IAmWoralo (EUW)
: I can´t have a decent game anymore
when was the last fun patch though? whenever a certain role felt strong it became about that lane, whenever the game felt balanced it became about ADCs, whenever a champion or item was strong it followed that lane. you'll literally just have to ride the patch out or skip it entirely. you can't balance assassins or pressure champs in soloQ, a good player will be able to show up so much better than good player on a farm to late game champ.
Goat02 (EUW)
: How to invade correctly?
do you mean invade or cheese? those champions sound like cheesers. a cheese is a type invade without vision made based on which lane came to lane later, the lane that leashes comes to lane 10 seconds later, it's easiest to cheese if you start on the same side and see both teams laners get into lane at a similar time, then you skip your buff and just run straight to their buff wait for them to half clear it, they will probably be half way through since you have to run from your side to theirs, and then you kill them. the best champ for doing it is shaco and maokai who can save their smite so that when they reach the buff they can smite to steal or smite for the heal. lee sin, elise, xin zhao, vi anyone with really good burst level 2 is also strong at cheesing. it fails when the enemy jungler wards the bush behind red and the path behind blue as their laners can collapse on them faster and the jungler can respond properly, or if they too skip their buff and do another camp, or if both players decide to cheese; you will meet up in the river and set each other behind, and since both are likely to cheese it involves you both walking within vision of each other seeing who starts it first or who gives up and moves to the opposite side of the map and will probably be counter jungled. it's called a cheese because it is a disrespectful move, both players could have done it and fucked each others early game up and it relies on enemy stupidity and not reacting properly to be successful, the most successful cheese champions are the ones with the fastest clear ( i think shaco can put boxes near blue buff for a quick level 3 if he kills a baby wolf) or the best lvl2 dueling counter jungling is using your time to instead of gank you use knowledge of the opposing jungler to find a safe camp to steal, if their gank fails it sets them behind since they miss out on xp, gold and need to clear the camp before the things can respawn. this is best done when you see the enemy jungler on a ward or in a lane on the far side of the map you can walk in unopposed and steal 1 or 2 camps. the most practical champions for doing this have fast clears and poor ganks, shit like nunu (for clearing one minion thing), rek'sai, shyvana, udyr. invading is done when the enemy jungler does a gank and instead of backing they go back into their jungle, preferably on low health, OR you have vision of them doing a camp, a ward that goes in between blue buff and gromp is usually the easiest one, and you just rock up and attempt to kill them. to track 2 camps for all the other jungle camps you need 2 wards down. it's done based on knowledge of the other jungler, or if you and mid or support have nothing to do you can just go on a witch hunt. chances are there is a gank to be made though. it's hard to invade champions with mobility or quick clears as they can either run away and stall for backup or clear it so fast you don't make it in time.
Shozis (EUNE)
: Frost Queen`s Claim on Midlaners
spooky ghosts let you setup super free kills. the 1st and 2nd item only needs 12 seconds to comeback online. the 3rd never goes off. prior the item had a 700 range shoddy aoe slow that didn't really setup anything. it took 30 seconds to come back online. so now you can clear a wave, and in 12 seconds you have a random 45 extra burst damage. frostfang: " Tribute gold increased to 15 from 10. Ability Power increased to 15 from 10. Base mana regeneration increased to 100% from 50%. " frost queen's: " Mana regeneration increased to 150% from 50%. Tribute gold increased to 15 from 10. Cooldown changed to "3 times every 30 seconds" from "1 charge every 10 seconds, up to 3". " 5.22 patch notes. the ghosts help with vision, help kiting, help chasing. they normally build it 2nd after abyssal scepter or morellos
: League Of Legends Forgotten Champions!
