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Pieka (EUW)
: An Idea how to prevent people from sitting in any League with Low MMR
Edit: people shouldn't be able to use this button more than 1 or 2 times per Season.
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: {{champion:102}} +{{champion:59}} {{champion:55}} +{{champion:86}} {{champion:99}} +{{champion:81}} {{champion:222}} +{{champion:245}} {{champion:22}} +{{champion:23}} {{champion:92}} +{{champion:157}} {{champion:18}} +{{champion:17}} {{champion:134}} +{{champion:238}} {{champion:28}} +{{champion:4}} {{champion:15}} +{{champion:268}} {{champion:254}} +{{champion:201}} {{champion:420}} +{{champion:201}} {{champion:103}} +{{champion:161}} {{champion:7}} +{{champion:50}} {{champion:119}} +{{champion:119}} All I can think of that are plausible
this draven just killed it hahahha
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