kmph2mps (EUNE)
: The Paradox of Flame
I made friends by shittalking them.
I actually got that notification too, but I'm still stuck at honor 0 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Shukr4n (EUW)
: I find it sad that everybody on this forum has preformed answers ro this very topic. I mean. We all know rules. It is clear. But read for a moment the chatlog. Cant u feel the joking feeling? I mean it makde me,smile .. No empathy really,?
Aory (EUW)
: Why you shouldn't troll random people just because you think it's funny
There is a massive amount of ways to grief players, like purposefully baiting you or stealing your farm or inting- as long as you don't write anything in chat, Riot won't do anything. In fact, right now, you are in a risk of getting suspended simply because you replied. Good luck, I wish there was an option to disable chat.
: I would like for you to point out to me where the harm is here. Since you seem unfamiliar to the concept of context, just ignore it. Based purely on its own premise, which comments do you consider toxic?
There is no harm, it's just how the system is, suck it up. I got a suspension from "flaming" a premade mate that I know for some time. It's just better to not use the chat at all.
You need to realise that her Q is her only semi-reliable damage option- it's fine if you compare it to literally any other midlaner.
Prímo (EUW)
: Huge FPS drops on high end PC
Disabling Vsync did it for me.
: honor 1 is the lowest level. if you are locked out of honor, it will show the lvl 1 icon but with a lock on it. If the lock is gone, you are back in honor.
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: Level 31 Champion Capsule RIOT FIX PLS!
I played like three or four games for lvl 31, did you play AI matches? Does personal rating affect the gained exp?
: the new runes are actualy garbage for certain champs like darius is a tnak yes how come i have zero mr or armor nor do i do any dmg when i get 5 stacks how am i supposed to execute somoene wheni have no dmg thx to ahving no fervor jsut bring back the old press the attack pls
By using your brain for once. There are MULTIPLE new key masteries that will give you more burst, there's even a fervor clone.
Findagon (EUNE)
: Do I have a sword hanging down on top of my head for the rest of my life?
I've gotten two 14-day bans I think, I think it was more than a year between them. So no
: NEW 5th ELEMENTAL DRAKE (IRON) - my thoughts
Good idea to put more fuel into the tank meta. There is one attribute that every other dragon has in comparison to this one, that is pushing the dynamic of the game forward. Each dragon allows you to take more advantages in their own way, but not to the extent that the other team automatically loses, while this one makes it hard for opposing teams to turn fights around- defensive stats have high influence no matter what . It's like ninja tabi but worse. No thank you.
: What is this player doing in this game??
Better question is why you're checking ranks in a normal game.
: Yeah And recently i saw a lot of "i got banned for no reason plz rito unban me" And they post chat notes With "omg report this mid" "%%%" "die" "youre useless" etc :') Like No I dont know why you would get banned, honey
I'd report you for using honey unironically.
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: ADC 101 | League of Legends
Would be dead anyway even without Gragas. Running straight into a Syndra as ADC is just asking to get oneshot.
: Riot member threatening tyler1/flaming him/wishing death on him.
It wouldn't be as bad if he didn't have the Riot prefix on his name. In this sense, he's speaking from the company and thus should be fired considering Riot's policy on toxicity.
: How to counter soraka and yasuo bot
Go all out on the soraka as Draven.
: The league Banning system is kinda weird...
Yeah, I agree, that chatlog is very harmless. "part about multiple reports blah blah" but that's beside the point- if Riot's going for a better player experience, this isn't the right way. What you may have noticed is the amount of messages sent in that chatlog, this is one of the indicators for the bot to ban you, also triggerword "useless". It's very simple, so it is also very simple to go around it, for example: you can be extremely ironic for when a teammate does something stupid, or be creative and make up words and be toxic in that regard. The much bigger problem is that the algorithm for inting and trolling players is hard to implement- and damn, there are a LOT of ways to troll someone in league without ever getting retaliation from it. The only thing you can do is to just suck it up, mute and not write at all.