i want to add {{champion:266}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:30}}
Headbiter (EUW)
: > all games can be taken competitively and seriously, all games can be played jokingly with mocking, taunting, and shit talking. Quite debatable and if the premise of your game is quite literally "Over there are five guys, kill them and destroy their stuff" the competetive part is right there. But really, that has nothing to do with the issue. >the thing with games is. they are played for fun, and i included, don't find TEAM games with random strangers fun when i try my hardest and they have fed their ass off, that's how frustration and toxicity seeps in, or when your lane is close but your bot lane is 25 and 0 and just stomped the game at 15 minutes, that's boring and a waste of time. I agree on that paragraph, although, again, nothing to do with blaming someone for playing well. >so you do what you want, but if you have a go at someone for "not trying" and they reply with, " shut up try hard " you're more toxic than they are, just for initiating something. Stellar logic there, poindexter, though somewhat flawed, given how you just brought up an example of a botlane going 0/25 within 15 minutes. That would mean that starting with the 2:30 minute-mark there were 2 deaths every minute. I don't even know if that's possible, but telling them to stop feeding after they went 0/5 after 5 minutes isn't toxic, that's common fucking sense. Hell, I'd tell them to stay at the Nexus, at least they'd be out of reach for the enemy team for a while. >if u want to take the game SUPER seriously, get a ranked 5 team, see how serious you are, see if you actually take the time to set one up... Your reading comprehension is kinda shit, isn't it?
i went beyond your ranting example and gave you an advocate. your thought process is just so black and white and you think this one example is all anyone wants to talk about; no one has any context on your example, only 10 people in the world witnessed it, how can we talk about that? "your reading comprehension is shit" no mate, your job with your post was to initiate a debate and state your stance, you could've just asked: " why is "Try Hard" a derogatory term? i don't understand " you didn't need to write 7 sarcasm and frustration filled passages that add nothing, i'm not interested in your literary skills, i just want to tell you why the term exists and why it wasn't born by what ever long winded insult you used. "Stellar logic there, poindexter, though somewhat flawed, given how you just brought up an example of a botlane going 0/25 within 15 minutes." are you serious? taking the piss out of exaggerating? someone with "an IQ that doubles up as a shoesize" someone like that wouldn't be able to use a computer let alone type enough to be toxic. so you can fuck right off with that. ' oh your lack of metaphors and being a bellend with 100% irony meant I; Steven Fry's literary genius of a grandson, could not tell it was exaggeration ' you're a fucking brat " all games can be taken competitively and seriously, all games can be played jokingly with mocking, taunting, and shit talking. Quite debatable and if the premise of your game is quite literally "Over there are five guys, kill them and destroy their stuff" the competetive part is right there. But really, that has nothing to do with the issue. " yo i'll help you here, kid. **all **games **can** be taken competitively and seriously,** all** games **can** be played jokingly with mocking, taunting, and shit talking. i don't see how in hell you think because this is a MOBA it becomes an isolated game that always consists of 100% engaged and invested competitive people, what the fuck is up for debate, didn't they have a week long event called " all stars" where they joke around, doesn't every single pro player say " soloQ is a clown fest ?" i wanted to find some examples of baron 1v1s in masters/challenger, and some trick2g, but i couldn't be bothered there was a fight between oddone on karma versus some leona on support, they were warding baron and got in a fight, all of the teams came over and watched and danced, a try hard interrupts is someone that interrupts the ceremonial support fight at baron. someone that plays nasus and will only contribute once they get 800 stacks can call his teammates out for being try hards if they want him in the fight to "end the game quicker" dunkey called out league for not deserving its title as a competitive game, saying the game is too slow, has little to no execution and doesn't have enough interaction, thus not fun inherently and only fun when he can mess around doing stupid shit with his friends. find someone else who opposes your thought.
Headbiter (EUW)
: Can we please let "tryharding" die?
all games can be taken competitively and seriously, all games can be played jokingly with mocking, taunting, and shit talking. the thing with games is. they are played for fun, and i included, don't find TEAM games with random strangers fun when i try my hardest and they have fed their ass off, that's how frustration and toxicity seeps in, or when your lane is close but your bot lane is 25 and 0 and just stomped the game at 15 minutes, that's boring and a waste of time. so you do what you want, but if you have a go at someone for "not trying" and they reply with, " shut up try hard " you're more toxic than they are, just for initiating something. if u want to take the game SUPER seriously, get a ranked 5 team, see how serious you are, see if you actually take the time to set one up...
