: been playing adc for a while again (i dont like it)
Sadly you can't effectively report such behaivior. I got banned for flaming my jungler who dived lvl3 and gave them doublebuff while we were at our tower for some reason, kept on getting caught multiple times, then proceeding to put the blame on me for that. Best is to just mute everyone and do your thing. It's also not too much of a bad idea to go tanky if you're not getting the peel anyways.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pharcon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=yZcrNvLr,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-09-17T16:01:04.492+0000) > > If they wouldn't know basic stuff, every adc would feed and be useless every game. Isn't that the case almost every game?
Well, yeah, it is a demanding role, but you should also consider that you can 'outplay' any ADC by pressing R as Syndra. So there's that.
: There are too many one-shots in League
Only agree on Syndra and Annie since they're just too easy to pull off. Literal kill button. Rest can be countered with Ninja Tabi, if that doesn't work, that means they're fed and have won the game by being better.
: Dude, duude, ADC is the most easier role in this game. You can play bad as ADC only if you are autofilled and don't have some experience with **_the mechanics_**(aka auto attack). Other way, you have no excuse.
Just the part with "the mechanics(aka auto attack)" puts you below plat. And no, an autofilled ADC will most of the time be reported for intentionally feeding if he gets up against an actual ADC player, hell, even if they don't feed, they would still not even have half the impact as an ADC main would have. There are only very few ADCs with a dash (who get in favor for that). nowadays, every single new champion in mid, top, jungle has a dash, thus making ADC an all-in or nothing kind of role, which in turns needs the best decision making. Take Zed, you'd think you need to be a god to be good with him, that's just wrong, he has two (if you count his ult) free get-out-of-jail cards, his combo can still oneshot a lot of characters even if you miss half of it, yada yada I could go on but you probably get what I mean.
: It's actually the polar opposite; ADC players should learn basic stuff regarding the other roles. This helps them understand patterns, timing, the importance of map awareness, where they can position, etc.
If they wouldn't know basic stuff, every adc would feed and be useless every game.
kcal12 (EUW)
: well you can't really say that supports aren't there to carry games. First, every role has the possibility to carry a game in a way, and second, it depends on what kind of support you are playing as. A Rakan, Alistar, Morgana, Nautilus, Leona, etc etc , can just as much carry a game as an ADC . The CC and the playmaking is often key to victory. If the support does his job well, then the adc will have a MUCH easier job, just having to right click the whole game ( its exaggerated but you know what i mean ) . I dislike when people say supports aren't as important as "insert role". For me a support is much more valuable for a team then an ADC in the sense that you can kinda get away with any ADC in a team comp. Sure, some ADC's are better suited for an all-in team comp, some more for siegeing, but in the end, most of the time, every ADC will have the same utility to a team and same function. Supports on another hand, have a more wider spectrum of game changing value to a team. Having a support Janna is not the same as a Blitzcrank, or a Leona, or etc. You will have a more wider choice of building, more of a chance of an adjusting build every game. Just saying that in the end, support are so often underrated when they should be rated way higher than they actually are. cheers
That's exactly the thing, supports ARE important, but most of them don't realize that themselves. For the support to reach a good potential, they need to know when exactly their ADC spikes in order to turn over the game, but most of the time, they only watch themselves. I was a support main back in S2, but I switched to ADC since I realized that I need to take the potential to carry for myself, and it worked. Trust me, I did everything as I could as a support, but it wasn't enough to carry, since the teams you get are very inconsistent in soloq- and yes, playing ADC is objectively harder and requires more knowledge, since there is much more risk involved and mistakes can end up in you getting oneshot. Supports that don't know the struggles can't really make proper decisions on when to go in and not, which will often lead to conflicts between the two. The points you made about building and champion choice, and comparing them to ADC, which basically have all the same fuction is correct. However, that's where the point lies- supports can be useful no matter what since they cover a lot of niches- meaning the player can adjust their champion to the situation, while ADC players have to adjust themselves to the champion, strictly following their strengths and powerspikes and avoiding unfavourable fights.
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: Bronze 5 Champion select
Oh my god this sticker is so cute{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Seriously these ADC mains
ADC mains play support better than support mains, like, MUCH better, at least in my experience. This is unrelated to the thread since that Draven was just toxic period. But you really should start maining ADC to understand what supports actually need to do to be helpful, I often have to deal with support onetricks who often lack a lot of basics of when to (not) go in, when to shove/freeze, times to ward and so on.
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: Which champion should I get an S with next?
: The new SG quiz.
I got Syndra.
: Advice on playing Kalista
If you're below plat you'll be out of luck playing her effectively at all. Her strengh is mostly objective capturing, which isn't the focus in lower elo. She also relies heavily on your support which will only get you frustrated.
Beef (EUNE)
: Why do i get a loss for dodging champ select when someone troll picks, even tho im in promos?
It's not a loss since dodging doesn't change your MMR. Dodging in promos is the same as getting a draw.
: How am I supposed to play along side a feeding and genuinely awful ADC?
You start playing ADC yourself. The best supports I have are adc mains themselves, since they always know when to go in and not. Pure support mains lack the gamesense to make proper decisions, thus pulling your adc into your own mistakes.