Luniya (EUNE)
: **Laughs in Lucian (Mobility), Ashe (Slow(mobility)), Jinx(E), Kalista(Passive & W vision), Caitlyn (trap, net), Urgot (old and new shield), Jhin (MS per crit, root, trap.)... I could go on~** {{sticker:sg-lulu}} The people relying on supports solely would have a bad time, though it's okay to lean on the shoulder from time to time. My best answer to said question would be a "cocky" one; "I'd rely enough on my own positioning and skill to overcome those odds for the good damage." {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
None of those abilities count as purely defensive, the only defense you have as ADC is simply proper positioning. Which, still, doesn't save you from a very well-played Syndra combo (flash+R).
Luniya (EUNE)
: That's an extremely powerful build, but what about defenses? Kog'maw has no defensive abilities other than his slow, and no mobility either {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
No ADC has any defense lol
Not xPeke (EUW)
: ? That has literally NOTHING to do with the topic? And even if you truly believe your statement to be true, it has no relevance and/or is not a reason for static shiv to be in its current state lol.
Your statement- statik shiv is OP, an item only used by crit-path ADCs My statement- those ADCs can be "outplayed" with one button, thus making it no matter whether their items are OP or not But yeah, I agree, shiv is much stronger than the alternatives.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Static Shiv should be toned down a little.
Because you can press R to oneshot ADCs
: Someone Stole my account
Somebody once told me
Pessimist (EUW)
: Balanced
Psssht don't let them know
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi WretchedCake, If it's awaiting your response I'd recommend replying :-)
Hey Eambo I hope you had a great day! I just looked through my post history, about me flaming Riot with balance issues :D and you replied multiple times Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by even in my threads! keep at it!
: How do you call a sick outplay involving summoner spells?
I remember back in season 2 or somewhere around that where Riot was about to remove Flash since they felt like it made the game too dependant/based around on it. I actually agreed with that, but the forums went crazy.
: yay finally, after 5 years i get my first ban!
I wonder how Dota and CS;GO manage to still come off as less toxic to me, despite being filled with Russians and Riot handling out bans with a machine gun.
: been playing adc for a while again (i dont like it)
Sadly you can't effectively report such behaivior. I got banned for flaming my jungler who dived lvl3 and gave them doublebuff while we were at our tower for some reason, kept on getting caught multiple times, then proceeding to put the blame on me for that. Best is to just mute everyone and do your thing. It's also not too much of a bad idea to go tanky if you're not getting the peel anyways.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pharcon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=yZcrNvLr,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-09-17T16:01:04.492+0000) > > If they wouldn't know basic stuff, every adc would feed and be useless every game. Isn't that the case almost every game?
Well, yeah, it is a demanding role, but you should also consider that you can 'outplay' any ADC by pressing R as Syndra. So there's that.
: There are too many one-shots in League
Only agree on Syndra and Annie since they're just too easy to pull off. Literal kill button. Rest can be countered with Ninja Tabi, if that doesn't work, that means they're fed and have won the game by being better.
: Dude, duude, ADC is the most easier role in this game. You can play bad as ADC only if you are autofilled and don't have some experience with **_the mechanics_**(aka auto attack). Other way, you have no excuse.
Just the part with "the mechanics(aka auto attack)" puts you below plat. And no, an autofilled ADC will most of the time be reported for intentionally feeding if he gets up against an actual ADC player, hell, even if they don't feed, they would still not even have half the impact as an ADC main would have. There are only very few ADCs with a dash (who get in favor for that). nowadays, every single new champion in mid, top, jungle has a dash, thus making ADC an all-in or nothing kind of role, which in turns needs the best decision making. Take Zed, you'd think you need to be a god to be good with him, that's just wrong, he has two (if you count his ult) free get-out-of-jail cards, his combo can still oneshot a lot of characters even if you miss half of it, yada yada I could go on but you probably get what I mean.
: It's actually the polar opposite; ADC players should learn basic stuff regarding the other roles. This helps them understand patterns, timing, the importance of map awareness, where they can position, etc.
