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Rismosch (EUW)
: > Secondly I wouldn't complain if I lose So there is no issue then. My point was that if you play off meta, your winrate goes down, and _rebelsAgainstg0d_ did not like this. If you play for fun and don't care about winning, then everything is fine. But if you expect to win a game that you don't play like it's supposed to be played, you shouldn't wonder why you lose.
The thing is, meta doesn't matter in soloqueue. If you're not in master tier or above you wouldn't even need to look up a tierlist once in your life and still climb up if you're good. You could hit diamond with mid soraka or something, I'm fully serious about that. You could even still whip out the 2013 meta of 4 tanks and just steamroll them, but nobody does that because everyone is a sheep.
Dyrreah (EUNE)
: Jungler main crying a riven.
I know this is rather besides your point, but from an ADC perspective I'd just like to get this out. All games you picked carry junglers. For an ADC main this is a curse- what's the point of picking a carry if you don't intend to carry? As jungler you have global presence but still people prefer carry junglers that do nothing but take kills off of me. I'd really rather have Braum or Leona or even Blitzcrank jungle than any meta carry jungler that "tries their best to do damage but just sweeps off killgold" and just pads their score without contributing anything to the team It's been so many games that I have lost due to jungler-EGO Maybe play a tank once, it's literally the easiest way to go up the ladder.
: NERF AD champs finnaly
Shiwah (EUW)
: Occasionally mocking people with comments like "nice flash", but do it often enough and you'll get the surpRyze. Because it's classified as unsportsmanslike attitude that helps no one during a match. And *especially* not your teammates. Writing too much is (relatively) not a problem (except that you're supposed to play the game, not the chat), being an asshole is.
Saying "nice flash" ironically after someone failed their flash is nothing more than a joke. You are telling us here that you can get banned for making jokes?
: Hey guys, This should be recovering, can you confirm if you're still having issues?
Hey Eambo will there be another Starguardian lineup this year?
: Also, about supports. Supporting is never _fun_ to play at most times. As a support you excel early to mid and become worthless late. Mages that aren't even supports like Zyra and Brand use what they have so they can not burn out at late. If you're playing Janna, you're going to get d*cked over late game. If you're playing Braum, you have no way to defend yourself without your ADC. Etc.
Every single point you made is wrong. Support is fun because you have the most strategic freedom out of all the roles since you have to worry less in gold gain/ CS. You never fall out because every support either has a shield or some form of CC. Mage supports are picked for lane dominance but fall off late due to lack of damage due to lack of items if they don't get fed. If you're playing Janna you can turn off your monitor, shield your ADC and still win. If you're playing Braum and get caught alone it's your fault for going off alone and losing the game. Etc.
1v9 15plz (EUW)
: Is adc supposed to be fun ?
: Ivern needs more Buffs to make him a Good pick and not a troll pick
Any support jungler is a good pick by default
Gabresol (EUW)
: In-game reminder for macro actions
That would be so annoying that it'd drive me mad. Imagine that ward score thing popping up when none of your lanes put any pressure, imagine you get so influenced by it and ward aggresively and get yourself killed. Imagine a pop-up that shows you your csing is bad after you fought through a bad matchup. this can go on forever
looonster (EUW)
: Botlane is to important for winning and losing games.
As long as tanks are OP ADCs will always be the deciding factor, the tank meta never disappeared, adcs are just inhibiting it
Jsp (EUW)
: Losing to unskilled people irritates you.
Same with getting irritated at people who aren't able to write in full sentences and use 'noob' as an insult repeatedly. It's stupid but still manages to get to you, but why?
HarrowR (EUNE)
: Mages > ADCs Change my mind
*tank walks into your lane*
: Player reaching out for advice to reform
take more breaks, take the game less seriously
: When you've got 10 keys, half of them for honor. And all chests opened already. And to get more chests you should master more champions
It's worse having 50 chests but no keys because you're toxic but get S rank every game
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: didn't they fix gargoyle so it doesn't buff the ult anymore? or am i mistaken? :\
they can't fix my trauma
Arnoter (EUW)
: In a Fight she can Polymorph 1, maybe 2 times before its over, so its not bad. Also your Support could buy Mikaels if you dont want to fill a Slot with QSS.
Yeah but when is a support ever gonna do that? lol Once every solar eclipse maybe
: well, yes and no. on click are strong because only one enemy can be targeted so they are "kinda" balanced. With that kind of reasoning even ults like veigar's, garen's and cho's should be changed or turned into skillshots (tho they are ults so there is that)
Well yeah, but the thing is that they're ults, unlike Lulu's polymorph. Veigair counterweighs it by his other weaknesses. Cho's flash-ult with gargoyles dealing 1.5k true damage is busted though.
