))
: League Is The MOST Rage Inducing Game Ever.
people MAKE it the most rage inducing game ever
: Every skillshot is now global. Who will you main?
gragas casually sliding through the rift
Tanniboy (EUW)
: Star Guardian Urgod
star guardian mordekaiser !! :D
hëlios (EUW)
: Any teams out there needing a logo?
i got a team named Kuroihasu = black lotus( Translated) with some friends Dont play a lot on it but would be awesome if you would create something :) {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
Shaydrox (EUW)
: Lux atm is too reliable for the oneshots she can pull off, in my honest opinion. Also idk why people ban Talon he's not good with that new item at all tbh
atm? she is practically never touched
: How much have you spent on RP since the making of your account?
: >of course there are situations where players display toxic behaviour. Yes, for example, people who play their "creative" picks (full AD malphite for example) in ranked and comment every death with "dude, relax its just a game!" Or people who don't know what a ward looks like, but flame the jungler after getting ganked for the 10th time. Or botlane "premades" ("premade" = 2 random guys with no communication who for some reason think the fact they duoQ makes up for their complete lack of skill) Losing is fun. When its a fair game between two equal teams. When you lose because some boosted Pseudo-Plat goes 1/14 as adc within 18 minutes, then its not fun.
> Losing is fun. When its a fair game between two equal teams. that's exactly what i meant, people seem to forget this really happens more then you think and that you actually have games which you can enjoy
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Kibibi (EUNE)
: Went on Holiday, returned to see account has been perma-banned
i could be wrong, but i think you're not even allowed to share your account so then there's that even if he did it without you knowing, he still knows your login details so its still your responsibility
PepijndM (EUW)
: Bro, you even been in S3-S1? Promo's is like 3 afk's, 3 full dc's, 2 random enemy diamond Yasuo main mids, and a support Fiora. Good luck getting outta there
apparantly you haven't as yasuo wasnt even out back then :D
Ichinose (EUW)
: A void male or a shurimian risen male it's not different , ass is ass >:)
if only rek'sai was male, which she isn't{{champion:421}}
: second photo pls let everyone know ty <3
Also a REAL employee would never say: no need to mail back. Also (could be wrong) but i believe the riot support goes through their own site linked to your account, so you should never get e-mails from "riot"like this
Phaosis (EUW)
: Is Yorick gonna be changed into a "juggernaut"?
yes, that was exactly my thoughts, he is so versatile, dealing both magic damage as physical damage, His ghouls are typical for him and they must keep some of it, to keep the CORE of what he is. they just need to have a general direction for what they want with him. A tank ? an assassin? a sorcerer????? {{item:3151}} {{item:3151}}
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: The whole GAME is becoming OP
tahM kench OP hahahahaha good one
Xavieen (EUNE)
: Report for anything?
From what i noticed in my time of playing is that the amount of trolls gets lower the higher your rank is I am gold now and im really having alot less trolls than i had in silver
Zhonyas (EUNE)
: So you have bought sigstone.
so, you're brad pitt? THAT DON'T IMPRESS ME MUCH AH AH AHUUU
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: "You are the best supp I've ever had"
some people just dont notice their own negative behaviour, and think they are "helping" their team while in reality they are dragging them down
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: Monthly Skin Giveaway Round 3 - July!
tired and defeated , lissandra returned to her lair. saddenend of yet another defeat against Ashe she feels the need of a new, stronger power so she could wreak havoc against her nemesis. settling to an adventure of the deep frozen caves of the freljord, she found a new ancient power, it originated from the shadow isles. It spoke to her: let us give you the power to defeat your foe, there is but one price to pay , in time we take what is ours. Uncertain of the price it spoke of, she was overwhelmed by the power she felt emanating from the ancient place. She accepted the offer, immense pain coursed through the Ice witch it felt like thousands of needles pierced her body. Her body adapted to the new power and she felt her power raising she felt, soon was the time the freljord would be hers, soon she would conquer the world. TL DL; while knowing the terms of the contest, the writer realised(when he finished writing) that he wrote a story about a skin which was more expensive then 975, facepalmed and continued to write another story. Our beloved artist of the sword had practised for years in the arts, after all those years of practising, advice from her trainer and winning all kinds of competition. She was finally able to do it: draw a perfect picture of teemo, the world's most beloved hairy hamster Teemo. When teemo noticed this atrocity of the picture Fiora drew, in rage he tore the drawing apart. Horrified at the sight of this event she bursted in tears and wished for this pain to end, she prayed to the night and raven's covered her, she appeared in a shiny new armor! Slashing and hacking at the little Demon(while laughing like a freaking mad women)! she killed him and drew a picture out of his blood. The end {{item:3151}}
Foidewall (EUW)
: Riot activities on the European boards or the absence of such
the rioters are demotivated by some of the community, Some people just flame the rioters and the game spamming stuff like FIX GAME RITO NERF CHAMP A RITO OMG SO OP NERF etc etc. thus we have kinda scared them away, that is why there is such little rioters are active on the boards! because they dont feel like replying to us and getting flooded of negative comments.{{item:3151}}
Phaosis (EUW)
: Fiora longs for a worzy skin :(
i just read on surrender@20 that they are working on a fiora update but no info on that whatsoever so maybe she will get a skin to go along with the update? :s
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PyroTom (EUW)
: I have 3 Heroes of the Storm BETA Keys I'm giving away.
im sure pretty much everyone has beta keys now
MajorNN (EUNE)
: How can a support main get out of lower elo ?
how can you "main" a champion and still be silver tho? {{champion:432}}
forums are mostly used by the community, so i suggest you open a ticket to get your account back.{{summoner:1}}
: Name origins
I like pharaos and greek mythology , go i played around with some names and came up with phaosis, Phao: pharao sis: osiris n still like the name although it doesnt sound like a really cool name. but it's weird, like me so it's ok! {{champion:75}} (no i don't play nasus)


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