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Adama (EUW)
: I already have multiple accounts in platinum this season, even though I have never been higher then platinum 3. You just have to pick 1/2 champions and get good at them. Something with damage. I do Draven and Vi. Draven is not as hard to play as some people might make you believe. And he is very strong. Vi can also literally kill an enemy in one spell rotation (during midgame) while still becoming very tanky after that.
Ye ofc in p3 he isnt hard because ppl are nuts
efol00 (EUNE)
: Riot X Max health scaling damage
Idk I think it's fine for unkillable tanks..
: Isn't lethality too strong now?
The Problem is that Crit ads are useless (except twitch) they need way to long to scale and basically will have no impact on the game till 30mins+
: Would you mind to provide a link to the source?
I think I have seen it in a Phylol video...Just Google Rek'sai and Phylol and you'll find it ;)
: I'd rather keep the AoE knockup, thank you.
she'll get a rework soon anyways and she'll most likely get a single target knockup
IkOerman (EUW)
: Please master show us how you kill a 13 kills lvl 13 veigar while playing a lvl 9 squishy (you can choose) without kills. You can do it with your skills right? And if you succeed at that, now show us how u fight a 5 man team of fed players with 4 easy bots in your team.
Basically youre just a stuck low-elo who thinks that matchmaking is the Problem am I right?
: Why does Riot find the current rank matchmaking is okay.
Matchmaking is really weird...I'm an AD main and had to play vs a plat 3 adc and he got freaking stomped while the rest is mid Diamond...
: Champion personal stats and Wins/Losses ratio ?
Just go to or lolking w/e and you'll find your stats
: > [{quoted}](name=Rismosch,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=fjL9W7wh,comment-id=000300000001,timestamp=2017-02-17T19:47:09.988+0000) > > If you are good enaugh, you will climb no matter what. You climb if you play certain roles and champs, thats it...
I climbed with fking lucian to mid Diamond.. and he's one of the worst adcs atm...But a hella fun so..
IkOerman (EUW)
: Well you're right. It's all because of the matchmaking. As alot of people have been saying since dawn of LoL, the ELO system just isn't built for teamgames. **The problem** The matchmaking system is built so it matches the total ELO (MMR) of your team to the total ELO (MMR) of the enemy team. Meaning sure, teamwise the game might be "balanced". The problem is that laning phase, where everyone has a different single opponent, isn't balanced. Lets say you're the best player on your team, and you're playing against the 2nd best player in the enemy team. There's a big chance you won't be getting much chances for the kill, or to roam. Since you are playing against a decent player. But what about the weakest player in your team? Is he up against their best? Well, then that opponent will most likely come out ahead of you, even if his actual ELO (MMR) is lower than yours. And then, also add in the other factors like champions, counters, roles, snowballing, objectives etc etc. Yea i guess that same game will be over pretty soon. It just doesnt work. **My opinion (a start for a solution, not THE solution)** In my opinion? The matchmaking system should also take into account the average deaths of a team, and individual players. And weigh it HARD, even more so than ELO (MMR). The only common single most important factor in this game is that deaths are bad. So if you die often, that is a clear sign of a bad player. Even if you're the tank, you should know when to get out. Even if you're countered in lane, you should know how to play safe. Even if the enemy is fed, you should know when you are able to fight. It's the only single skill in League of Legends which **EVERYONE** should possess, and is not dependant on the rest of the team. Another part that i would change is the following: Yes, you may have lost. But i think the system should take into account players who did obviously better than the rest of the team. As in: less deaths, participation in objectives, item activations, warding, dmg dealt to champions, cs, etc. etc. There already is a system for this in champion mastery. Why not use it for "basic game knowledge mastery"? And ranking people by it?
Thats freaking bullshit. Rating someone by deaths? LOL. Sometimes there are games where you have to die in order to deal as much dmg to the enemy as possible and then let your mates finish em' off..
: Where zhonyas only makes u not die for 2.5 secs. And then u die. Don't we need more items for mages to make this a bit more equal terms?
Not like Mages were way stronger for like 1year lmao
: Thats cuz in low elos players cant play zed..
And in Plat People always complain about him because they don't know how to Counter him.