: brand can be 0/16 and still do tons of damage with R where is the balance?
because he probably built like a glass cannon, or farmed really well, and then managed to be around for every teamfight. the thing with immobile mages, is they really don't like moving between places, their low MS means it takes a long time, they like to be played around, they want to make moves based on 100% knowledge and be grouped up at 2 items + . being unable to escape without flash means a 2v1 is pretty much a free kill, if they were 0 and 16, you were getting the kills but then failing to accelerate the game, the easiest thing to do after you've killed any laner; is go to their lane and take shit, the only person who can retaliate is TP tops or the jungler. an early turret against an immobile mage creates the potential for the easiest zone in the game, they walk too far up, you kill them, they sit and watch u farm, they get no money, they need their jungler or lanes to help them back into the game seeing an immobile mage, why would u ever group, that makes no sense to me, there is ONE route back into relevance, they are useless alone but can at least get maybe 1 or 2 rotations off in a teamfight, or more if they are ignored and deemed not a threat. also calling for a nerf after one game, not even a hint of intended adapting: " i did this, what if i did this" if you see that teamfight characters are massive strength in soloQ because teaming is inevitable at 25 minutes, then you either need to play differently, or join them, calling for nerfs while playing the game doesn't do anything other than give you excuses to be angry at riot.
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: So he's never ever able to play solo normal games if nobody's there from his friend list? How the f will he improve if not by playing?
that's not what i said, this guy is diamond 3, and supposed to be able to represent his skill level. he picked a character that he clearly knew nothing about considering he ends up getting messages like "report for boosted." i'm saying in that time it has taken to reach diamond 3, he should've been able to add at least a few people to play alongside or against, not friends, literally just people from the community that might also want to try some new stuff out. he couldn't do that, instead he came here and bitched about the same community that he can't find any peers in.** if you can't add a single person over the course of that many games, why do you think the same community is going to be accepting of people essentially wasting their time?** he can play that mode, learn whatever, troll, do whatever the fuck he wants, he should just expect the amount of hate he received considering this games community and how temporary and faceless it is. and how will the people he is playing alongside improve in places if every game they have to tend noobs or play against people finding their feet on a champion? why don't you consider the other people in the same game?
: You're not allowed to learn new champs in a normal
if you've reached diamond 3 and not been able to add a single person to play alongside or practice 1v1 or 2v2 matchups with, you're in one hell of a game.
Bombardox (EUW)
: why is thresh so overloaded ?
get them play time, have an excuse for when they can't balance them properly. how many times have you seen on forums "can't just change numbers, the kit themselves are broken" the kassadin, zed, assassin issue? Thresh and other supports with a lot of kit should be easier to balance, you just take away a bunch of their numbers and then they struggle in lane but shine later on. whereas other champions who have a lot of kit but also need their numbers are just impossible.
: Which is the strongest 1v1 champ
in what terrain though? lane with bushes, lane without bushes. with minions, without minions, open field, field with bushes. olaf, irelia and jax are probably up there as well for champions that are strong with levels. vayne is another and so is vlad. i mean it could be fun.
LightTrack (EUNE)
: Off-meta picks in Normals.
well i mean... if you `wondered how it works`, do you genuinely need a full game to work it out? i mean your teammate picked the exact champion i'd have compared annie ADC to. what does annie have, 625 range, a bunch of high AP ratios, and a stun. what does caitlyn have, 650 range, some AD ratios, and a mobility spell that also slows. AOE stun doesn't even help an ADC who is primarily single target, im pretty sure Caitlyn gains more AS per level as well, more AD and can clear waves while an AD annie cannot. there is difference between "off meta" and tying one hand behind your back with a debilitating pick. your pick is for fun with friends, because it is too easy to pick holes and flaws in. you should've expected all the hate you got and laughed it off like you don't give a fuck, not came here and proclaimed "it worked"
Khaery (EUW)
: Pray for Paris
you shouldn't push agendas in times like this, no religion teaches you to kill people or hurt people. these radical terrorist groups are angry people who found enough people who think alike. their reasoning for attacks like this won't even stand-up to interrogation from a 5 yr old.
