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: I do not believe that to be the case, however as believe the late game power that is from kit should be complimented by gear and early game power should be complimented by runes. That being said there is some cases that items just under perform and runes over perform. Indeed there is a lot of cockblocks, as you said against assassins, however my rant is not about assassins only but the whole game balance. It is lacking. Also including bugs that make the game unfun. my example is when I charge my Q as Vi and get singed put Mega Adhesive I can't Q and my character is stuck in Q animation making me unable to use any other skill even flash. I reported that and I still do not see anyone doing anything about it. Same like with Vi R, Xin can knock her back while she charge him making him take the reduced dmg, that is out play when it come about the dmg but knocking me back while I fly toward him while the skill state I'm Immune to CC is flat out pathetic. Also on the topic of what tilts me Having AD mid Soraka and not being able to even surrender at 15 min with minimum penalty, because he press "No" When you ask him why he said "I'm pissed of all the smurfs in silver". How is that a possible excuse?
Singed his w works the same as Cassiopeia's in that it applies the "grounded" effect which makes you unable to use displacing abilities like vi's Q (her R probably) but also flash. AKA this is not a bug.
Smerk (EUW)
: > Anyone with enough time on their hands, and enough dedication, can reach Diamond 5. That is just not true. More than half of playerbase cannot reach even gold after hundreds of games played. I would say they have enough time and dedication. So maybe there is another variable? Something called "skill"? > Also, even though I've never reached higher doesn't mean I can't see the skill gap from rank to rank. Well, you may see some difference, but first hand experience is quite different
Although i quite dislike the *game starts at d2 argument* i will admit that differences between divisions are much more visible at diamond (which is logical because you keep getting closer to the top). I can't say if the difference between d5 and p5 is worse than d5 and d2 but any division from d4 to d1 has quite the skill gap (havent ever gotten past d1 so can't talk for masters but its much the same there).
elin990 (EUW)
: How many active accounts do you have?
: > [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PfnIe87g,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2018-02-18T22:01:50.283+0000) > > Pretty much 50% of my friends play support, inculding me once. No more doe. I had to many friends who wanted support so I had to move to top to get some better enjoyable games :) Yeah, I sometimes find that fighting for Support is vicious. Most support mains don't get too much practice on solo lane champions or farming. Learning to play mage from ADC probably isn't as difficult. I found that something that helped me grow was realising that whilst my ADC needs to farm - we need to get as much gold as possible. If I see a minion that my carry will miss, I try to collect it for myself. That way it's not going to waste. This helped me to get a little better at last hitting, and so I can actually play solo lanes in my ELO, normally down by like 10 - 20cs.
idk i never practiced last hitting but it's not that hard, usually only down by like 10 cs if i get filled mid.
: Oh wow. First of all i was looking at the NA site, and I was looking at the cumulative amount of summoners, not the per rank amount. My bad
: Was voor die ander bedoeld.
: 25% of all players in EUW is in bronze. You're bronze 4, but on a winspree so probably bronze 3 mmr. Bronze 3 and 4 combined is about 9% of total players. According to OP.GG, there are 715.102 players in bronze 4 and 687.067 players in bronze 3. Making a whopping total of around 1.4 million players around your mmr/elo.
im sorry but thats not how works (unless maybe you were looking at global bronze 4 and 3), theres currently a bit over 100.000 bronze players in bronze 3/4 on euw according to
Suptra (EUW)
: Main problem of people down here in silver can be summed up 1: they are tiny %%%%%es who will have a baby rage flip if they die more than 3 times due to their own fault 2: someone take a few minions on their lane to reset the wave 3: someone ask them to play safe because they died to enemy jungler 3 times in 5 minuttes because they didnt wanna use their free wards...
thats not just silver xD, happens in diamond too.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wrath of Demon,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=oH0QlQA6,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-02-03T09:53:48.502+0000) > > Usually there are more AFK's and stuff in low elos because they do not take too seriously the game or, if they do, the situation just overcome them and cannot hold it. Nevertheless, in "high" (plat an diamond )and high (master and challenger) they take it too seriously and they would never go afk, maybe because they think that it is possible to achieve something...? Dunno, but in anycase, there are also more ppl in low elo, so the chance to meet this ppl is higher. > > I am not quite sure if I answered ur questions xD > > Pd: sorry for the grammar mistakes and stuff, english is not my first language ^^ even in high silver and gold people dont afk. i mean, sometimes ppl dont connect, and occasionally theres a leaver or afk (like every 15-20games or so), but thats it.
I´ve played around 85 ranked games this season, and have had almost no afks at all, maybe 3 or 4 games. (this is around diamond elo)
: i agree to that adc is pretty broken, only exception would be jhin and ez
Did you just say that ezreal ISN'T broken?
: Can ADC's be fixed please?
Only adc you have to ban right now is ezreal. done, have fun with your normal lane. (and no vayne isnt OP) Edit: even ezreal is playable against, just a bit harder.
Lil Ari (EUW)
: These abilities may be fine (i guess?), but the fact that mastery pages now must be payed for is absolutely disgusting. NEW RUNES ARE THE OPPOSITE TO FREE
You have 2 free pages, you can change them in champ select. there is no competitive advantage to be had by buying more pages. stop whining.
: League Patch 7.22 EUW
I absolutely love the new changes to this patch, i'm sure there's still some issues considering the massive change riot did with this, but its looking pretty solid.
: What is your problem? Just because you have no problems with the preset runes and you can edit them before the game and you are a veteran of this game doesn't mean everyone is playing this game non stop for a lot of years and pretty much knows everything about it. You and people like you are 5% - 10% of the community who knows every rune and every mastery, every champion ability and trick etc. The game is for everyone, not just you. And calling me bad for not being too familiar with the game is just lame. Don't you realise how big of an asshole you are right now? You should be ashamed.
You still haven't adressed the point that in a week time you will be able to set up your rune page in about 30 seconds, unless ofcourse youre just way too lazy to learn new runes, which is completely your own fault.
: Client
Have you tried just re-installing the client? this doesnt seem to be a problem other people have.
: And why?XD
Should higher ranking people get priority over lower ranking people?XD
Ragernot (EUW)
: Its pretty damn shitty, that u wont get any rewards, 'cause u got ban after August 22.. You are playing friendly and nice the whole season and then u get one ban and u will get nothing. There is no logic?!?! Why u wont get something after THIS date? Why not the whole season? Its unfair.. What ever someone will comment.. this is bullshit and one more reason why this game sucks more and more :D
The rule didn't exist before then. They can't say "Oh yeah, we made up this rule, and if you've broken it before we made it then too bad for you". Riot is fair. It's an incentive to not be toxic, and if you didn't know what you had to lose by doing so, they'll give you another chance. Don't complain because you broke the rule. You knew about the punishment and didn't care enough to reform. It's your bad, not Ritos (this comment was copied from Le Fireheart, i just thought it was appropriate)


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