Arnoter (EUW)
: There are enough Spells and Items against the Single Target Point n Click spells.
Spending 1300 gold for QSS is a little much for that. Denying an enemy ADC one BF Sword simply by existing is quite funny.
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TJFall (EUW)
: Lagg spikes(frame skipping) but no ping in EUW
Happens to me too, especially at the start of the game.
Eratos (EUW)
: Isnt yi overpowered with critstrike..
no because it costs a lot
BaconTits (EUNE)
: How would you describe Riot Balance Team by only using 1 word?
: > [{quoted}](name=Pharcon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=azZpdjGu,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-03-25T10:42:14.535+0000) > > I'm saying that everyone other than the ADC have so little impact they might aswell be supports. You said that supports are OP, that top laners are "snowbally", that rengar is a "no-brain nuke", that mid laners are made "to press R on the ADC", that junglers have "nukes against the ADCs", and on top of that, tanks junglers and tank supports are still relevant. You practically said that EVERYTHING is good...but still ADCs are somehow better than evertyhing? So what's exactly unbalanced and what's not? i don't understand :D...!
I said enchanter supports specifically have too much impact based on how hard, or rather easy, they are to play. Putting a shield on an ADC isn't fun, playing against an ADC that has a shield that doubles his HP isn't fun. Toplane is decided by the first kill or who gets the gank first- but they still won't have the impact to carry games, they just ruin the other toplaners game. This is due to bramble vest, lol. For midlane, this is debateable. I just haven't seen a midlaner in a very long time that carried a game. Instead I see low-skill champions like Annie and Malzahar holding in their flash and R for the ADC, they don't do anything else. Is that really fun? Tank junglers are only relevant because of Ninja tabi and bramble vest, forcing the other ADC useless until their thirty minute farming session is over. Rengar is simply overbuffed. It's either: -does your team have enough to shield your adc? -does your team have enough to nuke their adc? It all comes down to that, and dare anyone get any other ideas how to play the game. It's really setting up every player for conflict. This would be avoidable if other lanes get more power to carry the game themselves, the things you listed there which makes heroes good, only makes them good because of they play around the ADC role.
: Don't play the game if it frustrates you so much. I don't get why people keep trying to play a free game so hard if it makes them stressed or angry.
Getting forced by friends is why I still play. And the occasional weeb skins. All I did was list a bunch of things wrong with the game, what's wrong with that?
: wait....did you just has the most impact? Did daylight savings send the league community through a wormhole into another dimension while i was asleep? Never heard anyone say that one before
I'm saying that everyone other than the ADC have so little impact they might aswell be supports.
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: Actually when you make an account you already agree that you don't own any of those goods and that you accept being banned and losing access to all of those virtual goods without any prior warning at riot's will (meaning they don't even need a reason to ban you) So since you already gave permission you lost the right to refunds unless specified by riot
You think Riot's tos is above the law?
: So is irelia a kid now?
she's a squid now
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akiseGP (EUW)
: why cant i get teammates that know how to play???
I could leave bronze with ADC Soraka, why can't you?
: Riot, 3v3 Needs Your Love (plz <3)
Usually you don't have a dedicated jungler in 3v3, instead the duo toplane clears it and the non-support of the two gets the lasthits for a very early lvl6
Zoulspook (EUW)
: The 5 Tricks to Climbing Ranked Nobody Told You
One-trick a support hero and get carried to plat. Proceed by making a thread about giving tips, claiming that one of the top5 ADCs is a trollpick.
: League skills, what are they ?