: Taric
oh my balls. why is this not on the league client permanently? Taric would be the most popular champion
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HdtvTh (EUNE)
: Rito does not understand items diversity.
because adding different stats for specific scenarios usually means an item too strong in the hands of specific champions. ever seen Fizz with a lich bane and zhonyas? those items give everything Fizz enjoys and he will never waste the lich bane proc or the zhonyas active. spell vamp is another one, why get WotA on a mid range mage when doing that means you should've just played vlad. you've overlooked too many things, item diversity in riot's eyes after 6 yrs of developing the game is making dynamic choices, rather than giving more flow charts out to other champions.
: Why is everyone trying to play carries?
because it is soloQ, everyone has the mentality of "i need to 100% hard carry my team EVERY GAME! if i want to climb" they follow the nightblue guide of Assassin jungle and never get carried. so if u ever get a team of triple assassin don't expect bot lane to do anything other than feed one way or the other because it is going to be impossible for them to contribute if there is not a single fighter or source of CC. also people probably won't know how to play those type of champions and actually function, the way they play them, they would be better off picking xin zhao or diana. also someone said people play for fun, that is probably the largest contributor as to why you see no scaling or slow characters, also they are team reliant, if you never have to see a teammate there is no way they can make you frustrated
M4nhunt66 (EUNE)
: Looking at current state of teams in groups at Worlds.
i dont see how waving your dick about improves your chances, or lessens them.
: [Champion concept] Emma, the average girl
i wonder why riot haven't placed a joke character yet, i dont think it is fair that Urgot, Zilean, Tom Kench and Bard get picked by trolls when we could have a champion designed exactly for it. i also want to see how low their pick rate is in comparison to actual champions capable of winning.
: Tahm Kench, the hidden Juggernaut. (Or: how to ruin Garens day ^_^)
where's the righeous glory, wheres the Zephyr or Wit's End?? Kappa good items though, should try them. i think everyone knew tom wasn't going to be a support, he does a lot of damage with tank items it makes him perfect as a top laner, and he struggles against range champs over short distances, which at least 2 out of the 4 champs in bot lane will be, and that turret won't fall down with a Tom siege. but it dm finally everyone has come to their senses.
: Adc's that are good in the currant meta and not vayne
i mean, if you know they are going to pick Vayne, you just play Corki. if you want to play to later game you pick Kog'maw.
Edyr420 (EUW)
: This game is shit.
if they have lower knowledge you SHOULD be able to outplay them from jungle and support just on matchup and awareness.
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Larry (EUNE)
: Chat button that might be a solution to negativity in the game
"original harder than derived" BrokeBack rofl. that was a quote? she speaks really weird. i've seen this youtube channel before, and each time, i see the type of people in their audience, and i think; where's Bryan Griffin? in social media, this is completely valid, those messages sit there until they are deleted, they are from people they know, they are personal messages. "very rarely do we remember" in league the messages themselves are gone within 5 messages, and you never see that person again, they are impersonal. they are no different from me yawping out of a window, "you fucking mong" to a tourist, they don't kill themselves, they just become disgruntled and won't comeback to my area on their next holiday. i'm glad Dunkey got banned, quit, and made a video regarding it, it has provoked a reaction from the league community, a reaction is what caused this little girl to go on a journey and appear on my screen, and waste my time. and a reaction from riot is what will `fix` toxicity. oh. i have a better example. league has a system that prevents people from instantly AFK'ing by putting a 5 second timer in. does that stop someone that wants to AFK from AFKing the game? i don't understand how she gathered her data either, she got access to library computers? who uses a library computer? i don't understand how cyber bullies exist when u can block, delete, unfriend, whatever. solving a problem that cannot exist in a sane world. also she has patented it, which means riot have to pay money to use it, and you KNOW some 14yr old indian named girl is gonna make some serious dollar out of Rito if they go through with it.