: cant make him melee.. he's suppose to be a marksman
remove revive and grievous wounds...grievous wounds is pretty cheap with executioners calling, so it's just nice to have. The rest seems pretty nice tho, good idea with the w ;)
: Experience the last 2 seasons gold is fine, people dont write much and play their game with whatever outcome. platin is toxic as hell, the more you climb and come near dia the worse it gets. Wait for Diamant 5, this is a new level since people there think they are high elo players and every other player is just a shitty jerk.
true man, ive recently hit d5 again and you know I'm one of those d5s who actually try to win and get d4 but ppl just write "open mid" after 0-4 score lmao. I just hate it. Climbing out of d5 isn't harder than p1 mechanically, but the mentality of the players is much worse....
: Griffin, The soul hunter.
Too overloaded...can ignore barriers, shields etc, turns all basic attacks into magic dmg, Applies grievous wounds, max % health heal and even fking revive...Thats just way too overloaded.
exicco (EUW)
: Xerath mains called scripters
It's because there are so many fking Xeraths who script....And sometimes it's hard to tell if he's good or just scripting, but most of the time youll notice if he's one or not.
Snailfox (EUW)
: ***
ADcs are being replaced sometimes on botlane lol¨
: What's your favorite song or songs at the moment?(Pls read the post too)
Basically I'm listening through the whole Star Wars soundtracks lmao
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Doomley (EUW)
: >Don't you miss the days when Sword of the Occult was in the game No. The item was never viable which made it pointless for it to exist.
It Kind of was when smurfing :p
Nintenzo (EUW)
: > the only people who get punished for anything in game are those who call others considered verbal abusement. What is this, pre school? Where someone will cry their eyes out if someone calls them a baby? No, people don't cry over it. They just know it's reportable and you'll end up banned for this rubbish. I play LoL to play the game not read chat, Good or Bad games... I don't care but when people start whining in chat (the crap you put in your post that you think people get upset about) I simply mute them then report after the game. The weak ones type in chat because THEY HAVE TO BE RIGHT ON THE INTERNET HAHAHA. No one cares what you think, no one cares why a certain play didn't work. Just don't type and get on with the game! You either come back and win or you lose the game from these mistakes. The only babies are the twats typing thinking they are hard or badasses! your not, you're just sad and not worth listening to. and then the balancing issue.... no the games fine you're just bad. BUT HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! TRY NOT TO GET BANNED IN 2017!
and then the balancing issue.... no the games fine you're just bad. LOL
mhkiler (EUNE)
: last will of person who play LOL for 3 years.
Nice Post and it's actually so true...
Acoiwiat (EUW)
: 10 wins 0 loses placements gotten bronze V on unranked account
abixbg (EUNE)
: I am saying after assassin meta comes tank meta. Remember S5???
I don't know what you got maybe in lower elo theyre op....but in higher elo I only see mages (Viktor,Syndra,Cassio etc.) It's not like assassins would dominate this preseason...atm it's tanks and mages...
: So, im currently silver 1, will I get a gold frame if i get to gold before season start for real? Also when does it start?
No, unfortunately not. You get the boarder where you placed at the end of the season.
: What is the diffrence between flex and normal rankedQ. And in my last solo que i ended up in Silver 4, will i start from there this new season or will it be set?
Till the 6th december you continue in silver 4, but at the start of the season you will have to do placements again ;)
: It looks like you keep last seasons rank for now until the season starts on the 8th December. On the 8th December we get the soft reset and have to do our placements again.
: honestly go fuck urself. i was placed plat 1 after winning 9 out of 10 promo matches. in every game i faced diamond or higher, i even faced master players 2 of em in one game and we won. ok i got placed plat 1 im fine with that, even when im gold 1 in solo q i faced diamonds and masters so i earned that and didnt get it for nothing. i would understand it if i get demoted to whatever if i would have gold or silver players as enemies. i did that replacement match, won that one too. all in all i won 10 out of 11 games and i get SILVER FUCKING 1 ARE U SERIOUS? do you want to get rid of ur clients?? because thats the best way to do so. im really tilted. that pisses me off! and then u are like "bug bug thing" why dont u just say WE ARE FUCKING SORRY WE DID A FUCKING MISTAKE SORRY GUYS fuck urself tbh!
actually tje same happened to me..... got placed into p5 and was playing with d5-master Tier..... And now i got fking Gold 3 lol
: I got myself banned on the board for questioning stuff like riots naming and shaming rules but tyler1 is perfectly fine. As for raging at league don't pretend your no angel everyone rages at this thing. Never had an account banned for it tho ( not even chat banned when people could get 13000+ chat bans 😂 that system was a failure )but if you say you have never once raged at this game I'm calling bullshit. Btw something ironic is the way your saying that reflects the behaviour of what your saying should make me bronze... and you claim being nice is the secret? Umm I wounder what tyler1 and trick2g have to say about that. Is trick2g still known for his trash talking anymore? That guy seems to have disappeared.