Clicking on low-health minions for 20 minutes straight.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Help out people in lower elos - Rework Master Yi
: > [{quoted}](name=Pharcon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AraEq0gO,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-13T10:40:56.172+0000) > > Rengar already has a 800 damage burst on level 6 without items Assuming rengar is lvl 6 and he has machete+tiamat+longsword with electrocute, sudden impact, 0 stacks of eyeball colection (didnt do much till lvl 6) (also that he has 3 points in q, 1 in w, 1 in e, 1 in ult): Ad:77+46=123 88 Raw damage from ult-auto, q, w, e, empowered q, tiamat: ult auto: 123+46*0.3=137 q: 123+90+0.1*123=225 w: 50 electrocute: 100+0.5*46=123 e: 55+0.7*46=87 empowered q: 105+0.3*123+123=265 tiamat: 123 Total raw physical dmg: 137+225+123+87+265+123=960 Total raw magic dmg: 50 Against a lvl 6 tristana with doran blade as her only tanky item: HP: 867+80=947 armor: 43 mr: 32 Physical damage: 960*100/(100+43-12-7)=960*100/124=960*0.806=774 Magic damage: 50*100/(100+32-8)=50*100/124=50*0.806=40 Total damage: 774+40=814 (pretty close to your 800, i'm actually impressed) %hp dmg: 100*814/947=86% hp left: 947-814=133 (would need 2 more autos to kill) ----- Let's see the math with another assassin: Kayn (smite upgrade+2 long swords) (relevant runes: same as rengo, cuz im too lazy to consider coup de grace) (3 points in q. 1 in w, 1 in e, 1 in ult): AD: 81+31=112 w-auto-q-ult-auto-blue smite: w: 90+1.2*31=127 q: 200+1.3*112=346 electrocute: 100+0.5*31=116 auto: 112 ult: 150+1.5*31= 197 auto: 112 smite: 68 Physical damage b4 dash: 127 Physical damage after dash: 346+116+112+197+112=883 true dmg: 68 Post armor: (127*100/(100+43))+(883*100/(100+43-10))=89+664=753 With the true dmg: 753+68=821 %hp dmg: 100*821/947=87% (almost exactly the same as rengar's) hp left: 947-821=126 (2 autos away as well) --- I gotta say, i'm surprised kayn did more damage considering he is supposed to be weak in the early game. This is, however, a perfectly executed kayn combo, in reality he might not auto before ult , and he might miss part of his q. You hit the amount of damage with only a 1.7% error, well done. 800 damage at lvl 6 is, however, not very impressive (for reference if the tristana fought back with a suicidal e auto w ult auto (in that order) and she crit on one of the autos she would do a little over 720 damage, leaving rengar on slightly over 200 hp, around 280 hp if she didnt crit at all) Also, i'm almost 90% sure the new q deals objectively less damage than the previous q. Even if he misses 1 of the q swings. And i think his old ult did more damage as well, but the armor pen might make them equal. EDIT: Nvm, didn't notice u said without items. Your guess wasn't accurate at all then (577 without items, which means u got a 28% error, btw 577 is around 60% of trist's hp).
With "no items" I meant that he had no finished items, as in, not having gold from previous kills. The 800 is taken from experience. There are also the redbuff ticks that add to the damage. Thanks for taking the time to calculate all of this. However, my biggest problem with him compared to his "older version" is not his initial early burst- that's the stage of the game where he's still managable- but rather the absolute lack of counterplay he has once he got his duskblade, making him able to oneshot mages, supports, and ADCs without much effort and with very high consistency. The problem with that is, even if you shut him down early, he will eventually get it, as it's just one single item enabling him to oneshot ADCs under the quarter of a second. If you played ADC for some while you'd know that most teams you have don't really care about defending you- they'd rather jump in, mash buttons, and expect you to carry it for them. And that is without considering champion picks, what if you have an offensive support without the CC to stop Rengar when he jumps in for the oneshot? You're done then, that's how it is. The alternative would be letting him oneshot someone else, but even that sounds ridiculous for a "measure to counterplay" him, but right now it's the only way.
: Face your fears - and talk about them!
What about Rengar that oneshots you without any counterplay?
: I don't know why Riot did this, honestly
I don't get it either, why they turned him back into a braindead on-click nuke, once he has his duskblade it's over. Theres always at least one guy who feeds him, but who can blame that guy when Rengar already has a 800 damage burst on level 6 without items
: Support itemization changes concept
Enchanter Supports don't have the same game-changing impact as engage-supports. Taking their weakness of laning will make enchanters obsolete.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pharcon,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=6L1HqOuQ,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-03-11T22:42:27.385+0000) > > Check my last flex games. > Maybe you should just go soloqueue. > A good mentality won&#x27;t turn you into a good player. i couldnt give a rats ass about your match history. just because YOU win with off meta picks does not mean everyone does. picking a dumb ass pick decreases your whole teams chances of success.
Except it literally doesn't. Matchmaking is a cointoss regardless of what you pick and should know that by now. Your meta-obsession just proves you belong stuck in your elo.
: "Who Cares, it's only Flex" Mentality Needs to be Bannable.
Check my last flex games. Maybe you should just go soloqueue. A good mentality won't turn you into a good player.
: This is what i'm suffering from at bot lane
Maybe he set himself a goal of hitting his hook so much, that the item would be worth it. That's admirable
Røkas (EUW)
: Why do people bash on Kai'Sa?
She has a weak early game but scales really well
: Clean good job man
Thanks dude
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kupuselefes (EUNE)
: S T O P
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