duckarp (EUNE)
: You should know that ragers think they actually help the team, because they believe that if you flame someone, it makes him perform better.
no, they don't, they want to get it off their chest and out of their head, they don't want pent up anger that most of the players can just shout at their screen with and gesture wildly at. they find team games frustrating, and teammates frustrating even more so because they have zero influence on them if they choose to ignore any of the messages. unless you yourself have been restricted, and genuinely think you are helping with flaming, you don't know why do it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=I0LiYFL9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-09-18T20:13:48.832+0000) > > Hey Nightfury, > > Unfortunately attachments have been disabled on the boards, and will not return. You can, however, still upload offsite and link here, and it'll show the content :-) ok Thanks, i wanted to post something funny on boards no more :(. and i have something to report, {{item:3140}} doesnt remove{{champion:105}} ULTI , confirmed. i played vs yasuo and he had qss and used it at right time but my ulti was still on him.
: akali isnt actually a nurse, whats your point?
this guy has edited this post 2 or 3 times since i last said anything. he hasn't changed the pictures though, which look really similar to arctic ops Varus, and Akali's actual in game weapons. the stealth champions are part way to having a skin group with the criminals / thieves that Evelynn and Twitch has, why didn't he call it Jewel-thief Shaco and put it as a new member of that group? rather than trying to add another champion to a fully done series. you could suggest PROJECT any champion and it would work visually. the game already has 4 ninjas without skins, it's literally the most overdone thematic he could've chosen. i'm sure they will release all of the champions as project skins sooner or later, so it's whatever to me.
Pentium2 (EUNE)
: The satisfaction is real
seeing this, it is like seeing my brethren fall around me.
Rioter Comments
: What is up with Jayce? i deal 0 dmg.
you went trinity force, over blood thirster/ IE? next is jayce isn't just cannon form, his hammer form has substantial burst. jayce is still really good at punishing roams with really high turret pressure. and he batters most AP mid laners by just being AD. jayce top is underwhelming, but mid lane he is still decent.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: In your opinion, how big of a role does luck play in Ranked Solo Queue?
Rioter Comments
: Every AP Kog'Maw is an only child - Everybody builds AD on him? Need clarification and feedback.
i can explain it. kog'maw built AP, does not ever spike, he just gets stronger and stronger to a point where ADCs do more damage anyway. whereas AD kog'maw, retains the base damage, AND gets some nice earlier damage spiked with trinity force and bork. no way you should be called noob, but i am just saying, AP kog'maw is only interested in scaling and poking, he offers very little earlier on in the game, as demonstrated by you building a tear.
DANIwell123 (EUNE)
: Kindred
udyr is crying. karma is sad. miss fortune.
: Project Shaco
no, shaco is not a ninja, play a ninja if you want to play a ninja. meanwhile play your clown joke of a cheese champion
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Makså (EUW)
: Is it good if someone calls you a scripter?
it means they have gotten so common that any player who jukes a lot of skillshots will be called out because it is more than likely they are scrupting
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LikeOrbit (EUW)
: I genuinely feel sorry for people that brought Spirit Guard Udyr when they will VU Udyr.
they won't update udyr's visuals until SGU looks outdated. and tbf, udyr's primal whatever the 975 one is looks really good as well. it is just his base and black belt that make your eyes bleed
Puddytat (EUW)
: Temporary mode: No-shop?
oh that's true, you literally would only be acquiring xp, jungle would be unplayable. so any champion with an infinite scaling: veigar, bard, thresh, nasus, sion. it could be a mode you could make yourself though in custom, you could just say " no items SR " and just play.