Ayyy dont say that about Pants are Salty-----His Challenger to Diamond Series is fking genius.
: Kalista isn't bad, I highly disagree. Much unlike these dumbed down meta retards like Lucian, Jinx and Ezreal, Kalista is a highly skill dependent champion that can completely carry a game on her own or die like a fly. She's what Vayne used to be, except a lot harder and way more rewarding with features like dealing 2k damage with her rend on Baron/Drake which can easily secure the epic jungle for the team. Kalista takes skill. That's the only reason she isn't a part of the meta. Why would I wanna pick a skill reliant champion if I can pick a retard like Lucian that applies 6 Black Cleaver stacks in 0.5 seconds and still one shot everyone without landing a single crit? I think it goes without saying that Kalista isn't bad. It's just that some of these retarded ADCs need heavy nerfs because they completely fall out of the line. It's not fair that Miss Fortune and Lucian apply Black Cleaver with their ults. 35% total armor shred in a teamfight is too much, especially if it's undeserved. Lucian went from an agile duelist ADC to a massive support ADC that can immediately debuff the whole enemy team, starting with the tanks that stand at the front and will immediately die like flies thanks to losing a huge portion of their armor to a low-effort high-reward Lucian ultimate.
You cant compare kalista with vayne.... Kalista may be not that easy, but there are way harder adcs out there..
: {{champion:202}} nerf? He's already close to the bottom with that kit of his
: High Leagues
There are Garen one-tricks in master, so yea
: What if I told you he is 19th on the win-rates in the jun and there were much better pick like high cc champs that achualy do something in the late like sej and amumu.
Kha'Zix is good in lategame actually, and there are some People like me, who don't pick op champs all the time, because we love the Champion and his mechanics^^
: losing points because 2 afk love riot <3 maybe bann afk then you have less flamers .....
: Yasuo "bug fixes"
Actually Riot listens a lot to the community (Hex. Crafting, Remake) except the dynamic Queue issue....
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: Bjergsen builds now (and ive found it better aswell) attack speed boots for the extra attack speed and voidstaff/abyssal scepter as the game develops further, but I agree that laning against azir can be quite a pain, but imo the worst feeling is getting killed by veigar simply because your reflexes were not fast enough to dodge the event horizon stun.
Ye right, forgot about the new Berserkers build. I still think Azir is way more cancer than Veigar, even tho Veigar is annoying :p
Hes simply way too strong in higher Elo.... An Azir with a Nashors and Magic Pen Boots taking 1/2 of my HP with 2 soldier aas? Nope, that doesnt seem fair to me...
Owyn (EUNE)
: trolls in champselect? what elo is that? bronze and below? It wasn't a global problem unlike DynQ, plus now you don't even needs trolls in champselect cuz in ~~russian ~~ League of Legends - **champselect trolls you** with autofill enforced
: A Clear Evaluation of why and where Dynamic Queue has failed, and the Future of the System
"The League of Legends Ranked system has always been considered lackluster and in need of improvement in several aspects (toxicity, grinding, trolls). Dynamic Queue however, has solved none of these issues" In my opinion, it didnt solve in-game trolls, but since Dynamic Queue/new champselect Ive got almost no trolls in champselect, while in the old system I had those problems many times. Also, the majority of the Players (Bronze, Silver and Gold) wanted the system. But for the higher elo Players p2+ its not that funny, because of the huge advantage the premades got. Btw Im not a dynamic queue system, but I don't say everythings bad.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sergeant Pigeon,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=0Ynu9a3d,comment-id=00010003000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-13T15:48:53.821+0000) > > Building banshee&#x27;s as a second item is just plain stupid if you&#x27;re playing Diana or idk what, since you&#x27;re behind when you build it, you get even more behind cause you lack damage. You&#x27;d rather build Abysall against AP and Seekers/Zhonyas vs AD... And btw KZ&#x27;s damage doesn&#x27;t come from an Auto attack empowerement, the Q is a spell and not an empowered AA.... If I get behind as diana in zed matchup in the first place. I'm doing something wrong anyway or I get camped to death because I lack wards. And when I'm behind, I have 2 options: Continue to be stupid, build damage and just get killed in milliseconds or to actually get me some breathing room as well as moving room when in lane and in teamfights, since I lack damage but I will not lack survivability. And the longer you stay alive, the more damage you do. It's simple: Don't overextend with damage and don't overextend with defences. Same as playing in lane. Dont overextend with pushing and you shouldn't need a banshee in the first place. Q is blocked by both pantheons shield of aegis and jax dodge, unless they changed it recently.