If they wouldn't know basic stuff, every adc would feed and be useless every game.
kcal12 (EUW)
: well you can't really say that supports aren't there to carry games. First, every role has the possibility to carry a game in a way, and second, it depends on what kind of support you are playing as. A Rakan, Alistar, Morgana, Nautilus, Leona, etc etc , can just as much carry a game as an ADC . The CC and the playmaking is often key to victory. If the support does his job well, then the adc will have a MUCH easier job, just having to right click the whole game ( its exaggerated but you know what i mean ) . I dislike when people say supports aren't as important as "insert role". For me a support is much more valuable for a team then an ADC in the sense that you can kinda get away with any ADC in a team comp. Sure, some ADC's are better suited for an all-in team comp, some more for siegeing, but in the end, most of the time, every ADC will have the same utility to a team and same function. Supports on another hand, have a more wider spectrum of game changing value to a team. Having a support Janna is not the same as a Blitzcrank, or a Leona, or etc. You will have a more wider choice of building, more of a chance of an adjusting build every game. Just saying that in the end, support are so often underrated when they should be rated way higher than they actually are. cheers
That's exactly the thing, supports ARE important, but most of them don't realize that themselves. For the support to reach a good potential, they need to know when exactly their ADC spikes in order to turn over the game, but most of the time, they only watch themselves. I was a support main back in S2, but I switched to ADC since I realized that I need to take the potential to carry for myself, and it worked. Trust me, I did everything as I could as a support, but it wasn't enough to carry, since the teams you get are very inconsistent in soloq- and yes, playing ADC is objectively harder and requires more knowledge, since there is much more risk involved and mistakes can end up in you getting oneshot. Supports that don't know the struggles can't really make proper decisions on when to go in and not, which will often lead to conflicts between the two. The points you made about building and champion choice, and comparing them to ADC, which basically have all the same fuction is correct. However, that's where the point lies- supports can be useful no matter what since they cover a lot of niches- meaning the player can adjust their champion to the situation, while ADC players have to adjust themselves to the champion, strictly following their strengths and powerspikes and avoiding unfavourable fights.
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: Bronze 5 Champion select
Oh my god this sticker is so cute{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Seriously these ADC mains
ADC mains play support better than support mains, like, MUCH better, at least in my experience. This is unrelated to the thread since that Draven was just toxic period. But you really should start maining ADC to understand what supports actually need to do to be helpful, I often have to deal with support onetricks who often lack a lot of basics of when to (not) go in, when to shove/freeze, times to ward and so on.
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: Which champion should I get an S with next?
: The new SG quiz.
I got Syndra.
: Advice on playing Kalista
If you're below plat you'll be out of luck playing her effectively at all. Her strengh is mostly objective capturing, which isn't the focus in lower elo. She also relies heavily on your support which will only get you frustrated.
Beef (EUNE)
: Why do i get a loss for dodging champ select when someone troll picks, even tho im in promos?
It's not a loss since dodging doesn't change your MMR. Dodging in promos is the same as getting a draw.
: How am I supposed to play along side a feeding and genuinely awful ADC?
You start playing ADC yourself. The best supports I have are adc mains themselves, since they always know when to go in and not. Pure support mains lack the gamesense to make proper decisions, thus pulling your adc into your own mistakes.
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Fathands (EUW)
: > My choice goes to ADC-mains, since it's the most difficult to play mechanically and the most intense in terms of working with your team. yeah, those right click mechanics must be so hard.
They are, considering that there are a lot of champions who get free cards for when they mess up, most ADCs don't have any of those. Most non-ADC mains don't even know that Attack-move exists, they barely have to kite, they don't know how to abuse your teammates to keep you alive and so on.
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Wølfie (EUW)
: Nocturne
He's good in mid. Good sustain and suprising burst with good killing potential
Mumblebum (EUW)
: I'm effing CRYING like a loser
People are nicer in hots, just switch over. Because I haven't met a French person there.
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