: Is there a point to being a Support at the moment?
annie support craps on vayne, targeted stun, high burst, good range autos. sona is a massive bully. thresh has a different way of playing the lane, your ADC dashes forward does their combo, and then thresh lanterns them out with flay and hook available, they can't trade back if they do it fast enough and the shield also reduces some damage. it is similar to what janna and lulu do. if your team is against a lot of auto attack reliant champions, you can pick a teemo support since that 2.5 second blind is very strong. and at max CDR it is on a 4.4 second cooldown. but you're right a lot of the favoured supports don't really answer vayne very well, and as such the more popular ADCs are all hyper carries because they know the opposing support can answer a bully game plan really easy using the exact same tools that vayne hates to verse
: tl;dr Remove all diversity.
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: Supports and ADC
janna goes well with everyone. put shield on someone and send them to school, then they batter them because they have up to 70 extra AD and up to 250 more HP. janna graves, janna lucian, janna ashe, janna kog'maw janna sivir, janna cait. janna jinx. janna vayne. the obvious problem with janna is that she is boring AF to play, is entirely reliant on her ADC, and any point in mid game she is a liability. also she is a stripper. janna is "ADC polish" if your ADC is a grand mahogany dresser they will look incredible, but if they are a pile of shit, there is nothing janna can do to fix that, whereas leona has the potential to make any ADC look at least decent because she has so much damage and obvious CC
Four Star (EUW)
: When you see a Lee Sin supporting what is your reaction?
: What champion do you hate to lane against?
: how does lucian get 2500 on 1 basic attack?
because of how the game shows damage now, if it is done over a certain period of time, like dots are. it shows up as one big hit. so lucian dash auto Q is probably the damage u saw. u can do a similar thing as yasuo as well if u hurricane, flash, auto
Neamtzzzu (EUNE)
: So xin was 0-5,almost losing 1vs1 vs soraka...but then...
"almost losing 1vs1 vs soraka" lol could you imagine
LikeOrbit (EUW)
: Yasuo Top being a problem at LCS? Can someone explain?
there are at least 20 other fighters that have done what yasuo has done, the best examples i can think of is Jax in the tanky top meta, and nasus into maokai. yasuo into gnar is just a hard counter. just like picking olaf into any tank is, it is hard for them to farm under the pressure and as such they lose lane embarrassingly and olaf can control the game.. it is what happens when a lane has so much variety and effectiveness, TRUE counters exist and happen.
: > [{quoted}](name=Luis Sc,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=TWKcJAFX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-09-09T14:09:11.600+0000) > > .... I stop reading there... then that means that you didn't read the part that i said i have experience in tournaments and i'm low diamond atm and i have played in every division apart master and challenger. STILL the point isn't about me read the post and you will understand. stereotyping people hurt nowadays
why are you replying to comments, re-read your post and edit it... "the more popular, the more toxic" "we need a personal system rather than automated" you see these 2 things? they don't mix, you cannot have exponentially more people playing the game but the people volunteering in tribunal grows only a very small amount. ` pay people to solve tribunal cases ` riot is a business, why pay hundreds of people to solve tribunal cases when they can pay 1 or 2 guys to program an automated one? ` put a reward system for solving tribunal cases ` ..? honour system, referral system flop. ` have the automated system exist alongside the old tribunal, where only cases that have requested to be reviewed go through to the tribunal system ` what determines whether a case is worth reviewing? what would stop every single restricted and banned person requesting a review? although apparently only 1% of players are restricted or banned in some regard, 1% of a big pie is still a big slice. there are 10 million league of legends players, and 1% have a case, that's still 100,000 cases that need looking at. http://www.lolsummoners.com/stats 100,000. and of those 100,000 how many do you reckon have multiple cases, and each case is based off of numerous games, that's multiple games of chat to scroll through.
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