Are you talking about Zed's Q if yes, then no, it doesnt get blocked by these things and it never got. First of all, why tf would you build banshees againsr zed, the only thing that helps you is the 300Hp. And he can easily nullify that with his Serrated+Caulfields.
: Rushing Void is suicide.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Stahlvormund,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=0Ynu9a3d,comment-id=000100030000000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-13T09:01:51.316+0000) > > Meh, as Diana, I don&#x27;t Need Zonyas _that_ much as say, Brand against Zed. > I&#x27;d be hard pressed to consider a Banshees even remotely when I can make him Play on my Terms when he want to engage me. > Also Zonyas prevents the remotest Chance he has to take me down at that Point. Zhonyas does not stop talon and kha. It only stops zed. Talon and kha are a bit mkre complicated. Besides, zhonya gives a lot of underestimated stats. Matchup wise: Anything exept kata or talon against zed. I go seekers in to rilay/roa in to banshee. I only take zhonya when I get camped against as akali, since it gives me time to put down my stealth, getting down their pink and flash or dash-flash escaping to safety...or if I can, killing both of them. Anything against talon is just zhonya and and banshee here, since I like to dive talon before he dives in to my adc. Banshee is awesome if you go agressive in lane, but it is also effective in teamfights, especially when they start early. Anything against kha I delay banshee to third item, since kha deals most of his damage with basic attack empowerement. Edit: building banshee on ad laner or against full ad team with 0 cc spells will make the item obsolete eventually. So you still need to think. Diana vs zed is totally snowball matchup. If enemy jungle knows that or zed screws it up pre6, then yhea, it's easy. If zed knows anything about this matchup, he waits for 6 and 3 shadows you, forccing a flash or all in. Thats where banshee may come in handy, as he can not 3 shadow you any more.
Building banshee's as a second item is just plain stupid if you're playing Diana or idk what, since you're behind when you build it, you get even more behind cause you lack damage. You'd rather build Abysall against AP and Seekers/Zhonyas vs AD... And btw KZ's damage doesn't come from an Auto attack empowerement, the Q is a spell and not an empowered AA....
L3sius (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tarolock,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=aLG8es5E,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-06-11T15:38:10.632+0000) > > i just got one yesterday, it works fine Its not for all people, some of my friends are getting them too, others are stuck just like I am
: i don't feel like there's anything over the board in this patch, at least not in my shitty elo because no one actually plays the "hot" champs in it, they just play random shit that's probably been dead for ages well maybe swain has been waay too broken for the past 2 patches even with the nerfs but except that, i can't think of anything making the game unplayable, but again that only applies in my shit elo i'm pretty sure high elo is suffering tho, not just because of dynamic Q problems, but because of vik, swain, vlad
I dont really think Viktor is op tbh but yea swain is really a pain in the ass :D
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Skin concepts...
I like the Rek'sais so hard :)
Kialon (EUNE)
: He WILL snowball no matter what you do... He just need 2or 3 items, however if you want to counter him nowdays (with the nerf of QSS) is that cc him.
We are speaking about the same champ right? You can easily counter talon with tanks, and hard cc mages like liss or cho'gath.
: I played a lot of Talon lately and i feel hes very strong if he can snowball.
Shingetsu (EUNE)
: Talon remake?
I played a lot of Talon lately and i feel hes very strong if he can snowball.
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