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Fathands (EUW)
: > My choice goes to ADC-mains, since it's the most difficult to play mechanically and the most intense in terms of working with your team. yeah, those right click mechanics must be so hard.
They are, considering that there are a lot of champions who get free cards for when they mess up, most ADCs don't have any of those. Most non-ADC mains don't even know that Attack-move exists, they barely have to kite, they don't know how to abuse your teammates to keep you alive and so on.
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Wølfie (EUW)
: Nocturne
He's good in mid. Good sustain and suprising burst with good killing potential
Mumblebum (EUW)
: I'm effing CRYING like a loser
People are nicer in hots, just switch over. Because I haven't met a French person there.
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Ârzo (EUW)
: So this guys is at a new lvl of toxicity, Tyler1 is a joke against stuff like that
I'm toxic myself and I got a rather good amount of messages that I cleansed the community through reporting. So if my reports go through, yours will too.
MadLife (EUW)
: everyone who experience FPS drops from latest patch please comment here.
Got steady 144 fps but it feels like it drops to 30 every few seconds
: Bored of the same excuses for AD Dominance
Try playing ADC for at least 10 games ranked and tell me if you enjoy your 2v4 botlane where there's a high chance that your support is a monkey ontop of having to play the most tactically and mechanically intense and highest risk class in the game. Also, Graves is not an ADC.
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: Performance decreased a lot since season 6
Came back after a break and found out that my fps dropped from 144 to 30 every 5 seconds especially in fights, disabling vsync and setting a target framerate fixed it for me. Nevertheless, it is still stuttering at times on which it shouldn't.
BlueStr (EUW)
: I do believe bans work, i just think my reports have 0 value.
Even my reports have value, I have seen that message pop up 10 times. And I have been banned twice.
drgnrider (EUW)
: can you please fix yasuo
GLurch (EUW)
: The scuttle crab is designed to be afraid of champions, always running away from them. I think it would be a little weird to have it want to get the champions to attack it. Does it want attention that bad or is it just bored?
You know real crabs? They lift up their claws, which looks like as if they're taunting. But instead they're just trying to intimidate you. So should the scuttle get a fear instead?
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Ender Kun (EUW)
: People playing off meta
Below Diamond 2 you can play anything, literally. The people who flame you for "losing their game" deserve to be stuck in their rank- they're just bad. So don't worry and pick whatever and whereever you want.
Maraomara (EUNE)
: State of ADCs
Just played Brand ADC without masteries (accidentally) and tore the enemy Jhin a fourth butthole after the 5th minute. I main ADC and my advise to you is: just don't pick it. Don't even think about picking an ADC.
Almighty (EUNE)
: Reminder: We still want and need Normal Draft!
But isn't draft pick still there?
Quickish (EUW)
: Riot are slowly killing champion diversity.
They should replace everyone at the balance team with fresh new members, the game's balance is just a piece of garbage, literally anything is better than an unchanged Yasuo for 3 years.
Kurtyc (EUW)
Yeah I came back to this game after a 4 month break, Yasuo still exists, unchanged- I'm out again.
: It comes off as pretty self-righteous of you to pass off your own opinions as a fact.
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MushIsOso (EUW)
: Player Statistics in Champ-Select
That's an amazing oppurtunity to trigger the flaming right in champselect even more!
: Star Guardian Quiz
I got Jinx as the result :) !
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: So what? I like it on Cait and Trist from time to time. Helps proccing stuff in some match-ups.
Thing is, even in lane-poke situations, shiv is still better off, since you can deal damage while simply lasthitting creeps, resulting in an even higher range than that of RFC. I won't go into mid-game poke, since I prefer NOT to harass with AA as an ADC, since it's just high risk, low reward in my opinion. That first statement may be a matter of taste, but the really deciding factor is that the proc on shiv is able to CRIT, resulting in THRICE the damage of the RFC, which can be really deciding especially in the early game.
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: is there a problem with yasuo or something? he seems to feed me just fine, am i missing something?
Even if he feeds, after he got his PD the game is pretty much over. That's the problem.
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Limitless (EUW)
: You are stating that every yasuo main is like that? You must be one of those who probably say to everyone that "my jgl is shit but enemy jgl is the best every game :/" aka "yasuos in my team suck and feed,afk and troll while in the enemy team they win lane and carry 1v9" because chances are that all bad yasuos are in your team and never in the enemy team lul Flawless logic,actually,flawled af. EDIT: You are an adc main,no wonder.
Yes, all Yasuo mains are as mentally capable as you.
: Ghost blade: diversify serrated dirk build paths for traditional burst AD Assassin and Auto ADCs
Hunting (EUW)
: Kalista needs changes
She's far more useless than Urgot and Vayne atm. The 90% reduction is just stupid, not being able to Q mid-dash made her clunky for no reason. The rest of the nerfs were justified, but there are too many of them.
: If he has no knockups how should he Ult then if it can only be triggered by himself xP ?
If he hits the tornado, which stuns, he can ult that target. It's just really annoying that you can't qss out of it. Knockups in general are as broken as true damage.
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